DB Multiverse

Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 42.

A new empire


Blizzard felt the hot attack crush his thoracic cage. Brutally halted in his leap, his overall movement was painfully inverted! His body was thrown towards the already destroyed ceiling. Screaming all the while, he tried to extract the energy ball that had already penetrated halfway into his body. For his gigantic size, it represented a minuscule incandescent ball, untouchable. Projected upwards, he went through every floor to the top.

The demon prince was pushing, pushing, with all his strength. He concentrated his attack and, though it was now quite far, was drawing from his strength to increase its power and keep on ravaging the emperor’s body from the inside.

The latter continued his ascension, gaining ever more height when suddenly, not far from the geostationary satellites, the attack exploded within his body. Blizzard exploded into innumerable pieces, of which the central and vital ones were utterly disintegrated. The explosion of pure energy increased in size, pushing his outer-shell, more and more, enlarging into space around it, without air to slow it down.

The inhabitants of the capital raised their eyes to the sky to see a second sun abruptly appear, and grow disturbingly. And then suddenly, the air was pushed downwards, and a terrible shock wave floored buildings and inhabitants, wounding most people outside, killing some, and destroying many monuments.


Snower, his body surrounded by fumes for having strained to keep the attack for so long, his hands still pointing upwards, was breathing heavily. He seemed barely able to stand afoot. It was an incredible spectacle to see such a terrifying frost demon exhausted.

Yet, the rebels and the warriors of the court didn’t dare to move again. Snower arched his head and kept breathing heavily, his eyes wide open. He himself hadn’t expected to be in such a state. He had never had to strain himself as much before in his life.

When some finally dared blink, one of the warriors of the court started talking:

— Make no mistake, our Prince is still largely capable of killing you all in a single shot!

The surrounding warriors shuddered and waited on.

The demon raised his head and turned towards the warrior.

— That is correct, my good Dilat. What about Blizzard?

— He’s dead.

— It’s confirmed! Snower shouted. Dilat can follow life forms even from light-years away! My father Emperor Blizzard is dead! I’m in charge now, and things are going to be different!

Most rebels took their fighting positions.

— No more fighting, the new Emperor said. Everyone calm down, and someone get a healer for Krämm and all the other survivors! From this moment, I want all our armies to stop fighting. Every planet demanding their independence will have it, effective immediately! The rebels are no longer enemies of the state. You included. And if you want to be part of my new army, which will be obliged to remedy any nostalgics of the old empire, I’d be honored to have you.

— A… new empire? A rebel said.

— Yes, a new empire, more humble and open, the demon said. No more destructive conquests. No more megalomania.


The rebels and the warriors of the court alike were stunned. Snower was going to allow the empire to dismantle itself? Just like that?

They relaxed though when employees of the palace entered the room, equipped with medical bots, and deployed around the room, taking care randomly of fighters from either side. Quickly, the fighters present joined into new groups of warriors and rebels, but but each were healed without discrimination.

Snower sat himself inside one of his floating thrones he appreciated so fondly and a robot came to do a few exams, much to the general surprise. Snower needed attention!...

A few words were exchanged, but the room remained plunged in a deep silence. The rebels didn’t trust Snower and didn’t take their eyes off him. The warriors of the court, on their side, didn’t forget about the rebels.

— First statement, the Frost Demon told his scribe. Terrible attack on the Emperor’s Palace. Blizzard is dead! Statement from Snower coming shortly! Send that to all the media of the universe right now. I want the announcements made, I want them ready. In an hour, I’ll make my speech, and I wouldn’t want to be lacking for an audience.

He turned towards the room.

— Come now, dear ex-rebels, who wants to enter my army? The others, I will be asking you to leave, this is a room for private audiences may I remind you. The absence of a ceiling doesn’t change that fact.

— Lord Snower, tried a large rebel - who had added Lord for the occasion because he knew where he was and had a survival instinct - we understand that you’d want to take your father’s place. But to allow the empire to collapse and planets to take their independence, we have trouble believing it. How would that benefit you? You never showed the slightest deviation from the empire’s political alignment in your own policies until now.

— That’s because I didn’t want to be shelved, or even assassinated. My power was virtually empty until now, and trying to change the political alignment of my father from the inside had no chance of success. I kept a low profile, while taking position in strategic points and by secretly helping against him. My family’s control is enormous, and it sees everything. I was chained. I had to be terribly discrete and reduce the number of middle men. I managed many things. In this instance, many more smaller organisations are revealing themselves to help the great changes for freedom and against the empire. Some know I’m the instigator, others don’t. As a matter of fact, Mr Prolidane, do you remember the radio call on August 16th eight years ago with the secret information on the fuel transport? That was me, in person.

The fighter opened his eyes wide, remembering that old sabotage mission, and was even more surprised Snower knew his name.

— What’s your endgame in this? Asked another rebel, just as suspicious.

— Freeing the universe from the absurd clutches that’s lasted thousands of years, isn’t that an endgame in and of itself?

All kept frowning. None would dare say it openly, but no one really believed the sudden change from Snower, and were sure in a matter of no time at all, he’d take up arms again and become a Frost Tyrant that the empire was so used to having.

— If the universe is freed, no one will need me. A warrior said. She was wearing metallic colored combat makeup on her cheeks and had a blade in each arm. She turned her back on the demon and headed for the closest door, which was wide open.

The rebels held their breathe looking at her leave. All eyes were on her. Was Snower going to shoot her in the back? It was the moment of truth. Was it a sadistic double speech of which actually meant “follow me or die”?

— Do as you please, Gatilyla, he simply said, disinterested, bringing his eyes to a screen where information was racing across.

Then the sound of footsteps was out of earshot. No one had impeded her exit, it was a proof of good faith for the rebels. But no one dared approach. Entering the demon’s army, even if to help bring about a world of peace, felt opportunistic. It was entering the enemy’s side. The empire had done so much evil! Even if it was selfish, what they wanted in their hearts, was to see the empire reduced to ashes, not to see it change!


Right-handed Yshar came forward, slowly and hesitantly.

— A grand master told me recently that my left hand, which on my home planet serves to pardon, hasn’t pardoned much lately. He lifted his arm that bore stigmates of the fight: a torn piece of cloth, and a superficial wound, now bandaged in healing bands, a present from the palace medics.

— Admit it: it’s not our distrust towards you, who remains a Frost Demon, that’s stopping us from celebrating the announcement of the probable liberation of the colonized planets. It’s our hatred towards the empire. Because yes, we more often fight against an opponent rather than for a righteous cause. This empire ravaged the worlds of many people here, even some of the warriors of the court. This empire, no matter what you give as reason, that you also lead, Sn… Lord Snower. You were at the head of armies that brought this evil. You are an integral part of this evil. Are you really legitimate to lead the new changes?

The last bit of his monologue made his friends shudder. Did Yshar want to die? Even if his questions had an ethical reasoning, Snower was above all else the new chief in charge, because, quite literally, no one in the known universe, except maybe his brother, could stop him! By asking that question, he was playing with Snower’s nerves, much more so than when the other warrior had left the room earlier. Even if the demon decided to answer with a smile; it was clear for some that Yshar would be murdered in the next few days.

Though he wasn’t smiling, Snower answered in a friendly way.

— Indeed, there’s no reason for me to be appreciated. My legitimacy, I’ll earn over the course of the next years. Don’t think I plan on idly sitting on my throne. (Some warriors of the court didn’t appreciate the sleight at the previous Emperor.) I know very well the politics of each world and their organisation. You’ll need a mind like mine to handle the transition. You’ll need my strength to squash any of those reminiscent of the Old Empire. You’ll be the witnesses of my efficiency. And if you don’t believe me, you’re free to go, or try to kill me.

The end of Snower’s monologue, on the other hand, had some smiling. After millenia under different Frost Demon families, everyone knew that killing one was practically impossible. After a heartbeat, there was a second smile: this impossible act was precisely what the rebels had attempted today.

— Lord Snower, continued Yshar who hadn’t forgotten his original intent, after a terrorist attack, you personally led a punitive expedition against my home planet. On this day, you have killed three thousand two hundred and seventeen people. You then installed a camera to show my people your execution of the “Terrorist Leader”. Your own hand assassinated the democratically elected Governor of the northern hemisphere.

Snower didn’t answer straight away because he felt the rebel wasn’t waiting for one. But he prepared his counter anyway, because if the silence went on too long it would be a silent admission of guilt.

Yshar lifted his left hand in a nervous way that could look like an attack. Then he approached the demon, in a manner that meant “hello” in some civilizations, “die bastard” in others and “is it you that smells that bad?” amongst the aboriginals from Toldyaso.

— Lords Snower, I forgive your previous acts and officially request to join the army for renewal.


That was it. A rebel had officially changed allegiance. Other members of the rebellion breathed a sigh of relief. They were no longer the first. Once the movement started, they could follow. They wouldn’t be the ones History remembered as turncoats.

And anyway, if the new government didn’t work for them, they could always rebel: they were rather experienced in that domain…


— Welcome Right-handed Yshar. Given your level and abilities, I think you can integrate a city squad, directly as an officer, of course.

The slowest finally realized Snower seemed to know each and every rebel! As well as their capacities and abilities! They were impressed by the intel and what it meant. Frost Demons really were capable of remembering everything about so many different individuals?

In fact, Snower had participated in elaborating the attack. Hence why he was part of it. He had simply taken the time to read the reports of the few hundred rebels present, and the warriors of the court within the palace and city. Not that many in the end.

One by one, the rebels left or enlisted. Several warriors of the court left, without daring to openly quit. Once outside the city, some old enemies finished their duel to the death started within the palace.

When Krämm regained consciousness, he claimed he only believed acts, not words, and would only enlist once Snower’s policies were in effect. He left, with the most dangerous sword of the universe in hand, never knowing if it could cut through a Frost Demon.

A soldier used a moment of silence to ask a question:

— But… uh, your brother Frosty… is he with you?

— Sadly, no. He can’t be allowed to return alive from his expedition.

A wind of panic struck the assembly. A few warriors of the court told themselves they should have denounced Snower immediately and joined Frosty.

— Does my brother intimidate you? Snower asked mockingly.

— He terrifies us. Everyone knows he’s even stronger than you. Even you, we wouldn't have dared attack you. It was your bedridden father we were attacking today. Otherwise I would never have come.

Snower smiled interiorly. It was always pleasant to be reminded of the superiority of Frost Demons over inferior beings.

— Aside from me, only one person has accomplished the feat of killing a Frost Demon lately. And that’s who Frosty is set to meet.

— We know this “Legendary Saiyan” had a lot of difficulties against Ice Kurima. I also heard he died throwing himself into space.

— You should read my biography, Cal Toufi. I don’t leave anything to chance. I’ve always succeeded in my plans, because each time there were several paths to success. You can consider Frosty dead, even if he doesn’t know it yet.



Hanasia approached the pilot of the vessel.

— This arena, it’s like a planet, or are we going to float like in this ship?

— What are you saying? Answered the navigator called Tuik. We’re not floating, there's an artificial gravity!

— Well yeah, I feel like I weigh three grams. Each step feels like I’m gonna jump to the ceiling. Some of the others already did.

Tuik apprehensively looked at the small dents in the roof, created by several saiyans smashing their heads during their movements. She was gutted: their head should be fractured, not the other way around!

— The gravity of our ship is 4π m/s². It’s the ISO-555 “Interstella” norm. It’s not my fault your planet is sixteen times higher! (It’s an approximation on her part, Tuik’s kind count in base 16.)

— And the arena, it’s all weak the same?

— It must be in the empire’s norms, so… wait, no… She keyed across the console. It’s a fighting ground, so maybe…

— One hundred and one point thirty second metres per square centimetre, said a calm voice behind them. Atmospheric pressure of 842 Hecto-Hercules. Nitrogen at 58%, Oxygen 34%, Carbon dioxide 6%. Temperature, 288 Kelvins and 3 Hobbes.

The two turned around to the combatant, who had listed the data in a monotone way.

— Well, said the navigator, in the arena, you’ll be heavier.

— But I didn’t eat anything.

Tuik ignored while raiding her eyes. She mostly said to herself she’d have to stay in her ship far away, because if she set foot on the arena, she’d be squashed by her own weight. She didn’t have Saiyan muscles.


— Lord Frosty, a small group of rebels is coming in hot, they’re coming from the planet.

The demon made a gesture and the screen showed what the soldier had announced. You could easily recognize the chaotic touch of the rebel army by the diverse aspect of their space vessels. Some were modified civilian ships, others from independent armies, some from one system, some from others… It was a patchwork. However, there were also a good number of vessels that clearly came from the same builder. Clean, seemingly new. He deduced they were from the local army of the planet. They moved easily through space, for an isolated species…

— They are well informed, he said. So there are indeed spies in the empire and we’ll need to handle that. I’ll mission Snower to make a special case against this issue. He’ll know what to do, and we can trust him.

— We’re still far from the planet, my liege. A space battle is inevitable. Should we man the cannons?

— Yes. However, assemble the army and prepare hand-to-hand combat. I doubt they brought an entire armada that can’t resist our cannons.

Small alarms, red lights, lit up everywhere and soldiers readied themselves. Avoka imagined thousands of possible outcomes of this first battle through missile launch. Yikoun shuddered and salivated impatiently.

Frosty moved towards the centre of the arena, breaking the rows of soldiers that had started forming. They frantically jumped around to the back so as to get out of the way of the Frost Demon. He looked up, satisfied. Where normal beings could only see the light generated by the shield, he could distinguish the smallest variations and so perfectly see the spots coming closer. Frosty liked missile attacks. It was like energy balls, but independent, little kamikaze robots. Those below could see them from afar, especially in space, and could do whatever they wanted to counter them. Generally by launching other missiles. Where a Frost Demon would simply stay in the path, letting them explode all over his body. Frosty liked missiles because they made him laugh.


Corrne took Hanasia by the arms and dragged her to the porthole.

— Look, my Queen. That spot, could it be…

— Look, you know, Hanasia said annoyed, it’s great when we’re together, I swear. But you need to leave me my space, you get it? I’m not your queen, I don’t belong to anyone.

— Uh… started Corrne with eyes wide open. It’s an expression, you are the Queen of all Saiyans, so my Queen as well… And what’s with this space thing? You find me too present? Me? That’s totally wrong! And frankly, I said nothing when you did yourself the guard chief, when you had promised the day before you wanted me, and…

— Oh, that old story! You see, if it bothers you so much, I prefer cutting it off. You’re too clingy.

— What!... Now that’s rich! Who came to me during my flight, when I was thousands of kilometres from the capital, just for a quickie? It’s crazy when you think about it, that you know exactly where I am at any moment and can go incredible distances in minutes. But… but more than that, why are you saying all that?! I wasn’t talking about that! Look!

He pointed to the porthole.

In front of them, the platform was getting bigger and bigger. Hanasia shivered. The horrible aura of her opponent scared her, down to her bones.

— Missile attack detected! Tuik screamed.

— Counter attack send, said another pilot, more calmly. Hanasia followed the small tubes that burst from their ships. They soon became too small to keep perceiving them… but she saw the explosions from afar, gigantic and luminous.

— Second salvo! Someone shouted.

For a minute, Hanasia couldn’t see the approaching station, because of the incessant explosions in between them. Then suddenly, the explosions quieted down, and she saw it emerge and only saw that: a monstrous iron ship that was even bigger than the Saiyan capital. They had arrived.


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