DB Multiverse

Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 4, Chapter 51.




The years used here use the Earth Calendar as a reference.

At Year 0, on Earth is born B.C., Bernard Calendar, who created the most lucrative agenda-selling company of all time, standardizing the dates of the planet.


The Universe Timeline

It applies throughout the “DBZ Universe” and almost all the other universes of the tournament, except 1 and 10, where the Kaioshins handle grand threats early on.


Year -242

Hanasia (16 years old) fights Romanesco (15 years old) with the help of Shin (5 000 000 years old).

The Frost Demons are massacred:

— Blizzard (1 532 years old)

— Frosty (345 years old)

— Chilled (102 years old)

— Ice Kurima (67 years old)

Only Snower (294 years old) survives.


Year -53

Snower gives birth to two children: Cold and Polar.


Year 214

The bottom half of the evil Hildegan creature is freed.

The magicians that created it are stopped. No one hears from them again.

See DBM page 655


Year 217

The Frost Empire resumes its conquest of non-federated planets.

For ordinary species that normally don’t live longer than a century, Snower’s promises of peace, proclaimed ten generations ago, are long forgotten.


Year 261

Cataclysm on Planet Namek.


Year 503

Polar is murdered by the Bojack gang.

Then Snower disappears.

Cold becomes Emperor.


Year 507

The Bojack gang is imprisoned by the Kaios


Year 555

Birth of Coola.


Year 570

Birth of Freeza.


Year 730

The Saiyans destroy the Tsuful civilization.


Year 731

Freeza and the Saiyans work together.


Year 737

Freeza eliminates the Saiyans and their planet.


Year 762

Freeza nearly dies on Namek.


Year 764

Deaths of Freeza and Cold on Earth.

Shortly thereafter, Coola dies on Earth.


Year 774

Majin Buu, the most dangerous creature of all time, is awoken and eliminated.


Year 794

Multiverse Tournament.


The Planet Plant Timeline

Year -242

Hanasia fights Romanesco with the help of the Kaioshin(s)

The planet is attacked by several Frost Demons.


Year -240

Opening of the first Tsuful embassy on Saiyan ground, in the capital.

Tsufuls come from time to time on Saiyan ground.


Year -239

After two incidents, a new Saiyan law is passed forbidding to kill Tsufuls and eating them. Is also forbidden to hit them, even for a joke.


Year -227

Construction of other Tsuful embassies in Saiyan territory.

Queen Hanasia visits a Tsuful city for the first time. “Yawn” was her declaration.


Year -223

Tsufuls build sewers in the largest Saiyan cities.

Fridges, ovens and televisions are distributed among the Saiyans.


Year -198

Construction of Tsuful schools on Saiyan ground.

First official Saiyan delegations to enter Tsuful cities.


Year -195

Death of Chiin-Lee at 72 years of age.



First Saiyan embassies on Tsuful territory.

Change to the monarch system: the King/Queen is still chosen by combat, but is assisted by a counsel that is elected every eight years.

In any case, no matter how hard they try, no Saiyans managest to defeat that old bat Hanasia, even her children get schooled.

The counsel’s election is decided by electronic votes, created by the Tsufuls. No one wonders if the count is rigged. Impossible, duh.


Year -152

Natural death of Hanasia at 106 years of age.

The Saiyan Kourg, boyfriend and student of Hanasia during her final years, wins the organised combats. He is dethroned two years later by Rajma, one of Hanasia’s seven children. It’s the return of a series of reigning monarchs who last barely a few years.


Year -97

It is now legal for a Tsuful to install himself on Saiyan territory, to buy land and construct what he wants.


Year -93

It is now legal for a Saiyan to install himself on Tsuful territory, if he passes the required tests, to buy land and have Tsufuls construct what he wants.


Year -12

Opening of the domes above Tsuful cities. Any Saiyan can now pass through without any special authorization.

It’s now possible for a Tsuful to get the Saiyan citizenship, and same the other way around.


Year 20 to Year 186

Considered as the Golden Age of Saiyan and Tsuful relationship.

Populations merge more and more

The education gap reduces, even if an average Saiyan remains less educated than an average Tsuful, all can read, write, etc.


Year 187

The Independent Saiyan Army takes control of a region. It is liberated the same day by the Tsuful army that executes the rebels under the hurrahs of both species.


Year 197

The Tsuful Liberation Front takes control of a region. It is liberated within a week by the Tsuful army that puts the rebels under house arrest under the hurrahs of both species.


Year 218

Rutab the mad king declares Tsufuls illegal and starts a massacre. He is pushed back by Saiyans and the Tsuful army. A great victory that solidifies the friendship between the two people. But also reinforced the determination of the enemies of the interspecies’ friendship (also called specists).


Year 345 to 358

The Great Metal Turtle War

The northern territory (70% Saiyan, 30% Tsuful) enters wars against the western territory (85% Tsuful, 15% Saiyan). The southern territory (40% Saiyan, 60% Tsuful) remains neutral but suffers collateral damage.

There is no eastern territory.


Year 359 to 380

The reconstruction proves difficult. The Saiyans suffered more deaths and the Tsufuls more destruction. There’s financial compensation for the destruction. Some minor conflicts erupt over territory disputes.

Living below the poverty line: 28% of Saiyans, 25% of Tsufuls.


Year 412

The three territories merge to become one forever. There’s no more distinction between the two people and species… On a legal level.

A government is formed of members of both species. There’s no more Saiyan monarch.

A worldwide police handles conflicts.

Living below the poverty line: 42% of Saiyans 12% of Tsufuls.


Year 467

To reduce deadly fights, open weapon carry becomes illegal.

Living below the poverty line: 64% of Saiyans, 2% of Tsufuls.

Almost all Saiyans do manual labor that is less well paid.


Year 498

All following Saiyan act:

— throwing an energy ball

— action in Oozaru form

Is considered as open weapon carrying and is severely punished.


Year 521

All acts of Saiyan violence in any form is considered under open weapon carrying, since Saiyans have a combat-adapted body. A zero-tolerance policy is applied. The death penalty is re-introduced.

The objective is to reduce Saiyan-Tsuful violence, but also Saiyan-Saiyan violence.

Living below the poverty line: 87% of Saiyans, 0.1% of Tsufuls.


Year 554

Citizen status is no longer acquired at birth but after a simple and easy test. However, the difference in education means 31% of Saiyans do not pass it.


Year 570

Following a full moon and some minor isolated incidents, a new law is implemented.

It is strictly forbidden to transform into an Oozaru within 50Km of a city. Saiyans wishing to remain within the limits must remove their tails.

The protests have time to wane over the course of eight years, the time between two naturally occurring full moons. At the next full moon, it’s considered accepted by everyone, but there are still thousands of offenders and arrests.


Year 601

Only 4% of Saiyans pass the test and are considered citizens. The others can’t vote, participate in debates, own land, work in administration and are second rate in terms of justice.

Most citizen Saiyans find it quite normal, and that non-citizens can simply make more efforts to educate themselves rather than stoop to violence.


Year 632

Since Saiyans are stronger than Tsufuls, in case of litigations with violence between species, the Tsuful is the victim by default. Logical conclusion.


Year 649

Following an attack apparently perpetrated by high-ranking Saiyans, all Saiyan citizenships are revoked.

Saiyan citizenship is no longer accepted.


Year 688

Open weapon carry becomes legal again for Tsufuls.

Saiyans can no longer work in the army or the police.


Year 695

Any act of violence of a Saiyan against a Tsuful is punished by life in prison or the death penalty. Indeed, any Saiyan can murder a Tsuful with a single punch. It is only logical to be more severe.

The opposite scenario is punished with a small fine if the court can prove complete passivity from the Saiyan and unjustified aggression of the Tsuful. Indeed, a Tsuful cannot harm a Saiyan, even with a weapon (a Saiyan is considered able to easily avoid the attack). It is only logical to be less severe.


Year 707

Notable news item: a Saiyan child is sentenced to death for Attack upon a Tsuful. He defended himself against six armed Tsufuls harassing him and wounded one of them.

The protests against this injustice contained 26% Tsufuls.

However, the violence of the Saiyans during the protests reduced favor of the Tsuful population to their queries to 2%.

The last protest was met by the army, causing north of one thousand eight hundred deaths.



Universes 1 and 10



Universe 3



Other universes



Year 712

Coola, Freeza are Cold are killed by the Kaioshins.



Year 730

Vegeta’s plan is prevented by the Kaioshins



Year 730

A night of full moon, many Saiyans attack the cities, transformed into Oozarus.

Their leader, Vegeta, son of the last Saiyan citizens, had managed to secretly plan the revolt.

During the attack, most of the remaining Saiyans joined the attack.

The next morning, Vegeta continues to lead the Saiyans throughout the world in a systemic genocide of the Tsufuls.

Within a few days, the Saiyans will have entirely erased the Tsuful civilization.

Vegeta is declared the King of Saiyans, there hadn’t been a king in 300 years.

King Vegeta removes the embargo with the rest of the universe and accepts external communications.


Year 731

Freeza is the first to answer. He hires the Saiyans to do it again on other planets.

Freeza had read the notes of his grandfather Snower demanding to under no circumstance approach that planet, and describing a terrifying “Super-Saiyan”, that the rest of the universe vaguely recalls. But the folly of it makes him laugh. He’s a rising star, no one can lay a finger on him.


Year 737

In the end, the Saiyans are disobedient monkeys and show no respect. They often cause more violence and trouble than necessary. What’s more, worrisome rumors of the birth of a Saiyan of unparalleled power called Broly reminds him it’s been a thousand years since the last Millennial Saiyan.



The Saiyans murder Freeza. The next kings are:

— Baddack

— Hanasia II

— Broly

— Vegeta Jr


Year 761

Annihilation of the Saiyans by Raichi.



Freeza murders the Saiyans and destroys their planet.



Year 794

Multiverse Tournament




This is the end of the line for Hanasia!


Many thanks to you all for having followed this long saga with me until the end!



Timeline of the publication of “Hanasia”

December 2004

Beginning of the publication of “Hanasia” on the french forum “L’union sacré” and Salagir’s site dedicated to DBZ.

It is published of course… one chapter per month! Ok, quite quickly, the rhythm drops.


March 2011

Chapter 27* is published after a one-year hiatus. Therefore, Salagir decides to halt publication if it’s to be this sporadic and prepares the rewrite.

(*) Here it’s become Chapter 37.


February 2013

Publication starts again on the DBMultiverse website.

Chapters are published once per month, with the addition of pictures, touch-ups on the writing, added scenes.

As well as the translation into several languages.

Several characters change name to keep wordplays relative to the universe.


April 2016

Hiatus because chapters now need to be written from scratch and Salagir can’t keep up in the allotted time.

He still writes from time to time.


September 2020

He’s finally finished, with a few closing details!

Publication continues onwards again.


June 2021

The end!


Other stories by Salagir


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— The novelisation, and Universe 4 : a few choice sequences, rarely, are written by me.

— Universe 16 : wrote the entire second half.


The next following lists are only in french.


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If you really are not faint of heart, you could wander over and see what I wrote during my adolescence and shortly thereafter: the novelisation of the Super Nintendo game Secret of Mana, and its fictive “follow-up”.

The follow-up in particular was my first regular online publishing, with layout setup, illustrations… In the early 2000’s!

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Picture by:



Arcady Picardi       41 78


JanembasCandyHell       69




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