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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 42.


Hanasia is back!

That's it, for real... the sequel and the end of the story are coming!

Everything is written, now I'm off fishing for illustrations and translations.

Every first of the month, you will therefore have a new chapter, from November until April 2021.


This summary chapter will be deleted shortly. The list of characters will return at the very end of the release.



I know it's been four years since you last read this story... I don't blame you for forgetting everything! :) So here is a little summary ...


We are a thousand years ago. On the planet Plant, there are Tsufuls and Saiyans. They hardly speak to each other, and live on different continents.

Hanasia is a young Saiyan who unlike others has empathy. She unlocks the transformation into Super Saiyan and becomes Queen of Saiyans.

Chiin-Lee or Tchin is a Tsuful who would love for the Saiyans and Tsufuls to come together and for Hanasia to be her best friend. She now leads most of the Defense operations agains the Frost Demons and everything Hanasia related.


The Frost Demons Empire is run by Blizzard and his four children.

They already have many planets and continue to conquer more, but there has been a problem on the planet Plant.

Two demon children died there, killed by “the legendary super saiyan”.

The eldest, Frosty , has taken a giant ship named “the space arena” and left to meet this planet and its warrior, to kill everyone and destroy this cursed planet.

He carries an elite army and two very powerful warriors: Avoka the telekinetic and Yikoun the stupid beast who eats light.


The rebellion, which wants to overthrow the empire, grabs this opportunity to attack Blizzard Palace in an attempt to kill him. But they get fucked up miserably. Then comes Snower, the last child demon, who attacks his own father! He was part of the rebellion from the start!!

Besides, he planted a bomb in his brother's ship.


Part of the rebellion also joined the planet Plant. They decide with the Tsufuls and Hanasia to send a small army into space to stop the space arena before it approaches the planet Plant. Inside, Bourgo the Namek and Tagarrion the armored guy, share information about the bomb with Hanasia: Frosty must pass within a yard of her for it to fire. Further apart and he would survive the impact.


Will they be okay?


More detailed list of characters:











Main character.

If you don't know who she is, start reading the fanfic before you read the characters list, come on!

The mother of Kakarotto and Raditz, in the “present”, also invented by DBMultiverse, is also called Hanasia, but she is not the same person.


Old general, in the King's army.

Aware of Tsufuls' secrets, intelligent, was immensly strong in his youth.


Hanasia's part-time lover, he is a storyteller. He knows geography well and knows how to tell things in exciting ways.

A bit stunted in constitution for a Saiyan, he is nevertheless quick to run and quite intelligent.

Recently, he became Queen's Counsel and is in contact with the Tsufuls.


Legendary millenial warrior in this story, this big country boy has transformed, and he never turned back...

The previous one was Brasca. The next one will be Broly.

Roi des Saiyans

The early King remained on the throne for a few years, which is above average at the time. Very tall, wide and a bit fat, he is very strong and has tremendous stamina, which allowed him to win his many challenges.

He was killed by Romanesco.

A general replaces him then, and this one is killed by Chilled.

Hanasia will replace him.



Father of Hanasia, he traveled a lot. His experience and originality made him the chief of his village and one of the few Saiyans to take care of a close-knit family. He helped make Hanasia very different from other Saiyans.



Little youngling Saiyan from Hanasia's village, he is a fan and in love with her.



Young girl from the village of Hanasia, she has high ambitions but not yet the necessary strength.

Seen in chapters 27, 32, 33, 35.



A cautious, prime warrior, he has developed a strange fighting art that is highly effective, but which will disapear with him.

Seen in chapters 28 and 34.



Legendary warrior of the previous millennium.




Full name: Chiin-Lee Litchi Chinensis Sapindaceae Rosids.

Nickname if you are very good friends: Tchin


Responsible for projects on the Millennial Saiyan Warrior, she is promoted in matters concerning the Saiyans and follows them very closely. She wants to protect them and finds them exciting. She has a lot of admiration for Hanasia.


Full name: Abricota Prunus Armeniaca Rosidae Plantae.

Nickname if you are very good friends: Brie


Her work is mainly in defense, which is normally a place with little work to do for the Tsufuls. A great friend of Tchin, they often meet for lunch. And dinner. And for snacks. And donut breaks, of course. She's pretty neutral about the Saiyans.


Most Tsufuls are not named. But their names are damn complicated!

Their civilization is at the height of comfort, culture and philosophy.

Some see the Saiyans as a threat and would like to slaughter them all. Others believe that all species should be protected and respected, and that Saiyans are respecful animals like any other.


Leader of the Tsuful-raised Saiyan warrior project: Moraceae Urticales Tracheobionta.



Frost Demons


Sole survivor of the previous wars between Frost Demons and other family inner treacheries, he creates a new family and a new empire, based on trust. He raises his children so that they no longer attack each other between brothers and that they can dominate the universe hand in hand.

1532 years old



Eldest of the brothers, the most combat-oriented.

345 years old



Second son, he is more interested in politics. Creator of the 3rd reduction form.

294 years old



Third son, he stumbled upon the planet Plant on his path of conquest.

102 years old


Ice Kurima

Last son of Blizzard.

67 years old (a brat!)

Hot Squad


Mighty warrior capable of manipulating the minds of his opponents. Charismatic and respectful of his men, squad leader.



Thinking head whose advice is always heard, and rightly so. His brain is like a big calculator, he is very adept at gauging situations.



This good friend is invited to every party. He tortures often for fun, but has the civility to do it only on enemies.



The dumb-strong that every team needs, all of his intelligence was put into controlling his body and understanding a combat environment. Yet he is very social, and doesn't even get upset when insulted, because he doesn't notice it.

Warriors of the Court


By far the most powerful warrior in the court. Extremely upright, used to fighting, strategist and calm, and possesses terrifyingly high levels of pure power.



A specialist in telekinetic powers, with a formidable intelligence beyond human comprehension.



A professional assassin, she lives in the shadows and those who see her die within the next microsecond.



A mighty Glaviot who just knows how to hold himself up to be a soldier. He's under the power of the Demons and that's fine with him, as his missions give him action and nourishment.



There are dozens more, but less powerful.




A namek fighter who has decided to explore the universe. There he encountered the terrible injustice of the Frost Demons and has since fought their empire.

Krämm of Istaal

Paladin armed with a great sword, fights the Empire of Evil, saves the righteous, forgives the weak, mourns the victims, and celebrates victories.

Right-handed Yshar

A humble little warrior who seeks to make the universe a better place.


Warrior hidden in strong armor, will do anything for the cause.

The Bomber

Little being able to throw terrible energy balls.


Picture by:

Chibi Dam'Z       16 chibidamz.com

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