DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 25, Chapter 124.


Chapter 124

Translated by npberryhill

The two competitors landed in the center of the arena, motionless as they faced one another. To an average viewer, there was nothing out of the ordinary, but Vegeta’s companions noticed at a glance the subtle differences in his posture. Rather than having his arms smugly crossed over his chest like usual, the prince let them fall at his sides, fists tightly clenched. He glared silently across at his opponent, receiving an equally fixed stare in return, although with a hint of madness. Kakarotto had donned his brother’s set of armor so as to not present an even more backwards image of their group — of which he was the last representative in the tournament, as well as the least intelligent. The garment certainly wouldn’t provide him any edge against the likes of Vegeta, but perhaps it would help the universe 13 Saiyans to retain what little remaining dignity they had left.

Kakarotto began grumbling under his breath. “Finally! It feels like an eternity that I’ve wanted to demolish that stupid face of his. Vegeta vented on that ghost version of me yesterday, but now I’ll get to crush a real one — afterwards I’ll return the favor to mine. I can’t lose, not with the idea I had last night. Now I am the strongest!”

The mad Saiyan pulled his fists up from his sides, and began boasting to his foe. “Get ready, ‘Prince’!” he exclaimed, emphasizing the last word mockingly. “Pummeling you to death is going to be a real pleasure!”

His words failed to inspire the reaction he’d hoped, however, as Vegeta remained stoic — though the Vegeta of Universe 13 lowered his brow and began rolling his fingers across his biceps. How could this fool possibly believe he had a ghost of a chance against a Super Saiyan 2, much less his own new Super Saiyan 3? Not only had he unlocked a new transformation in his fight yesterday, but having healed from such a beating had raised his power level considerably as well. What had Kakarotto done between then and now to make him suddenly so confident? Nothing, it seemed. Still frustrated, the spectating Vegeta turned his attention to his counterpart, eager to study his fighting technique and move-set. Who better to pick up fighting tricks from than a counterpart of yourself? In the adjoining balcony, Future Trunks and #16 were equally excited.

“This version of Goku, he’s so twisted,” Vegeta’s son observed. “So, do you think killing him would satisfy your programming, 16? I’m sure nobody would blame you for wanting to take this one out...”

“Indeed, I would find these parameters acceptable,” the android replied. “However, this is not a true Son Goku... Something about him is wrong. This ‘Kakarotto’ sends a chill through my circuits.”

Trunks was taken off guard by the remark, turning his glance back towards the fight. #16 was rarely spooked by anything, always calmly assessing things with his sensors. But if what he said was true, perhaps the universe 13 Saiyan was going to be a tougher opponent than expected. Meanwhile in the ring, Vegeta maintained his silent stare until the attempted provocation had passed.

“If only I could say the same of you,” he scoffed. “... yet I’ve no boasts to offer, no relishing of how I’d crush your head under my boot like a cockroach. You’re nothing but a shadow, a parody — a nobody wearing a stolen face, stripped of both power and sound mind. I have no interest in toying with you as though your humiliation would be somehow savory. Come at me now with your full power, you brainless beast. Let’s finish this!”

The Saiyans of Universe 13, Kakarotto included, were amazed. Not only had this Vegeta resisted the contemptuous remarks without showing a hint of rage, his casual reply had completely disparaged his rage-filled Saiyan opponent!

Goku smiled also, eager to see how his rival would handle this kind of match, even if it would be a little strange to himself beaten to a pulp. Under the watchful gaze of her father and Piccolo, Pan couldn’t wait for the nightmarish brute to finally receive judgment. Again in the universe 13 balcony, Vegeta was somewhat conflicted. While he nearly chuckled aloud hearing his alter-ego’s rebuke of Kakarotto, he was also puzzled by the relationship between the other Vegeta and the so-called ‘Son Goku’. Observation alone had identified them as eternal rivals, and yet... they spoke to one another as friends. Was that somehow the secret to his double’s power? Living alongside his nemesis, striving to outdo each other, finding happiness on planet Earth... protecting those he loved? For the Saiyan emperor who had valued strength alone, belittling the weak, conquering the whole universe, this all seemed a big joke. Yet, he had to admit this version of himself was intriguing. He wanted to see firsthand the power yielded by one that chose such a lifestyle — and, providing Kakarotto’s idiotic boasts somehow proved true, to uncover whatever power Vegeta might be hiding.

At the comments, Raditz’ crazy younger brother merely smiled contemptuously, unaffected. His reaction astonished Vegeta, who had counted on his stupidity to bait him into a reckless assault. The low-class Saiyan burst out laughing, such a noisy shrill that the Namekians had to temporarily plug their ears.

“I take it your idiotic brain thinks that’s funny,” Vegeta grunted.

“He he he...” Kakarotto whispered. “A shadow, you say? You mean compared to my double over there watching us? No...he’s the shadow!! I have surpassed you both!! With my new advantage, no one here will hold a candle to me — and thanks to that smart mouth of yours I’ll grind your bones to dust! Feast your eyes on this, Vegeta!!”

The Saiyan suddenly began concentrating, his power rising. Vegeta, in no way impressed, prepared himself nonetheless for whatever eventuality — ready to counter any sneak attack or trick. But his opponent merely smiled sadistically, continuing to focus. Then all of a sudden, a furry brown tail sprung out from his armor and down his back. The monkey tail, a unique trait of the Saiyan race, began whipping through the air behind Kakarotto. In the universe 13 area, all three of warriors silently glanced at one another, a stark contrast to the wildly cheering audience.

“What’s he planning to do with that?” Nappa stammered.

Raditz swallowed hard, noticing their leader’s face was taken aback as well. The Oozaru form did give a significant boost, but not only was it hard to control, it was still less than the power of a Super Saiyan. How could that possibly compete with a Super Saiyan 2 or beyond?

“Kakarotto still has the micro-lamp implants, so he should be able to transform. But... am I missing something here? There’s no way it’ll be enough,” Raditz asked bluntly.

“It’s a desperate and foolhardy attempt,” Vegeta answered. “Unless he were somehow able to become a Super Oozaru, he’s already lost.”

“A super...?” Nappa repeated under his breath.

On the battlefield, the Saiyan prince hadn’t blinked, just as indifferent as he’d been before seeing the ‘secret weapon of his opponent’.

“Pathetic... once again you disappoint me,” he said sternly, to the scrutiny of Kakarotto. “You think transforming into a three-hundred ton Great Ape will allow you to conjure the strength to crush me? Any level 1 could humiliate you with ease.”

“Oh you’re gonna pay,” the other Saiyan replied, “you’ll see what I’m capable of. I’ll squash you so fast you won’t even have time to beg for mercy!”

With those words, he switched on his micro-lamps. The effects were instantaneous, sending shivers down through his body. It was a familiar yet long-forgotten sensation, the same he’d felt so long ago on Earth — when he was still eradicating the population. How he’d longed to loose the beast inside again. His tail had grown back after that once more, but he’d lost it during a fight again. Since transforming into a Super Saiyan it hadn’t returned, until now. With it, he was about to let loose all his pent up aggression, all his destructive madness. The arrogant Vegeta who always belittled and mocked him, in spite of the fact that he too was a Super Saiyan — was about to pay.

His muscled form began to bulge as these thoughts continued in his mind — as Raditz’ armor expanded perfectly to match his great size. His great snout widened, the sole visible part of his body not covered in thick hair. Momentarily, he appeared indistinguishable from any of the other Great Apes that had appeared in the tournament so far; even his power level was unimpressive to the competitors watching on. The Frost Demons of Universe 8, however, were of course disgusted at the sight of yet another Oozaru.

But Kakarotto’s transformation was not yet complete. With a wild howl, he began summoning a golden-yellow aura around his body, crackling in waves that cascaded out from his skin and hair. Sparks of lightning zipped through the air as he fully became a Super Saiyan Oozaru, stunning his companions and all those present. His power had risen exponentially, so much so that the asteroid itself was beginning to tremble. The ground gave way, cracking under his massive weight multiplied by the 1000G, and small bits of stone and debris were launched towards the audience. Spectators braced and covered their eyes, both from the dazzling light of the massive Super Saiyan Monkey and from the energy displacement.

Vegeta, Nappa, and Radtiz were utterly stupefied, unable to utter a word to one another. Vegeta’s prediction earlier, which had been nothing but a joke, had somehow come true — and the Saiyan leader was perspiring already. His idiotic insubordinate now posed a legitimate threat to his reign, and though he didn’t yet know what the Super Saiyan Oozaru’s limits were, he feared this new power might give himself a real challenge. Inwardly, he secretly prayed for the reassurance that his double up in the ring was just as startled.

Vegeta of the 18th had not moved or spoken either, but for quite the opposite reason. Rather than concern, he was fighting back a hint of actual excitement — finally, he might have a decent little bout on his hands! Even his son Trunks, whom he’d enjoyed fighting, hadn’t really provided an engaging battle. But this might get his blood boiling, and a surprising thrill roared through his body.

“Well well, what do we have here? It looks like I might have a little fun after all!” Vegeta announced, raising his voice as he morphed instantly into Super Saiyan 2. “Bring it on!”

In a roar of hatred, the golden ape violently swung his fist at the tiny Saiyan, lightning snapping through the air behind his phenomenal strength. Vegeta reached up and caught the giant’s attack with only his right arm, palm open. The impact resounded through the arena, the shattering vibrations of flesh and muscle colliding, sending out a huge shockwave.

“Incredible!” both Gohans exclaimed at the same moment. “He’s not just powerful, he’s also fast and efficient beyond what I’d have ever expected from that form.”

“It’s proof of his warrior instincts and years of battle hardened experience,” Piccolo replied. “He’s able to retain his fighting ability and consciousness it seems, something Goku could never do.”

“I wonder what I’d be like if I had a tail,” Vegetto interrupted, a weary look appearing on his face. “Eh, best if it wasn’t me I guess... If only Bulma hadn’t insisted we remove Bra’s tail, I could’ve seen her power as a Great Golden Ape!”

His companions shuddered at the thought, trying not to imagine the disaster that would've almost certainly been. Those of Universe 18 were also quite surprised, though Goku remained silent, watching his rival closely. Kakarotto’s powerup was shocking, but it was still a little hard to believe that a Golden Oozaru would be enough to defeat Vegeta. After all, he knew what the Saiyan Prince was really capable of, more or less, not to mention when it comes to formidable fighters that Vegeta ranked among the best he’d ever faced. In fact, even Kid Buu wouldn’t compare to his rival anymore... and he doubted that Kakarotto had the battle-minded brilliance or adaptability of even the original Majin Buu much less his most evil form. The first attack had all but confirmed this in his mind, as Vegeta hadn’t even budged an inch after stopping the Oozaru’s massive fist. A small bead of sweat had appeared on the prince’s face and his arm had a small scratch or two, revealing a hint of his royal blood; yet his face wore a satisfied grin.

The giant monkey, irritated, began to power up even further, determined to humiliate his nemesis. Vegeta intensified his own aura in response. Suddenly, he fired an energy volley that propelled Kakarotto’s arm into the air, unbalancing it. Barely a second later, as the Great Ape attempted to swing another huge fist, Vegeta moved at blinding speed up next to the Oozaru’s face and whispered mockingly.

“Oh, by the way... ‘ouch’.

Then he immediately chained an astounding fist into the Oozaru’s cheek which hurled the creature flat onto the ring with a massive THUD! A ferocious tremor shook the arena as Vegeta rushed towards the giant monkey and kneed him in the shoulder blade, pinning the beast to the ground in an oh so gratifying way. The prince continued his assault with a series of quick strikes into the back plate of Kakarotto’s armor, taking advantage of the wide opening.

Vegeta of the 13th continued analyzing the fight silently. His double was demonstrating incredible control so far, as well as good amount of strength. But the prince’s power so far was only barely as high as what he’d used himself against Raichi, before he’d reached level 3. He found it very curious that his counterpart would choose this form, refusing to believe level 2 was his limit. And he wasn’t the only one.

“So...” Nappa began, “can their Vegeta not use Super Saiyan 3? What gives? He could win this easily if he just transformed... or maybe he’s just a wuss and is already maxed out!”

“Quit your nonsense, Nappa,” Raditz yelled, annoyed. “Both their Kakarotto and those two brats that fuse can use level 3, and they’re ultra powerful — way more than our Vegeta was. Their Vegeta has gotta be top dog, so there’s no way he’d be weaker than either of them! I’m sure he’s just having a laugh, proving he can beat my brother without even resorting to higher transformations.”

Though skeptical still, Vegeta of the 13th more or less agreed with Raditz. What he’d only just learned the previous day was how devastating the energy drain was in level 3, a fact the others were still unaware of. The inconvenience of losing so much ki and stamina made the form ineffective to maintain. It made sense now that he thought about it, remembering how Vegetto had lost his ultimate power only a few seconds after transforming. Of course, with time and training, perhaps he could overcome such a limitation — like if he used the form sparingly or temporarily swapped transformations mid-battle as Trunks of the 12th had done. But, his instincts said that his counterpart had something else in mind, and it most likely had something to do with his rivalry with that ‘Goku’. That left Vegeta all the more curious.

Trunks himself was again blown away by how amazing Vegeta was. Inwardly, he began speaking to himself as he often did. “Father, you’ve become incredibly strong. It’s amazing that you’re standing up to that monster using just Super Saiyan 2, with barely any more power than you used against me! Several of the other Saiyans have a level even higher than that, but just like you did with me you’re adapting your ki to your opponent, holding back on purpose. Just how powerful are you now, Dad? Show me!”

Still on the ground, the prince continued hammering the Super Oozaru with a torrential rain of blows. He highlighted his barrage with a kick that caused the giant to skid across the arena, flipping in midair several times. Those just on the other side of the arena were terrified the giant beast would fall and crush them, but the shield held fast against its weight. Vegeta landed in front of the face-down Ape, waiting to see how much damage he had done. He was greeted by several cheers from the universe 18 patio.

“That’s it, Vegeta! You won! You’re so amazing!” Pan shouted.

“Not right now, Pan,” Son Goku interrupted her, a seriously look on his face.


The Golden Oozaru suddenly stood to his feet, shocking the little girl as she redirected her eyes to the ring. The Great Ape didn’t have the slightest scratch on him, and though his armor was battered his body was undamaged. Kakarotto grinned as he stood, proud of his durability as he scrutinized his opponent. A small bead of sweat glazed Vegeta’s forehead, but he maintained his confident smile.

“So,” he chuckled. “It seems now the fun can really begin.”

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