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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 15.

The space fight of the Eastern God


When Hanasia opened her eyes, they fell on the eyes of a strange being, one she had never seen in her life. It was pretty big, red skin, his face was that of a Saiyan, but distorted. Smaller eyes that were far from each other, strange ears, etc... etc... It was not a Saiyan. Maybe a Tsuful? But weren’t they supposed to be very small?

And then she remembered what she was doing on the ground. She instantly detected great powers. And she also noticed that she wasn’t hurt anymore.

— My fractures... my... I should be dead!

— I took care of you, said the strange one.

— You are a Tsuful?

— No.

Seeing Hanasia was well, he looked into the distance .

— My master needs me. And with these words he disappeared suddenly.

Hanasia looked around for him but he was not there. She searched his power and eventually found it. Away with the other forces. A being who could heal such wounds and move so quickly... had a master?

And over there was... yes the power of this being, but also others, much more overwhelming. The extraordinary terrifying power of the Warrior Millennium had... yes, it was even stronger than before! And another very great power. Superior, she thought, to her own, but now less than the Warrior. And finally, generated by a crowd of Saiyans all throwing their own power, yes, throwing them together, to make a huge fireball! Its light was even visible from here.


Romanesco struggled in every way. The energy ball hurtled towards him and he wanted to protect himself, or avoid it, or better, he wanted to push it, push it back with his full power. He wanted to feel its energy attack him, surround him, and then be thrown back, because he could, because he wanted to. These opponents, all these people down, these small creatures would see the ball going back to them, inexorably driven by his attack and would be decimated by their own energy. And the pushed ball would crash against the ground and it would make an explosion that would finish off those who could have escaped. And the ground would raise, about a mile, and the earth would tremble again. And the whole scenery would be destroyed. The planet would be a pile of ashes.

But he could not because of this horrible goblin on his back!!!

He was stiff because the Kaioshin had the power to paralyze. He could get rid of the goblin’s grasp, yes, but only after trying a few seconds! After contact!

And he suddenly had an idea. A second before the fireball would touch, he would turn suddenly. The giant energy ball would hit, yes, but he would survive. The Pixie would be between him and the blast, on the other hand...


The Empowered energy ball would hit the Kaioshin. He felt its heat. Even by dropping Romanesco now, he would not have time to flee. He was going to let go anyway, it would be a pity his body serves as a shield to the Warrior. As he freed his arms but not his paralyzing psychic attack, he said to himself that everything would be fine. Besides his own death.

Kibito could finish the job with this warrior. It would not be easy, but he could. Then he would just find other Kaioshins. Surely in the next five, ten thousand years, a new generation could take on this role and Kibito would still be alive at this time. The universe wasn’t that dangerous, it was unlikely that anything worse than the Warrior or Majin Buu will arrive any time soon. This Warrior was an anomaly, it is not as if this species would produce these beings regularly. As for Buu, he was in a strongly sealed call in a distant planet. Bibidi is dead, and no one knows how to undo Buu’s seal.

Kaioshin could die with a light heart.

Kibito suddenly appeared before him, and they both disappeared. The East Kaioshin would not die now.


The fireball touched Romanesco’s back, who yelled as he was being pushed at high speed into the sky.

He climbed and climbed and climbed, and the blue sky with brown spots (the clouds are filled with minerals and are not white) gave way to the night sky. He continued to rise and did not feel the wind anymore. He was… in a different place. He tried to pull away again and again, eventually moved his way to the side, and finally escaped the energy ball.

But the ball was not going off behind him. It was just moving away slowly on the side. He no longer heard it. He no longer felt its warmth, only its light still assailed him. He heard nothing anymore. He could not breathe. His body was odd, he ached everywhere. Yet he had not felt real pain for a long time.

The night sky, starry, was all over him, below, to his sides, everywhere. At one point, there was an object like the moon, but very very big, and not the same color. He tried to make motions to move, but it did not work. He felt colder. His eyes seemed to want to explode, and his veins to burst. He used all his power to prevent it. On his body, he felt a perpetual aggression. It was the unfiltered rays of the sun. There was sweat on the body, but the sweat was now made ​​of ice.

He released his energy at once, it did nothing. He began to throw some fireballs, and then the sky turned around him faster and faster. The large moon revolved around him very quickly. The giant fireball, which was now away at high speed, was also revolving around him. The whole world revolved around him quickly.


Kaioshin and Kibito appeared in the space beside him.

— Come back in a minute, said telepathically Kaioshin. It is useless for you to bear the void.

Kibito disappeared.

— So said Kaioshin for himself, since the Warrior could not hear, are we maddened by the vacuum of space? You swirl in every direction, and you are moving thousands of miles an hour compared to your initial planet, you know that?

Romanesco gave punches in the emptiness furiously towards Kaioshin, the only thing in the universe that didn’t circle around him because Kibito had teleported in relation to the warrior : therefore he was doing the same displacement as him.

— And yes you are released from the fireball, but you still have it’s speed... Nothing to stop you in the vastness of the universe... And there is no more pressure around you. Your whole body wants to explode from the lack of pressure, like a packet of chips that were taken into the mountains... Only the energy of powerful beings of our kind keeps cohesion. In addition, it is more than just cold, since it’s absolute zero! Finally, the nearest sun is assaulting you with various radiations that your atmosphere has always stopped ... But for a brute like you, it is nothing.

Romanesco tried to scream, but his lungs completely retracted, empty, and pushed by the rest of his body, made him feel horribly wrong.

— I see that you tried to breathe... Terrible mistake. You must hold your breath in space, and keep the air inside your body... Because nothing will replace it. Anyway... as I thought, your power is so great that despite all this, you're not ready to die. It seems clear that you can hold onto life, over and over again, even in pain. It will be maybe an hour, two hours before you succumb? I should put me in stasis to do the same... So as expected, you remain a danger. Especially if you guess how to move in space and fall onto an inhabited planet.

Romanesco threw a fireball at the Kaioshin, who then seemed to move away from him.

— Oh, you guessed it.

Kaioshin sent discreetly tiny blasts from the palm of his hand and was no longer on the path of the fireball. It was arriving to him two times slower than expected because half its speed was transferred on its thrower, who was now getting away quite quickly.

Kaioshin then threw other blasts and charged on the warrior. When he arrived to where the warriors was, said warrior gave him a punch, but the Kaioshin had braked at the last moment, and to that fist, he simply hooked up.

Romanesco retracted his fist but the Kaioshin just came to him, without any resistance and without his weight being felt. He gave a punch with the other hand, he felt the shock, but Kaioshin had dropped it and was just sent away from him, he did not seem to have suffered much. Ah, the differences of combat in space!

Kaioshin came to Romanesco who thought he was above. But in fact, he reappeared from below. The god revolved around him... Actually no. Romanesco himself turned, relative to the Kaioshin. Indeed, while the Kaioshin held Romanesco’s fist, the Kaioshin had gave him a slight speed on himself. Now the Warrior was foolishly spinning and saw his opponent once every 2 seconds. He did not know where or how to adjust this with a fireball.

But it had to end. Kibito would soon return. They have been escaping from the planet at a high speed, but it was necessary to ensure the end of the Warrior. Kaioshin just looked to the side of the sun to check where it was. He should not look directly at it for his eyes would instantly burn.

Kaioshin sent some fireballs at Romanesco which would "adjust" him to have the star at his back. Then he stood in front of the Warrior. He put his hands in position to prepare very obviously a powerful ball of energy.


— It’s in front of me! It doesn’t move anymore! Romanesco thought. He wants to attack me from the front, the impudent! This leprechaun will be destroyed and this time he will not survive!

Romanesco also put his hands in position and directed his energy. Its power already gathered on him and he had overtaken in energy level attack his opponent. If he does not fire... Then his defeat will be even more destructive. He looked more and more likely he was to see his fireball going through the other as if it was paper.

And the elf shot. Romanesco did the same. Fireballs then approached as the two opponents went away. Then they touched. Their tips flattened against one another and together they pushed those who fired them.

Romanesco and Kaioshin were pushed even faster. Kaioshin felt the power of the impact, but he was prepared for it. In space, one was only pushed because there is no resistance or shock. Kaioshin continued to send energy to make them spread faster. His opponent did not suspect anything. They both already spreading apart at thousands of kilometers per second. The Millennium Warrior did not know it, but he never before reached such an incredible speed... relative, for example, to the sun he was approaching.


Kibito appeared alongside his master. He touched him and they both disappeared.

The Millennium Warrior continued to send more and more energy without knowing he did not have an opponent anymore. It was so hard to know what was happening around oneself, here!

He felt his back burn more and more. He wanted to turn his head, but his body did not follow. Then he continued his attack, but spreading the energy in all directions, and spinned again...

He saw where he was going to, what was burning. He saw a moment and then he saw nothing at all. He shouted as his white eyes were destroyed. He wanted to send fireballs to this thing but he no longer saw it, he should have sent attacks perpendicular to the body parts that was the most burning, but how to get there and even guess when you have no sense of self?

He didn’t know it, but he was going more quickly, sucked in by the attraction of this gigantic star. The effect he felt was that he burned more.

The shock was so great that he fainted. He lost his transformation and again became mortal. The pain woke him.

He felt he was falling into something, and he died instantly, his body had melted from a few million degrees.


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