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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 11.

All against the Millenary Fighter


Hanasia was pouring some water on her father's forehead.

In the family house, and on that very same bed where her mother had ended her life, now her father was laying.

« Don't bother... » he thought he was saying, but Hanasia could just hear the vowels. “You're in the doldrums, just as you did with you mother,” he mumbled. Hartich tried to raise his arm in order to put his hand on her face, but he didn't manage to do it.

“You know, my daughter,” he said, out loud or just in his head, “I am not a good Saiyan. When I went around the world, I was looking for something different, but I haven't found it. So I tried to be it myself, different I mean. When I came back, I became a village chief, but I don't think I deserve it. I placed all my difference in you and, what's sure is that you really are different. You're the strongest Saiyan. You're also the most deserving for, as I do, you can feel the sadness of other people. No, you don't feel it, you live it. You're not just a Saiyan. You're every Saiyan. When they suffer, it's in you. When they're happy, it's in you... You've all the Saiyans in you and that's why you're the strongest Saiyan. You'll be able to lead them and to fight at their side. You...”

But Hanasia never heard this speech. She just saw through her tears her father's eyes closing while his mouth was still erratically moving.


“Well? What is your problem? What's your message?”

The Tsuful was panting at the door, and he couldn't get it through. His eyes were moving in every directions. He tried to speak, but his lungs were empty. He had to take his breath once again. How calm was this control room! But a kind of anxiety was now growing and every eyes were set on the messenger.

Tsufuls are serious people. Without even knowing his name, Chiin-Lee had already spoken several time with this employee and he was a serious person. That was why everyone was worried to see him sweating, distraught as if he had seen a demon, unable to express the news he had run to tell in person when one could as easily communicate from one room to another.

But it wasn't the only thing that added to the disquiet. Behind him, and from the open door, a unusual background buzz could be heard. The entire building was high boiling. Chiin-Lee took the mike to ask what was going on in the next room. On the videophone, she could see that the workers were running around.

“What is happening?” she distinctly demanded. It stopped the called ones dead in their track. They looked at the videophone, surprised, as if the question was stupid. Suddenly aware that he still hadn't shared his message, the guy at the door managed to stutter:

“There... There are two of them!”



A beam of light pierced the smoke and a powerful wind immediately cleared it. Still standing in the center of a crater of soil and rock, laughing as a demon, Romanesco, the Millenary fighter, wasn't bleeding anymore. There was a black stain on his torso: the hot air that had been glued to the point of impact. But not a scratch, not the mere wound.

That had been the most powerful attack they could do. Fifty Saiyan together, trained and synchronized couldn't touch the Millenary fighter. What could they do now? They couldn't gather the entire army so quickly. It was useless to try and hold him back. On the other hand, according to the Tsufuls, he was going to destroy everything in his immediate surrounding in the meanwhile. And it was confirmed when he hit the ground with his fist and threw a fire ball. The crater under his feet exploded and the ground shook. Nizzuchi flew away, making a very clear gesture: he was telling the soldiers to flee.

Each immediately started to leave. Some were fleeing at his speed, fear in their stomach. The Millenary Fighter slowly flew and he suddenly threw himself on one of them that he caught and shook as a rattle. Nizzuchi wasn't going to stay here and watch. He had a mission and the army wasn't his problem anymore. He went at his speed and, almost at ground level, flew as fast as possible towards Hanasia's village. But it was going to at least take a whole day...


Chiin-Lee didn't understand it. The room remained silent as well. They all were here to follow the move of the giant mechanical turtle that was flying above the sea towards the village of the millenary fighter. But one of the technicians had understood it and he rushed at his keyboard.

On the main screen appeared the map of the world, an arrow showed the turtle. Some spots located the main Saiyan cities and the village of the target that had been added for the occasion. There also were the Tsuful towns. The turtle was using a direct path between one of these cities and the village. The technician typed for a while and other marks appeared on this map. A red flashing mark that Chiin-Lee knew about: it was the marker of the specific energy of the Millenary fighter. That mark automatically went on when the girl had transformed during the attack on her village.

“She has moved?” asked someone in the room. But other screen and holographic images went on in many places. Rather than to verbally answer Chiin-Lee's question on the videophone, people in the next room were showing images. A recording of the throne room, satellite images and other sources.

Another Saiyan. Another one. Transformed, as the girl. Another... There were two of them.

“Satellite images of the village. Find me the girl.” demanded Chiin-Lee, as to reassure herself. As they were moving along, she watched the images of the throne room. Text indicated that it was a recording, while, beside it, but with less details, they could see in real time the fighter wreak havoc in his path. There was a lot of Tsuful devices in the palace and many flying cameras had arrived to add to the satellite images. The young boy named Romanesco was getting angry during his fight and, instantly, he had changed. It had happened much faster than with the girl. But what was more is that he was much more powerful. Chiin-Lee hadn't measured the levels of energy but when he had transformed, the ground had been destroyed under his feet, the wind was stronger but also the light had spread in the entire room and had given him a much bigger aura. Moreover there was this surprising change of his entire body, not only his hair. His muscles were enormously huge and he looked like a monster.

Maybe the millenary transformation was less impressive among female Saiyans? Or...

“I got it!” exclaimed a Tsuful, showing a satellite image. The girl was coming out of her house. The flying camera, that had remained in stand by went nearer.

The villagers were approaching the girl and the camera got down in order to have better images. It placed itself on the roof of a building and, zooming in, the Tsuful could see the faces of the Saiyans that now were surrounding the girl and talking to her. She was crying again.

Chiin-Lee put the images aside and opened a communication with the Saiyan who was the king advisor. The advisor had a bracelet on his arm that allowed him to communicate with the Tsuful. He was a young fighter who served the royal family and had proved himself worthy of trust. Standing on the top of the highest tower, he was watching the fight of the warrior from afar. He knew that the Tsuful would sooner or later try to contact him and he was waiting.

“Advisor, greetings. What's the situation?”

“The millenary fighter had shown up. The king is dead. Our general is currently gathering the army. A part of it had fought outdoor and all of them are dead. The millenary fighter is currently killing the last ones.”

“We can see it.”

“It the general Nizzuchi still alive?” asked the advisor. “He's the only one who knows where is the Saiyan he has been training. It'd be necessary for him to go to him.”

Oh, right, the Saiyans' plan... But it was quite unlikely that this general and his fighter were going to be of any use.

“Chiin-Lee.” called a Tsuful from the room next door, “we've sent a war vessel towards the capital. It will arrive in half an hour. As the turtle was already being used...”

“Chiin-Lee,” said another, “we've found their general. He's the last survivor of the slaughtered battalion and he's currently rushing eastwards. The millenary fighter has noticed him and is going after him. The general already has gone several dozens of kilometers.”

“Hm... He's after him... Call to the captain of the war vessel!”

“Captain Aruloku Alebatoru of the Scarred Face, on the upper deck of the Lightning Bold, listening.”

“Do you have these ships of super fast travel? And could a Saiyan hang to it, or even get inside?”

“Yes, and yes, I think, if we let the cockpit open.”

“Send one of them immediately. Keep it empty and remote controlled, at top speed towards the millenary fighter. Make it fly near the Saiyan that the fighter is following.”


Nizzuchi was flying as fast as possible when he felt a rather stressful presence behind him. Yes, afar off, there was the millenary fighter after him! He wasn't randomly destroying everything around him, on the contrary he was going to kill all of his enemies. Obviously, the millenary fighter didn't leave a fight unfinished!

He was going to catch him in a few moments. There was no way for him to escape him... But suddenly a strange device appeared on his right and flew towards him ever faster. It was a flying thing made of metal and it started to float beside him. It could just be a Tsuful item. He very faintly heard a voice. He came near and saw a kind of seat in the middle of the frame. There was a magical orb and the voice was coming out of it!

“Get in the ship! Sit down and let you be driven away! It's much faster that you.”

The Tsuful were helping him?! How surprising... But he couldn't quite refuse it. He was exhausted and he didn't have any choice. Nizzuchi knelt on the seat and grabbed the back of the chair which width was larger than its height. He was now facing the millenary fighter who was getting nearer and nearer.

“Direction the village of the millenary fighter female.” said Chiin-Lee. “Base your speed on the speed of the millenary fighter. Put a navigator at the commands of the remote control. If the pursuer start throwing energy ball, we have to avoid them, so we need good reflexes. The Lightning Bolt! Go to the village too. The turtle will be here, as the two millenary fighters. It'll be the big meeting place.”

“Advisor,” she called, using another language and another mike. “Lead your army in the direction the bracelet will give you.”

“How do you know where I'm going?” asked Nizzuchi to the orb.

“We're sending you to the most powerful Saiyan of the world.” answered Chiin-Lee. “The one you were looking for.” Then, turning off the mike in order to answer to the surprised glances she was getting from all over the room: “Well, of course. He was looking for the best Saiyan, wasn't he? Well, it's the other millenary.”

“It's obvious that these Tsufuls know everything about us...” Nizzuchi thought. “But I don't think that Hanasia will be able to do anything. But at least, we're several on the case.”



“He's dead.” Hanasia said to the villager.

“You don't have to be sad,” one of them said. “He fought very well.”

Then, she came in the house to fetch his body. When she went out, the others already had widened the circle. They were ready for the funeral rite. Hanasia took a deep breath and threw the village chief upwards. A shiver went through her body as she saw the outlines of the powerful body of her father getting farther and farther up in the sky.

He had been thrown very high. The villagers didn't expect any less for their chief and they perfectly trusted his daughter's strength. Her move had been fairly simple, she didn't seem to have used much strength. Yet he was getting upwards at very high speed.

As usual, they got their energy ball ready and waited for Hanasia to shoot first. It seemed to last forever. The oldest ones remembered that no other chiefs had been quite as popular and respected as Hartich had been. He had been a very exceptional chief. They all remembered their leader in their heart.

He had been getting down for a while now, when Hanasia suddenly surrounded herself with a powerful wind. All the dust on the ground went up and the air vibrated with these waves that Hanasia already have emitted during her last fight, as she had done against Nizzuchi, but they didn't know it. Without even moving her arms, her entire body threw a fire ball that went upwards and hit the body.

Her shoot was immediately joined by others, but they merely hit one another in the sky as Hartich had already been disintegrated.


Suddenly a huge internal pain hit Hanasia once again, but it wasn't the one she had been expecting.

As a gigantic and overwhelming bad feeling, a threatening presence, much worse than death she just met. It wasn't even comparable with the feeling she had had when facing yesterday's psychopath, it was a hundred times worse.

She suddenly flew upwards.


Afar far off, events and things were all converging towards the village. But the most important point was the one at ground level, at the limits of her eyesight, where she could feel, getting nearer at high speed, the shadow of violent death coming into view.

She couldn't be thinking to her father anymore, it wasn't the time for it anymore. Now she was starting to feel very afraid as she knew that nothing good was going to happen.

She slowly got down, the others hadn't moved.

“What is going on Hanasia?”

“Events... Terrible events are coming. That's all I know. In a few minutes... here... It'll be a bloodbath.”

The villagers looked at one another, surprised.

“Leave the village! Flee!”

“Well, Hana...”

“She is right!” One of the old timers screamed. “I can smell death! It's coming!” And he flew to see it with his own eyes. Those who could fly went up in the air to see it for themselves.

“It's that thing coming near?”

The Saiyans with the sharpest senses soon began to be afraid and, as it was getting nearer, they were more and more to see in these two approaching dots something much more terrifying than yesterday's invincible fighter.


Nizzuchi was surprised at the speed of his flying rock that was going faster and faster because Romanesco was going faster and faster. He was also astonished that they were going right to Hanasia's place. Then he made out houses in the distance. Given their speed, it was just a matter of seconds. He prepared himself to get down in flight.

This race hadn't made Romanesco the least bit tired and he had all his time. He also saw the village and suddenly understood that it had been their goal. He saw several Saiyans floating in the air. He understood that a new fight was about to start.


“It's Nizzuchi. He's on a flying rock!”

“Yes.” answered Hanasia. “He... He brought me the Millenary Fighter.”

“That's the fighter? Look, there is light all around him.”

“Like... Hanasia.”

“No, not like Hanasia.” said an old Saiyan.

“Listen to me, all of you...” she started. “You... You shouldn't attack it. Never. Got it?”



“We've seen the results of the aura analyses. The girl's level is far below the boy's. So, in this duel to death, we'll sent our attack only towards him. Then we'll see considering the situation. Our ships will arrive in a few minutes, so we can't do anything but watch the beginning.”

“He just arrived in the village.”

“I know.”

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