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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 10.

Discovery of the Millenary Fighter


Silence fell throughout the entire village as the distorted body of the Saiyan monster, torn apart fell, to the ground.


In the sky, Hanasia was shining a powerful yellow light. Her entire body was gleaming. Her hair too radiated with light and pointed to the sky. Even though the Saiyans were unable to read the power level of others, they clearly saw that Hanasia was strong, that she was the strongest in the world.


What they didn't see, several hundred meters above them, was that Hanasia was crying loudly and bitterly, and she didn't dare look below. Down below where her father was lying dead, where her friends had been slaughtered.


She put her hand on her eyes and slowly went down. She saw the villagers cheering and it lifted her spirit a bit. The light left her and suddenly, she was back to normal, the powerful energy that flew from her stopped.


Her father was on the ground, in his crater. She placed her hand on his heart and no Saiyan came to congratulate her for her victory, they respected her attention for her father.


His heart was beating.


“He is alive!” she screamed. Tears flew again. Hartich weakly opened his eyes and saw that his daughter was alive.

He didn't hear the sound of fighting anymore and understood that they were safe, that Hanasia wasn't in danger anymore. He closed his eyes again, thinking that Death could take him now.


In the Tsuful control room, silence had fallen too. The engineer was hurrying up to recover and place end to end the images the camera had taken when it pointed in the same direction, when it was whirling because of the explosion.


But the audience was still staring at the screen, it showed what was happening at the time. From the explosion onwards, the Saiyan was shining the sky with a yellow energetic aura that came from her body, as a perspiration of steam. The indicators of all of the energy meters, the radiation meter and even the air ionization meter reached the maximum, clearly limited by the screen. The lifeless and dislocated body of the warrior the Tsufuls had created was fallen on the ground.


Feeling obligated to break the silence, Tracheobionta said, both for himself but also for the others what all of them already knew.


“I believe we've found the millenary Fighter.”


Yes, they had found him, thought Chiin-Lee. The symptom were clear, the power and the level gave no room to doubt. The fur that changed color, the yellow light, this change in appearance that precisely resembled the nightmare that was caught on tape 1000 years ago.


And the Millenary Fighter was this emotional girl. This being so Tsuful in her feelings, so completely appreciable and kind with her empathetic nature. This Saiyan who had saved her village and her life by revealing her true nature just sentenced herself to be the enemy of Chiin-Lee's team for the days to come and this, until they managed to destroy her.


Chiin-Lee went from the joy to see her saved to sadness because she had to kill her.


“Your warrior is not really efficient,” said the girl behind Tracheobionta.


“It was too powerful to be countered,” Chiin-Lee answered. “It's useless to use only strength against it. We've many other ways, and much more subtle to our disposal.”



Nizzuchi was flying towards the capital. As soon as he crossed the king's castle's wall, smells from the kitchen reached him and he decided to make a detour.


Sometime later, he left and went by the training yard. He had never seen it so full. One of his former students was now chief instructor. He was giving orders to those who were obviously a part of the army. There were many villagers who came from afar, some of them were obviously the leaders of their villages. And it was a safe bet that, before they accepted to obey, they had to fight the instructor who had defeated them.


All of them flew. And the instructor flew above and beside the group.


“Canons in place!” he yelled. Together, the soldiers pointed their right arms towards the sky, the left arm above it. It was one of the classical fighting positions of the King's school.


“Fire!” commanded the instructor and all of them shot a fire ball in the same direction.


It was impressive to see so many Saiyans taking part in a same attack. Actually, Nizzuchi had never seen that before.


He went on his way and arrived in the throne room. Here, you didn't ask for an interview, either you went through or you didn't. The guards recognized him so they didn't prevent him from getting in. There were two families of Saiyans that came from far away in order to challenge the king.


There were five members in the first one, all of them were motivated and imposing. One of them had obviously already been defeated and now the King was dealing with two of them at the same time.


The time Nizzuchi took to reach the throne was enough for the two opponents to be on the ground. He was about to talk to the king when the last member who had come to fight got closer, making clear that he was here before. Nizzuchi took his head and crashed it against the ground, digging a hole between the paving stones.


“Get the hell out of here, peasants ! The King has other things to do.” Stunned by the manner that this old man, who had just arrived, had got rid of their last member, they cleared off. Yet, the other family, there were only two people, stayed where they were, without uttering a word.


“Who beat you up like this?” asked the King when he saw his general was healing from recent and serious wounds.


“It's the Saiyan girl who can reach the ultimate power, my King. I've found her. All the theories of the library are true. Her strength is exceptional for her age. And with her feelings, she can become even stronger... I've discovered the potential of an infinite power in her.”


“Really? I'd not have believed it...”


“I'll need some members of the army to attack her. She uses her true power only when she suffers.”


“We'll see about it later, after I'm done with today's guests.”


The other family got closer. It was a mother and her son.


“My son is the Millenary Fighter, my King. None can reach his level. Yet, he has never been trained to fight.”


The king scratched his head as he got up, not really convinced. His belly moved from left to right as he went close to them.


“How can such a fat Saiyan can still be our King?” asked the mother disdainfully. “A giant swine, a decrepit general... I believe that this monarchy relies on the memory of the ancient respect rather than on power! I'll be fighting!”


And the mother attacked. She was really fast and Nizzuchi saw that the previous family was nothing compared to her. He was quite surprised as, from her first blow, he noticed that she'd be a true challenge for the King.


Her fist sunk into the King's belly. He hadn't parried, and the blow became blunted in his fat. As she had gotten near, her arms were caught by the King's huge hands. He started hammering her with knee kick, but she held on and eventually got to jump above her opponent. Once she was on the other side, she spread her arms and threw the King flying, and he finally let go of her. She was hardly free when she rushed towards him in order to attack him while he couldn't control his fall. The King took an ultra-powerful blow and fell on the ground, yet he didn't seem to be in pain.


“I've always been fat,” said the King, moving to be back in a fighting position. “But there lies my strength because your blows don't hurt me in the least.”


Surprised, she renewed her attacks, but the King attacked too. He seemed twice as big and as large as she was and, after a few exchanges of blows, she found herself unable to get back to her feet.

“I was wrong, I admit it...” said the woman. “But my son will defeat you.”


Nizzuchi looked at the son. Rather young, he had never paid any attention to the fight. He was staring into space, uninterested.


“Go, Romanesco! Fight the king!” his mother screamed. He then turned and made some steps towards his opponent. The king wasn't tired at all and waited for the attack. But the Saiyan didn't attack and seemed to be bored again. So the king rushed forwards.


He tried to punch, but the son parried, suddenly awake, and instantly, he caught the king's arm and threw him crashing at the other end of the room. Nizzuchi emitted a cry of surprise and the King went back to his position, extremely stunned.


“What a cunning guy! You're fast!” said the king who threw a fire ball in his opponent's direction, then he ran behind it. A classical double attack. Romanesco diverted the fire ball with the back of his hand, as if it had no power, yet Nizzuchi knew that it was powerful. He then replied to the king's attacks. They exchanged numerous blows at high speed, and the more they fought, the higher the level went. Nizzuchi estimated that this boy was indeed strong. It wasn't a surprise that none could touch him, back in his country side.


Even though he was much taller and much more impressive than his opponent, the King didn't seem to be stronger or faster. This Romanesco was really surprising. But the King had much more fighting experience and he eventually got the upper hand.


When Romanesco was going through a pillar, the King landed, panting a bit. Nizzuchi noticed that his opponent was getting up without seeming to feel pain from the blow, and he wasn't even panting.


“This is a high level fighting.” admitted the King. “Let's finish it outside.”


But his opponent didn't listen and jumped on him. The fight went on violently and the king had to draw in his last resources to throw his opponent back to the ground. Romanesco got back to his feet right away, absolutely furious. He started charging up a powerful fire ball.


“Nizzuchi!” the King yelled. Nizzuchi instantly understood the problem. Where the king stood, the place his opponent was aiming at, there was a wall, and behind this wall... Nizzuchi ran to the king and threw himself next to him as the fire ball had been thrown. With their four hands, they managed to stop the energetic attack that crushed them against the wall that started to crack.


“Towards him!” yelled the general. It was hard because they had to completely change the direction instead of just divert it towards the sky. But it was also the best way to stop this mad Saiyan. He was already rushing towards them.


The two fighters repelled the fire ball that crashed right into Romanesco. A huge explosion and a lot of smoke spread through the entire room. When it faded away, they could see that Romanesco was still standing.


He was bleeding from numerous wounds, but his combative spirit was still at the top. He started yelling and creating a kind of swirling wind around him. Nizzuchi made the connection with Hanasia for a split second when an explosion of heat surrounded Romanesco.

Before the king's astonished eyes, as well as the general's and his own mother's, Romanesco's appearance had changed. His muscles were thrice as big, his hair was now coloured and pointed at the sky. From his body emanated a green light that blinded the spectators.


“Monster! Monster!” screamed the monster who went near him to attack. On the other hand, the king and the general were used to fighting and at this moment, they knew. They knew that he was invincible and they knew that he was the millenary fighter. They didn't move, crushed by his power. Romanesco was now much more impressive than the king. He caught his mother and threw her into the wall. All the rocks fell along with her lifeless body. The king got up.


“Find your warrior but before that, give the necessary command to all our factions. I'll attract him outside.” He threw a lot of fire balls on the warrior and left through a big window. Romanesco let out a cry and rushed behind him.


Nizzuchi flew and got out of the room, went around and entered the room that was behind the wall. There were strange items inside. Actually, it was Tsuful communication materials. This is what him and the King joined to protect.


“The Millenary Fighter is here!” he said to the magical sphere where he knew he had to speak.


“We've noticed it.” it answered. “Get it away from your cities, we'll send our own armies.”


Next, Nizzuchi ran outside the palace, from where he could see the King fighting. The latter was getting beaten up. The part of the army that had been training was watching, crazed, this strange duel from which light exuded.


The time Nizzuchi took to arrive at the instructor, the King had taken a final blow and crashed between two houses of the capital.


In the sky, Romanesco laughed like a demon and threw several energy balls on the city. Saiyans started flying all around.


“It's the Millenary Fighter!” screamed the general. His former student remained speechless for a while, then pointed at the fighter.


“Canons towards the king's opponent!” About fifty fists pointed towards the given direction. “Fire!”


Numerous fire balls rushed horizontally, blending into one huge ball. When it arrived, it was an enormous energy ball, much more powerful than what Nizzuchi had ever seen. It exploded on the fighter's body. Surprised, he was thrown backwards many kilometers.


“Follow him!” commanded Nizzuchi, taking control of the faction. The soldiers followed him without really understanding what was going on for it seemed unthinkable for them that he survived the attack.


“You stay here!” he told the instructor. “Gather the other factions. If he survived, I command you not to do anything till the entire army is here!”


“But... He has no chance...”


“The power of the millenary fighter is unfathomable. Do you understand? It's way above what you can imagine. You have to wait till you’ve got the entire army. No half measure!” Because the Tsufuls are never wrong. He added in his mind.


Whether it was to foresee storms, to cure illness, to give advice to the king, the Tsuful's magical sphere was never wrong. And it had been warning them of the Millenary Fighter's power for so long that Nizzuchi wasn't going to take it lightly.


When they arrived close to the crater, they found the fighter standing up, in the dust and smoke, and he hadn't even the merest scratch to show.


“Good grief... with his former appearance, we've managed to at least hurt him... The first ten, attack him at the same time! The others... charge up a fire ball, as long as you can! Canons ready... charge, charge... Don't shoot before I give you the signal!!! Don't look at the fight, look at me!”


And Nizzuchi placed himself before them, scanning their faces. As he thought, they didn't have training on how to charge up an energy attack. He turned his back to them and watched the fight. As he thought too, it was a slaughter. But he hadn't thought that it'd be so horrible.


The blows that the soldiers landed on their opponent were inefficient, as if beings made of moss hit a being made of rock. Without trembling, or even feeling the attacks, he caught a Saiyan with his gigantic hand and crushed it on the ground. This one was lucky, the next one was crushed between his two arms and exploded as a rotten fruit. Emitting a cry of terror, another charged up his most powerful attack and threw it on the millenary fighter. It went through it as if it was nothing but a breeze and threw back a small fire ball that pierced the assailant.


Nizzuchi turned to the army who, as he had ordered, kept staring at him. Some seemed ready to give way, but many others could still charge up. He pointed at them one by one, looking at those who couldn't hold it anymore in the eyes.


“You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, charge up more slowly. You, you, you and you too. But you, you, you and you, charge up faster! You there! You can do better than that, I know it!”


One last glance backwards, the last Saiyans he had sent to his death were still struggling. He escaped the monster's grip and fled. He was immediately pursued and caught. With a wheeze, life left him and Nizzuchi rushed at Romanesco.


“Shoot in my direction.” he ordered. “Fire! Fire!” And the entire army shot their most powerful fire balls. Powerful attacks that blended as they went in the same direction. The attacks rushed at Nizzuchi who was rushing at the Millenary fighter. When he was at his level, he felt something like suffocation, a dreadful aura, the like of which he had never felt before.


All his genes, his entire body, back to its primal state, dictated to do only one thing: flee! Flee. Flee. Get the hell out of here! Flee, flee, flee!!! But Nizzuchi held on because if the first line he had sent to the attack had managed to stand against this monster, so could he. So he threw himself on Romanesco, but instead of attacking him, he went between his legs. Taking advantage of the skill he had acquired through the years, he faked an attack and passed under the giant monster that his opponent had become. Nizzuchi scraped the ground and turned while Romanesco, without even noticing the ultra-powerful energy ball that was going after him, had turned to catch his current opponent. Romanesco was nothing but a shadow under the light that emanated from the attack.


In the front seat, Nizzuchi could see the millenary fighter screaming out of pain under the pressure of this energy ball. Actually, Saiyans never attacked at the same time. And certainly not charged and combined attacks. The explosion that followed was so powerful and spectacular that the soldiers themselves were disturbed in their flight and had to replace themselves in the sky.


Nizzuchi covered his face as the explosion happened above him. What a powerful attack, what a beauty! He had never seen a more powerful fire ball in his life.


But even before the smoke had settled, he heard... too close to him for it to come from his army... A laugh that turned his blood to ice.

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