DB Multiverse

Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 44.

Warning! One illustration within this chapter contain non-taboo nudity. If you prefer not seeing it, click here:


Intense rage


Hanasia remembered her previous trip into space and knew that exiting the ship meant putting herself in danger as well as in a position of weakness. Because she had also understood that her opponent faced no discomfort in these conditions.

Maybe she should wait for his return, use the respite, to… to prepare… a plan? Most Saiyans weren’t good with plans.

Maybe she should get closer to the bomb.

But they had told her Demons were very smart. How to do it so he wouldn’t see it coming?


The Queen looked around her.

A few subjects were laying about, arms hanging about or scratching their fur, not really knowing what to do, or looking at the hole through which the Demon left. Others, with all the rebels, were chasing the last enemy still alive to attack him. They looked like a huge hive, though larger, dumber, more disorganized. And that had as sole impact the loss of a fighter every three seconds. They fell like flies. Or maybe bees?

She felt that this warrior was very powerful. After all he had resisted her first attack. And damn it, that bastard was very effective in the art of eliminating opponents! He meticulously organized his massacre. It painfully reminded her of General Chatterton. (She knew neither his name nor rank, so it painfully reminded her of the tall baldhead with the goatee.) It was precisely what she had wanted to avoid!

That’s what she had to do. Take care of the guy before the Demon returned.

But first, calm those dumb allies.

She sent a large energy salvo towards the hive. The large wave hit everyone. The power of the Super Saiyan Oozaru caused damage. Most of the rebels and some Saiyans were even injured. Avoka, Tagarrion and Bourgo received it through gritted teeth. She dived in. As she had hoped, all the members of the hive got out of her way, some insulting her along the way (in thought for most, because pain doesn’t prevent basic survival instinct). Her punch was ready. A direct shot, it would be the best. And if he evaded it (even though he wouldn’t evade it), an energy ball would follow.


Confronted to the new situation, one could think Avoka would weigh his options. But it wasn’t what he was doing. Because, yes, he had already anticipated that. He had weighed his options hours ago, already. He knew he wouldn’t even be able to immobilize such an overly powerful monster. So, he went on to plan 293. Using his telekinetic power once more, he pulled on the Saiyan’s tail like a madman! But not only. He tried to rip it off by turning it in every direction and bending it in its base, for maximum efficiency and pain.

You know they say the monkey tail is the weakness of all Saiyans? And that those who train it lose this weakness? That’s a shortcut. In truth, they get harder, but it remains one of the most sensitive spots of their body. You just need to go much, much harder for results.

Avoka was going hard. And the attack was brutal. She hadn’t seen it coming, and with reason: he was still far from her… Hanasia was in agony and her attack was stopped. But she didn’t count on letting him go. She got back up and threw herself back at him.

Seeing her close in, the telekinetic wondered if he shouldn’t now put all his strength behind the attack. But it would be putting himself at the mercy of the two rebel leaders who were waiting for the slightest opening.

Bloody hell, the titan was fast approaching. The effort Avoka was producing to rip her tail off was fruitless. It was hurting her quite a bit, but she was too resistant, he wasn’t going to succeed. He had to flee while waiting for Frosty’s return. Or actually… would he dare? He smiled inside. He liked the idea: give a telekinetic slap to Frosty to wake him from unconsciousness. Even if the latter killed him in reprimand, he’d have at least postponed his death a little while… But… If Frosty gave himself a second’s thought to see where he was and to return, Avoka would have died thrice over. It was too risky. Therefore…

There are those combat techniques that only work once. The one you all know is the Taiyōken, which generates a blinding light. Taken by surprise, everyone closes their eyes in pain. The precious seconds gained have saved the lives of many combatants. Avoka possessed one such technique, using sonic waves. He’d make his own body vibrate using his telekinetic precision, and for an instant, a terrible sound covering all frequencies emanated from him. Often ears would bleed and objects would shatter. He called this technique the Sonikubū.

Avoka dropped his useless grasp on Hasasia. He ignored his other opponents, and launched his attack.




The shockwave caused by the power of the sound made the lower trees tremble. Hanasia fell back and screamed while putting her hands to her ears, way too late unfortunately. Tagarrion turned in on himself in the air and lost all control. And all the simple rebels and Saiyans still alive hobbled around in a sudden agony.

He could surely not kill the Super Saiyan, and Frosty would be mad at him, but he could eliminate the two rebels, now. He turned towards Bourgo, but didn’t find him.

A strange sensation made him lower his eyes.

Now that was a surprise.

Avoka had a Namekian hand that extruded from his chest.

And he hadn’t anticipated that.

Bourgo had elongated his arm, and had stabbed through him.

Before falling into unconsciousness that precipitated death, Avoka saw Bourgo come closer and tell him in a condescending tone:

— The sonikubū ? Seriously?


Bourgo knew the extent to which powerful warriors could be resourceful. So he finished off Avoka with a few well-placed shots.

Despite their own auricular pain that prevented them from being too expressive, several allies screamed their joy. That last soldier had killed too many of them.

— Everyone back to the ships, Bourgo screamed. Immediate evacuation!

— Yeah!! We won! We made it! Screamed several Saiyans, as well as a rebel that hadn’t followed the details of the fight between Hanasia and Frosty.

— It’s not over! Bourgo screamed. But we’re useless now, we’ll only get in Hanasia’s way. Everyone leave!

The more disciplined rebels didn’t ask more and took flight. A few made a detour to see if a friend was still alive and if they needed assistance.

— I don’t get it, who’s left to fight? Asked a giant ape.

Hanasia started getting back up, and screamed.

— Everyone get back to the ships! And turn those fucking moons off!

Bourgo approached her.

— But why? They give you an advantage…

— It doesn’t change anything, he’s too strong anyway. In this form, he’s an ultra-fast insect for me, I can’t keep up, it’ll be easier if we’re the same size. And the others won’t be able to enter the ships if they’re giants.

Tagarrion had heard and sent a radio message. The ships needed to open their airlocks and stop the generation of new light balls.

— Destroy the moons! Hanasia insisted.

The rebels still present executed her order. A few Saiyans shot from their mouths, damaging the dome. Sometimes, energy holes were created, and the closest moons were sucked into space. When none were visible anymore, the Saiyans regained their human forms.

— Now, fuck off! Back to the ships! Now!!

Hanasia had screamed as her size was diminishing. Her soldiers understood she was serious and in a hurry. That disobeying would mean taking a kick in the ass. They went through the dome, the smartest taking a big breath of air first.

On the other side, they joined the other rebels, who like them were floating in the emptiness of space looking like idiots.

There weren’t any ships, only debris.


Tagarrion hadn’t received any radio response, and he guessed as to why.

Bourgo had been wondering, indeed, why Frosty was taking so long to return…

Seeing the appalled faces of the rebels, Hanasia concentrated on the sky, and noticed that it was from above that the power of the Frost Demon came from, now…

The Frost Demon, once awoken, had admired his space station now that he’d been quite removed from, and upon which the damage was clearly visible. He noticed the enemy ships weren’t far off. No one was firing at them. He concluded that a short detour wouldn’t hurt.

Destroying highly armored vessels of a high tech army, for a Frost Demon, was like breaking a Lego construction for toddlers. Or closer to Duplo. No, Kapla actually. Ok, let’s be honest: wafers.

Seeing the surviving runaways arriving and wondering what to do now that there was no return taxi, he smiled. In the darkness of space and without the capacity to sense power levels, no one could see him. The Saiyans remained there, dumbfounded. The rebels were already turning back. They had understood he was there, even if they didn’t know where. Their panic was palpable.

That’s when he had an idea, a way to pay a small homage to his opponent.

Using his capacity of superior vision, he located each individual and from the tip of his finger, fired one energy beam per person. For those slow to react, it was like a monstrous machine gun revolution, touching everyone at the same time. The fast rebels hadn’t finished turning around when the entire troop was already pierced and killed.

A thorough cleaning.


Hanasia understood at that moment, as she saw the lines of light run on top of the dome. Then she felt all the energies disappear.

Her pupils retracted. Her muscles contracted. Her mind went blank.

He had killed everyone.

She had left him alone for barely a minute and he had assassinated the Saiyans, Tsufuls and all the others.

That monster.

Without seeing she knew the body of Corrne was dead and floating in space.

Another massacre.

The fault… of those guys… again!!


Frost descended upon the arena. He found the last survivors.

Oh, Avoka was dead. One less person to worry about. One never knew with hyper-precise and supra-intelligent telekinetics like him. If one day he thought of pressing on a brain blood vessel during one’s sleep…

Bourgo was there, his eyes on him, in defense position, sweating with all his apprehension.

Tagarrion, still under his armor, ready to attack, waiting for an opening: he could wait for a long time.

Two rebels of the highest importance that he’d do good to remove today.

And the Saiyan… Hmm, where was she?

He felt the wind then the hit. A direct right straight to the temple. Stunned, he moved to the side, but she was attacking him again. Ouch! Her speed had increased. She was hurling insults and her determination guided her fists. She was in a mad rage, and that made her terribly stronger.

Her mind was focused on one thought. She only had one objective, one sole objective commanded her action: the total and utter destruction of the Demon. A power like never before invaded her, generated precisely for his execution.

That monster was going to pay.


Neither of the two rebels complained about the sudden turnaround of events.

— It’s incredible.

— She’s finding all her resources in her rage. Instead of losing control and flailing about like with everyone else, she’s focused and effective. It’s unheard of.

— I’ve got a glimmer of hope. I feel that maybe, for once, we might actually win.

— You’re not of the optimist kind, are you Tagarrion?

— Optimists are never fully prepared, Bourgo. Since the beginning, I knew this venture was doomed to fail.

— But you participated in the attack.

— This one and every one before. The whole rebellion was lost from the get go.

— You didn’t have any hope when you learnt of the death of Chilled?

— No.

— When Ice died? When you learnt Snower was with us? You prepared this plan to finish off Frosty, and you didn’t believe in it?

— No. It’s impossible for it to work.

— If all this is impossible, why are you fighting with us?

— Me, I know it’s impossible. You guys, you don't. I just couldn’t leave you alone.


Frosty took a hit to the stomach as he had tried to protect his head. Then a knee-bash. A fist. An elbow-bash.

God dammit, he was going to die.

It was the first time in his life he had such a thought.

He messed up, he had been arrogant. He had decided to not take his time, but he had done it anyway.

What a waste! Frosty, the strongest Frost Demon, who had even made combat his specialty! Yes indeed, he had trained one day per month! It doesn’t sound like much? Frosty is 345 years old. That makes as many days as if you had trained twice per week for 30 years…

Between two flashes of pain, he tried to regain control. Flying backwards, running from the blows, he finally evaded one, then get far enough to breathe a little. The spacing saved him. As he spat blood and bile, wretched in pain, she stopped hitting him. She also surely needed to breathe. He glanced at her? Standing, tensed, she was fixing him with unwavering, deathly glared eyes. He knew that as soon as he was done vomiting, she’d attack again. That or in a few seconds.

He detected movements. The two rebels were charging at him. They weren’t stupid, they knew what raging girl ignored, that Frosty was the worst monster in the universe. They were right. The demon turned his head towards Hanasia and tried his most imploring face, added with real panic. He didn’t know if it made her doubt or increased her anger, but it gave him half a moment to worry only about Bourgo. The latter, faster than Tagarrion, was on him, an energy ball in each hand. The Namekian had his guard up and was expecting a close contact explosion. It didn’t matter the damage as long as Frosty could be hurt at least a little. He knew that if he went in with regular attacks, he’d be evaded and killed in one-shot. It was a useless precaution. Instantly, Frosty changed his position. He fell into himself, seemingly slipping along the floor, passed under the attacks and caught the two green arms. He forced and in an instant, broke the Namekian’s limbs, leaving the balls without control.

As the two explosions ravaged the surroundings around him, he cut Bourgo’s neck as he knew Namekians possessed unusual regenerative capabilities. One down. The other just behind. Tagarrion made a small jump backwards to protect himself from the explosion. He also defended himself uselessly. He understood that he was next and deployed his entire defensive arsenal. His armor opened, unveiling dozens of weapons. Small missiles launched to explode on the Demon. Katchin blades darted in every direction, breaching the ground and the ship, Bourgo’s body, Hanasia’s hair. A toxic gas added itself to the dust in the air. Acid poison poured over the edges of the armor, and destabilizing stroboscopics vibrations distorted the sound, smell, light, wind and gravity around him. Finally, an energy shield surrounded him.

Frosty went through all of it in a breeze, planted his hand in between two sheets of metal, and killed the rebel. Then he removed the two blades planted in his skin like two splinters.

All that had been quite quick, but it didn’t stop the charged fist of the golden warrior from being eight centimetres from his skin.

It was the moment for his last astounding move. If he succeeded this one, he had won.

On Earth, it’s called the transposition technique, or after-image. Hanasia’s fist went through a transparent version of Frosty that slowly disappeared. She found herself amidst smoke and the remnants of Tagarrion’s defensive measures. It had almost no effect on her, but she had to search for Frosty’s energy signature to find him.

He wasn’t there.


She flew to take some vantage. She searched with her eyes all the while focusing on energies. Nothing. How was that possible?

Frosty didn’t know he was hiding his strength. He was using a transcendental meditation technique that rendered him invisible. He wasn’t emitting energy, nor sound, nor light. You had to search for an immobile blur to find him. Now, he had to flee. To move was to reveal himself, but he was counting on his opponent’s rage to make up for it.

— Where are you?! Hanasia screamed. Show yourself, you damned coward! Are you scared, asshole? Are you scared?!

Normally, Frosty would be the first to react to an insult, but he contained himself as he could.

— You can’t ever run! I’ll find you at the edge of the universe! I’ll end you!!

She charged her two fist and sent towards the ground a large wave of destructive energy. All the earth was shifted and nature was entirely destroyed. Frosty extended his arms and let himself be carried by the force of the explosion, until the wall. Then, slowly, which was easy because his entire body hurt, he walked to the innards of the ship. Hanasia kept plundering the ground, destroying it more and more.

He recalled the schematics of the arena. The engine room was the closest, followed by the medbay. He limped towards his first objective. Arriving, he applied his plan, then levitated towards his second objective.

Even enraged, even in flight, Hanaisa couldn’t miss the changes. The rocks and trees weren’t falling anymore. There was a vertical wind, as if she was on top of an air duct (this analogy didn’t come to Hanasia’s mind, the Tsufuls wouldn’t install the first air ducts in Saiyan territory before 328 years). Because all the air was escaping through the dome that had now vanished.

In all the corridors leading to the combat terrain, there was an even stronger wind because of the reduced size of the corridors. The entire ship was emptying itself, because the automatic doors hadn’t set off themselves.

All the air was escaping. Everything was floating slowly before falling with infinite sluggishness towards the vessel, the only mass of consequence nearby. Everything cooled slowly to the rhythm of the fleeing infrared waves.

Frosty had turned off all the ship’s systems, even the life support.


In the infirmary, he injected some painkillers and some healing factors. Nothing magical, but it was already making a difference. He breathed one last time from the minuscule air pressure. It reminded him of the home planet of his species. He had visited it, once.

Now he just had to wait for his opponent to die from asphyxia.


Hanasia knew she had just taken her last gulp of air and that she needed to finish this quickly.

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