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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 14.

Unexpected help


The Tsufuls had repeatedly made contact with people from other worlds. They knew they were not alone, but their current technology did not yet allow them to travel to other systems. In addition, their correspondents had advised them to be as discreet as possible, because if their planet was found to be inhabited, enemy armies would invade without fail.

The Tsufuls preferred not to take risks. They also fully expected to be able to master space travel by themselves, and eventually investigate the worlds around them with a more personal view. They decided to completely cut off contact from these other worlds and stopped any wave pollution around the planet that would show for sure the existence of a civilization. But we will get more into these fine details later.



— Do not panic people! It can only be aliens. But what power! Why are they here?

— There are no coincidences in life, they have detected the energies of the Warriors.

— And they sent their elite warriors to destroy them? Everything seems too good to be true.

— This means that our planet is now noticed by other civilizations!

— One thing at a time. Where are they? They disappeared from the screens!


— So you are the ones that made all these cameras.

All Tsufuls in the room turned toward the voice who spoke their language. The two aliens were there in the room with them. The Tsufuls started to panic. They had no weapons here. All of their security control panels were in building entrances, and teleporting did not seem to be an option.

The aliens were bipedal, one with red skin, who was large and imposing. The second was barely taller than a Tsuful, with purple skin and mischievously smiling. At their position you could understand immediately that the short one was the leader, and the tall red one was the servant.

— So there are two completely opposing civilizations here, said one big one.

— And you are fighting it. The vessels and technology were made by you.

— Who are you two? Chiin-Lee asked, cold as steel.

— I am the Kaioshin, protective God of the Eastern part of the universe. And here is Kibito. We felt the power of this being and it has brought us here. There was another strong power before, what became of it?

— This one? Said Chiin-Lee pointing to a screen that showed the body of dying Hanasia.

— Kibito. Kaioshin said to his servant, who put his hand on the short one’s shoulder and they both disappeared suddenly to find themselves again in the screens facing the body.

The Kaioshin touched the body, to test her vitals, and gave an order to Kibito, who put his massive hands upon her.


— It’ll be very difficult to treat.

— Put all thy strength into it, Kibito. Her destiny is great. I also saw and understood the current plan with the army of warriors there. Their individual strength is pretty amazing. But against him, it will not be enough.

And he flew at full speed towards the army of Saiyans.

— They have completely forgotten about us, these two ‘kaioshins’... A Tsuful said distastefully, seeing the gods in action.

— They do not trust us, says Chiin-Lee. I feel it... They did not like the way we act remotely. I think we shouldn’t tell them about the poison or bomb.

— The Warrior is approaching the army of Saiyans!

— We must allow time for the General to launch the Saiyan’s attack plan. Ready to fire upon the Warrior.


The Saiyan army had stopped abruptly at the sight of this strange spectacle. The general Nizzuchi on a flying stone, behind him a giant Saiyan who shone with a thousand lights, and whose distant figure made you shiver, and behind in the sky were these rocks, cubical in shape, but gigantic and floating in the air!


Troop leaders flew in unison, and some were the rank of general just like Nizzuchi, but Nizzuchi was the oldest, and the most aware of the situation. He instantly took command of the whole army although he had not previously gathered or collaborated with.

— Saiyans Warriors, here is the Millennium Warrior! He paused for a moment and then continued. We will attack all at the same time, because his strength is that of thousands of Saiyans! We will use one, and only one attack, a ball of fire grouped together to become more powerful!

The Flying objects fired all together on the Warrior. Large explosions in the air slowed down Romanesco, who stopped, only to take attacks again and again. But this time he would not let it pass. He realized that if this stuff was flying and attacking, it was also able to die.

He then rushed the flying objects, who in turn scattered immediately, while they continued to pound him. But all he felt was a little tingle.

— They are friends, they will help us, says Nizzuchi to general astonishment. It won’t be enough, we must take the opportunity to load our attack. Put yourselves in position! Charge your energy!

— Prepare a fireball, charge your energy! Said every head in the army, for all to hear.


More than a thousand Saiyans, in approximate order, charged energy in their hands and focused to attack the millennium warrior. Everyone moved to the sky and spread out to be able to shoot without hitting another Saiyan, and all took their role very seriously.


When Kaioshin saw it, he was impressed. He felt the power of the army grow and accumulate. But would they kill the monster? Not for a second. No, the plan had to be changed.

In this universe, at this moment, Kaioshin was the most powerful being in existence. The only people who were at his level lived thousands of years ago, and they were the other Kaioshins. One of them, the Kaioshin of the South, far exceeded his strength. But since the massacre by a demon named Majin Buu, he was the only one left. However, since Buu was locked in a prison, no one had the power to disturb the peace of the great gods.

And the monster cloaked in yellow, him, there, at that time, was already stronger than a god.

His power was rising fast, too fast... And still rising. But the Kaioshin had many advantages over him, such as experience, and surprise, because this demon acted quite randomly.

Just like Nizzuchi, he felt it was time for the army to shoot. He sent a telepathic order to Kibito, then threw himself on the Warrior.


On her screens, Chiin-Lee saw the red servant disappear, leaving the body of the girl Saiyan alone. She looked around her, in case he would arrive in their control room. And he was actually here.

— You must send the enemy into space.

— Excuse me?

— Shoot from underneath him. Push him towards the sky. He must be thrown into the vacuum of space, out of the gravitational field of the planet.

— And then?

— Then he dies. And red giant disappeared (remember that Tsufuls are just over a meter in height. Kibito is very large and huge compared to them). They saw him appear near the body of the girl and continuing his laying of hands.

— I guess it's better to trust the protective god of the Eastern worlds, right? She said quite hesitant. But after all where was the danger? At worst, he’ll get back and initial plans are usable again.

— Uh Commander? Said one adviser, normally here only to watch. I am an astronomer...

— I know you're Mr. Asivomisaku of Saori Tessier Family.

— Well... The reason I’m talking is that we are not at all in the Eastern world. We are in the Northern quadrant of the universe, and there is no doubt about it.

— Oh.


Romanesco did not feel the force of his enemies. He worked entirely on instinct. And this instinct was rather poor. Any surprise attack... well, it surprised him. But this way of fighting remained effective for him since he had never been injured and that his responses were often devastating blows.

So right before his fingertips touched a strange flying and fire-breathing monster, he was seized at the ankle.

He turned his head to see someone so different from what he had ever seen. Small, with a brightly colored skin and hair that wasn't black, who pulled him and thrust his fist in the giant belly of his opponent.

Romanesco felt the power of the shot in all its guts, and then the brightly colored opponent flew increasingly high and backed off, he realized he had again found an opponent to match his strength. This one was stronger than all the previous ones, much more. Even more than the yellow girl.

He roared with pleasure and slowed his movement. But already the gnome was on him. His speed would give more force to his next blow. And indeed he tried to punch the golden warrior the same way he did before. But Romanesco saw it coming. He would parry with his hand and send him back to the ground with his other hand.

But it was a sham. His opponent had stopped his fist and turned on itself. In an air combat art that no one had ever seen, he turned his whole body, not on the axis of the spine but as a helix, whose legs were a blade and his upper body the opposite blade. And it also gave him more speed, and his feet struck Romanesco, who was completely submerged.

Romanesco would not let himself be ridiculed once more. Calling upon the omnipotence of his status as the Millennium Warrior, he did not move more than a meter, instantly stopped, and went to catch this gnome. Except that Kaioshin never underestimated his opponents, on the contrary. He knew the Warrior capable of this and was not surprised. He avoided the attack and began a quick melee.

The East Kaioshin had always been immensely cautious. The weight of the universe rested on him. He was alone for a long time and started to distrust everything and takes caution on every action. He should not take any damage from this abomination. He just had to occupy him, and place him in the right place.

While Romanesco struck at random, his opponent read his shots with ease and avoided while still sticking to the giant, which annoyed him a lot. It was exactly what he wanted. Then he found himself clinging to the back of the Warrior Millennium Romanesco, who began to turn on himself in a vain attempt to reverse his joints... He found he was being messed around with.


All the Tsufuls vessels landed vertically, so fast that they gave the impression of falling like stones. Romanesco fought against a new opponent, powerful and invisible, because unlike him and Hanasia, the Kaioshin did not produce a strong light, and of a fight at this level of speed, it was his only way to see where the combatants were. For an outside observer to view even pieces of this battle was almost considered a privilege.

But what Nizzuchi noticed was that the fight was spreading up more and more, and that the Tsufuls weapons were below. And just like Kaioshin hoped, Nizzuchi was intelligent and had realized that there was a plan.

— We will shoot him into the air! Reposition yourself! Wait for my signal...!

The Saiyans moved away from each other and on a horizontal plane very carefully. Most of the warriors were at their limit of charging their fireballs, and would soon explode or they would end up having to throw them imprecisely anywhere. But they held tightly onto them, because they knew that in this historic event, everyone should act as a warrior. And no one wanted to be known as "the one who has miserably failed in his attack against the Millennium Warrior” .

For a few minutes, a few seconds perhaps, a thousand Saiyans lost their individuality. It was pretty great enough to be noticed.

Nizzuchi felt a tingle. A signal maybe. A feeling.



A gigantic fireball formed over a thousand Saiyans. A roar that would remind most of the war cry of the Saiyans as giant apes seemed to invade the plain. Nizzuchi stretched out his hands and added power to the attack. A red warrior of great power, teleported, almost in the heart of the maelstrom, to also add his own strength and speed. The ball of energy soared across the sky. The Tsuful weapons also fired, and spit their energies together. Above them, a red column rose. It was a energy power weapon they had not used before. Most effective for coupling itself with the Saiyans’ fireballs. Missiles would have destroyed parts of the blast and it would have lost some overall power.


In this space where the air was turning red plasma, where the sound was overtaken by waves of energy, where the temperature increased in strange proportions, Romanesco was still trying to catch the leprechaun who clung to his back as a disgusting parasite.

And he saw all the forces of the world rush in on him.

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