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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 23.


Snower the Strategist


The interior of the Saiyan Royal palace was vast and intimidating. Ceilings going as high as 40 feet weren’t exactly the Saiyans’ specialty. In fact, the Tsufuls had secretly assisted them in its conception. They had also placed hidden cameras and proper lighting. Only those of high status who knew of the King’s secrets had the privilege to access the rooms with such technology.

As the group of Saiyans strolled around the castle, Hanasia was quickly losing her sense of direction. She couldn’t remember the way back to the entrance. They made their way to a small cell adorned only by two beds with the surviving invaders resting upon them. They were dressed with bandages and wired to other medical stuff Hanasia didn’t know about.

— These are our only two prisoners... don’t go killing them. As they confessed, they are coming from the sky, from a world beyond the heights where the sun burns, the cold bites and where we can’t breathe anymore. Beyond those heights, there are other worlds similar to ours, and with their flying houses, that you just saw, they can travel from one world to another. They also confessed to us that they just came here to beat and destroy us.

— Invaders, duh.

— Hanasia, please try to understand! Guys like them, there are plenty in their world, and soon, more will come in other flying houses! And you are the only one who can stop them.

— Hanasia, kills the millennial warrior, Hanasia, kills the invaders, blah blah blah...

— You have to stay here and become the Queen of the Saiyans.

— Shut up Nizouki. I don’t want to become a Queen.

— Really? You will earn the respect of all Saiyans, all the food and drinks you could stomach, any male can be yours, all of the fights you want, the comfort, and so on… Who could reject this?

— I have to take care of my own town.

— They’ll find another chief, said Nizouki. Or they could come live here, they’re just a small town. I may add that the Queen also has privileged relations with the Tsuful population.

— Mmmh, does she?

The advisor was surprised, he couldn’t imagine that this argument would have ever mattered. Most of the Saiyans didn’t care about the Tsufuls, or didn’t like them, without any reasons. In general, the King of the Saiyans wasn’t happy to learn that their power was born from the Tsufuls.

— I would like to learn more about the Tsufuls, ended Hanasia, looking around at the things in the room, which clearly came from the Tsuful’s civilization.



Emperor Blizzard had four children. The princes were a few centuries apart in age from each others. The older they grew, the stronger they became. Then if we wanted to guess which prince was the best, it was easy, we just had to know their age. But on the other hand, their strength had to be held back, and the older the demon, the more transformations he was using.

Ice Kurima, the youngest, was in his first reduction form. This transformation gave him an imposing and intimidating appearance.

Chilled, his older brother, was in his second restrained form. Hanasia had prevented him from reaching what would have been his final restraint before attaining original form.

Snower, elder to the aforementioned siblings, was in his third form. Versed more so intellectually than combatively, he didn’t bother with concealing his power and was the first of the Frost Demons to assume a form so advanced. The Frost Demons grew stronger with every generation, and they didn’t need to be restrained so much in the past.

This third physique had amused his brothers. This form made him short in stature, even shorter than the race’s original appearance. Chilled had insisted that this form wasn’t without consequence for their reputation, as it may cause the universal population to fear them less. But in the end, Snower remained in this short, thrice-fold reduced form. He was still powerful enough to instill fear into all those who knew of him. Fear that wasn’t only limited to his appearance, but rather, a psychological, visceral, far more intimidating sense of dread. Snower had compensated for his lack of control in higher forms with the efficiency and straightforwardness he displayed in governance and conquest. His brothers held him high in regard, and his counsel was educated and followed to the letter.

Frosty, the elder sibling, was the polar opposed of the second brother. He was hardly a fool, but he was different in that he had worked on controlling his power and prided himself in his ability to casually assume his final form without cause for concern. He needed to feel invincible. To some extent, he had a fear of being assassinated by rebels. That fear of a coup d’etat only intensified when his father had sat on his throne with no plans to ever stand again. He hardly ever took part in conquests of new planets anymore. Instead, he would go wherever a rebellion sprung up in order to crush it under his iron fist.

As for their father, Emperor Blizzard was in his second reduction form. But, tall and terrifying as he was, many believed him to be in the first stage of reduction.

For a long time, the brothers hardly ever crossed paths, busy as they were managing an ever-growing empire. The Capital Planet housing their father’s palace was the site at which they would meet the most.

Snower’s ship landed next to the palace, and the Frost Demon made his exit hovering above the ground as he usually did. With those short legs, his strut was ridiculous. He often pondered the thought of a flying seat of some kind to move around with more dignity. But for now, flight was enough.


The vast room of the Emperor’s court was empty. A rare sight to behold. The monitors were off and Snower knew it was the same for microphones or any other surveillance device. The new servants were worthy enough of trust and nothing that his father was about to share with him would leave the room.

The empty court reminded him of their last family reunion. Their father had shared with them very specific secrets to the Frost Demons that none could ever know of. Details surround their transformations, about how they will share the universe. Obviously, there was another reunion in the works, but this time, without the attendance of one of the brothers.

He needn’t declare his presence. His father knew of it from the moment he set foot within the palace in the same manner he himself sensed and heard Blizzard’s breaths from several rooms away. He circled around the gigantic throne upon which the Emperor was seated.

— Hello, father.

— Your brother?

— He will be here in two days’ time.

— No matter, we’ll just reiterate. Who’s the runt?

Blizzard was referring to the little servant by his son’s side, who practically flattened in a show of respect and humility upon hearing the Emperor speak. His presence wasn’t welcome to the secret family reunion.

— He my personal assistant, father. He has my complete trust with my every secret.

— He will have mine, then. I know you wouldn’t take the slightest risk. Well, then. Since you received all the data I sent you, tell me what you could make of it.

— Well, father, the newly charted planet we dubbed “Plant” does indeed have its secrets. For starters, it’s obvious that the entire video is a fabrication.

— Really?

— Of course. First of all, no one can kill us, especially not in such a crude fashion.

Blizzard’s reaction took Snower aback. He looked at his father and understood he didn’t agree with his assessment. Blizzard simply asked: « Is this your sole argument? »

— No, replied a surprised Snower. The civilization we could see on Plant was deprived of technology, and Chilled clearly didn’t land in the countryside, but next to a large city. However, the ship had come specifically because a strong source of energy was detected, which could have been a living source of power, yes, but once they drew closer to the planet, several radio frequencies and coded transmissions were picked up as well, only with several other pieces of evidence that suggested the planet was teeming with advanced technology. As such, the video is only a deception.

— I see. Indeed, something is being kept from us. But is it truly possible to fabricate fraudulent footage and have it sent from our ship?

— Yes, father. The ship remained on the planet. Any of my skilled technician could realise that feat. In fact, I believe that this planet is a trap specifically forged against us

— But this video... it all looks so real!

A smile formed on Snower’s lips. Father, he said. That is because you never watch movies.

— Fiction is of no interest to me..

— Yet, it is perfect for relaxation. Pipo, play a clip for us on our big screens. The imp brandished large a remote control and hit a few keys. The monitors lit up to display a short video.

Snower and Chilled were featured. They were discussing a situation and an issue Blizzard had no knowledge about. About a virus that had devastated entire planets. The two sons walked towards the throne room, and spoke with Blizzard, who ordered them to inspect a specific planet to find the source of the problem. There was some kind of ambient music playing in the background, which was strange considering no music had ever been featured in the palace.

— This never happened before, said Blizzard. This is fictious? But how could they have flimed us saying all this?

— We were never filmed in the first place. All characters present in this scene were drawn. They are computer generated models animated to do as anyone pleases, and as you can see, the resemblance is nearly spot-on. But if I pause the footage...

Pipo paused.

—  ... you can see several flaws on our bodies, and you can see a slight lack of realism in the picture.

— Indeed. I can now see it. This is but vulgar forgery. Isn’t this dangerous? Could anyone could just fabricate false message or orders in our name with this?

— Don’t worry, father. These models are highly restricted in who has access to them and the production of arts is strictly regulated. There must be an obvious line between fiction and reality and our image cannot be soiled with ridicule. I highly suggest this film. In it, we have extraordinary abilities. We can teleport, breath fire, and we face down a giant tentacle beast. I dare not spoil the ending for you, but you have such incredible telepathic abilities that you act on several faraway planet from the comfort of your own Imperial seat. All this work very well for our image.

— Uh.. perhaps... No matter, said Blizzard knowing full-well he was never going to watch this tale. Thankfully, he hadn’t shown him the children’s shows in which, all drawn by hand for that matter, the crudely deformed Frost Demons taught kids how to read, count, and love their Emperor. He wouldn’t have understood.

— So, continued Blizzard, have you noticed such imperfections in the video about Chilled?

— That is to say... no. But crafting such a fraud in no impossible task. All that is needed is a lot of precision and a large budget to work with. It isn’t all that inconceivable to infer that a civilization hidden from our sight for tens, or perhaps hundreds of years from us could have the means to produce such a fake. This video was in the works for years, and once it was ready, they simply lured Chilled to them with a strong emission of energy.

— So?

— So it is probable that the enemies to our empire allied themselves with this civilization, or worse, that they are its forefathers, on this unknown planet. To, when the time is ripe, deal us a devastating blow meant to annihilate us. A multi-layered strategy formulated at least a decade ago. In showing the universe that a simple warrior from a primitive home could kill one of us, large-scale rebellions would soon follow. Our armies could possibly be overwhelmed. Since we can’t be everywhere at once, in the worst case possible, we would lose a great number of our planets, and our empire would be in ruin.

A revolt. A fabricated ploy. Yes... Blizzard liked the idea. Except...

— So, what happened to Chilled?

— For one reason or another, he is unable to establish contact with us.

— Once again, you make an excellent show of far-sightedness. For that, I commend you, because I strongly agree with you theory. In fact, it is probably what transpired. However... I must point out the ultimate flaw in your reasoning.

— A flaw?

— Yes. In fact, your main argument, that which made your hypothesis the only possible explanation, is false. It is possible to kill us in hand-to-hand combat. There exists exceptional… Blizzard shifted an eye in Pipo’s direction, making sure he wasn’t taking notes. Exceptional beings whose powers surpass our own.


Snower remained silent for a short while. He could tell from his father gaze that he was very serious.

— I thought of sharing this with you much later into your lives, but with things as they are, it is probably in your best interest to know this sooner than later.

He pulled out from under his seat a black briefcase, a comprehensive-proof antique laptop that wasn’t connected to any wireless network. This was where he stored his secrets and had already used it on several occasions in the presence of his sons.

— It was shortly after the birth of Kurima. I was at a retreat on this idyllic planet I liked to stay and recover on after birthing my children. Having fully recovered, I was getting ready to depart, when he appeared before me.

— I remember, spoke Snower. Your entire guard had been killed, which had surprised me back then. You didn’t give me any credible explanation for it.

— Uh…He wasn’t the one who did it. It was I. To keep that very secret. Here, that’s the one. Blizzard put a holographic image on display, taken on the planet of his retreat. It was an elderly, long-beard elf who didn’t look tough at all. A species unknown to Snower.

— He told me I had too many children. That he would only tolerate our presence as long as he kept our numbers limited, and that I was obviously infringing a rule that my ancestors had neglected to share with me, which was that we aren’t to multiply and conquer at the same time. Can you imagine? For I, gifted with the ability to produce more than a measly two offspring, to learn that the feat of fathering four is a crime… He was met with my mockery, with my gloating that if he wanted to limit our numbers, he would just have to go ahead and kill us.

Snower gulped in nervous anticipation.

— He said that I alone was guilty, not my children, and that he wouldn’t kill you, unless you too broke the rule. That’s when he rushed me.

Pipo began to sweat nervously.

— And that fossil beat the tar out of me. There are no other words to describe what he did. I couldn’t land nor block a single hit. Next to him, I was a joke. Pathetic, pitiful. As I was tasting my own blood, on the ground, he finished his threat. I must mention that he didn’t even break a sweat.

Powerful as your kind might grow, you will never be the match for a Grand Kaiô (="King of the Universe"). Should you not submit to our law, you will all perish. Bear no more children, and ensure that they bear no more than two of their own. Now, to ensure you’ve etched this into your skull...

— He then picked me up like a feather, and struck unto me several blows of untold strength. Without the slightest effort of course. Those hits had severely injured me. I only left several weeks afterwards, when my injuries were no longer apparent.

— And you still remain seated... began his son.

— Because those wounds, two full centuries later, have still yet to heal. Yes, when I make grand gesture, it is still painful to this day.

Snower and Pipo were both shocked.

— So, the alien who defeated Chilled... Could he be a Grand Kaiô?

— I am unsure.

— Father, give me all the data related to this King of the Universe. I’ll conduct an investigation and learn what he really is. If he is in any way related to that planet, we will know!



— These are your quarters.

— I’m not Queen yet.

— You would prefer to sleep outside? It’ll rain tonight.

— So, do the Tsufuls really know everything? Even the future?

— They say that weather can easily be predicted.

— When will I meet with them?

— You have to be crowned Queen, first.

— Go figure.

Hanasia sat on the bed, then laid down, sat up again, then back down, getting a good feeling for it here and there.

— So comfy! This is so neat! I never felt anything like this!!

— The Tsufuls can produce cloths and linens far beyond the realm of beast hide.

— Perfect. You scram, now. I’m gonna crash on this thing and am not to be disturbed! Whaaa, this feels soooooo great...

— I’ll show myself out. There will be an important event tomorrow with fights to decide the new King. You will get the honors.

The Tsuful-produced bed was something. Hanasia kept turning on herself, pressing on the mattress. It was soft, it stretchy, it was awesome.

Then, she suddenly remembered that she had left her village in a hurry without so much as a notice. Should she waste a few hours to reassure them? Bah, she could leave them for a few days. And they were unaware of the of the crisis involving the invaders. They shouldn’t worry.


Indeed, back home, there were none but one who showed sign of concern: the storyteller. Hanasia did have an air of anxiety before she left out of nowhere.

Furthermore he had returned to the village empty-handed, unable to explain her absence. But he was relieved once he understood that none of the villagers thought him strong enough to do her harm. He was given a free meal for the evening, during which he investigated the situation.

— So Hanasia became super-strong?

— A lot more than that. Extraordinary. Invincible.

— But she couldn’t beat the Millennial Warrior.

— Maybe not but... He was invincible, too. He had the yellow light, too.

— Tell me more about it.

— Hanasia was already stronger than everyone else, including that General, Nizouki, who she kicked out. And then, she developed her transformation. Her hair turned yellow, and a golden light was coming out of her. Her eyes change. That’s when she’s invincible.

— Invincible....

— A monster had attacked our village. He was really powerful, and killed several of our own. She couldn’t beat him, but when she transformed, she destroyed him with a single blow!

— A monster that can kills Saiyans? That’s unheard of. What did it look like?

— Like a Saiyan.

— But it wasn’t a Saiyan, added another villager. He was a monster. He was enraged, or something, and couldn’t speak.

— How strange...

— He killed Hartich, our old chief, and he was really strong. Hartich upheld the law in all surrounding villages, you can even ask them.

Corrne took mental notes.

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