DB Multiverse

Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 17.

Parenthesis, universe 1 and 10


If you remember the introductory chapter, you will have noticed this sentence:

The universes where this story didn't take place are the following: 1st , 2nd , 5th and 10th.


Universe 2 is excluded because it isn’t just a universe, it is a delirium that goes beyond the laws of Dragon Ball physics.

5, I cannot tell you the reasons for its divergence for the time being.

1 and 10, however, as you know, are identical aside from the creation of interuniversal travel by the Vargas in the former. Their main difference with all other universes, is that the five Kaioshins are still alive because they have removed the threat of Majin Buu in its egg or in its cocoon, rather.

But I think you already know that.


The story I told in this fanfic, however, identically happened in both universes, from Chapter 2 through 13. And it will identically happen in the chapters that follow.

This is because the actions of the Kaioshins have had little direct impact on this planet, at least for the moment.

But in chapters 14 and 15 (and some 16), it was different.


So, let’s discover what happened in this alternate reality...


Coalition of Armed Forces (last paragraph)


Previously, in Hanasia:

Our Super Saiyan heroine has taken a series of fatal blows from Romanesco. She lies on the ground waiting for death.

General Nizouki drew the attention of the Millennial Warrior, and, mounting a small Tsuful vessel, is drawing him towards the army of the Saiyans.

Meanwhile, in the Tsuful headquarters...


Five new items appeared on the radar.

— What are these energies? Asked Chiin-Lee by bringing a large video screen in front of her. Other Tsufuls were also surprised and gave the order to the cameras to point in the right direction. Just look at those numbers on the energy meter! They approach the other two, it's terrifying! This is... what?

— They’re... they’re monsters... not Saiyan nor Tsuful!!!



The unexpected help


— It's already a horrible battlefield, said the old Kaioshin of the North.

— We shall prevent it from expanding, said the West Kaioshin. I can see the monster that emits this terrifying power. But where is the other one?

— The other one lost, says the Great Kaioshin. I see his body there.

— I see, they fought one against the other, said the tall South Kaioshin, the strongest of the gods. But the winner is driven by abnormal rage. He will kill his other comrades now.

The Great Kaioshin, their leader, broke away from the group.

— I'll take care of the other one. The four of you, deal with the monster and kill it before it can harm others.

— As for the cameras watching us? Said the old North Kaioshin.

— It’s of no importance. Our priority is the monster.

He went his way and the gods of the four cardinal points of the universe detached from the ground.

— All four of us against this monster? Isn’t he overestimating it a little, here?

— Can you feel the power it’s releasing? It’s increasing, and it is poised to surpass ours, said ​​East who trembled in spite of himself.

— It’s still a joke compared to South. Since it was decided that this should be collective, I suggest taking turns in hitting it, with South dealing the finishing blow.

— Very well, confirmed the other three.


Romanesco stopped his run and turned around. These new things that came to him aroused great curiosity. They were very fast!

These were beings he had never seen, but the Millennial Warrior was in no condition to be asking himself questions. The face of his opponent hardly mattered, as long as he could flatten them under his fist.

He was going to strike the first to reach him, but the latter skillfully avoided his blow and flew right past him without failing to hit him in the face in doing so. Romanesco turned to catch him, but one of the others then kicked him in the stomach. And a third, who had went behind him, planted his foot on his neck. This opponent was surprised to have not broken his spine, but withdrew anyway.

And suddenly, the last one, who turned out to be a giant, perhaps even greater in stature than Romanesco himself after his transformation, came at him with more speed, more power, and thrust his fist in the warrior’s stomach, folding him in half.


It was very different from pain, but Romanesco’s body had resonated with his whole being under the impact. He was pushed back- which he had never happened since his transformation-, he had bent under the blow. He was shocked by such power.

This last-comer was incomparably stronger.


The Legendary Saiyan was not the only one to be stupefied. The South Kaioshin remained at close distance, observing this warrior. His eyes were wide open and didn’t even know how to react. Just what was this miracle?

The Kaioshins of the other three cardinal points, a little more distant from each other, remained in the sky to besiege their opponent. The space between them was the same. They had placed themselves there by reflex, but just like their friend, they couldn’t understand.

Did South not hit him? No, he did. Did he not hit him hard? Impossible! South, like all Kaioshins, always did what was ordered of him dutifully, and was not one to toy with his opponents. The others also had followed the air movement and the force used by South for his blow. It was of maximum strength. This blow was meant to finish him off. In addition, South hadn’t by any means underestimated the opponent, seeing as it was cause for concern for the Great Kaioshin. He had put all his strength into his blow.


If South had struck a planet, it would be no more. If South had struck the most powerful of the Frost Demons, there wouldn’t be an atom left of it. If South had struck the immortal of Pandora, the poor being struck by the curse of eternity, the most powerful warrior in the universe known to date, he would have made a gaping hole in his chest with all of his organs flying in every direction (Though he wouldn’t be dead, he would have slowly rebuilded himself).

Let's break the 4th wall of the universes and compare with other characters you know.

If South had hit “Mystic Gohan” in the same way, even if he were prepared to take the hit, he would have doubled over and be thrown far back. His breath would be cut off and he would need a few seconds to recover. The same goes for Goku in SSJ3... You would have to reach Vegetto’s level to find that strike to lack of power.


It was physically impossible for the Warrior that South struck to withstand the blow. And that the Kaioshin understood. It was hard to admit, but he was surrounded by a shield of resistance that bordered the absolute!


When Hanasia opened her eyes, it was for them to fall onto a strange being she had never seen in her life. It was very large, his face was that of a Saiyan, but completely twisted. Further apart and smaller eyes, strange ears, etc. etc... It was no Saiyan. A Tsuful, maybe? But weren’t they supposed to be small?

And then she remembered what she was doing on the ground. She instantly sensed immense powers. And she noticed that she had not hurt.

— My fractures... my... I should be dead...!

— I healed you, 'said the strange being.

— Are you a Tsuful?

— Ah, no...

Hanasia sought the powers she had felt. In the distance, the extraordinary, the terrifying power of the Millennial Warrior had... yes, it had even further increased! And there were others, enormous as well, but now inferior to that of the Warrior. And finally, completely unbelievable power... One of these newcomers was far, far above the others... He was so strong that she could no longer make logical sense of how she felt... that is, ridiculously weak all of a sudden.

— You did an amazing job against that fighter. You fought to save your people, your world... Excellent! Continue as such, young fighter... I know already that other challenges await you. As for this one, we are taking care of it. But we will not be there for the ones to follow.

Hanasia rose. She knew that beneath the carefree and friendly air of this mysterious healer, was hiding great power, but perhaps not that of battle.

The two looked at one another for a little, then rose slowly. At the same time, they flew towards the battle, and at the same time, stopped at a respectable distance.

Hanasia had understood that she was indeed surpassed.


— General? What’s going on up there?

The army of the Saiyans arrived. Hundreds of soldiers gazed upon bright spots moving at high speed. It was a fight that they could neither see nor imagine. Blurred shapes created winds, brutal sound waves, and other shockwaves that made the entire atmosphere shake.

While they could not sense to the power output, their instincts served them well: paranormal beings were fighting at a level forbidden to mere mortals, and it would be best not to approach them.

— The Millennial... Warrior is invincible... and I think... I think that other invincible beings from another world have come to kick his ass.

— And are they managing it, General?

—  ... No. It’s been too minutes since they’ve been fighting, and that’s two minutes they couldn’t spare.



The Space battle of the great gods

The blows were adding up. As time went by, the three least powerful gods reduced their presence in battle, and the frequency of their attacks was diminishing. Not only were their attacks ineffective, putting themselves so close to the beast endangered them. And his speed was increasing. If one of them were to be hit, they would likely suffer serious injuries.

Only South still dominated with ease. His hits, as opposed to the others’, had an effect on the opponent. He could budge him, get a reaction out of him. But couldn’t actually hurt him, either.


Telepathically, the plan was forming.

— This can’t go on! If this continues, he will eventually be more powerful than even South!

— Barrage him with as many hits as possible! The less he breathes, the less his strength increases!

— We still have to find an alternative!

— We have to annihilate him, with an energy attack stronger than his shield!

— I’ve used my most powerful concentrated attack, said South. And he was still standing!

— We need something even bigger than that. Something so intense in energy that it will dissociate the atoms of his body, and the fields that protect him will collapse!

— Where are we going to find power even greater than what South can muster?

A gaze fell to the sky.

— The sun of this planet? But it’s way too far!

— We’ll just have to draw him up there, then push him in. He will be too disturbed by the environmental hazards of space!

— I 'm ready! shouted South Kaioshin telepathically. I'll send him up there easily! Make a little room for me...!

— No. Flee.

— Huh? questioned the four gods.

— Fly straight up, sent them the Great Kaioshin. He will chase after you, and in his state, it will take time for him to realize the change in environment. He’s the kind to rush into things.

Now, what if instead he decided to let them be and began to destroy the planet? But if the Great Kaioshin proposed that, it’s because he was confident in the response to come from their opponent. Together, the cardinal Kaioshins went into the stratosphere.


Suddenly unopposed, Romanesco wondered. He took a breath, and soon had the feeling of being healthy again. His power still flowed in his veins...

The flying boxes weren’t firing at him any longer. He had changed opponents a lot, and they had largely disappeared, or rather, he had forgotten about them. There were Saiyans, there ... In fact, there were a lot!

As he looked around him, Hanasia got into a defensive position. Why did the other beings leave? Who would he attack now? She and her strange sidekick, were closer to him...

— He cannot see you, I made ​​our energy signatures invisible, said the partner.

She had heard his sentence, but he did not move his lips.

But no one was going to let Romanesco decide. South Kaioshin had already sent plenty little energy blasts, who went straight to irritate the top of the Legendary and Millennial Warrior’s head.

Their origin was clear, and the warrior flew increasingly high to catch those annoying fugitives!


The Kaioshins had gone rather slow, in order to ensure they’d be followed. Now that they were, they progressively increased their speed little by little, in accordance with the monster’s. They were all still able to compete with him in flight.

The acceleration was constant, and the plan worked. Less than two minutes later, Romanesco suddenly noticed that it was dark. And it was cold. And then he felt and many other strange things...

Without knowing it, he kept flying away from the planet at high speed, the gravity significantly reduced, and the air no longer there to slow him down.


He could hear nothing. He could no longer breathe. His felt was strange, he ached everywhere. Yet he hadn’t felt real pain in a long time.

The starry night sky was all over him, beneath him, beside him, everywhere. At one point, there was an object like the moon, but very very big, and not the same color. He tried to move away from his trajectory, but to no avail. He was getting colder and colder. His eyes seemed to want to explode, and his veins to burst. He was using all of his strength to prevent it. On his body, he felt a perpetual aggression. It was the unfiltered rays of the sun. There was sweat on the body, but the sweat was now made ​​of ice.

He released his energy at once, it did nothing. He began to throw some fireballs, and then the sky turned around him faster and faster. The large moon revolved around him very quickly. The giant fireball, which was now away at high speed, was also revolving around him.


— Alright, he’s toast.

— Let us be wary, however. It is possible that he adapts. He still has a long rong ahead.

— A few well-placed hits, and he will have the desired trajectory. I’ll take care of everything, you take over if he manages to land a hit.

And South Kaioshin rushed towards the Millennial Warrior. Turning on himself, he was lost, and saw every second of his opponent’s approach. He tried to hit him, in spite of his handicap, but South remained vigilant and the fight remained uneven, under the complete control the god.

After a moment, Romanesco felt like he was spinning less. He saw his formidable opponent facing him, slowly backing away.

This was an unmissable opportunity. The warrior opened his hands before him, and sent veering towards him huge blasts of energy.

Likewise, the opponent facing him was also preparing an energy attack.

Perfect. At that game, Romanesco never lost.


And the god shot. Romanesco did the same. Fireballs then approached as the two opponents went away. Then they touched. Their tips flattened against one another and together they pushed those who fired them.

Romanesco and South were pushed even faster. South continued to send energy to spread faster. His opponent did not suspect anything. They were both already spreading apart at thousands of kilometers per second. The Millennium Warrior did not know it, but he never before reached such an incredible speed... relative, for example, to the sun he was approaching.

Romanesco felt his back burn more and more. He wanted to turn his head, but his body did not follow. Then he continued his attack, but spreading the energy in all directions, and spinned again...

He saw where he was going to, what was burning.

He didn’t know it, but he was going more quickly, sucked in by the attraction of this gigantic star. The effect he felt was that he burned more.

The shock was so great that he fainted. He lost his transformation and again became mortal. The pain woke him.

He felt he was falling into something, and he died instantly, his body had melted from a few million degrees.


(I’ve seen this somewhere before...)


— This is it, he is certainly dead.

— I can’t sense his energy anymore, said Hanaria who looked at the sky since a few minutes, frustrated to not be able to follow anything.

— You no longer have to worry about it. Ah, here they are, coming down.

Hanasia’s unlikely ally rejoined his comrades and each touched a part of the body of another. They formed a chain, and suddenly disappeared. She was never to see them again.


Back at the Tsufuls’...

— Chiin-Lee, can you tell me what happened?

— Uh ... no! We’ve made it out, obviously, but I think we may never know who our saviors were!

She felt a presence. Turning around, she saw the aliens behind her. The control room had suddenly welcome strange guests, and terrifying ones at that when seen from up close!

— Go on ahead, I’ll catch up to you, said the thicker of the characters. They disappeared.

He had done well, since he was less frightening when alone. The spherical shape of his body made him look a bit like a Tsuful, only bigger.

— Rather strange creature, eh? kindly asked the peculiar being, turning his head to Chiin-Lee, whom he had quickly guessed was responsible for operations. Run into a lot of monsters like that?

— Fortunately not, she replied. It’s a Saiyan mutation, which seems only to appear every thousands of years.

— Well, we will return in a thousand years, then! said the god, as if scheduling an appointment for next week. Before he revealed his power, out of preference...

— We owe very much to you, and thank you on behalf of the Tsuful people said Chiin-Lee. But ... Who are you?

— Oh... Oh oh... we are the Kaioshins, protective gods of the universe. We’re typically not seen in the public eye, but your mutant creature was a terrible exception. He could have endangered the entire universe.

— Uh, um... I have another question, almighty... The other Saiyan... Is she a mutant too?

— The little one? Oh, no, not at all! She is a very good person, that one, and I advise you to take good care of her, instead...

Chiin-Lee felt immense relief.

— Oh, however, you will destroy these plans, and never produce such contraptions again...

Chairs suddenly were pushed away from each other, as some of the present Tsufuls began to back away in a (totally unnecessary) defensive reflex seeing the shining sphere the god held in the palm of his hand.

— It will be done, my Lord. We’ve no need of it now.

— Very well, said the Great Kaioshin.

The sphere glimmered before suddenly disappearing. He had to have destroyed it with magic, or he had probably sent it into a dimension barred from mortals.

— Farewell.

And he disappeared himself.


Some of the Tsufuls resumed their breathing. Relieved to be alive, suddenly converted from atheism to polytheism, they knew that the tension could finally return. Orders were given to vessels of war that were leaving, and the turtle was stored in a secret cave packed with utilities in the middle of Saiyan territory. Chiin -Lee congratulated the team for their work.

And then she looked on one of the screens that showed the Saiyan letting her emotion flow on her glimmering face. She smiled and her eyes were wet too. We no longer fear anything, she thought. We are protected by the gods and by the crying Saiyan.

Chiin-Lee left the room, happy.

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