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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 19.

The Invaders


When the Frost Imperial ship stopped above the capital, several intelligent life forms already surrounded it, floating in the distance… not necessarily a respectful distance. One of these creatures even began to touch the outer hull and stopped as another, clearly a tribe leader of sorts, reprimanded it.

— Well, well... It seems they are all able to fly… without any wings. No armors on them to note. They all have sufficient control of their energy to remain airborne.

— An entire population capable of flight? Yeah, right. What we see waiting for us is their elite troops! Look, they’re in proper military formation. We’re fighting the real battle right away… We just happened to run into a garrisoned city.

— It’s not just them! I see others in flight that obviously aren’t soldiers.

— So? It’s a species that can fly. There’s no more than that to it. They’re no Namekians, either… The hatch is opening. Let’s go!

That soldier didn’t realize just how wrong he was...


The light of the sun entered through the grand opening of the ship. Lord Chilled’s 6th division exited in order, remaining afloat. Leading it was General Sanana. He had figured out these foes’ potential and had brought the 200 men immediately. Once they were all outside, weapons ready, the natives had already moved to face them, their leader, likely, at their lead as well.

— The automatic interpreter?... Alright, it works. Ahem... The general raised his voice, looking at the opposing chief dead in the eyes. I am the leader of this army and a representative of the Frost Demons’ Empire, which governs all that exists in this universe since the dawn of time! You too belong to that empire and owe us your obedience! Now, bend down and put both your fists on the ground in a gesture of submission.! Should you refuse, you will all be decimated!

For a moment, it was silent. The opposing leader looked at him as though the declared threat was utterly absurd. Within the ranks, a Saiyan began to laugh, but was alone at that and stopped on the spot. Most attentively looked upon the strange creatures, who had distinct faces and tones, that constituted Chilled’s army.

— Ahem... I am the leader of our army, the Saiyan army, that has governed… all this, since always. We don’t belong to anybody, especially not to dinosaur or pelican-faced weirdos who haven’t set foot in here for even five minutes!... If you want to decimate us… You are welcome to try!

— It always ends up going this way... said the general. We would probably do best to refine our speech of introduction...

— You know as well as I do that it’s only means is to set off hostilities, General.

— Forward! cried Sanana. Massacre these foolish natives, destroy their homes, kill any remaining survivor, women and children alike!

A very short yell resounded within the regiment and the soldiers dispersed in formations of three, this division’s specialty, towards their disarmed enemy.


Two yards and a third. Counting the bull’s horns that rose vertically. One lizard tail with spikes at its tip, an appendage that killed once a week on average. Within Lord Chilled’s ranks, the slightest mistake is paid for with one’s life, crushed by the master’s tail. It was his casual pleasure. Arms crossed, legs still, his tail would suddenly tear through the air. And the foolish officer would be sliced in half by the violence of the blow as his long cape flew all over the place.

The lord’s armchair was at the center of the ship’s heart. Not to fly it, no, but to control all that surrounded him… within several light-years’ reach. An immense construction, made of the most solid and extensive materials in existence so that the leader could sit without have to worry so much about his strength.

Chilled sat, playing with his glass. Being able to contain a liter, the item made of crystal was extremely valuable and fragile. Across its multiple facets and carvings, the liquid within would reflect its color differently depending on the angle. It would tip left and right due to Chilled holding it by the tip of his finger, watching the reflection change...

Then, he stopped and removed his hand. The glass fell, by swiftly, he caught it before it could break and finished with a last sip.

— How is the battle unfolding? Relay the footage from outside.

As is the walls were made of glass, the exterior could be seen at 360 degrees around the ship. Surprise. The battle was violent uneven, but not in the way he was used to seeing. The natives could fire blasts from their hands. They could fly and fought with remarkable strength and speed. Rudimentary fighting techniques, but these warriors were surprisingly powerful nonetheless.

— Aren’t we losing, here?

— I fear that we are, my lord. They have the strength of numbers and are really powerful..

— Huh.. Well, then... This is good... Really good. Call for a retreat, I’m going to have some fun.


General Sanana was heavily wounded. It was a massacre and a great humiliation for his regiment. He knew what would happen next… The question was would Chilled rush to battlefield or would leisurely wait it out. His survival now depending only on his master’s amusement. For the time being, he could only hold the enemy back best he could.

Horns nearly scratching the top of the opening, the gargantuan monster that was their chief and lord appeared to the light of day. With his arrival, judging by his imposing demeanor, and his far superior height to the other invaders, the locals realized that his appearance would change the entire course of the battle. The soldiers, who knew that as well, made way to leave their foes to their lord, foes who were no longer fighters, but prey.

The twenty-seven surviving soldiers stuck to the ship as Chilled levitated between the Saiyans. Once he got to the center of the aerial battlefield, he broke the silence by firing a fireball, small, almost harmless-looking. Fast, however, and it left searching for a random target. And without the Saiyans making the slightest move, as though they were hypnotized, it pierced through one of their fighter’s head, like a cannonball hitting a house of cards.

With that, the massacre had begun.


— Exactly as predicted.

Abricota attentively looked at the screen as the chief reported her update.

— Their army is of no threat for an advanced society like ours, or for a powerful one like the Saiyans’, but their leader, their abominable leader!... So, that’s what a Frost Demon is! He’s killing those Saiyans with such ease, it’s as though he used cheats in a video game!

— Look at this, said another observator, a squadron of the Saiyan army shot in his back at this same time… Twelve of them. The power of the blast was equivalent the fire of an AT-6 cannon. No damage. Aside from his cape being in pieces, he didn’t even budge!

— He is so dense that the impact didn’t even push him back the slightest bit, his levitation is too strong. Furthermore, it seems obvious that he isn’t even warmed up yet.

— Argh! He just exceeded the speed of sound by three times to go around them! What a disaster, he just impaled them all with his own hands...

— Considering the Frost Demons have already made civilizations more advanced than ours bend to their will, and that the brute force of the Saiyans is of no match to their, what is there we can do?

— We haven’t exhausted our options regarding brute force, said Abricota. The girl that can transform, did she not leave her home an hour ago?

— Hm... said a colleague while looking at another screen. Yes... yes she has even arrived! We will soon know...


Far away, the huge city could be seen with the sea behind it. Hanasia had never gone to the capital and had no idea that the power that guided her brought her there. But there was no room for doubt. A city so large with such constructions, a far cry from her village’s rotting walls. It could only be the capital.

The detected power reading had been unleashed a few minutes ago. Obviously, it was hostile. And Hanasia could sense the lives of Saiyans disappearing one after the other.

— I am the king of our people, and I challenge you!

Chilled released the inert corpse he had in hand, letting it crash against the ground 100 feet below. Yes, surely it was their king. But it hardly made any difference… Chilled had no reason to honor his presence. Without answering him, he darted straight for him. The king hardly had the time to block the hit that he felt his all of his bones shatter. He spewed blood, and his body was sent crashing against one of the watchtowers of the royal palace far behind. Stuck in rock, the king lost consciousness.

From the top of the same tower, the councillor felt the same feeling of powerlessness he had felt when faced with the Millennial Warrior. There was no point in trying to fight back. What was he in the face of such might? A dot came from afar, a full speed… and stopped a few feet from the monster.

A strange flying binnacle, dressed bipedal animals that looked upon the scene. Cadavers of Saiyans and those same animals on the ground and on the roofs of homes. A Saiyan or two in flight, one clutching at his ribs, the other, missing an arm but ignoring the pain and the blood pouring out. And at the heart of it, an enormous monster, even bigger than the red foreigner from that other time, covered in Saiyan blood. The source of the evil power she had sensed since the beginning. That was all that Hanasia saw as she arrived. She approached the two remaining Saiyans, who were about to attack before stopping upon her arrival.

— It’s her! I recognize her! said one of the Saiyans, being a soldier who a seen her when she threatened Nizouki.


— Monster from the sky, who come to kill my kind! I would have understood if you sought to feed yourself, but you only destroy for your pleasure! I don’t know where you come from, but I pity wherever that is. You can keep your bloody trail where it came from! You’ve killed everything in the sky and now you come here? These are your last breathing moments!...

Lord Chilled smiled a large grin, then suddenly disappeared. He reappeared with his fist plunged into Hanasia’s stomach, the latter of whom was bent in half, then turned around to hit her with his tail. The spikes tore through her and the shockwave sent her crashing to the ground several hundred yards below.

— My, do you talk a lot! said the monster. And he turned to the other two… then again. She wasn’t dead.


Hanasia sat back up, pushing away the rubble of a home. She looked at her wound. Blood had been drawn, but it was nothing too bad. She stood up to see what was around her, and while it was a good deal away from the heart of the battle, she could see several corpses of Saiyan fighters. Her anger boiled further and as she flew towards the monster, the familiar yellow light pearled around her and she transformed.

— It is her! The Saiyan who had held her own against the Millennial Warrior! said the Saiyan soldier.

— What is this power? asked Chilled as he saw her in approach, gaining in speed. He thought from that light that she was firing a blast at him, but it wasn’t the case.

He was ready to hit her the moment she would be on him, but she stopped at the last second, and his punch only filled the void between them. She then began to make blows rain upon him with strength he had never felt in a stranger before.

Chilled was tossed left, right, then left again, being thrown around in every direction. He could not believe it. This power, this strength, it existed only in Frost Demons. Such level of power could only exist in members of his family. He had to pull himself together. He pulled himself together.

Chilled frayed his way out of the deadly barrage and created some distance.

— Incredible, this is impossible! he said, looking upon his strange opponent. Could it be that you were the one spreading these unusual waves throughout space?

Chilled’s men could not believe it. Never had they seen this before. Their lord, hit by one of his foes! Never.

— Several murderers crossed paths with me. Madmen who rejoice in killing. Why do you do this?

— Huh? You have power reserved only to those at the top of the hierarchy. In this universe, you are the only other person who, at the contrary, should understand. Our power is indeed that of death. All that is alive belongs to me, and it is my right to decide when each and everyone must die.

— That’s.. stupid!

— What the…? The translator didn’t seem to pick up that word. Kill these insects, and remind them who their God is. [note: in his language, the word "God" is the same as the word “Demon” in “Frost Demon”]. And even if you aren’t a mere insect, I'm your God. I will prove it to you. You’re going to die.

— Your only goal in life is to kill others?! You are the one who will die!


Hanasia no longer felt the pain of her wound. Since she had transformed, it had closed itself, from the look of it. She was at full strength and was not about to allow that monster to live any longer. She threw herself into battle with the intention to vanquish and kill.

Chilled had completely changed the way he fought. He was truly fighting back, against a worthy opponent. It was terrifying how this creature charged him. He thought to search every inch of the planet to find out every bit of information on her. But now wasn’t the time to think about future projects. This battle wasn’t going to be easy.

Between two barrages, they caught each others’ arms and a clash of sheer strength began. If one of them let go, their arms would end up dislocated and would leave a gaping opening for another hit. The yellow light surrounding the girl intensified, as if to complement her effort. As he began to tire, Chilled began to understand that he had less brute strength than she had. Amazing.

Chilled finally caved and could feel sharp pain in both his arms, followed by two blows to the stomach. He could feel the impact running across his entire body, and pulled back to avoid the following hit. But she was already back onto him. He fired a few blasts at her, but due to his haste in firing them, they weren’t powerful enough and just washed upon Hanasia face as water would. A knee to the face, and before he could recover his eyesight, she had grabbed his hand. Using it as leverage, she extended her body and her feet crashed against Chilled’s head, all while really dislocating his arm.

That was enough. He charged his energy in his uninjured arm and this time enough to produce significant power. He took a few hits before firing. Since Hanasia was upclose hammering hit upon him, it wasn’t difficult for Chilled to hit her. Hanasia and the blast both crashed against the ground. Then, from the crater of rocky debris, Hanasia was on her feet again. Her clothes were burning and she had a few scratches but nothing too bad. He took a few breaths before flying back to battle.

Chilled gave himself a good hit to the shoulder, holding back his cry of agony as he felt his bones locking back into place, and prepared for what was to come next.


— Keeping her alive was worth the trouble after all, wasn’t it?

— I think people from foreign systems would love to watch this scene… our Saiyan girl crushing this Frost Demon!

— All of this could bear plenty of implications, explained the chief of service of Tsuful’s space. First, this marks the end of our isolationism. We will be able to communicate and trade freely with other civilizations since we’ve been discovered by the Frost Demons. Second, all will want the Saiyans’ power. If we don’t want cargo-ships to come and take them by the thousands through force to study them, we will have to keep them safe and have our planet in constant watch, with battlecruisers ready.

Each considered what she said. So it was the end of an era. Surely, they would all soon be living alongside other aliens, a few years from now… They would make new enemies. They would have to tell the Saiyans of the new dangers that threaten them both...

— If the Frost Demons are inferior to an overpowered Saiyan, this marks the end of their reign. We are the ones who possess the weapon capable of destroying them. Though, I ask myself… Is this all not too easy?

They looked on the giant-sized screen upon which the battle ran its course. The Saiyan was going to win. That much was clear. The demon had strange and never-before-seen techniques, but she was stronger, faster, and more durable than he was.

— Do you think that he could be hiding something? Or is it that it isn’t normal for us to be the only ones in the universe to house creatures such as the Saiyans? Both?

— I believe so, and I also think that if we were about to repel at threat as great as the Millennial Warrior, other civilizations should be capable of doing so as well. Why weren’t the Frost Demons eliminated in the same manner?

— The Millennial Warriors was an untrained beast. The Frost Demons are a race of cunning emperors.

— Well said. One last thing: why hasn’t the so-called Eastern Kaioshin who also happened to use the other cardinal points erased the Frost Demons from the map as well?

— Because it wasn’t his problem. All turned to the Tsuful who, until now, hadn’t said a word. I found that information of extraterrestrial networks. The Eastern Kaioshin, while in service to the universe for tens of millions of years, maybe more, intervened only in affairs that involved threats of universal scale. The matter of the pitiful tyrants of the Frost is of no concern to them.

There was a moment of silence.

— The Millennial Warrior’s power constantly increased and killed all that stood in his way. He was a menace worthy of notice, especially if he had kept on going from planet to planet.

— Ah... said the chief, looking at the screen again, upon which the indicators of power output spiked considerably all of a sudden. I think that the secret that we feared existed is about to reveal itself.


Consternation was felt throughout the ranks of Lord Chilled’s army. Against this strange creature of light, all he could do was get battered. They had seen, for the first time, the blood of their lord. Blood on his face, his cape ripped to shreds, and his armor in pieces. His battle stance was a defensive one.

Only General Sanana’s faith was unwavered. He knew that his lord could not lose, and knew what was about to unfold.

— Insolent wretch, cried Chilled, more so at the sky than Hanasia. You are about to know what is it to face a Lord of the Frost Demons! You about to know death reserved only to the strongest, you should be grateful!!!

Then Chilled put himself in a fetal position. Then his energy began to increase, further and further without reason, like what happened with the Millennial Warrior. His body began to change. The spikes on his tail began to grow. His head was starting to inflate, to elongate, until it was a long and flat head , even more hideous than his last one, upon which there were now were spikes as well.

A single thought troubled Hanasia’s mind at that moment. «I have to strike when he is inert.» And she charged him.

General Sanana’s eyes widened at the face of such affront. Attacking his lord during his transformation! How shameless! How could she dare?! Fire!! He shouted to his army that proceeded to shoot Hanasia.

Feeling a few explosions on her body, though completely ineffective, she turned around and waved her arm in a circular fashion in their direction. A blade of energy hurled straight for the soldiers, and with precision unexpected from such a brief and sloppy motion, it cut through a good majority of the entire army conveniently lined up next to the ship.

As half-bodies fell, Hanasia was on the monster. Literally on him. She wrapped her legs around his body, and clutched with both her hand onto his skull. The energy given off by the transformation burned her. She was pulling his head. Pull with all her might. Horns new to the transformation razed her arms.

Chilled felt a sharp pain. He had to move. But he was in the process of transforming. He still didn’t have the means to drive her back. He knew that each transformation would heal him, closing whatever wound he would have suffered previously, but this time, it was his neck that was at the focus of his foe’s attack. He contracted his muscles best he could to resist the assault.

Hanasia firmly grasped him in spite of the burning sensation. She twisted, she twisted the monsters head on his neck’s axis. It was hard, but she had put all her strength into achieving that.

Then followed the sinister sound of a crack, the sound that synonymous to victory if you are a Saiyan. The Demon’s head was now facing its own back.

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