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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 7.

The Tsuful action


The Tsuful action

In the ministry offices, Chiin-Lee Litchi Chinensis Sapindaceae Rosids, was running to catch up so as not be too late at the meeting. She turned the corner near the lift and sped on straight forwards to the meeting room. She suddenly stopped and looked at the door. The latter recognised her identity and noiselessly opened. Everyone was already here but the meeting hadn't started yet. Even Tracheobionta was still far from the table, in deep communication.

She went near the free seat left and turned towards her neighbour.

“Good morning, Mister Hamamelidae Tracheobionta.”

“Mrs Chinensis Sapindaceae Rosids,” he greeted, bowing his head with obvious respect. “You're right on time. If you'd allow me, I'd like to speak with you after the meeting.”

“I'd be pleased.”


At the end of the table, the minister glanced at his screen and declared that the meeting could now start.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we're all gathered to take stock on the list of projects we started in order to get rid of the threat of the Millenary Saiyan Fighter. We'll start clockwise, each will briefly describe your project, its progress and their credit application. When all of you will have spoken, then we'll debate and decide what we do.”

Tracheobionta ended his call in a movement of the hand and put away his device as he sat. He was the first of the list.

“Minister, I am the spokesperson for the project of the miniature nuclar weapon. If we are to believe the prediction of the scientists, then this Fighter will be so powerful that, even if we managed to make this bomb detonate close to him, then he'd still resist. We're close to finalising a bomb that would go through the oesophagus of this monster. It appears that once he has changed, he'd be big enough for it to be possible. There are many details left to settle, but it should be done in a few months from now. I have to say that the bomb will be very, very heavy. It'd require a Saiyan, for instance, to throw it in his direction. Or, of course, a ballistic device. The main problem, which isn't under my responsibility, is to know how to make him ingest such a bomb. As for the means, I merely ask to keep paying the salaries of my team and for 3 billions 4 hundred millions jenis in three months from now. For the building of the prototype.

The researchers all gasped loudly. What did they expect? It was the normal price for the building of a miniature nuclear bomb, Chiin-Lee thought. They had voted in favor, she had voted against it. Let them deal with it. It was her neighbour's turn.

“Minister, I'm Moraceae Urticales Hamamelidae Tracheobionta. I replaced the previous project manager, who was killed by our own subject. We've raised and trained a Saiyan. We've molded a warrior whose strength and techniques have gone beyond our hopes. At the moment, and without a doubt, he is not only among the most powerful Saiyans who has ever lived, but also, according to our calculation, he'd be able to kill the Millenary Fighter we've observed 1000 years ago.

“No fasle hope,” he went on as he watched the reaction of his colleagues. “We're sure that the one we'll have to fight will be even stronger than this. Our subject is physically armored and he has learnt both Saiyan and Tsuful techniques. With the treatment we keep giving him, his strength increases daily. It's almost... terrifying. We've also implanted a blockage in his brain and we've had to use it often. I have to tell you that once we'll let it near the Millenary Fighter, it'll destroy everything in its path. But once the threat will have been dealt with, we'll be able to turn off our destructive subject with the mere pressure on a switch. My monthly budget is exactly the same than before.”

“Minister,” said Chiin-Lee after a silence, “what I'm working on depends of all the other projects, so I'd like to be the last one to speak, if you don't mind.” The minister nodded and her other neighbour cleared his throat.

“Mister Minister, I'm the spokesperson for the recognition project. My team, as well as our spy robots, are travelling all around the Saiyan world, in search of the one who will become the Millenary Fighter. As we've never studied the previous one before his change, it's hard to guess how we can recognise him amongst the other. Our team has set up numerous theories and our robots are looking for the Saiyans who'd have these features. For now, we've chosen two or three subjects. As we got the authorization to kill those who would be a risk, two of them have been eliminated. But, quite frankly, I don't think we've had the right one. As for budget... no change.”

“Minister, I am the spokesperson for the laboratory which is producing the biological weapon which will, I'm certain, kill the Millenary Fighter. It cannot be carried by wind, so it reduces the risks of pandemic. Moreover, I can assure you that it has no effect on Tsuful. It resists the heat that this monster's power could generate. It seeps in the skin and multiply in the Saiyan blood. All we have to do is to throw a vial full of plasma on him and he'd be dead within four hours. Once again, the problem is how to instil the virus into it. Madam Sapindaceae Rosid will tell you about it Regarding the budget we require, I don't ask for much, my team of scientists is already working on other projects. We'll just need thirty thousand jenis per months to keep farming the virus. It'd be troublesome if we lacked it when the Millenary Saiyan appeared.”

The minister turned to Chiin-Lee.

“Ok. Well, as far as I'm concerned, I'm in charge of everything regarding the support of each of these projects. We've therefore built the prototype of a multi-tasking robots. Don't be surprised, it looks like a turtle.”

A hologram of a metal turtle appeared in the middle of the table. It was spinning around. The other project managers noticed that the head and the paws of the turtle were also made of metal, which wasn't surprising given it was a robot. The other parts of the animal disappeared and showed, in their place, electronic devices or tubes, that certainly had particular functions.

“Why a turtle, you ask? That's because, depending on what'd happen, the robot will have to appear in from of wild Saiyans and it had been theorised that they'd accept more easily an animal that they know, even if it looks a bit different, than something they really do not know. Our litterary-minded scriptwriter plans on pass it off as 'the queen of the turtles', that has come to fight the Milleranry Warrior. It will be able to talk, and we have a voice actor who will speak for it in real time. It flies, obviously as it's a robot, but it's not that obvious for a turtle. It has camera and it's remotely controlled. A team is being formed to make it work perfectly in the field.”

“Now, about its functions. The big tube that you can see here is a cannon. It had been built in order to throw the bomb of the first project. On the other hand, the turtle has no weapon built in. It'd require too many weapon to fight against a Saiyan, even a normal one, so that to get rid of that problem, we've decided to place reactors here and here. These will enable the turtle to flee, as it'll be able to reach 270 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds. A pocket, that you can see here, will hermetically keep the vial containing the virus. If the turtle has the occasion to rush towards the Millenary Warrior without being destroyed, then it'll eject its product on him.


“And finally, we'll put all the material needed to heal an injured Saiyan in the remaining pockets. It's meant for the subject of the second project, of course. Please, take note that the super powerful antenna that allow us to guide the robot will also serve as relay to control our Saiyan.”

They discussed about the finances and everything was agreed on. The problem of the Millenary Saiyan would be dealt with, one way or another. When they all started to leave, Chin-Lee turned to Tracheobionta.

“If that's not asking too much, could you wait for me? I've something to say to the Minister.”

She got up to speak in private with him, taking advantage of the fact that he hadn't phoned someone yet.

“I'd like, if you don't mind, to request something for later. I'd like that, when the Millenary Fighter will be eliminated, every installations built for the fourth project to be destroyed, as well as every studies on it. As I know that none will agree with destroying the formula of the virus, I'm asking for it to be classified as ultra confidential.”

“You fear that this virus could be used to commit a genocide on the Saiyans, don't you?”

“That's right.”

“I'll think about it.”

She went back to Trachebionta.

“Please, follow me. I'd like to show you our installations, and to inform you of a request.”

They went towards the elevator.

“You don't spend much time in our lab. I even heard that you didn't approve at all of the using of this Saiyan. Please, don't tell me that you're part of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Saiyans.”

“No sir, even if... Well, I tolerate this project because I know it's necessary. Even if I think that the mere thought of this Saiyan being doped, hypnotised... that suffers only for experimental purposes to be unbearable, I still consider it's a chance to save the world. So I won't do anything against it.”

They left the elevator. Trachebionta signed a car that was waiting and that came to them and opened. They went it and the car closed and left the building.

“Government building, number 40, 4th hall.” Trachebionta announced. The internal screen showed a positive sign and the car went on its way. “You see, we've reached a point in our work where our subject has to practise. We've taught him how to fight, but he lacks training. None of our machines reach its level here. And are still far from it! It needs an opponent who would be as strong as the Millenary Fighter.”

The car reached the building. It slowed down near the entrance and the detector recognised the occupants. A huge door opened. The car went through a tunnel and down to the underground installations.

“Therefore I'd like to send the subject the middle of Saiyan territory.”

They went in a corridor and entered a control room. A big glass allowed them to see inside. It was a huge greenhouse, but far off. Several yards of Plexiglas separated the warrior and the dark room. It was very dark so that the Saiyan wouldn't see the scientists. Several screens showed the Saiyans, who was permanently being watched by flying cameras.

The monster was dirty and naked. On his enormous muscles, they could see vessels, due to the numerous drugs. He was sleeping, but wasn't lying down. Actually, he was sitting, as if ready to jump. His tail was moving back and forth very quickly. Even when asleep, he was agitated.

“I'll wake him up.” said Tracheobionta. Chin-Lee thought that he was going to turn on one of the control device on the Saiyan, but he merely pushed a button that made a camera make a noise. The noise of a mere rock falling on the ground.

The Saiyan instantly looked up in the direction of the camera, ready to fight. He had dark rings under his eyes and blood rushing into them. The look of an insane person, insane and furious, and he was now looking at the camera. That was what they wanted to send in Saiyan territories?

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