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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 9.

The Tsuful warrior


Cold. It was cold.


As he was getting up, he could feel the wind on his body. The wind was cold, the wind was bad. He hit the ground very hard. It warmed him, but it didn't kill the wind. He looked up then. This room was big, it had no end. Since he had woken up, he felt a lot of unusual things.




The voice was here. The voice was his friend. The voice was his only friend, but in the empty hole that was his life, the mere idea of friend, relatives and other people was foreign to him. It had always been this way: just him and the voice, all alone. Whenever he saw any kind of life, he had always killed them.


'Over there. Many targets! Kill.'


He went in the direction the voice had told him. His body got warmer, his heart rate increased, as it did each time there was going to be a real fight. He knew that it meant there were going to be many opponents, or that they were powerful, or both.


He rushed at ground level, flying.


In the control room, Chiin-Lee was watching the screen showing, from a camera flying high in the sky, the blood thirsty saiyan flying towards the objective. In control, the technician had just released the testosterone and the stimulant in his body. To her left, the comedian who was 'the voice'. In the back were those who were responsible of the monitoring project, those who were looking for potential millenary fighters: it was them who had provided the coordinates of the village where their flying weapon was going to, one of these potential fighters lived there.


He was flying very fast. He felt that he was getting closer. He felt life, he felt blood. The voice was encouraging him. And suddenly, there were walls. Small walls, not like those he often had to destroy to go from one room to another. Many small walls. And in between, targets. A lot! Big, small... There was life all around. There were numerous organisms everywhere.


He went through a wall and caught a target. He crushed it on the ground and with a quick blow, breaking its neck. Rocks from walls fell down all around. All the other targets had noticed him and reacted, but he had never wanted to be discreet. He suddenly changed direction, now going towards a small target. It gave a cry as it tried to get free, but he dug his fingers in its stomach, destroying his guts.


The other targets threw themselves on him. They were noisy. He kicked the one who was the closest to him and this target went backwards, through a small wall. But he hadn't killed it, he had to finish him off. He flew towards it, but he felt tingling on his body.


Turning around, he saw targets throwing fire balls at him. It wasn't really powerful, so it was ok. But as soon as he'd be done with the current target, he'd throw a huge fire ball on the group, in order to scatter them.

What a mess... What a horrendous thing, Chiin-Lee thought. The Saiyans were like ants, moving around the lobotomized warrior, trying to fight and get rid of the invader, but they were just like toys before him.


He killed another, and another. He went towards a child. It didn't make any difference. Chiin-Lee didn't want to see this terrible view again, what he had done with the first one. She spoke to the comedian who was 'the voice.'


“Tell him to fly, so only the strongest ones will attack him. There is no need to slaughter the entire village.” But she could feel a kind of excitement in the room, enthusiasm that a Tsuful could feel when he was watching a violent and gore movie. Except that this was reality.


She could particularly feel the glee from someone located behind her. This person hated Saiyans, without any true reason. Just as someone who hated those who weren't like him. This Tsuful delighted in seeing these animals being violently wiped out.


'Fly. Fly. More important target in the sky.'


He flew, but didn't let go of the target he had chosen. Within arm's reach, he caught the face of his small target and rose on a dozen meters. The target punched him, but it was extremely weak.

From down below, a big target jumped towards him.




He rose again and the big target didn't reach him. But she threw a fire ball. He dodged it. Then he crushed his prisoner's face on his knee. There was blood on his hands again. He did it again. This time, it died so he let go of the body.


Below, the targets were enormously agitated. Dozens of fireballs were thrown at him from every direction. He protected himself. It hurt a bit. When he had the hands on his face, he smelt the sweet odor of blood that wasn't his.


The flow of fire balls had stopped. Important targets were flying at his level. There were two of them, a big one and an average one. The targets yelped to him.

The camera went to the two chiefs of the village who had come to challenge the monster. Chiin-Lee was listening to them: they were asking this disgusting Saiyan why he had attacked their village, who he was and what he wanted.

But the Tsuful warrior had never known how to speak, he didn't even understand the Saiyan language. Except the voice in his head, none had ever spoken to him.


An understandable anger had taken hold of the two Saiyans. Chiin-Lee thought that it was a couple, likely the strongest of the village. It was them, or one of them, who radiated with an energy so huge that the surveillance group had detected and chosen this village. For their doom.

They were going to die.


When he saw that the monster wasn't going to answer, the male entered the fray.

The big target was rushing at him. This target was faster than the other. More dangerous. Stronger. He threw a fire ball at him, the target took time to react, but dodged. It was close now, about to punch. But he caught the fist. It struck hard. But it was nothing. First a punch in the caught target. It suffered and made a noise. He had to turn its head until it cracked now.


Pain in the head. The medium target had attacked too. Not good, he had forgotten it. Its foot had crushed his face and then he had dropped the big target.


The medium target was fast too. It attacked again. Its arms were too fast to be caught. But the blows didn't do any damage. Punch on the medium target. It fled. It threw a fire ball. Ah, the big target also threw a fire ball. He parried. It hurt a bit.


The two targets attacked at the same time. They were going to hit him, should he parry? He decided to attack instead. The big target hit him on the side. It hurt. The medium target struck him in the face. For a split second, he didn't see anything. But he had attacked with his open hand on the medium target. He certainly had ripped its belly open.


Recovering his eyesight, he was going to attack the big target. A fireball. He didn't have time to dodge it. As he parried it, the big target rushed at him. The big target was at his mercy. Kicks, punches, several times. The target didn't manage to react anymore. Finish it off.


The big target was resilient. As he was trying to twist its neck, it held his hand and resisted. He was getting ready to use more strength when he saw the medium target.

The warrior of the Tsufuls had endured a lot of blows, but it was nothing compared with some of the training he had gone through. The engineer adjusted the chemicals he released in the brute's body with extreme care.


The comedian didn't say anything. He didn't want to bother him in his activity. He was watching the scene with a kind of disgust. Despite his study in psychology and his total lack of scruple to manipulate the mind of a being by making him completely insane, all this physical violence repulsed him.


“How is it going?” asked Chiin-Lee. “I think he's taking a lot of time to get rid of two Saiyans.”


“Not a problem.” the engineer answered. “He has taken no damage. He is almost warmed up. In a few seconds, he will move up a gear.”


On the screen, the fighter held his male opponent, as if it was a dead branch, but it was as if he had forgotten him. This warrior had an attention problem. He was more interested by the female's reaction: she was holding her stomach, coughing in pain. She didn't have her guts torn open, unlike predicted, but she was bleeding.


The engineer made a sign to the comedian and he went to use his mike.


“All your strength. Use all your strength. You can do it now. Kill them both. Kill.”


He felt that his potential had been released. He recognized this sign. He could give it all. He spread his arms, letting go of the big target that he had forgotten, and gave a guttural cry, releasing his power. The beings around him were shivering. They were right to do so.


But then, they understood that they had to help in the fight and another thrashing of fire balls attacked him from bellow. They were numerous and powerful because they were motivated. But it merely tickled him. He prepared a huge fire ball. One that'd destroy the ground with all those standing on it, and the walls too. He charged up. He charged up. Other fire balls flew. He dodged a few and extended his arms in the form of a canon.


A huge fire ball grew between his fingers and he released an ultra-powerful blast of energy. But when he was about to throw it, the ground whirled around him. It was the medium target who was hitting him. He turned around. He couldn't control the fire ball and it went in the sky.


The target was motivated. It struck fast, without relenting. It's really fast. But not as much as him. The blow caressed his body. Suddenly, he caught its arm.


With his other hand, he hit it. But it can't escape anymore. The medium target dodged as much as it could, but it suffered damaged. He felt it getting slower. The end was near. It was the moment of the killing blow. With the side of the hand, he was going to cut its neck.


His sharp attack rushed towards the target. In its eyes, at the last split second, he saw the fear of death. There was a flash in the retina. He saw all the targets down below, and the walls. The eyes were  wet. For the first time, he saw in his target a new kind of despair. A fear that he had never analyzed. Fear, and anger. Strength. It was the longest second of his life.


He hadn't got the neck. The medium target had lowered its head and it's mouth which his sharp hand hit. She gritted her teeth. The hand was caught, and it hurt. It hurt a lot!


The camera flew at their level, even if it remained at distance. Thanks to the zoom, the image seemed to be very close. The female bite her opponent until he bled. There was the characteristically Saiyan determination that increased her strength. The camera zoomed in her face because it was the center of action.


“But... she... is crying?” said Chiin-Lee.


Chiin-Lee had spent a lot of time studying Saiyans. She had seen many fights, from close up. Fights to death, fights between kings. This girl's wet eyes didn't look like anything she had seen.


The energy that motivated this Saiyan came from a unique feeling, a Tsuful feeling, the feeling of love for your relative. She'd never lose because she protected her village. Seeing her from close, Chiin-Lee thought she was actually very young. Saiyan couples with a huge difference in age were common, but she doubted it was really the case. The other one attacked again. In spite of his numerous wounds. Incredible.


And then, Chiin-Lee saw an attack she didn't expect. The male didn't strike the Saiyan on steroid. He caught his legs! With his powerful arms, he immobilized his inferior members and started to pull him towards the ground. The female was still biting and blood was rushing from her mouth. The big male wanted to throw him on the ground so that the villagers could hit him! He had understood that the monster was very powerful and that he couldn't be killed with usual ways!! To count like this on others was something strange for Saiyans.


As for the girl, her legs were free and, holding the fighter's arms with her two hands, she was hammering him with kicks in the stomach. Chiin-Lee was impressed by this mastery of aerial fighting.


He was caught. Blows from everywhere. His hand hurt. His stomach was starting to hurt. He was about to have serious reasons to worry.


Counter attack.


He trained the medium target with his captive hand and arms. He rose his legs and the big target was pulled upwards. The targets hit each other. They held again. No matter. He threw them in opposite direction and gain even more momentum when he hit them again. He had struck very hard this time and the two targets let go of him with a cry.

Direct attack. He threw a large fire ball in front of him, and the medium target flew hundred meters away. Then he threw himself on the big target below. He flew vertically, his arms stretched, and pushed the target who was horizontal. It was so fast that it couldn't react. He pushed downwards. The ground was coming fast. The weak targets below fled from the point of impact.


And there was an impact. The big target crashed between the ground and his arms, digging a crater. The soil flew everywhere and all the targets on the ground rushed at him. But he was going to escape easily. Ah, he couldn't fly. The big target wasn't dead on the spot! Bleeding, its eyes closed, it had caught his wrists and held him back with its remaining strength.




In one moment, he had turned back and placed his feet on the ground. He then easily flew away, tearing himself away from the grip. All the targets were on him. A good thrashing in sight.

He recharged the fire ball he had missed last time. He charged up more. This time, all the targets were going to die at the same time.


The medium target was back. It was truly resilient. It wanted to prevent him from throwing the fire ball again. But this time, it'd be wasting its time. He was flat out certain of this.

It rushed at him to attack. But he dodged it easily. It came near and hit him, but he didn't move at all. His arms were still aiming towards the ground and his energy ball increased in size with each second.

She threw herself on him and clinging on his back, trying to make him change direction, but he was motionless in the sky. His flying ability was way better than its.


The village was about to be destroyed. It would be in bad taste to ask for the cessation of this attack, so Chiin-Lee remained silent. The camera was still close enough to see the pain and dread in this young girl's face at the thought that her village was going to be destroyed.


How could they not feel empathy for this creature? Yet a huge pleasure was taking hold of the Tsuful standing behind her. She was glowing at the thought of what was going to happen.

Without managing to move her opponent, the young Saiyan was trying harder and harder. They could see on the energy meter that it was reaching levels much higher than average, but it would not be enough.


As a bad feeling, Chiin-Lee and the Saiyan girl understood that the energy ball was about to be thrown here and now. The Saiyan's face twisted in pain, and Chiin-Lee eyes were wet.

The Saiyan girl gritted her teeth and they could see her being caught by both despair and anger, such an immense anger. Suddenly, screens showed the sky then the ground. The camera was whirling and the sound was blurry. A shockwave had hit it, yet the ball hadn't been thrown, had it?


It wasn't normal. The medium target made him move. He didn't manage to keep his direction. The target was holding him firmly. He couldn't free himself. The fire ball was thrown. In the sky again. He wanted to free his arms. But he couldn't. He heard noise that he had never heard before. He felt light in his back, yet the sun wasn't there. It was getting tighter and tighter. It really hurt a lot. He heard cracking. It was his bones. He didn't feel his body anymore. He didn't feel the cold bite of the wind anymore, neither the warm that was tearing his back apart a second before. He didn't see the sky anymore.


And the voice wasn't there anymore to tell him that he was dead.

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