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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 16.



Hanasia no longer felt the power of the Millennial Warrior .

On the planet, everyone looked to the sky, thinking he would fall. But he did not.

— It's okay, he has died, she said, flying towards her village, slowly. One half looked to heavens, the other to Hanasia.

— The red man brought you back to life! Cried Harik.

— I was not dead, he just healed me. People don't come back to life.

— The giant pebbles move away!

— What are these things, she asked, seeing the Tsuful ships flying away . Some had launched tractor beams and brought with them the remains of the ships destroyed by Romanesco.

— Uh... frankly we don’t know.

— And down there all these guys?

— The army obviously... They sent together some huge fireball that threw the Millennium Warrior in the sky.

— I saw that. In fact it reminds me... Nizouki!!!


The army of Saiyans scanned the sky.

— He doesn’t fall.

— So he’s dead?

— Seeing what he took before, I don’t think his body is destroyed. It should fall.

— He embedded in the sky! He surpassed the height where none can breath, and he crashed in the sky!

— You're talking nonsense, the sky is endless.

— Yes, like the ocean’s bottom!

— Given what he received, I think he still goes up. He still rises and in days and days... he will fall back.

— And he will be dead!

— Of course!...

It was over, they had vanquished Romanesco and the General was very proud. But suddenly he felt a hostile presence.

— Nizouki.

— Gaah!! He said, discovering Hanasia behind him, standing in flight, and most importantly, alive, not even hurt.

— I thought he'd killed you!

— Would that have been convenient for you, General?

— No, no... I'm glad, on the contrary... Your fight proved it... I was right. You are indeed the only Saiyan in the world who can compete with the Millennium Warrior! And, he confirmed in his head, even the Tsufuls think so.

— I had forbid you to come back here.

A chill was cast, and the closest elements of the army, generals for mosts, mostly watched, frozen by the sudden tension, combined with the strange aura of this girl who seemed very strong despite her appearance and her age... which was almost shaking the legendary General Nizouki!

— Not only you are back, but in plus, with the monster that destroyed my village... But worst of all... You came back after what you did... You dare to reappear, whereas only yesterday you sent your assassin demon, your cursed killer! Congratulations, it did actually made ​​me stronger... But it won’t be to your advantage!!!

— Uh... it sounds like you don’t actually speak of Romanesco?

— Whatever the name of this degenerate... He killed my villagers... he killed my father!!

— I thought the people of your village were quite safe, said Nizouki while looking towards the people who from afar and approached, but inevitably much slower than Hanasia. They would take a moment to be here.

— You thought wrong!!!

The air warmed around Hanasia and a swirling wind surrounded her. All were surprised. She moved her hand and simply by pointing to him, he felt crushed, crushed by her strength. He trembled and gathered his energy better.

Then suddenly he escaped from her grip, and by reflex rushed towards her to strike a mortal blow. But as he was about to touch her, he was rejected by a sudden aura coming from her, bright and inflated by energy, that pushed him as a high-powered wind would.


— Your real strength... is the one of the empathetic Warrior... despite that you intend to kill me...?

In the ranks of the army, this transformation had terrified everyone. They had never seen the Millennium Warrior closely, they had just shot on a bright aura. Seeing it again indicated that... He had survived!!

All resumed their attack position, and moved around to have Hanasia in view. The air became oppressive...

Nizouki felt it and understood their reaction. He himself was surprised to see Hanasia shine brightly, but despite the similarities, he knew it was not the same type of aura that the Millennium Warrior had.

It might be time to save his life.

— This is not the Millennium Warrior, he shouted to the others. This is the warrior I trained to fight him!

Before the astonished silence of others, he continued.

— She fought on equal terms with him when we arrived! Without her, the Millennium Warrior would have had time to destroy our entire world! She is Hanasia, the world's most powerful Saiyan! She is not our enemy, on the contrary, you can thank her!!

There was a general hubbub in the audience. Comments, driven by the anonymity of the crowd, were rife.

— We already dealt with one, we can deal with another!

— This light is not normal, I tell you that!

— If she is so strong, why she’s not queen?

— It's a trap, she's the millennium!

— Who we shot then? A cloud maybe?

— Well, maybe.

— Silence! shouted Nizouki at the army. We have indeed pushed away the real Millenium Warrior. I can assure you, he is lost in the infinite sky.

— It is even quite dead.

— What? Said several people.

— He's dead, said Hanasia. I felt his presence get away since he left the ground... I felt his presence get away more and more quickly, and suddenly I felt him no more at all. He is dead.

— You can "feel" its presence? The general asked incredulously.

— You think I only got with strength and some light...?

— No... no, said Nikouki, who noted that she spoke to him much less politely than before, but was less determined to kill him. He turned back to the army. He is dead! Our mission is complete!

There was a slight relief in the ranks. Some Saiyans began to leave. Nizouki began a movement also.

In Hanasia’s head, came back the image of the child in her village who was killed so violently. The vision of his ripped torso disgusted her.

— Wait, Nizouki. Her voice was cold, very cold and he realized he could not escape it this time. Did other than just you have participated in the decision to send the warrior yesterday? And have you trained other killers like him?

— What warrior yesterday?

— Romanesco.

— He arrived there just one hour ago!

— No the Warrior Millennium! The crazed killer from yesterday!

— Yesterday?!

— You deny.

— I just had time to return to the capital, I arrived today!... I sent no one! Who is this killer?

Hanasia knew that the old general was not a coward enough to lie to save his life. His astonishment on his face, he had no idea what she was talking about.

— You're frustrating you know... Very frustrating. She lowered her head and began to cry again. She untransformed and went back to the members of her village.

— Hanasia! Yelled Nizouki. You're the strongest of the Saiyans now! Don’t you want to go to the capital?

Hanasia arrived near the villagers. She took Harik who was rushing to her and hugged him. Then she turned to her best friend and hugged her too. Then she continued with the closest Saiyans, while letting tears flow down her face.

And they all returned to their home plainn happy because Hanasia showed a happy face, her tears were of happiness. The happiness that all was over.

— Come on, let’s find a good spot. We must rebuild the village.


— You could be Queen! Cried out Nizouki.

He looked at the people of the village going away by ignoring him. He also turned around and returned to the capital.


— Keep the turtle close, it will be useful as a means of communication with the girl while she isn’t at the Saiyan capital, said Chiin-Lee while all tied up the equipment, managing the return of their armies.

— But this girl...

— There is no more urgentency. We will make a meeting about it. For now we must all get some rest.

— No need to attack the girl. Her heart is pure.

All Tsufuls turned abruptly toward the red giant who had just reappeared.

— I come to confirm you the death of your opponent.

— We detected him disappear into the sun. Thanks to you, we're sure. Thanks a lot.

— I also give you back this. Kibito dropped from his hand a bright spherical object. There was a cry while some Tsufuls rushed reflexively behind their chairs.

Chiin-Lee remained impassive as she knew their miniature nuclear bomb would not explode from a small shock. The bomb bounced once or twice then rolled innocently in the control room. Kibito looked at the whole room with a serious and sanctimonious expression. He had nothing to say. He just waited for the message to spread. Many people looked down like scolded children .

— We made what we could with our ressources, sir, said Chiin-Lee holding her gaze. This is the entire planet that was threatened. Rest assured, we will destroy this weapon now.

— You will do the same for poison.

How did he know? He was a god, the question did not arise for Chiin-Lee.

As she began to say : "Of course." She was cut off by a raging arrogant she had never liked. A Tsuful who said:

— We still need it, because there is another.

Chiin-Lee was seething anger internally. This moron, had he not noticed that this red god himself had revived the other Saiyan? A technician took his head in his hands and thought "We will all die!" He thought so hard that Kibito heard it unintendedly.

— Destroy the poison. As for this another, it’s your greatest protection now. Other dangers await you and this warrior is your best means of survival.

There was silence in the room. The message was understood.

— We shall never meet again.

— Oh, wait before disappearing! Chiin-Lee could not leave this question unanswered. Why... is it not the God of the North who came?

— Because he's dead.

And the red god disappeared.

Chiin-Lee chuckled. A dead god! Theology took a hit.

And then she looked on one of the screens that showed the Saiyan that let her emotion flow on her beaming face. She smiled and her eyes were wet too. We no longer fear anything, she thought. We are protected by the gods and the crying Saiyan.

Chiin-Lee left the room happy.

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