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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 26.


The Gathering of Forces


The future Queen and the storyteller had lifted off until they were floating above the capital. Hanasia was admiring the sea not too far from there. She then turned to Corrne, drawing closer to him.

— Alright. We’re gonna be going fast, so you hold on tight while do the flying. Tap me on the shoulder to tell me which way to go. First off, which way is it?

— This way, said the storyteller pointing in the village’s general direction. But how did you find the capital?

— I sensed the invader’s power, she said while putting herself in a horizontal position.

— Sensed him? asked Corrne, wondering how and what exactly he was supposed to hold onto. On his stomach like how families carried their young? He was a little big for that...

— Yeah, ever since I became strong, I can sense other people’s powers, even from far away. It started with the Millennial Warrior. Enough dithering around! Lay on my back and hold on tight. I’m gonna be going really fast.

And so he did. He felt like he was a kid again, having to hold on to an adult, which were so fast from the perspective of a child. He also felt like this would lead into more, since one Saiyan’s body being against the other wasn’t a common thing to see outside sexual ventures

Hanasia darted out, going faster and faster, and in mere seconds they were already moving at a speed he didn’t even think was possible. The ground that would be beneath them one second would be miles away the next.

He quickly had to correct her trajectory, and like a whirlwind, they continued on, piercing through the skies.


Corrne was having more and more trouble keeping his eyes open. He felt the wind hitting him getting progressively stronger, as the resistance increased. And suddenly, he could hear a highly intense sound. Like two explosions of high velocity. His ears were hurting.

He never knew what that sound was. They continued on, nevertheless.

Corrne could already recognize the landscape. They’d already done most of the trip. It was amazing! It had only been ten or so minutes since they’d left and they had already covered hundreds of miles...

Hanasia slowed down before coming to a complete stop.

— Tired? asked Corrne.

— No, she replied. She turned to him and kissed him.

They took their time in enjoying this break.



In the large throne room, all of Blizzard’s children, save for one, were now present. the latecomers had been briefed by their father on all the matters he’d discussed with Snower.

— How goes your investigation, Snower?

— I’ve got nothing, father. We’ve yet to find a lead that is of any interest whatsoever. Usually, once we know what we’re looking for, we’re quick to gather intel. But in this case, nothing.

— But, began Ice Kurima, the family’s last-born, a planetary-scale conspiracy has to leave some sort of trace behind.

— Exactly. That’s why this case is so strange. An in-depth search always leads us to finding clues, or an evident lack of information that would indicate forgery. But we’ve found nothing suspicious. I still have a few leads, but none of them have anything substantial.

— We’re listening.

— Planet Plant was never written and deleted from our registry. On the other hand, several ships have passed through that system and all designated it as inhabitable. Looking back on a ship’s log from eight years ago, all planets in the system were reported to be inhospitable space rocks, including Planet Plant.

— It’s a lot easier to compromise our ships’ logs than it is our imperial database.

— It is definitely so, but this was an even more subtle process. The ships’ computers were hacked each time to modify the data gathered before the report could be made.

— Typical move, isn’t it? asked Blizzard.

— Yes, replied his surprised son, who didn’t think his father was aware of such methods. A group of rebels, active for years with the goal to hide all new inhabited planets before the Empire can sniff them out. All it takes is for them to find the planet before we do and place a cloaking device around it.

— Does that not make Plant all the more suspicious?

— Not really. We believe there are hundreds of planets hidden in the same fashion. Insignificant in the face of our Empire of thousands. Nevertheless, it’s a planet with advanced technology, and the rebels have made contact with them. We had spies among them and had them bring us big a piece of the banter.

— Ah! Anything of note?

— No. No conspiracy. Just them bracing themselves against our empire. As such, their civilization would be advanced enough to venture through space. But the discussion we picked up might just be false.

— It doesn’t make sense, said Frosty, the eldest. If their goal is to make Plant seem as though it’s inhabited by a warrior race stuck in the Stone Age, they wouldn’t discuss this just to make us believe they have technology.

— Excellent reasoning, Frosty. With this we can deduce that this planet has long been inhabited, with technological advancements. This implies that the location of Chilled’s landing isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of the planet’s dwellers. But are we too quick to call it a conspiracy for just this? Before being conquered by our empire, many planets have been shown to have civilizations with very unequal balance between their respective nations.

— Yes, but this is still rather... extreme...

— Indeed, there is little room for credibility in this case.

— On another hand, the idea of an interwordly conspiracy that forgets to change its logs is utterly ridiculous

— Every rebel faction aren’t necessarily part of the deal.

— Well then, said Blizzard. We still have the same doubts as we did simply watching that video after conducting a large investigation. I can’t say we’re that much more advanced.

— That’s it, concluded Snower. The investigation has only confirmed our doubts. No information regarding a conspiracy.

— I have one, announced Frosty.

The entire family turned to him in surprise.

— My spies have returned with information about a secret meeting between important leaders of rebel groups, no later than yesterday.

— It’s no surprise that they would communicate following Chilled’s disappearance. They must have had access to the video, said Snower

— They likely did, continua Frosty. But this also coincides with the disappearance of a few ships and crew members that were being watched. They’re up to something.

— But in a hurry. If it was a conspiracy, they would have made preparations for his disappearance much sooner.

— I’ll say it again, we’re not that much more advanced.



In a bar on Planet Throndeim was seated a fighter capable of annihilating an entire country.

The patrons wouldn’t be drinking nor singing are gleefully had they known what power sat right next to them. He wore ample garments that nearly covered him whole. He wasn’t that tall compared to the planet’s natives, and could pass for just another tourist.

A local sat next to the warrior and addressed him.

— Hey there, beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?

— I don’t go out with anyone that isn’t of my kind, he replied, turning his head towards his interlocutor. His eye shone under his cape and waited for a reaction.

— Come on, not even Taclar? No one can say no to that!

The alien left a coin on the table and left without saying a word.

— Hey! Wait... wait a second! cried the man. He stood up to leave as well, running through the street to the alien.

— We could get to know each other a little more! I know a neat little spot that...

The fighter swiftly turned to face him pursuer, who immediately stopped, was grabbed by the collar with one hand, and was suddenly being pulled into the air. The fighter flew up in a straight line.

— AAAaaaahhhh!!!!

He landed on top of a tall building.

— Whoa, calm down, man! I have a fear of heights, you know?!

— Alright, no one’s followed us. What’s this about?

— Um, replied the exposed man, who was still fixing his clothes from the forced ascent. You’re aware of what happened to Chilled, right?

— No.

— He’s dead.

— I see... said the fighter. Heights really are bad for you.

— It’s true! He was killed by a warrior on an unknown planet! There’s a video that only the court has seen, as well as a few members of the rebellion. Listen, we’re recruiting. Chilled’s death has sparked the beginning of huge changes. There’s gonna be battles against the empire, and we need buff ones like you to face the court.

— How did you know I’d be here?

— Huh? Well, I dunno. Organa’s the one who told me I’d find you in this town… Then I just used an energy detector.

— I can believe that. Bring me to your leader, so that we can discuss this in further detail.



T’was a bad day for Commander Kaass-houl’s troops. Hardly into enemy territory, into the captial of a nation rebelling against the Frost Empire, and they’ve already been spotted. Hiding in alleyways and street corners, the had difficulty making their advance, and every move they made was met with an assault.

They were a squad specialized in urban environments. How could the defenders possibly know where they were at all times? Their response was always beyond normal military understanding. They were too good for something to not be going on behind the scenes.

Through radio, the commander learned that his fifth squadron had been annihilated. Completely routed. They were only at one or two turns from the structure to destroy, but they would never make it. The mission, initially thought to be easy, will end in failure, and his career would forever be tarnished by this defeat.

— There is but one course of action left, said Kaass-houl to the rest of his troops. Give me all of your protective units. You will cover me as I rush straight to our objective. Then… we retreat.

Hesitant, each soldier removed the power supply to their shields and gave them to their superior. The commander attached the energy tubes together hung them by his belt.

— It’ll hold for just a minute before the overcharge blows everything up.

He activated his shield and threw himself into the open. He ran through the street, shaken by the impact of the laser beams bouncing off his shield. He turned to see the building in which the bulk of the rebellion was working. He rushed straight towards it and took out the detonator to the explosives he was carrying.

— If the shield explodes, I won’t even need this, he thought. Just a few more yards and I’ll make it! Keep blasting all you want, you’re just wasting your ammo...

His emergency alarm began to ring. This overheated shield was about to blow. He had just enough time.

Commander Kaass-houl felt something grip him. Having pierced cut through his shield like butter, an arm had appeared from behind him and lifted him up. In a swift move, the arm sent him flying through the air. The commander hardly had the time to wonder what had just happened that he was already hundreds of feet about the city. He thought he’d lost consciousness, but he could see from far above, on the ground, the individual who had foiled his plan. Tall, green, and dressed like a local but without headwraps, he finally understood why he couldn’t win.

— A Namekian!

Indeed, those being were capable of knowing the exact position of every enemy in the city, as they could sense their life force. And if he was here, he was obviously a warrior, which would require one of the court’s fighters to take him down.

— I have... to warn...

The Commander exploded mid-air above the city.

For the empire, this would be but a deplorably failed operation.

Bourgo put his hood back on and his face and disappeared into the shadows.

— I’ll take care of the rest of them, over, he said before turning off the earpiece he was wearing.

The last remaining soldiers witnessed the explosion. Their chief had failed. But why was he launched so high up?

— Some guy grabbed him and threw him up there.

— Our boss would never let anyone get the jump on him like that!

— We must have a look.

The one closest to the edge poked his head out to the street, but saw nothing nor anyone. However, he did feel a sharp pain. He collapsed.

Barely having noticed the fall of their squadmate, the rest of the group fell into inconsciousness as well.


— Fighting against the court?

— You’ve just seen the video, Master Bourgo. This planet is teeming with warriors capable of reaching the power to destroy the Frost Demons. From our end of things, we should take care of the court’s warriors.

— It cannot be that simple.

— Obviously, as, for now, we only have one fighter with that level of strength… But that’s already plenty! Even if all the demons aren’t killed, it’ll be a devastating blow to the empire! A lot more efficient than what you’re doing now. Mister Namek, did you not leave your planet so as to defend those oppressed by the Empire?

— There’s no point in trying to convince me.

— But...

— …because I’m going.

Bourgo wouldn’t say it out loud, but the opportunity for fair battles against powerful fighters intrigued him. From here, the court was unreachable, but with a large force on their side, he should be able to dispose of that interstellar bane… given that the Demons themselves aren’t present.



The colonists of Zatane formed a small village with a population of three-hundred. They were alone on this newly-discovered planet. They were forced to take refuge here due to being chased away from their home planet. For generations, they had been persecuted, because of their different skin color, their different ways of life and ideology, and their obstination in wanting to wear yellow hats.

The planet was of no interest to the Empire since, aside from the very few spaces like the one they had settled in, most of the planet was uninhabitable. But with their combined efforts and resilience, their village had now become a peaceful haven within the tall grasses. Said plants were so tall that they partially covered the fields, preventing them from burning in the heat of the sun.

A peace haven… aside from those moments when animals, whose size are directly proportional to the plants, attacked the village, destroying homes, and killing people in the process.


It had been a few minutes since the mercenary had arrived at the village. Since his ship was too large to land in between the homes, he had to land on a field. The farmer who owned the land didn’t dare protest.

After introducing himself somewhat having told him he was answering the call, he began looking around the village. The settlers didn’t really understand, but they thought they would have trouble demanding an explanation from someone who didn’t appear to have a face. Before they could do any of that, another monster attack had begun.

Cries alerted the entire village, who assemble to its center. The mercenary, however, had disappeared. It was by looking up that you could see him floating in the sky, peacefully observing the approaching beast.

The gargantuan animal was about to swoop on the mob before he crashed against an invisible protective dome. He cried, and hit the obstacle that wasn’t there a second prior again.

The village dwellers trembled and clung to each other, only to be reassured with each subsequent shockwave. Would their savior be able to hold the shield for much longer? Standing still, with only one arm extended, he didn’t seem to have the least trouble holding the barrier, hard as it was to tell with his face hidden.

Once the beast faltered, the hero flew closer and shot a few weak blasts. Howling in pain, the beast doubled back and escaped to the plains.

— Oh, thank you! Thank you so much, said the mayor of the village as he bowed before the hero. You’ve made it just in time. This is the fifth monster attack in this month alone!

— I was called for this, sounded his helmet equipped with a translating filter, generating a screeching sound. Once I heard the call for help, I knew what had to be done.

There was a short pause, then the mercenary continued:

— Let’s not tarry. My ship cannot transport you all at once, so we’ll need to make several trips.

— T-Transport us? But where? And why? asked the mayor apprehensively.

— I found plains like this one about 600 miles away. Pack your stuff. I have a magnetic lever that can load it all at once.

— Excuse me?! We have slaved away for ten years to build this village, and to make the lands tillable! Why should we have to start over elsewhere?

— Because the Toms have slaved away for a thousand years to build their habitat, and you’re trespassing on it.

— The... what?

— The Toms, said the masked warrior, pointing to the distance. The faces of the villagers turned and recognized the monster he had forced to flee. Far away, but visible with his height, sitting still, observing the village, ready to strike again.

— Those animals?

— I answered to their call. They asked me to destroy you.

— Not at all! We are the ones who sent a cry for help! To eradicate those beasts!

— You’re not that much more civilized than they are, from I can see. Luckily for you, I don’t appreciate senseless death. They’ll be content with you gone, that’s the principle behind the idea.

— But… but what of our homes? demanded a mother whose children clung to her legs, growing terrified of their hero.

— You can rebuild them. Now then, get into my ship. Your new home awaits you, uninhabited this time.

The villagers simmered. Anger was growing and protests were heard from all sides.

— Unless of course… he said with at a suddenly higher volume than the rest of the crowd, so as to be heard. Unless you’d rather I follow through with their original request.

He aimed for a house he knew was empty, and fired an energy blast that instantly destroyed it.

A few hours later, the village was deserted.


The mercenary made his way back to the old colony one last time, leaving his ship stationary mid-air. These round trips were no thrill. Nothing was left behind, not even the pieces of wood and harder materials that could be reused to build new houses..

In a few explosions, the last remaining houses and structure were blown to pieces. Then, with a hard strike to the ground, the dirt was turned, burying all evidence of civilization beneath it.

When the smoke cleared, a few monsters had returned to the grounds, carefully looking around. Sniffing the ground, inspecting the freed land. A handful of them immediately started spreading leaves and planting shoots so that nature could reign again. They then fertilized the grounds... their own way.

One of them arrived carrying a large tree trunk. The wood was of solidity and beauty without equal. Additionally, they planted gigantic fruit on the branches, the juices of which dripping everywhere. The monster stopped before the mercenary, who was flying at the height of his face, and presented him with their payment.

— That’s very considerate of you guys... but only you can eat such fruit without dying from it, you know? And you got it all dirty… Oh well, no problem. I’ll clean it.

He wrapped sturdy rope around the disproportionate object. Then, activating his translator, he only said:

— Thanks.

The device roared a specific sound that probably more or less meant gratitude.


After making a detour the to pole to find a body of water large enough to submerge the tree in and have the fruit removed from it, he loaded his ship and flew towards another star, to a market where he I could sell this marvel for its weight in gold.

“You have a new message”, announced his control panel.

— Organa of the rebellion... Whoa, nope! Don’t want any of that! Delete.



— Our chief is Queen of the Saiyans!

Pride and joy could be read on the faces of the villagers. Hurrahs could be heard from everywhere and all had assembled around Hanasia, who was wearing nice clothes from the city.

— I’m not just yet... Saiyans from the entire world are coming, and there might be stronger than me out there.

— I doubt that, said a neighbor.

Almost flying, a swift shadow passed through the crowd without any decency, throwing itself onto Hanasia, who let him cling to her.

— Hanasia! I’ll be your King! cried Harik, clinging to her stomach like a baby koala, then stuffing his nose into her cleavage following his bold declaration.

— Get off me, you little pervert, she said, pushing his face away. When you can reach them without having to leave the ground, I’ll reconsider.

The young Saiyan landed on the ground, and looked up to admire his Queen.

— You sure are pretty in that! he said before he noticed Corrne standing right next to her. Huh. Didn’t you just leave?

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