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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 18.

The Calm after the Storm


The Saiyan army had single-handedly dismantled itself. It wasn’t so much an evil, but rather a fact. Once the Millennial Warrior had been defeated, the goal ceased to exist, from which the majority of the soldiers deducted that their service had reached its end. The next day, three quarters of the troops had gone home, with their battle formation behind them, ready to get promoted in their home village.

The memory of the Saiyan girl clad in yellow aura faded, mostly out of simplicity of character. Since she hadn’t sought popularity following these events, the Saiyans had forgotten her. The Saiyans aren’t difficult in the regard.

The King’s remains were cremated with great fanfare by powerful ki blasts, the capital being abundant in strong Saiyans. The most valiant and powerful of the generals replaced him after a few poorly organized -though convincing enough of his strength- matches.

The storytellers were already going out into the world to tell the tales of what they have been told, and already were there high-spirited youngsters ready to try their hand at the royal throne. The new monarch was met with tough challengers, but remained undefeated nevertheless.


On the Tsuful front, long meetings were held. Most of their plans had been useless enough, particularly their atomic bomb, which hadn’t even been put to use. In spite of that, agent Chin-Lee’s competence weren’t called into question.

The alien "Gods" file was quickly sent to another department and Chiin-Lee never heard of it again.

The case involving the Saiyan girl was the most popular subject. Scientists had concluded that her aura and her power were very different from that of the Millennial Warrior, and that the gender difference was not enough to suggest she may exhibit different symptoms. They even theorised that all Saiyans had the potential to transform as she did, which instilled fear into them. One even dared say that this was more than reason enough to justify the employment of the virus on a large scale, but Chiin-Lee and few others strongly disapproved.

That was justified with the rarity of the occurrence. The average strength of the Saiyans had hardly increased within the past 500 years, and it would be far longer than that before they could attain such a level of power. Chiin-Lee didn’t even hesitate to attack her own projects to remind them that they themselves are the reason the transformation occurred in the first place. She added that the Saiyan in question was different from the others in a psychological aspect as well, that her actions will be monitored.


The entirety of Hanasia’s village picked up the pace in rebuilding the damaged homes. That is to say, life-sized children’s construction games with actual bricks. Wall panels collapsing one after another, the juggling of rocks and the random smashing of thereof in attempts to give them a somewhat cubic form was the general scene everywhere. Even the better-crafter walls had no angles to them. Not to mention, the houses were built with no regard for the surroundings, and those that crowded the homes of others were destroyed. To make matters even more interesting, the jealous bunch that envied those whose work has been making favorable progress, were discreetly removing a pebbles from the base of those foundations...

All was unfolding in a generally good mood supported by rock fights, nothing all that alarming.

Hanasia still tried to keep in mind that it would be nice for the children to have a home with a roof during the next spell of rain.

Hanasia, was the de facto chief of her village.


And then, they had their first visit.

Hanasia sensed that someone was approaching the village. She ascended to set her eyes upon him, then found him. He was flying at a rather high altitude, and was still far away. Surprise sprung from her sharp perception… As he was nearing them, she’d recognized him: it was the storyteller!

She had placed herself on the path to the village, towards which he was heading, in order to greet him, as her father would have. He arrived and smiled when he recognized her. Almost troubled as he remembered their separation from a few weeks prior, he set his eyes on what should have looked like a mass of houses.

— Ah, I’ve found you! Where your village stood is only a bunch of craters now. He caught another breath, then resumed. I learned that the end of the Millennial Warrior took place close to your village… And I’d say the craters confirm this… I’ve come… to gather information at the source.

Hanasia threw him a look that said: “Ah, just for that?”, even if she really wasn’t saddened by that. A few of the villagers were there now as well. They proudly looked upon their new chief, who indeed was at the center of this story about the Millennial Warrior.

— Information... so if we must tell the story to the storyteller, is he offering a meal to all of us this time?

— Ha Ha, he said, embarrassed, but I have stories to tell myself, too… Do you know the beginning of his story?

— Here’s how we’re going to do it, said Hanasia, wearing a grin that inspired nothing good. You tell us your tale, you can stay. But if you want us to tell you ours… You have to beat me in a race.

There were laughs within the crowd of assembled Saiyans and the nearly shocked storyteller laughed as well.

— In a race? You’re challenging me, Corrne, the fastest storyteller of the entire country, to a race?

— First one to reach the rock over there. I start when you start.

— Hah! Well then! Well… Okay.

And he flew like the wind.


Corrne rushed to the designated rock without looking behind him. He would be there in less than twenty seconds. And as he spilt the air, he saw that he been been passed by the girl, twice as fast as he was, who could leisurely accommodate to her speed once she was ahead of him. Amazing!

He focused as much energy as he could to increase his ground speed, but as he accelerated, not only did that Saiyan stay ahead of him by accelerating just as much without breaking so much as a sweat, but she also turned around, crossing both her arms and legs in the least aerodynamic possible while completely relaxed, to turn to him. What a humiliation!

— Tiring out, storyteller? Catch me if you can!

The challenge itself had shifted, and Corrne wasn’t surprised. He even knew what it would lead to. But during that moment, he had but one goal: surpassing her in speed. And it would be no easy task...

He put as much energy into his flight as possible, thinking he could overtake her, but she continued to fly backwards at high speed, even going so far as to widen to gap between them. They were now as close to the ground as they could be and he wondered if she would crash against a stray rock or tree, but she obviously had eyes on the back of her head.

— Tee-hee-hee!

Like the mocking pixie she was, she slowly allowed him to gain on her, then maintained a distance of roughly twenty inches. Her arms and legs crossed, it would have seemed like she was pulled by the force of a thread. Suddenly, she whipped out her tail and tickled his face with it. Corrne, who was flying with his arms alongside his body, threw them to his face to grab her by the tail, but she avoided him without so much backing away. His frustration was nearing the boiling point as he threw his arms in every direction, while flying at full speed, just to catch the swift tail that literally rubbed itself in his face while tickling him.

Hanasia was laughing her guts out, eyes shut, nevertheless in control of the situation, then began spinning in the axis of her tail (and in flew in the direction of the trail it formed) and dispersed her thunderous laughters. Her hair would touch the ground every now and then, and from her gaze, she could see the world spinning around her, and the storyteller was also turning on himself not being able to take his eyes off the tip of her tail. It was a lot of fun.


Hanasia needed to blow off some steam, she needed up use up her energy, and she needed to have her way with a guy. The cute storyteller had perfect timing.

Suddenly tired of toying with him, she abruptly stopped. Out of nowhere, she was standing firmly on the ground. Only the air continued its course and picked up the dust. As for Corrne, seeing nothing if not anything for a split-second, he crashed against her at 250 miles per hour.

And so, he crashed against her. The two Saiyans did thirty-some barrel-rolls, give or take, before ending up against a rock they reduced to pebbles. Finally stopped, they were one against the other and Corrne was already prisoner of Hanasia. He attempted to move his arms, but try as he might with all his strength, they couldn’t move, firmly grasped by one of the girl’s hands. His legs were also being crushed by her weight (that is to say she was flying downwards, like it was once told), and his tail was held by… Hanasia’s very own! Tangled one upon another like a snake on a stick.

While he was drained by the race, he knew full well that even if it weren’t for that, all resistance would be… futile. He then ceased to resist to take an active part of the action, with Hanasia having already taken care of the preparation, since her freed hand had already stripped her of the furs that clothed her and was proceeding to remove his clothes, all while shoving her tongue down his throat.


Like in all productions of good taste (ah ah!), we’ll let our two lovebirds do their business without onlookers, by discreetly pulling the camera away.

That is not what the Tsufuls did.


— So, you look at monkeys copulating for a living?

— Oh, Brie! What are you doing here?

— Just wandering about, Chiin... I’m on my break... And because I hadn’t seen you that much since the incident with the Millenium Guy, I’m taking it in your sector… But don’t try changing the subject. So, you’re looking at copulating Saiyans?

— It’s nice of you to come by. The big meetings are over, things are calming down here, and I now have to keep an eye on this Saiyan.

— And so now, she’s mating. Really suggestive, your documentaries... Are you sure this isn’t rape? Because one of them is holding the other… Ah, never mind, they’re holding each other. Also, they’re licking each other everywhere.

— That’s how they do it… You missed the beginning, really romantic.

— Yeah, I’m sure... Show me your fist, I’ll show you mine… Oh no! Emergency alert!

Chiin-Lee’s friend pressed a key on the devices on one of her wrists, They could see appearing a map of outer space with a red dot flickering close to the planet represented by a sphere.

— Damn it ... An unidentified object is getting closer… It’s not a meteor… More alerts! Oh fuck. ‘Later!

Abricota bolted out to rejoin her quarters of spatial surveillance.


Everything was all over the place. The technical and observation rooms were flashing red, but Abricota was called to a meeting. The department chief was quick on her feet, and when Abricota arrived, she already had all of the vital information.

— The object is clearly identified: a spaceship. It is coming straight towards our planet. It isn’t showing the slightest attempt to make contact with us. Nothing. It’s coming, that’s all. The problem is the following: Professor Arturdent Camellia Sinensis, we’re listening.

— Alright. When we had spoken with aliens almost a hundred years ago, they urged us to make ourselves discreet, and that is because of the beings he knew as the Frost Demons.

He kept on going, albeit it was not need, since everyone had understood already.

— And the ship coming our way bear the mark of those demons, judging from the models that had been sent to us a century ago.

— We have the minister of defense on the line. Please tell us what you know of them.

— They are conquerors that invade planets on a large scale, demons who do not hesitate to extinguish their entire populations! No weapon works against them, not only because of their expansive army, but also because of themselves! I feel I haven’t made myself clear, so I shall reiterate. The Frost Demons are very specific creatures, few in number, but born with unfathomable magical powers. There is nothing in the universe that comes close to what they are. They’re invulnerable, and a single one of them surpasses the destructive power of an army. He took a breath. For example, they land on a planet with their ship carrying an army of small scale, and if it gets decimated by the opposing forces, the demon takes matters into its own hands. The defending army could concentrate all the firepower at their disposal, and still the demon would walk out without so much as a scratch. Then, from his unarmed hands, he will throw some sort of fireball capable of destroying an entire continent!! It’s been witnessed!

— It reminds me a lot of the Millennial Warrior of the Saiyans. Which means we just so happen to already have the means to combat such a threat. Our bomb might just actually see some use! For its army, our conventional installations should suffice in repelling them.

— The Warrior! It’s likely because of him that our planet was discovered! His energy having spread all across space might have turned a few heads!

— It hardly matters at this point. We’re now confronted with these Frost Demons, and we will show them that we are capable of destroying them!

— Uh... Should we not attempt to at least speak with them before any of that?

— No use, answered the professor. They’re monsters driven by conquest! In any case, you will see that as soon as they land. But we must prepare our defenses and fast!

— For that matter, an entire planet being overtaken by a single spaceship… not even a giant warship… We can only detect 200 lifeforms in there.

— That is exactly what makes them so terrifying!

— We must then prepare for their arrival. Our army’s ships are already warming up.

— Here’s an interesting question, said Abricota... Where will they be landing?

— Well, we don’t know.

— So why not have them land near the Saiyans?

— Why-... oh...

— If they attack the Saiyans, we’ll know their intentions for sure, and all the collateral damage will be on their side of the globe. Not to mention it’s their warrior that got the unwanted attention in the first place. Also... Is there not the Saiyan girl who looked like the Millennial Warrior? And thereby like these demons? Since the other extraterrestrial nations never managed to defeat them with technology, it would be foolish of us to try it ourselves.

Silence followed Abricota’s declaration.

— Okay. We’re going to send them several radio waves they could pick up from the capital. If they’re conquerors that seek battle, they’ll want to find something that looks like a city abundant in technology. Also we’ll have everything we need to watch them.


Even after having experienced ecstasy several times, Hanasia did not release her prisoner. She wanted more, but he was pretty worn out. Love with Saiyans was cruel, and often times selfish. He could only try to escape or fight, or get back into it. He quickly noticed by glancing at her that she was not tiring out at all. He knew that he couldn’t escape her, so he reassembled what energy he had left. After all, it seemed like it was getting better with each time.

— Ah, you’re finally back up...

Hanasia abruptly stopped and looked up. Worried, she let go of Corrne, who didn’t try to run away.

— What is...? She said, getting more worried by the second.

— What’s wrong? Asked Corrne as he realized that he didn’t know her name.

Hanasia examined the sky, but she knew that the power she sensed was too far for her to see with her eyes. It was a type of power she had never sensed before. It was as distant from what she knew as were those of the red and purple warriors that had come to help them in their fight against the Millennial Warrior. But a much less benevolent version of that. Very powerful, too, immensely, since she could sense it from here.

Corrne stood back up to look in the same direction, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. He put his arms around her and began to caress her to snap her out of her daydream.

— Terrible events are brewing. She said in response, before picking up her furs to put them back on.

Corrne did the same, without even knowing why, which further disappointed him.

Hanasia took flight high and fast, towards the direction in which she was looking.

She was going much faster than earlier.


— Yes, Saiyan Counselor of the King, I’m listening.

— You must warn the King, answered the flashing bracelet. A ship is coming from the sky and it doesn’t belong to the Tsuful. They’re invaders. Monsters come from the sky to take your land.

— Pardon? Nonsense...

— We saw them coming. They should reach the capital in a hour! We’re preparing our army, you do the same!

— But... but... from the sky?????

The new King didn’t really understand the use of the counselor and of his so called contact with the Tsufuls, these beings that hid from them for years. After their first meeting, he just thought he was a lunatics with strange, fluorescent gems. But Nizouki and older Saiyans had told him that this counselor was vital. The new king, knowing that Nizouki would have crushed him had he been thirty years younger, accepted his role.

But this, this was a strange development.

It wouldn’t hurt to gather the men. He gave the order to reassemble the Saiyan army to his generals, most of its members probably about the town, playing or drinking.

And the king thought to rethink his opinion of the counselor for he wasn’t lying after all. He saw an object slowly making a descent from the sky.


— Have we finally arrived??

— We are very near the city we detected, just a few more minutes, my lord.

— Finally, I grow weary of seeing this system. It has evaded it us for far too long!

— Their emissions are weak, my lord.They likely are barely entering the technological age.

— Ha ha ha, so it’s going to be more fun against catapults and fire arrows. Nothing all that impressive.

— And perhaps explosives, my lord.

— Mwahaha!

— This is going to be easy, Lord Chilled.

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PoF       14

Holken       56


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