DB Multiverse

Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 43.

The space arena


They wouldn’t stop getting closer, the arena growing ever bigger. What Hanasia had thought was a glass bubble was actually the lighted dome of a park. And in the end it wasn’t a park, but a gigantic space as large as a battlefield, with little green areas to help oxygen renewal. Then she saw the green areas weren’t small shrubs but actually huge trees. The walls along the sides of this plains were already hidden from her line of sight by the edges of the porthole.

It really was gigantic.

And the spot where the bomb was hidden… she could visualize the route thanks to the mental image Bourgo had put in her head. From here she couldn’t see it. You’d need to leave the “park”, move along long corridors, reach the distanced quarters and the soldier’s refectory, and it was there, in a shack, where the machine to take all their lives was hidden.


Tagarrion indicated the marching orders to the Saiyans. He had brought them to the room of the vessel by which they had entered. It’s long sliding door was closed and the warriors were frustrated they couldn’t see outside. The door behind them closed the airlock.

He tried to explain to them what was going to happen, knowing they lacked space-related vocabulary.

— In a few seconds, the gravity, air and heat in this room are going to disappear. Then the outside door will open. We’ll immediately fly toward the shield. To enter the space arena, it’s like going into water, but a lot harder. So dive with both hands in front, pointed, to pass through the protection. Once done, you’ll be surrounded by air, and subjected to gravity. Don’t waste any time, the vacuum of space is hostile. And especially don’t look to the right.

At their right was the sun.

He was satisfied with himself, he thought he had made it clear and simple.

Several Saiyans raised their hands.

— There’s lot’s of words I didn’t get.

Tagarrion sighed. Hanasia answered:

— You won’t be able to breathe. Run straight into the wall of light, diving. And do it quickly.

— Now? Asked another Saiyan, who was wondering if he should destroy and go through the door. We need to… uuuhhh… break… ack!! ACK!! (I can’t breathe!!)

The Saiyans barely noticed the gravity had disappeared. And all this hogwash about heat was negligible compared to the feeling of suffocation which was, until now, entirely novel.

The door of the airlock opened. They threw themselves forward, in a panic. Most thought to put themselves in a diving position. Others hurt their heads more when they went through the energy shield.

On the other side, the conditions were closer to what they knew and they were able to calm themselves, breathe a little, and receive the first energy salvos sent from beneath them.


Hanasia transformed into Super Saiyan and was among the first to arrive. She observed sideways and efficiently what was awaiting them. An army of regular soldiers, just as the two previous attacks. Though Hanasia hadn’t herself really crossed any living soldiers, she knew their power-levels. She knew the Saiyans and the rebels would easily get through them. But it wouldn’t cost her much to reduce their numbers by half.

She tried as best as possible to ignore the demon and his evil aura standing in the middle of his army, and identified the strongest power-levels around him.

She raised her arms and a rain of energy fireballs poured over the arena.


One heck of a bad day for Ganicou, a soldier in Frosty’s army.

Already the mood on the battlefield wasn’t good. Every experienced soldier of a Frost Demon knew that their boss never fought, unless his army had already lost. And Frosty had placed himself in the middle of his men, as if nothing… It could only mean he considered them as already dead.

Then the enemy arrived. Coming from space, they had come through the protective dome. Without spacesuits. Without armor. She knew the ships had stopped close by, but come on!

Anyhow, her comrades opened fire. They weren’t your regular-beat soldiers, Frosty didn’t surround himself with the lowly. They were all rather strong, even if far off from being elite. That meant that, firstly they knew how to aim, and secondly, their firearms were rather cool. It was an energy canon stuck on their arm, it could destroy reinforced walls. State of the art. Back then at least. Anyhow. Their shots hit the incomers with precision. And they said: “Ouch!”

Ouch?? One doesn’t go Ouch when one gets blasted by Ganicou! One goes Hyaaaarg!! My arm! Where’s my arm?! What are these space warriors made of?

As if that wasn’t enough, a being of yellow light started throwing tons of energy balls that coursed with incredible sp--

And Ganicou’s day ended there.


Every soldier slightly standing grouped together instantly died.

Every soldier a little strong instantly died.

Eight elite soldiers instantly died.

Yikoun instantly died. He had the time to say to himself: What a pretty li--

Avoka almost instantly died. An energy attack had gone in his direction. But he had anticipated and generated a shield. It was overcome like a knife through hot butter. But he had anticipated it and had already started his backwards movement, all his muscles contracting, arms in front of his face. His clothes were burnt and torn. But he had anticipated that and had spare clothes in his apartment for after the fight.


Hanasia felt that one of the two stronger soldiers had survived. But she didn’t have time to remedy that. The power of the Demon had moved, almost instantly. He was behind her. She was overcome by his evil aura. He whispered in her ear: I like your style.

But did she hear it? Frosty’s fist had hit her ribs so hard she lost consciousness before smashing against the floor of the arena.


Whereas the rebels, experienced warriors they were, weren’t complaining of the sudden lack of opponents on the battlefield - they threw themselves on the last remaining, sometimes as a group for more efficiency… The Saiyans on the other hand were openly complaining, of the lack of action. Until a powerful twain in their heart brought insufferable pain. Those on the ground fell to their feet. Those flying simply fell. Anyone who hasn’t experienced a heart-attack can’t understand the pain they felt. All their hearts had stopped beating!

As he had anticipated, Avoka the telekinetic had noticed most of his adversaries were of the same species. And though they were stronger than regular soldiers, they were still nothing compared to him. He could therefore clean up the mess via a grouped attack, aiming at the Saiyans’ hearts. It was simple: he detected them, based on their rhythm, their identical pulsations, that none of his soldiers presented, and exerted onto them a strong enough pressure to prevent the organs from accomplishing the vital work.

The rebel Namek, Bourgo, landed in front of him, 6.34m precisely. Without wasting time presenting himself, he put an arm behind himself, to then, evidently, launch a punch or an energy-based attack. Avoka knew Bourgo could elongate his arms, and therefore considered both options.

But why present himself like that, in a front attack? Bourgo wasn’t a fighter led by honor or the desire to challenge, two reasons that could have explained this behaviour. He was a vigilante, an effective one. Who was in a hurry because this strategist had surely figured out Avoka was the point of origin of the Saiyans’ pain.

So it was a feint. Avoka threw himself to the side, thus avoiding the treacherous attack of Tagarrion, the armored rebel whom no one knew what his face looked like.

Well, actually everyone knew his face, but ten years ago, no. It’s a short, uninteresting story involving an “investigation” newspaper and a paparazzi.

Bourgo sent his fist in a Gomu Gomu No Pistol attack, in the direction Avoka would be in a second. But too fast. Avoka made a micro-movement and the arm passed in front of him by inches. And that was the objective. Avoka was now stuck in between an elbow and Tagarrion who was chasing after him. Avoka the telekinetic took off vertically. But at a surprising speed. He had flown and gave himself a boost by also lifting his body with his powers. He could have also given an extra boost by pushing the ground with his heel, but he had his limits: it was essential he keep his style, meaning arms crossed, slightly floating and his feet hanging.

His two opponents were surprised by his effective flight and pursued chase. The Saiyans were still suffering. They had to make him lose his concentration long enough to make him release them! But he had anticipated that. As those ridiculous elite rebels of superior power-level could put pressure on him…

The two rebels didn’t know what to do. All he had to do was evade them until the death of three quarters of their army. Then he’d counter-attack. Tagarrion then suddenly threw a thorn, projected from in between two plates of his armor. Avoka had… you get the jist. He evaded the projectile. Rage grew within them. What’s more, they had noticed - rather than observed - that Hanasia had been floored in one shot. And that the Demon had now descended near her point of impact.


Frosty took a quarter of an instant to weigh his options. He was terribly stronger than his brothers. He was terribly stronger than this “Super Saiyan”. Proof, this warrior had experienced difficulties against his youngest brother and fell into his own surprise attack. Of course, Frosty hadn’t gone nicely, but to fall for it that badly?! And to lose consciousness!... Adding onto that, she was convulsing on the ground: Avoka’s attack was affecting her as well.

Her hair had returned to the same black as her brethren. She was also affected by the mundane psychic mass attack. In short, she was an ordinary Saiyan, but was capable of “transforming”. Like a Demon, but to become stronger instead of containing herself. An augmentation form rather than a reduction? Hmm, was that even possible? He’d have to look into that some day…

His opponent was so weak, in any case for him, that he didn’t risk much… making the fight last a little, right? Let her get back up, get her spirits back together… It was a unique opportunity to measure himself to the strongest being “from below” that had ever existed… The Demons often dreamed of being able to entirely let loose in a demonstration of strength, truly test their capacities, like Freeza would one day want in front of Son Goku. Against another Demon… it wasn’t the same. There was judgement, critics, a follow-up… Here, he could unleash his fury, his opponent would then be dead and no one would remind him of a missed feint during a birthday some 175 years later.

That was, if she survived Avoka, but here, it was obvious. Frosty loved Avoka, and his mastery level fascinated him. But it was in the same way you could be fascinated by a bird’s precision, who with his crude beak, could create a nest by crisscrossing twigs. Because for Frosty, Avoka remained a weakling. If Avoka could lift an entire mountain with his power, Frosty could offset the entire planet from it’s rotation. If Avoka could kill all the Saiyans in half a minute, like a bird making its nest, Frosty could kill all the Saiyans, rebels, and his own army within a second just by releasing his aura, like a gorilla dropping a log on the path.

And she had killed Chili, chief of the Hot Squad. And that guy, Frosty was a little weary of. He’d never know if he’d have been able to resist his mental control. Well, yes. It was evident that a Demon wouldn’t be beat. Noticing the difference between illusion and reality was so basic! You’d really have to be one of the under-species to make the mistake… However, it didn’t remove the fact that senses could be altered, and that could be dangerous.

Anyway, he wanted to have a fight. But on the other side, two of his brothers were dead. They had been arrogant. And Frosty was doing it too. They had headed straight toward a “planetary trap”. It all mattered. It was in his interest to finish off this warrior while she was grounded. It was the right, boring, choice.

There was so much hair. He took a large handful. He put a foot at the base of the neck. He was going to pull hard and suddenly, which would break her spinal cord. Frosty was always amused by the fact that most species could die from a broken spinal cord. But to be sure, he’d also destroy the body afterwards.

A strange light caught the attention of the Frost Demon’s eyes.


This early? Avoka had anticipated it, but this event had occurred in the fastest of his estimations. Frustrating.

Dozens of light balls penetrated the shield, fired by the following enemy vessels, those of the Tsufuls. They were efficiently dispersed within the arena. They weren’t uniformly distributed, but didn’t leave large gaps either. A good light cover at 17 millions Zenos.

All the Saiyans, agonizing and convulsing on the ground, noticed the increase in lighting. Full of hope, they gazed straight into the artificial moons. Their pupils retracted until they became invisible. Their bodies thickened, their hair grew, their canines elongated faster than their other teeth. All their limbs grew, including their internal organs: the heart included. Multiplying its size, pumping ten times faster, like a Shaddock on steroids. Their hearts weren’t the hearts Avoka was aiming anymore.

And it was a total liberation. They felt rekindled.

Hanasia felt their forces return and increase. The energy of her comrades made her regain consciousness. She turned her head and started to transform into an Oozaru. Her hair shortened, escaping Frosty’s hands. As her body grew gigantic, the foot of the demon was raised, and pushed back. He was fascinated by the phenomenon. The Magnificent Mutant Mite of Mutaito was capable of increasing up to fifty fold its volume, and it was an impressive phenomenon, but its initial size was only three milimetres! The space arena was filling up with hairy beasts whose ripped clothes were falling at their feet. His first thought was that it made them even easier targets…

The second was: Oh, but they are really much stronger! Far from being skulking drags, the warriors were moving with even faster velocities. One of them sent an energy attack from its mouth, without even forcing. And still, the impact destroyed parts of the walls of the ship!

In a matter of no time, the last soldiers of the empire were eliminated. Only he and Avoka remained.


Avoka uncrossed his arms. As he was fleeing the two rebels, a giant ape threw himself along his trajectory. The soldier made a movement with a finger, and the ape’s head, manipulated at a distance by the simple command, turned itself on 180°.

But that was just the start. No one wanted to throw themselves at the Frost Demon Frosty, certainly the strongest being of the universe (*). However, participating in the lynching of the terrible Avoka, now that was something everyone wanted a part in! And maybe, if by luck they could get the killshot… A grandiose claim to add to one’s legend.

(*) Universes 1 & 10: and it was true, except for the Kaioshins.

(*) Other Universes: and it was true, except for the Kaioshin.

(*) Universe 2 & 5: forget about them, will you?

All the rebels charged the telekinetic, as well as several Oozarus. He evaded them with some difficulty, taking just an instant every now and then to make a shot, obviously a mortal one.

But he was cornered, and would eventually fall under the numbers. He had anticipated that, indeed, but that didn’t mean he had found a counter.


Frosty raised his eyes. He was afoot of a particularly powerful Oozaru, brilliantly blinding in yellow light. What a beautiful creature. It was his. His opponent. His toy. His really, really big punching-ball.

He flew, almost slowly, to bring himself into view, at mid-height of the ape, about half a building up. Slashing through the air, the fist of the gorilla was already speeding towards him. He put his forearm vertically on his side, and stabilized his flight. The impact produced shockwaves. Despite his efforts, Frosty hadn’t been able to prevent his body from being moved a few centimetres. But Hanasia understood: her hits wouldn’t hurt him.

He whipped the fist with his tail, and she recoiled from the pain. Then he joined his two hands in front, indexes pointing. Immediately, a huge ball of energy formed at the tip. He fired.

Pushed by fear, Hanasia had engaged a motion of retreat, in vain, the ball was going to hit smack in the stomach and cause a lot of damage. If she’d had the grace of Corrne, or the dexterity of Luberkut, she could have turned and let it skim her. But she was Hanasia, and couldn’t avoid it. She’d have to throw her hands at it, and if possible deviate it.

Then it clicked. No. She had to attack. If she evaded the blast, she’d leave an opening for the next attack. Yes, he was terrifying, fast, ridiculously powerful… But… so was she!

Enraged by a sudden spite, Hanasia charged an energy attack to send against Frosty’s. But the latter was heading straight to her stomach. And Oozarus only fired from their mouths. So for the first, and last time in the history of Oozaru’s throughout time, she made an energy ball from the palm of her calloused hand. She threw it at Frosty’s attack. The two balls connected. She pushed. Whereas Frosty had launched his attack and didn’t control it anymore, Hanasia pushed with all her energy behind her own. There was a short back-and-forth, during which she pushed harder and harder. Then suddenly, both plasma balls were projected towards the demon. Surprised, Frosty took full blast his own attack added to Hanasia’s.


He crashed on the ground going through several trees. She didn’t give him anytime to move.

Hanasia threw herself on him, and by increasing the speed of her jump through flight, she sent her enormous first tunneling into the ground, breaching several metres. The impact lifted the rest of the arena like an immensely violent earthquake propagating itself like a wave on a lake. The entire artificial plain raised and fell, breaking all the ground and unrooting all the plants.

Deeper, the bottom of the ship inflated on a surface of ten square metres, as it absorbed the shock. When the tension reached its apex, it breached. The internal parts of the ship that weren't solidly attached, then the ground were sucked out by the huge hole in the hull. Those were followed by the plants, and some bodies, of which Frosty, who was losing consciousness.

Automatically, the shields of the space arena adapted and cleanly covered the opening. The violent outwards wind stopped. Hanasia had no idea what had happened, but she knew Frosty was now in space, having gone through the “little” hole. Should she join him?


Avoka had anticipated that such a hole would breach at any moment and that its suction would deconcentrate everyone. It was the Saiyans who were the most surprised, but it was enough for him to kill five from a distance, during the micro-rest that his numerous opponents had left him.

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