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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 12.

The fight that leads to Hell.


Hanasia was perfectly gauging the monster that was getting near the village. He was stronger than she was, he had more power than she had when she had killed yesterday's monster, he was bigger, faster, more monstrous in every aspect. And she stood no chance.

And why would she fight? What was the point in making the village and its surroundings a ruin, why cause death amongst her friends because of this sursaiyan fight? She didn't care about the Millenary Fighter, it was a business for the capital. It was Nizzuchi, again Nizzuchi, who was leading him to her. What a problem bringer.

As she was thinking, her face was on Chiin-Lee's screen. She widened the image. Hanasia's face appeared on the biggest wall of the room. Hiding everything else, several dozen meter high, as well as in width, there was only the gigantic and emotional face of the Saiyan girl.

Chiin-Lee extremely carefully watched the image, deep in her thoughts. The other Tsufuls in the room, some of them somewhat upset by this gigantic display, were starting to wonder.

“Is the turtle here? Send it to her, as fast as possible.”

Chiin-Lee was reknown for her knowledge on Saiyans and in that kind of moment, it was best to obey without asking any question, and that's what they did, as she went to the console that controlled everything about the turtle. The actor who lent his voice had urgently arrived and was now waiting in his seat. She stopped near him and moved the giant screen (to the relief of a part of the room) towards her.

“I'm going to give you the line, adjust it if you see fit, but the message has to get through. 3D”

These last words weren't for the actor but for the screen, now small in front of her. The 3D display taking a lot of place, they used flat holograms with a depiction that simulated the depth in such room. But here and now, Chiin-Lee was requesting a display that really was in three dimensions. She starred at the hologram and gave it its real size. From there, she seemed to float in front of Hanasia. The result was startling and it was quite unsettling for the Tsufuls to feel they were right in front of one of these powerful Saiyan fighters.


“Don't give up the fight.”

Hanasia suddenly turned to face a gigantic iron turtle, with a strange color, and that could speak! It was an almost surreal voice, the kind she had never heard before. Who was that being? That could speak!? And that had guessed... what she was feeling?

“I'm the goddess of the iron turtles. I'm here to help in your fight against the Millenary Fighter.”


“The fighter isn't a danger only for you. He's the one who will destroy everything. He'll annihilate every sign of life, Saiyan and turtles both. Nothing in this world will survive his rampage.”

Hanasia looked at the approaching monster with a disappointed look on her face. It just was a matter of seconds now.

“Everyone of us need you. To save the world, to save your village and your friends, to save the turtles.”

The ministry had hired skilled people. In order to not have anything lost in translation, Chiin-Lee was talking to the hologram, examining all of its reactions, analyzing all of her shivers and feelings on its face, even getting down to see the face as she was lowering it (it was useless to be polite in front of an hologram). She was then speaking directly to the Saiyan and the actor just repeated, without changing anything, or perhaps the few grammar mistakes here and there, with an accent and fluency in that language she had never heard before. And to this, he added the specific tone of the goddess of turtles. And its actor voice was shivering with emotions, exactly as the conversation ought to be.

Hanasia lowered her head, without knowing that her hologram had been rotated and that her face was perfectly visible to the “turtle goddess”. Once again, a tear ran down her check and fell. Chiin-Lee placed her hand to catch it, out of reflex. The drop diagonally went through the 3D space and when it went through the hand of the one who was sending her to her death, the Saiyan girl had disappeared.


Hanasia was on the ground, her arm stretched towards the fighter who had arrived to the village. The flying ship went beside and beyond her to go on its mad dash behind her. Nizzuchi hardly had time to catch sight of her and he threw himself out of the plane, but he already was a hundred meter far.

She had concentrated all of her rage, well, that was what she thought, and threw a terrible fire ball, that made the houses on her right and left shake. The attack exploded at point blank range on Romanesco who was about to go through her as if the Saiyan who stood in his way didn't exist.

Surprised by this attack, he was slowed down in his rush and, like a plane who lacked a reactor, he crashed, going through houses and digging into the ground. As for Hanasia, she was already shivering at the thought that this overpowerful monster had been so close to her and she was already sweating of terror. He got up and with a blast of energy, he destroyed the rubbles around him. With this attack, she had proved herself stronger than Nizzuchi and he had now changed of target. He rushed at her without thinking much more.

The world was getting distorted all around him. Literally. He was emitting such a powerful light and such warmth that anything that was behind him was getting distorted, as when one looks above a fire or the sight of a mirage.

It was death that was rushing at her. Without really noticing it, Hanasia was already flying backwards as fast as she could to escape the monster who still was getting near. She lightly rose her head and saw half of the villagers in the sky.


They were looking at her, supporting her because they'd never abandon their village. Some were even taking other that didn't know how to fly by the hand. They weren't going to interfere in the fight. To stay above was the right solution. They also knew that this fight was going to be the most important they were going to see in their entire life. And they trusted in their new chief.

She had to protect them.

Romanesco's gigantic fist was 6 inches from her when she felt a gentle warmth run through her body. To the tip of her fingers, to the end of her hair. The world stopped spinning and the Fighter stopped coming near. There weren't any sound anymore but only the power. And Hanasia closed her fist and got it towards the Fighter.

Her fist was slowed down by the air, it was laboriously going near the monster's face that was moving in slow motion. And she suddenly broke the resistance that air was opposing her. There was a bang as the fist was going faster and, much later, another. Sound was back and her fist hit the Fighter's.



The shock was so powerful that the ground gave way, as if to better escape the epicenter of the double bang whose nature only the Tsuful had understood. The houses and the ruins of others buildings, everything flew away in every directions. And the two opponents, after having felt a shockwave going first through their hands, then their arms and through their entire body, they were violently thrown at the opposite side of one another on several hundred meters.

Nizzuchi, up in the air, at some distance of the villagers, his hands on his ears, had just discovered the power of his student, who was emitting, to his great surprise, the same kind of yellow light that was surrounding Romanesco.


“Well, the fight is off to a good start,” said an observer.

“The army will arrive in 17 minutes,” said another who had a more interesting information.

“And the Saiyan army will be here in 45 minutes.” concluded another one.

“They'll probably arrive too late. Unless we lead them to him.” said Chiin-Lee. “This general Nizzuchi over there... He had been very good with the army at the beginning. I want him to command the army to shoot a fire ball, all the soldiers at the same time. Send the ship to him and ask him to get inside so that he can reach them.”


Romanesco got up from the rubbles and, his arms stretched out, his head up, started laughing, a loud laugh of sheer pleasure. A powerful opponent! The fighter was happy. Except from the king that he had quickly overcome, no opponent had ever impressed him.

Hanasia got up from the rubbles. She wasn't shaking anymore for the fight had started and all of her feelings had been replaced by the incredible self-confidence that the transformation in super Saiyan gave. But in spite of it, she had understood. Her opponent had felt neither pain nor fear against her, only joy. Hanasia's all power she just had discovered was already surpassed by the Millenary Fighter.

She threw fire balls, thousands of them, some directly on him, others that made detours. Without protecting himself, the Fighter put up with these landing on his body whereas his greenish aura was spreading. He kept on laughing through the smoke and between the explosions on his skin. The number of fire balls suddenly diminished because she had stopped shooting them and the ones which kept coming at him were those which hadn't finished their detour. As he was getting the last ones, Hanasia, who had arrived right in front of him, beat him on the chest. As she was giving them horizontally, the size of the fighter was such that he got these blow in the low part of his torso.

Romanesco's entire body was pushed backwards by these powerful blows but once again, he didn't feel anything. He then gave in turn such a quick blow that Hanasia only had time to protect herself. She flew on the side and bounced several times on the ground before stopping when she crashed a rock. Forgetting her pain, she got up as fast as she could for the Fighter was already rushing at her.

Hanasia flew upwards as the gigantic fist of the Fighter made a hole in the ground, digging a crater that destroyed one or two more houses. He flew also and, to avoid him, Hanasia threw a big fire ball to him, taking advantage of the recoil to get away. He took control of his flight and rushed to her once again when he abruptly stopped.


Romanesco inflated his chest and loudly breathed. He stretched his arms once again and seemed to breath in all the power of the world.

“The power... It's coming… again...” he said, to Hanasia's surprise who thought that he couldn't even talk. Without moving, he let his power increase by itself.

“He's not moving, I've to take advantage of it.” growled Hanasia who threw herself on him and, indeed, as he wasn't reacting, she kept beating him. She hit him mostly in the head, his belly having enduring her blows without being damaged.

When his body was thrown downwards, she went on attacking him with fire balls and, when he sunk in the ground, she prepared a powerful attack.

The eyes starring at the sky, Romanesco was stupidly laughing.

Hanasia pointed her arms canon-form towards the ground. Her fingers were lightly bent, except for the thumb and her forefinger, those were extended and would give a precise direction to the attack as well as a whirling effect. It was setting ablaze the air all around the attack, making it slower, but more efficient. She shot.

The Fighter had fell besides the village, but the Saiyans had never had any regard for materials. An energy ball crushed the ground and grew, disintegrating the village around it, then, as it grew again, became red and went aflame. As the flame were rising from every sides of the point of impact, an explosion could be heard from the middle of it. An earthquake of great magnitude, 9 on the Richter scale, was detected on several thousands square kilometers.

The light and the smoke had covered a gigantic area, including the entire village. When the later faded, there weren't a village anymore. Only an enormous crater, perfectly round, but it didn't look like any other crater that a fire ball made. While the side of it were spheric like as usual, the middle was getting flatter and the center was rising. Hanasia didn't know that such an impact made the ground in such hot lava that it expanded and made a mount. Around the edge, there was a kind of perfectly concentric wall made of excess of soil that had been moved and crushed.

There was no hint of the Millenary Fighter.


“I don't know... if I can consider it a good or a bad news,” said a Tsuful.

“What power...”

“The good news is that if that is the limit of these Saiyans, then the entire world will certainly not be destroyed, only... well, yes, only some towns. And Saiyan towns as that.”

“And the bad news?”

“It's that I'm absolutely certain that this is not the limit... I'm sure that the male can hit stronger than that and, most important... I'm strongly supposing that the impact had been quite a lot reduced... Because the body of the male had shielded the ground.”

The faces of the people in the room turned, their eyes widened. The result of the impact were clearly displayed on the biggest screens and it was extremely impressive. Only the meteorites that crashed on an atmosphere-less planet could do such thing. But the Tsuful who had spoken was a well known and serious scientist. He wasn't speaking lightly.

Chiin-Lee cast a glance at the power detector. Romanesco's print was still here and it had increased within the last minutes. He was still alive.


“The village! There's no village anymore!” Harik was saying, grabbing his supposed father's leg.

“We don't care,” the Saiyan answered, his eyes going from the crater to Hanasia who was scanning the ground and panting.

“But I had my turtle's shell in my house!”

“You'll hunt other. Look at Hanasia.”

“She's my wife now!” the kid answered. “We'll have ten children! Say, bring me to her!”

“No! We're not sure that the fight is over.”

It hadn't been even ten seconds, but Hanasia had been able to breath and recover some strength. She was quite surprised herself to see what she had done, but she wasn't certain that it had been enough.

She extended her arms once again for a powerful surgical fire ball. She slowly went down, her arms in position, towards the hill in the middle.

The hill shook and the Fighter came out of it, as if he was getting out of his bath. He had a broad smile on his face and he was loudly breathing in order to regain his composure. His body was covered in dirt, it was burned and there were other several things on it that Hanasia didn't know of. But nowhere, no where at all, there was the mere trace of blood.

Hanasia's arms fell, as if there was no strength left it them. Nothing could reach him, nothing at all?


It was as if he was drunk. He had a hard time knowing where he was because he had been blinded, deafened and pressed down. But the more the seconds went on, the more his senses came back to him. Seeing the world's outline around him, he loudly laughed again. Hanasia tried as best as she could to not let herself be overcome by despair. Yet it seemed he was even stronger than when the fight had started. She swallowed her saliva.

“Well,” she said for herself. “Pure strength attacks have no effect on him. But the Saiyan body also have many weak points. There is the tail, of course, but also the jugular vein, the sensitive part of the elbow, of the collar bone, to press the base of the nails and many other attack that my father had taught me. It was necessary to be hand to hand, and to be skilled. From now on, it was going to be the most treacherous fight that one could think of.


“I'll help you.”

Hanasia turned around and the turtle was there once again. It was so quiet and so... surreal that she was surprised each time. Actually, as it wasn't a living being, Hanasia couldn't feel its presence.

“If you let me touch you, I'll erase your tiredness.”

Hanasia was somewhat distrustful.

“And my friends has arrived.”

In the sky could be seen several flying things indeed. They levitating in. It was quite impressive to see these bricks that were bigger than houses flying so high. They were getting into position. From their bodies came out several pipes and other strange devices.

And rays, as well as attacks that looked like fire and energy balls were shot from these pipes and cavities, all at the same time. They all hit the Fighter who didn't understood what were all these attacks. There were other explosions, tearing off the earth, smoke, detonations and the monster was once again surrounded by light.

The flying things kept shooting for a long while. It was an impressive output, Hanasia thought. The turtle had let out a small tube that finished with a needle, out of its magical shell.

“I can inject medicine into you with this,” said the turtle.

“You inject the invigorating liquid,” warned Chiin-Lee. “Not the virus.”

“But...” replied the technician. “It's a golden opportunity!”

“We need her destructive power. You can easily see that the one who is insane is the male. If she trust us once, she'll certainly let us shoot her once again once everything is done. Add also some vitamins and drugs to increase her abilities.”

“It's done.”

Hanasia lowered her resistance and let the turtle's needle come in her skin. It hurt a bit, then a strange feeling as the product was going through her body.

The only poisons that the Saiyans knew about had to be eaten. She didn't know about injection so the idea of getting poisoned through an injection didn't even cross her mind.


Fast enough, Hanasia felt a new strength in her. It wasn't as impressive as the change in Super Saiyan, but it was invigorating. She made a few moves and was pleased. She was going to get back in the fight, and then a scale of the turtle opened, revealing a much bigger tube.

“One last thing!” said the flying turtle. “Stretch your hand please.”

From this tube a grey and shiny sphere rolled, it then fell towards the ground. Hanasia caught it. It perfectly fit the palm of her hand.

“Perfect,” said the Tsuful technician. All they had to do was to remove the safety and to bend a bit: the bomb had just fallen from the canon. “Even at minimal power, I couldn't have shot this Saiyan without it looking like an aggression.”

“And for the triggering?” asked Chiin-Lee.

“No difference. It bases itself on internal sensors. Manually or automatically. With simulation, I won't miss anything, even in the middle of a smoke-filled battleground.”

“And is it a good idea to let this unique nuclear bomb in the hands of this public menace?” asked a Tsuful whose role so far had been to say uninteresting remarks.

“The fighting speed of this fighter is now quite above the one of a item thrown at high speed. The chance for him to parry such an attack is even bigger the minimal one to play golf with his mouth. I don't understand your remarks, Miss Urushiole. The possibility to kill those two Saiyans in one move is of no interest to you?”

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