DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 9, Chapter 42.


Chapter 42

Translated by Qtjinla15 and Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?

Broly finally stopped the carnage. After hundreds of explosions and some casualties among the arbitrators and Vargas, none of the spectators present in the stands could see anything on account of the thick gray and white smoke that covered the entire arena. Some of the participants in their space panted and choked a little. Only Broly's laughter echoed distinctly in the ears of all.

In the stands, Pan was afraid. With all these attacks, she feared that her father or grandfather were wounded. Trunks and Goten looked and remembered again, as if it was a phobia, Broly's overwhelming power.

Below them, they could suddenly hear the sound of heavy footsteps. Broly walked calmly toward the center of the arena, while the thick smoke slowly evaporated through a machine initiated by Vargas. In Universe 16's space, Gohan and Piccolo readied themselves. Anything could happen from now on. Broly perceived someone, and assuredly he would certainly rush him. Vegetto took advantage of the last few seconds where he could not be seen to fly silently to the ring. The fateful moment had finally arrived ...

Broly had finally stopped, almost at the center of the arena, while the white smoke completely disappeared. There was a grin on the face of the Legendary Saiyan as he began to look in turn each of the participants present... he reached a point on his left and someone interested him... In Universe 18's space, Son Goku stood firmly. Piccolo and Vegeta were beside him, but the only one in whom he was interested was:

"Ka ... ka ... ro ... tto?" he said, stammering, almost surprised to see this bug again. He thought he had already killed him!

He had pronounced this word for years, and ever since he had felt an enormous sense of pleasure in massacring the one he hated... Again, each syllable of the cursed name awakened his desire to murder. Jumping without thinking any longer to Universe 18 to this standing Son Goku, he cried again the name that everyone in the stadium heard:

"Kakarotto!" Without wasting a second, Goku tightly clenched his fists and transformed into Super Saiyan 3. This was the minimum power he would need to cope up with Broly, who seemed be at least twice as strong as before! This change in physical appearance slightly surprised Broly. He had a moment of déjà vu... The slightly larger muscles, the long golden hair...

But who cared! Anyway, it was still Kakarotto and Broly wanted to hit him with all his might! But no sooner was he two or three meters from the Super Saiyan 3, who had a drop of sweat beading on his forehead, a red beam with a diameter equal to that of Son Goku's hands appeared between them. Broly stopped immediately in front of surprised by this thing that had not yet intended to touch. The light beam was planted in the ground and had been fired from... the ring!

After putting his hand nonchalantly on the light beam it was noted that it did no harm to him. However, anyone else would have felt a sharp pain in his touch, and would quickly removed their hand, or else they would have completely reduced it to ashes.

"Hey, Broly!" the man with the earrings from the ring cried to make himself heard. "I am the real Kakarotto!" he assured, flattening half of his hair with his good hand to make an instant hair-style similar to that of Goku.

"Kakarotto!" Broly yelled, as if attracted by the head he hated. This reaction surprised Goku: wouldn't Broly still not be confused between him and Vegetto?

At the moment, Goten told Trunks, who was at his side in the stands, "You know man ... I'm really glad I changed my haircut so that it wasn't like my father's..."

"Tell me about it... You did the right thing!" replied his friend just before taking his eyes from the mass of muscles that flew quickly to the ring, releasing a large amount of dust on the ground.

"At last!" Vegetto said to himself turning into Super Saiyan. "I wasn't expecting that! C'mon, Broly! Show me the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan!"

Broly reached to his opponent's height to strike with all his strength using his right fist. Vegetto easily dodged by jumping over the giant who blew up a good half of the ring. Now that he had touched it, the battle was legal as stipulated in the Vargas' settlement. In this fight, Vegetto wanted to follow the rules!

Other participants in the tournament were also included in this contract. Even if Broly was immediately disqualified for attacking everyone out of the game, they did not intend to intervene. They merely observed the battle in silence.

Broly turned as quickly as he could, to give a violent elbow to his opponent, but Vegetto, since he was faster, slipped under the arm and flung him a kick to the face.

Already upset, the Legendary Super Saiyan wanted to counter against Vegetto's attack, but the fused fighter did not give him enough time. Broly cashed a violent right hook, followed by a kick to his abs, a knee to the chin, a blow on his head, and a new kick, chained instantly by a elbow in the head. A storm of blows fell upon Broly who was currently being dominated by his opponent. The man gave him no time to react. Vegetto's assault was effective, he was certain!

In Universe 18, Goku calmed down and went back to his regular saiyan state to preserve his energy, seeing as he was no longer directly threatened. The battle, which was taking place before his eyes was really terrible. Just by being Super Saiyan, this Vegetto by far outclassed his Super Saiyan 3. Piccolo asked him:

"Should we intervene?"

"That would be the best thing to do," suggested Gohan.

It was not the time to procrastinate. Everyone knew what might happen. They had to neutralize Broly at all costs.

"I do not know..." he answered. "Vegetto appears to dominating him... So the fight might actually finish shortly," Goku replied.

"After all," Vegeta intervened, "those guys in Universe 16's space aren't moving."

Indeed, none of the warriors from the 16th universe were going to lend a hand to Vegetto. Bra was aware that it was unwise to intervene. Vegetto had made ​​it clear before leaving that this was his fight. He was keen to face Broly alone.

Even if she obeyed him, it was easy to see the frustration that lived inside Bra. She had so often heard from the her father or her brother Gohan about how Broly was impressive. She had so often dreamed of meeting and confronting the Legendary Super Saiyan whose power grew steadily. Today she had the opportunity to finally see him with her own eyes. That was something. But she would have enjoyed being there in place of her father and face him herself. An opponent like Broly was a real challenge!

In the space 13, a sudden question fell upon Kakarotto. "Hey, hold on... If I understand correctly, this guy rushed at my counterpart and the other guy who's pretending to be me... Does this hound have a problem with me or what?"

Prince Vegeta said nothing and merely crossed his eyes. It was indeed strange that Broly rushed like that at people like Kakarotto... It was an enigma to which they would never have to answer ... unless you go asked the guys in Universes 16 and 18 to provide explanations... But would they? Was it necessary anyway? Kakarotto was not the type to bother spending a long time with these kind of questions. And Vegeta wondered rather from where that Son Goku's transformation came when Broly came attacking...

Suddenly, Broly seemed to wake up. He managed to grab the wrist of Vegetto, who was about to dish out another punch. Vegetto tried to hit him with one hand, but again, Broly parried the blow. And disadvantaged Vegetto cashed several terrible knee blows from the great colossus.

When was the last time he felt such pain? He couldn't ever remember such excitement against an opponent so powerful? He was breathless! Broly had taken advantage of this moment to join his hands and strike a powerful blow to the back.

Vegetto was thrown so hard that he crossed halfway through the ring. He caught himself just after slowing his fall in second and holding his head. He had tears in his eyes because of the force of the blow!

Buu from Universe 4 was intently focused on the show. Smiling, he was eager to see more. Vegetto was stronger than Broly, Broly then began to gain an advantage...And then? He was sure they would not stay long in the same power level.

Broly rushed at Vegetto, who dodged the brute by shifting slightly to the side. He tried to land a punch by whirling to the side. The fist flew and hit the giant on his left cheek. Spitting a little saliva, Broly counterattacked with a single straight punch. Vegetto dodged, grabbed his arm and with all his strength used it as a lever to launch Broly skyward. This time, it was the Colossus' turn to destroy a new part of the ring.

Vegetto quickly put two fingers to his forehead to teleport behind Broly who had just recovered. Pointing his outstretched hand in Broly's direction, Vegetto prepared a powerful attack.

"Big Bang Attack!"

A huge wave of blue ki crashed into Broly with an explosive blast. The explosion was violent and impressed everyone... Including most of the participants of Universe 2, which for the majority also felt very overshadowed in the tournament. It was the same for the warriors of Universe 19. The explosion that had taken place was strong, and they wondered how people without any technological equipment could deal such damage. They had already met powerful creatures but nothing like this...

"The Saiyans really are thugs..." Tien said in Universe 9.

"Tell me about it. This unknown guy from Universe 20 is very muscular... Impressive," Yamcha added.

"Vegetto's attack was impressive too," Kulilin said shaking his stick in his hand. "But I think it was not enough ..."

Kulilin was a very insightful man. He suspected that such a Colossus could survive an attack of this magnitude.

To Vegeta in the Universe 13, it was also evident. Just as it was obvious that they were facing the Legendary Super Saiyan ... Vegetto also used a technique that was very similar to his, which also had the same name... Who was this Vegetto? And the overwhelming Saiyan with green hair? If he had to face the Legendary Super Saiyan... Vegeta was glad that it was not his fight, due to his relatively lower power.

In Universe 16, Trunks and Goten were happy to once again be avenged.

"Well played, Dad!" Trunks shouted, his fists clenched in victory.

"Take that! In your face, Broly!" Goten added equally enthusiastically.

However, Piccolo and Gohan had looked a little more serious. They did not share the optimism of Trunks and Goten.

"All that is very nice," said Piccolo, "but against Broly ... It's totally useless!"

"I thought he had a plan when he told us not to intervene. "But now I'm not so sure! Is the fight for him to protect all of us or just... for pleasure? I wonder if he wants the tournament to continue normally after..."

"It is possible..."

Beside them, Bra continued to look at her father, her arms crossed. If Vegetto ever fought Broly just for fun, without inviting her, it would be trouble! Bra inwardly seethed at the thought of not being able to cope with the Millennium Warrior!

For those of Universe 8, it was rather like a cold shower or rather a succession of disappointments! When they noticed that Vegetto was transformed and also had hair and a golden aura, Freeza and his clique remembered that Trunks who came to tell them that he was a Super Saiyan in the tournament. This was Vegetto the second! As for this Broly, he also had a psychopathic monkey face, but his green hair bristled like that of the Saiyans.

"It's impossible!" Freeza said after Vegetto used his Big Bang Attack against Broly.

"I can't follow them. They're too fast!" added his brother Coola. "Even my opponent did not move so fast!"

"He told us the truth," intervened Cold beside them, equally amazed at the potential of the two warriors who fought hard for a long time. "They also must be Super Saiyans!"

Freeza felt a drop of sweat running down his forehead to his cheek.

"I ... I had reason to exterminate them!"

"Our only chance would be them killing each other off!" Coola added again.

"Freeza ... you better be very careful in your fight against Nappa," Cold advised his son.

Freeza said nothing. These unknown Saiyans could be so strong... He had trouble believing it. But if Nappa was also so powerful ... No, he would never accept it! Should this happen, he would blow up the asteroid as he did years ago with Planet Vegeta!

The worst part of it was that other participants seemed much stronger than them! No, the worst thing was that they hadn't seen anything yet ...

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