DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 13, Chapter 65.


Chapter 65

Translated by Ledgic

“Since my visions of the future I've changed a lot... I saw the error of my ways and how barbaric the Saiyan people were...” resumed Baddack after stopping to think about the past. “...But don't expect any excuses.”

His look became much more serious:

“You can give up if you want.”

Raditz smiled. As if he was just going to give up like that, without even fighting, and especially to his father of all people. He looked up to the sky... until his pupils were barely visible to Baddack.

“That won’t be... necessary!”

A sound was heard, a small click. A sound Baddack heard from there where it was placed.

“I just switch on a miniaturized lamp in each of my eyes...” explained his son.

He smile broadly at his father, eyes open, his fist forward.

“Raw light lamps! Of 17 megazenos!”

Baddack eyes widened. If he understood this well enough like he thought he did, then was Raditz about to turn into an Oozaru?

Raditz began his metamorphosis. His nose and mouth were lengthened towards the front, pushing his teeth, which became sharpened. He now had a big monster-like mouth. All over his body, long brown and black hair grew rapidly while his body grew and became more and more resistant. His armor easily adapted to this change of size, thanks to the wonderful material from which it was made. Finally, his hair lengthened even further to have the same proportion on his body as an Oozaru. An Oozaru with long hair, it was rather unusual!

Raditz now stood facing his father, at at least six times his size, laughing for a few seconds.

“No moon for you, neither to use it, or destroy it!” shouted Raditz to his father before laughing again.

The fight between an Oozaru and a Super Saiyan was about to engage. The fight between a father and his son. A fight for a victory and recognition.

In the space 16, Vegetto suddenly thought about an old memorie... Something that had happened sixteen years earlier, when Bra was born. He raved for a few seconds, imagining a scene in which he found it funny, when he had asked Bulma to allow little Bra to keep her tail.

He immediately imagined an Oozaru destroying a city, crushing Trunks with an enormous fist in which he would have screamed:

“Father! My sister is bothering me!”

There would have been a injured Piccolo, one arm torn off, emerging from a dreadful fight to curb the crazy animal, supported by Son Gohan, whom he would say:

“Gohan... The Earth... You must save the Earth...”

“But I can't hit my niece! She’s not even a month old! He retorted. “My niece? My sister? My half-sister? Hmm... I don’t know...”

“Vegetto, do something!” cried the mother of the rampaging Oozaru.

And the latter, caught between his rationality and paternal instincts of a Saiyan, as well as being simply amazed by the power of his child... Do something? But...

“But ... looks like she's in shape!” He would reply, eventually subjugated by his adorable child, one who could destroy the world.

While it is true that he would have liked to see her like this at least once more, he would only see it again in a dream, because he ended up removing the Saiyan tail quickly...

So like that, Raditz had found a way to turn into an Oozaru without a full moon, and without the long technique that a few Saiyans had already mastered? Baddack was surprised by so much ingenuity:

“Moron, if you had this idea in our universe, we would have won against Raichi!” He shouted.

In response, the long-haired Oozaru struck first, attempting to strike Baddack with his large left fist. He easily dodged it, however, by jumping high into the air. Down below, the surface of the ring broke under the powerful impact of Raditz. His father flew over to the left side, but he attacked the other hand, stopping Baddack from using his forearms. He was pushed a few meters but nothing that he couldn’t handle.

He flew away immediately to gain more altitude in order to launch a Ki attack, aiming for his head. Raditz reacted like clockwork and grabbed the blast with his left hand, as if it were a small billiard ball he caught mid-flight. Despite the explosion, there was no damage, just a small tingle.

“You're forgetting about the Oozaru's resistance!” cried the giant Raditz. “And about their power!!” he said, opening his mouth and shooting huge beam of energy straight toward Baddack.

Both surprised and not worried at all, the last Saiyan of universe 3 made a brief movement on the side to avoid the attack. Raditz jumped in yelling, pouncing on his father who, in his left hand, made a ball of blue energy. He threw it at his son who narrowly protected his huge left forearm. An explosion ensued, and then while the thick grey smoke resulting from the blast evaporated, revealing the mouth of the Oozaru, Baddack took the time to taunt his son:

“Your new form lacks in speed!”

All of a sudden, the Oozaru disappeared from the field of Baddack’s vision, only to reappear behind him.

“Speed like this?” he asked.

He didn’t wait to take advantage of his element of surprise. He struck his fist hard into the back of his father. The fist being larger that the entire body of the Saiyan, one could not speak about blow in the back…

Anyway, he screamed in pain, and flew away over the whole arena. Raditz went on again by opening his mouth to shoot a beam of energy. Baddack couldn’t dodge it again and was struck in the back. The blow knocked him like a heavy stone on the ground where it crashed, while the radius continued its road straight for a moment again, blowing away a small mountain.

Baddack found himself lying in the middle of a crater. He started to get up. He had several injuries, but his armor had stood firm, like him. He was still in his Super Saiyan state. But when he found himself standing, a headache took. He fell to his knees, touching his forehead and his head with his right hand, fingers spread. He opened his eyes wide, brows, and beats of sweat dropped from his forehead.

‘No!...not now!...This is not the time...’ he thought when the pain seemed to change. His vision darkened rapidly giving way to blurry shapes and colors against a background of vast emptiness and black, he distinguished between characters.

First was of a green alien, with a white cape, pointed ears and two kinds of antennas on his forehead. A Namek. He seemed serious and said:

“It's not the Earth that is in danger...”

The image changed, rapidly giving way to a Saiyan who showed the greatest strength since the very beginning of the tournament. Baddack had no idea, because he remained in his private apartment since the fighting began, and purposely stayed away from the fights. The Saiyan who vaguely reminded him of Vegeta, had his right arm out to his side, after which his hands held another person, one with black hair and a white shirt... He seemed dead, eyes livid...

“I'll kill you all if I have to!!” cried the aggressor, his arm covered in blood.

Baddack didn’t happen to see the assistance in which he spoke. But it was other tournament participants, most seemed more or less Saiyans.

The same Namek...

“It’s not the universe either.”

The next image was of a sixteen year old girl, no more, looking behind her, disdainful towards two Saiyans at first sight. One of them looked a lot like the former King Vegeta. The other was his son Kakarot!

She finished obviously a judgemental tirade, according to criteria of her own. This was the conclusion:

“Nobody can stop my father. Most certainly not you.” she said.

The other two seemed to not agree, evident by being ready to do battle with her infamous father.

“It's ALL of the universes!” finished the Namek.

Raditz hurtled towards Baddack whom, strangely, had remained where he was for several seconds. He yelled and slammed his fist on the whole mountain where his father stood, who found himself now crushed between Raditz’s oversized palm, and the tip of mountain still standing.

Baddack body seemed devoid of mind at that moment, Raditz could see his eyes that didn’t concern him. He stared into space, or rather, he looked as if he was blind.

Despite the blow he took, Baddack continued to have visions.

An image of the guy he saw just before entering the ring, from the universe 4. All pink, he only had an upper body, the rest had turned into molasses that seemed to cover more ground. For a time, the vision showed the scene: it was simply the space of four fighter who, while he seemed to melt into the ground, shouted:

“This masquerade ends now!!”

Around him, one could vaguely see other attendees, mired in the pink molasses, panicking. Despite his strange location, he seemed to have the situation under control. This monster was going to put an end to the tournament?

Freeza was in a form he had ever seen before, but it was clearly him. It looked like Coola and Baddack knew that this family had several forms of demons. He was sitting in his throne flying inside his ship. Hands clasped at his mouth, elbows on the edge of his chair, he muttered:

“Captain Ginyu...isn't dead then!!”

‘I don’t care about these people’ thought Baddack as he began to emerge from his incomprehensible visions that never seemed to end. He understood the concept of the multiverse, and laughed madly at all the people he could cross, whether another self, another Freeza, another alternative son, that is overpowered or always the weakling. He didn’t care, and the visions of the future irritated him.

Another vision, one with Kakarotto dressed in an orange gi, shaking hands with a small blue creature.

“Pal!” he said to the other.

“I'm sure we'll get along great!” said his son with a smile.

Again, a Namek, a different one this time. He seemed quiet, hand forward, fingers spread. He said:


Raditz was going to deliver a new punch to his father, who didn’t move when all of a sudden, he resumed consciousness. Reopening his eyes, he was freed by pushing off of the fist of Raditz, and flying away, while he saw his son destroy the mountain.

Turning to Raditz, still flying in the same direction, Baddack focused energy in his right hand, creating a small spherevof energy. Gritting his teeth, he launched his attack. The radius, being more "electric" than usual, touched the Oozaru in his back. He screamed in pain, his hair already beginning to fry.

But it wasn’t enough to overcome an Oozaru at such a level. Baddack rested on a sort of small cliff height, to take a little breath. Before him, just two hundred meters away, Raditz recovered, then glared at his father and rushed over toward him again, screaming. Each step the Oozaru took appeared to trigger an earthquake!

The fighter from universe 3 reacted quickly, firing a burst of energy from his left hand. He went between the legs of the giant ape, in order to try and cut off his tail. Bad luck, he sprang toward him while preparing a new attack with energy spewing from his mouth. He pulled and destroyed the cliff Baddack managing to escape by flying up in the air. Once again, he launched the same attack as before, which made Baddack fly in the air in order to avoid it.

Baddack was a little tired, but the effect of his technique was certain. He continued to swing in on his alternative son several times who was downed. Several explosions followed, as did all the shots fly, and each of the Saiyans let out a cry of pain.

Once the thick smoke dispersed, Baddack saw Raditz,,still on the ground, smoking here and there, bits of armor on the ground around him, particularly at the level of his right shoulder. The father ceased to be in Super Saiyan state and began to fly up to the arena, then into his universe 3 space, while the Varga announced the winner:

“Baddack is the winner of this fight!”

Victorious, he passed three metres from Dr. Raichi, who looked it eyes. He had the aggressiveness, it was certain. Both disgusted that he won, and happy: he could defeat him himself... in the fourth round... In the quarter-finals... But not before. Baddack returned indoors to have a well deserved rest.

“Do you know each other? asked Tapion to Dr. Raichi.

“He’s a Saiyan. I have to destroy him.” he simply replied without even looking at his interlocutor, who added no word.

Outside the arena, Raditz was still in his Oozaru form. Kakarotto came to meet him, but only to taunt him, not help. He landed on the torso of his comrade, without discomfort.

“Ah hah bravo, he fails to even pass the first round! Say, if you had come here just to be humiliated in front of a million people, you could stay behind. Ah, and then our father? And well, he’s not so bad actually. That I was wrong not to have known.”

He smiled, it amused him that he lost in the very first. Oozaru-Raditz was found with a boot, pulverized by the attack of his father, and it wasn’t very cool to go back in his space with bare feet.

“Shut up and push down my left eye.” said Raditz “I can’t turn it off.”

Kakarot approached his eye and gave it a kick. Not strong enough to cause blindness, but not weak enough to cause him no discomfort. His eye returned to its place, a soft click was heard, and Raditz began to shrink back to his original size ... who now found himself crushed by Kakarot, still standing on him.

Without finesse, they flew back toward their space quickly, taking support on the body of his brother, who felt pain in shock, but managed not to scream. He didn’t blame him for complaining. He sure could take a beating...

Standing up, he thought about his father. Something had not been made clear to him, he had guessed it to be true. He was quick enough... So the first shots he had managed to flank had another cause...

But then again, he wasn’t going to see him and discuss it: he didn’t care for him, as always. Nothing had changed... Again, Baddack, his father had taken him for a weakling while far beyond the Ginyu Force commandos, and perhaps even Freeza himself!

Slowly, he flew to his space where prince Vegeta was waiting for him.

This prince didn’t mock him. To be clear, Vegeta wasn’t expecting Raditz in this tournament. He was a pleasant and intelligent companion, but otherwise had never been used for much.

Six spaces further, on the side of Son Goku, he compared this Baddack from universe 3, with one of the universe 10, with whom he had discussed less than two minutes ago. Without a shadow of a doubt, one was at least two hundred times stronger than the other. But not good... compared to him, one or the other, it was the same: they weren’t very strong.

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