DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 5, Chapter 25.


Chapter 25

Translated by Arcane Super Saiyan

Cell was exhausted. The Kamehameha had consumed a lot of energy. He had to admit, even injured, Son Gohan had still packed quite a punch…but now it was finally over. Satisfied with his victory, he decided that he must now deal with the remaining participants... to ensure his supremacy.

He looked at his opponents... They were completely distraught. They knew they had lost. Cell smiled, out of breath. "I am exhausted...This might be your last chance!"

Vegeta had crawled away during the struggle. Gohan was dead and he was to blame. Cell, who had come back from the dead even stronger than before, had taken the life of his son as well.

The Saiyan Prince exploded with anger, dashing towards Cell, bombarding him with balls of energy, not once considering the consequences of doing so. Did he really think he could beat him? The attack had no effect whatsoever on Perfect Cell, who would have destroyed the Prince of Saiyans earlier had Gohan not intervened and saved him ... losing his left arm and half of his energy in the process...During the clash of the two Kamehameha, Vegeta had considered intervening to help. Ultimately, he had abandoned the idea, thinking it would make no difference...What could he do? Maybe he should have tried something, he thought as he looked at Cell, his blood boiling.

"It's...all my fault !" The prince uttered to himself, focused his energy and transforming into a Super Saiyan.

"Haaah!" he exclaimed.

It was useless and he knew it. Kakarotto, Gohan, Trunks, all had perished. And now...only he remained.

Cell smiled as he observed this scene. He could still have a little fun after all, and so he allowed them to attack him.

Vegeta concentrated his energy and got into the stance for one of his best attacks. A few yards away, Kulilin picked himself up. It seemed clear that this was their last chance. He turned to his friends. "Don't just stand there!" he cried. Tenshinhan and Yamcha nodded and like Vegeta, they all prepared their most devastating attacks. They surrounded the monster, positioning their bodies side by side. Tenshinhan flew a few meters above the ground and brought up his hands to form a triangle, which he aimed at Dr. Gero's monster. Yamcha and Kulilin concentrated their energy as well, each charging a Kamehameha as their energy took the form of light in their hands. Desperately, they tried to generate as much power as they could.

Piccolo had remained in place, watching as the Saiyan and the Earthlings were doing all they could with their last chance. Memories of Gohan filled the Namek's thoughts. He was his best friend, his only friend, and he was no more. He had to attack, at least to honor his memory. He put two fingers to his forehead, concentrating his energy. Then he launched his attack with everything he had as the others did the same:

"Final Flash!" shouted Vegeta as he produced the most powerful attack that he ever had, for the sake of avenging his son.

"Shin Kikoho!" exclaimed Tenshinhan, firing his ki in bursts as his friends, Yamcha and Kulilin, each fired their Kamehameha with all their strength.

All at once, they attacked. It was the first time that all of these warriors had united their strength at such a critical moment, into a single attack. Cell smiled as he watched all their attacks as they came toward him, all different but similar in power to each other. The fools were so naive...He put two fingers to his forehead and used the technique that Goku had taught him just before he died.

As the attacks crashed into where Cell had stood, they exploded on impact. Vegeta, who had managed to keep track of Cell's ki as it appeared just behind him, turned and saw with horror that Cell had escaped the attack.

Cell slammed him with his fist, not allowing the Prince of Saiyans a chance to defend himself, sending him crashing straight into the ground causing a crater. The blow had been sharp and powerful, but Cell was far from having used all of his strength. Vegeta got up in pain, covered with wounds caused by crashing into the ground with such force. He looked back at Cell who slowly came and stood before him, taunting him. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, hesitating a few seconds before finally pouncing on his opponent: Cell was mocking him!

The exchange that followed was very much to the advantage of Gero's monster. He easily avoided every blow of his adversary; amused to embellish some...sometimes willingly allowing them to connect, but he suffered no damage. Cell went so far as to openly humiliate the Saiyan...giving him two slaps to the face. Red faced, Vegeta looked up at Cell. Cell pointed his finger at him, ready to launch an attack that would kill him for sure.

Piccolo had seen the whole thing, and although he did not like Vegeta much, he knew he needed his help. Quickly, he put two fingers to his forehead and then pointed them at Cell while flying rapidly towards the two combatants. The Makankousappo struck Cell's arm, catching him slightly off guard, but he deflected the trajectory of the attack. Vegeta had been saved in time and as he was recovering, he watched as Piccolo arrived at full speed, but Cell stopped him short of landing with a knee to his stomach. The Namek gasped as he was struck again by an uppercut that sent him into the air.

While Cell watched Piccolo in the air, he received a kick to his face from the Saiyan Prince, causing him to stagger back two steps. Vegeta continued the assault with several kicks, as he screamed with rage.

Kulilin helped Piccolo up. Beside them, Yamcha was sweating in fear, trembling. What could they do? There must be some way! He noticed suddenly that Tenshinhan, who was still in the air, was approaching Cell and the Saiyan, but what could he do? Had he lost his mind? He was clearly no match for Cell!

After a short while, Vegeta found himself on the ground once again, virtually dominated. Cell had regained control of the fight. Once again, the Saiyan had to rely on Piccolo, who violently sent an elbow to Cell's face, taking advantage of the kinetic effect of speed, allowing Vegeta a chance to breathe.

A quick look between the Namek and the Saiyan Prince was enough, they knew they would have to fight together...before the two warriors, Cell stood up with no difficulty.

"Shin Kikoho!" Tenshinhan cried, above Cell as he launched his attack...but Cell had already moved to avoid it. Vegeta and Piccolo noticed this and proceeded to attacked Cell together. In just a few seconds, Cell got rid of the Saiyan and amused himself with the green warrior. Tenshinhan flew just above them once more...Piccolo knew...he had to hold Cell!

Tenshinhan was on the verge of losing consciousness as he focused his energy into a new Kikoho...The two warriors fighting relentlessly moved as well! Cell knew the man above him, he would not allow himself to get hit by that attack as he had done before!

Piccolo was on the ground, spitting up blood as Cell stared at Tenshinhan, who thought his heart could stop beating at any second. Then, something unexpected happened: Vegeta grabbed Cell from behind, shouting to Tenshinhan, "Do it!"

Had it been a desperate move on his part, or...? Either way, the Earthling did not hesitate to launch his attack.

Vegeta did his best to hold onto him, but Cell was still able to overpower him, freeing himself from the grip of the Saiyan and striking him for even daring to hold him. In a split second, he put two fingers to his forehead and teleported near Tenshinhan, easily avoiding the Kikoho which Vegeta was barely able to avoid himself.

As the explosion sounded, raising a giant cloud of dust, Cell looked into the earthling's eyes, inspiring a great fear.

"You'll never get me that way, you miserable fool..." he said with a smile as he grabbed his arm and turned to throw him towards Kulilin, who had begun to fly to help his friend, but he couldn't catch him, the speed was too great. After crashing into Kulilin, the two fell on Yamcha, who tried to break their fall.

"Enough playing around." Cell exclaimed, more for himself than the others.


Cell again put two fingers to his forehead to teleport and avoid Namek's attack, reappearing behind Vegeta. Placing one hand on the Saiyan's back, he fired a ki attack, piercing him before he even had the chance to turn around. Spewing blood, his hair became black once again as he fell to the ground, dead. Piccolo and the three humans struggling to stand trembled.

Cell unleashed his energy, surrounding himself in a golden aura with blue flashes around his body, challenging the survivors:

"Who's next?"

As Kulilin positioned himself to execute an attack from several angles with Tenshinhan and Yamcha, Cell moved quickly...appearing behind Piccolo, who had no time to react. With fast and precise sweeping motions of his hand, he cut the Namek into several pieces, slicing his arms and torso.

"How horrible!" Yamcha managed to say as he trembled all over.

"He knows no mercy. He will finish us all off one by one!" Tenshinhan said as he thought of Chaozu... He knew he would never see him again...He was exhausted after launching so many Shin Kikoho...he knew if Cell attacked, it would be the end…

"Farewell, Piccolo!" he said with his hands out, fingers spread, ready to launch another attack.

He had not considered that Kulilin would intervene. He was enraged, but his mind was clear as he quickly prepared a Kienzan, launching it with all his might at Cell...but he stopped the attack, with what seemed to be an invisible shield around him. He had used his ki to make a blast powerful enough to stop the attack...

While the Kienzan levitated in front Cell whirling, he increased the power that had repelled it, and sent it back to Kulilin saying,

"You forgot something!"

With impressive speed, the little bald earthling managed to narrowly avoid his own attack. The disc had missed by just a few millimeters. Cell was surprised, but continued to follow the path of Kienzan. He increased its speed as it headed toward Yamcha and Tenshinhan. It was headed for Tenshinhan, who was unable to dodge it as Kulilin did due to his fatigue... It cut him cleanly through the torso diagonally.

Horrified that his own attack had been used against one of his best friends, Kulilin trembled all over.

"Ten ... Tenshinhan!"

Parts of the earthling's body fell to the ground. Yamcha, who had been standing next to him, couldn't believe what he had just seen. He rushed Cell, overcome with a rage unlike any he had ever felt before.

"You monster!" Yamcha shouted with rage.

He used his fastest melee attack, the technique of the wolf. Cell allowed the attacks to hit him without moving an inch, just as he had when Satan attacked him prior to his fight with Goku. Kulilin came and joined in as well, but none of their attacks made Cell even flinch. Once he had had enough, he made a slight movement of his wings so fast that it created a shock wave. Kulilin was blown away, but Yamcha stood firm, focusing his energy, he exclaimed,

"Take this! Sokidan!"

Yamcha controlled the sphere of energy he created, with the movements of his arms and hands. Along with the Kamehameha, this was his best technique.

The sphere hit Cell hard, exploding on impact. Yamcha was exhausted; he knew he wouldn't win this fight. His rage slowly faded, and the realization of his defeat took over...but not for long.

Cell appeared behind Yamcha, who could barely move. He raised his arm, ready to attack. The perfect warrior easily broke the poor earthling, with the blows that followed. With his clothes torn and his bones broken, he finally collapsed, lifeless.

The only one left standing now was Kulilin. As Vegeta had done before him, he launched a barrage of balls of energy at his enemy desperately trying to push on as long as he could, but of course, it was ineffective. Cell arose from the dust and faced Kulilin, grabbed him by the neck. He flew upward with incredible speed taking Kulilin with him. They quickly found themselves in space. Cell was also made up of Frieza’s cells, Frieza who could survive in outer space, and he knew that this was not the case for humans.

Kulilin's death was quick, but horrible. He soon realized he could no longer breathe; the very low air pressure in space caused his blood to boil, while the ambient vacuum froze his body as this same pressure caused his organs to cave in. As blood spewed from his mouth, Kulilin passed away...his eyes still fixed on the blue planet that he had lived on.

Cell put two fingers to his forehead once again, performing this technique that had certainly proven to be very helpful.

"It was fun..." he said, now alone, as Kulilin's body floated in orbit. "I still have one thing left to do here... next I'll massacre the entire Earth!"

He teleported once again, reappearing in the center of the capital. The people there immediately recognized him as the monster that had threatened to destroy the Earth on TV just a few days ago. Despite the interruption of the broadcast during the tournament, they had hoped that their hero, Satan had defeated the monster, but they had seen the horrible creature as he emerged. They cried out in fear. They were all doomed; no one was left who could possibly save them now.

Cell gazed for a moment at these insects that were so desperately trying to flee, but it was futile...it didn't matter where they ran.

"I won't have all the fun to myself..." Cell said, as an idea came to him.

As he had done during the Cell Game in order to anger Gohan, Cell gave birth to several Cell Juniors.

And so the Earth became nothing more than a playground for Cell and his children...and this planet was only the first on a long list...

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