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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 8.

The story teller.


Harik had healed and everything was going well this day. Hanasia and her father were eating a piece of dinosaur.

It has been raining for a part of the day and they had to celebrate the leaving of these dark clouds. Every Saiyans had been hunting in the afternoon and they were putting the table out on the central place. Not really subtle by nature, some villagers were throwing fire balls towards the ground so that it'd dry faster. Tables on mud... that was sinking.

Some Saiyans were still bringing some hunting trophies from the afternoon hunt, or even entire trees. Other were building the bonfire, and the remaining ones were tearing the pelt from the beasts for the feast. Hartich and his daughter were checking that the meat was good.

The small Harick was running around. In spite of his several lacking teeth – who cared? They'd grew back – he was broadly smiling, jumping high in the hope he'd fly. At a point, he jumped very very high. As the village was getting away, he looked at the horizon. In the south, the back cloud were going afar. In the west, was the hill behind which there was the neighbouring village. Down below... the ground that was now getting closer... Very fast.

Suddenly, he slowed down, caught by Hanasia.

“First, don't jump that high when you don't know on who you're going to fall. Second, try falling on your feet, not on your head!”

He replied with a laugh, then he said:

“I saw someone coming from the cloud.”

“From the south? The capital? Damn, if it's Nizucchi, I'm going to smash his face.”

Hanasia flew and scanned towards the black clouds. Far off, it was still raining. She indeed saw a moving dot, someone who obviously had flown under the rain. A mad one!

Hartich had flown at her side. The dot had gone through the clouds and was flying higher.

“Why is that crazy Saiyan flying under the clouds, dad?”

“I think he's following a trail in particular. From up there he'd lose his landmarks on the ground.” The dot stopped and then rushed towards the village. “He had noticed us. He was looking for this place.”

“But then, it must be...”

“A story teller, that's all. Those guys always appear when there is a feast!”


The two Saiyans went down to the border of the village, where the stranger was also arriving. He landed in a way that Hanasia found to be strangely neat.

The Saiyan was rather tall, thin, young and dressed with a big cloak in order to protect him from the rain. Rain drops and rocks were still running on it. He sported an insignia that designated him to be an official story teller. They only could get these in the capital, or if they stole it from an official story teller.

He wasn't really that thin in fact. In truth, he had lean muscles, but they still gave the impression of great power. Most of the male Saiyans had enormous muscles for they ate a lot of food. But for a story teller, what was really important was to move fast and efficiently.

“Good day.” he said with an accent from the capital, which amused Hanasia. I'm Corrne, story teller from the capital. And I'm bringing news from the whole world.”

“You're welcome in our village.” answered Hartich. “You're lucky, there is a feast this everything.”

The story teller replied with a smile. He wasn't going to confess that when he had flown up to find his way, he had chosen this village out of the two he could see because of the bonfire in the middle, which was a giveaway that there would be a celebration and plenty of food.

In the evening, several beasts had been cooked and Hartich tore off an enormous leg of dinosaur that he handed to the story teller. The latter hungrily ate, for he had been travelling for a long time.

“You've been flying in that storm for the entire day?” asked a Saiyan next to him. “You're not half an iron turtle, kid!”

“It's the South Meadow,” said another. “There are no landmarks for miles. If you left your home from time to time, you'd know it!”

Corrne finished gnawing on the bone then turned to them.

“What news do you want first?”

“The capital!” requested the two Saiyans, and this was a surprise for none. Everybody wanted to hear of the capital.

He moved towards the center of the crowd and started, his voice loud and clear for someone whose torso was so small.

“My mission is to speak to all villages.” he said. “To speak of the Millenary Fighter. Do you know about it?”

“Yeeaaaah!” answered the villagers. Hanasia just sighed. That was what had made Nizucchi go crazy.

“And do you believe in it?” asked the story teller, as a presenter. Nooo and Yeaaaaa burst out from the crowd.

“Well, you should. For he exists! He exists and it must be around 15 year old, according to what we know. 1000 years have passed since the last one. Shortly said, he's amongst us. And as he obviously will be the most powerful Saiyan, if you think you're the one, you're invited to go to the capital and challenge the King!”

“Hanasia, you've to go there!” yelled a guy.

“Yea, but isn't that fighter meant to destroy the world?” said another. “Like... too hefty for the planet...”

“Hanasia, don't go there!” yelled the first guy.

“Justly, the Millenary fighter will face challenge.” said Corrne. “For the King is recruiting for a new big army. The most powerful Saiyan army ever! And if this fighter, whether he has become King or not, start killing around, just as if the legend, then our army will stop him.”

There were brouhaha in the crowd. The concept of an army was hard to understand for the Saiyans who were quite individualistic.

“All those who want to be part of the army are invited to go to the capital. They'll learn to fly and also to master the best techniques!”

There were good arguments.

Corrne spoke then about the diverse events that took place in the world: the storm that had destroyed an entire village far from here and that there were many victims, no news of the Tsufuls (as usual), details on the army, whose members were more than one hundred, two unknown mountain villages that kept fighting one another. And eventually some challenges to the King, challenges he had easily won.

“Hartich and Hanasia should go there, give him a good thrashing.” someone said.

“I don't think so.” replied Hartich.

“Have you already met the King?” Corrne went on. “He is really strong. He's huge, as wide as two Saiyans, at least 7 feet tall. He doesn't feel when someone hit him. But when he hits, his opponent fall so far away. I tell you, it's not by chance that the King of all Saiyans is the King of all Saiyans (this was a saying from the capital).

Corrne then performed the fight of the King against a fighter who had challenged him and that he had witnessed. He was playing the part, being in turns one or the other fighters. Changing his voice, moving around, throwing fire balls...

As the telling of the fight went on, he increased his own power, and his moves were more incredible, even though they were only a reduced reflection of the real fight. A strong wind made the whole square tremble when he dealt the final punch of the King, that he showed as a very powerful, and very slow, fire ball towards the ground. Then he moved to take it as the challenger. A light blinded the crowd and they could only see the story teller crushed on the ground in his own crater, screaming something like 'I will come back!' For indeed the opponent of the King had survived and gave up.

Thunderous applause greeted the comedian who got up, he brushed his wounds and went back to eat.

Hanasia was in admiration for this invested story teller. He wasn't quite good looking, the Saiyan girls looked for big and brawny guys. But it also gave him a particular grace that pleased the only sensitive Saiyan girl of the planet.

They all drank and ate till morning. Near the first hours of dawn, some got back home, other slept on the spot, they often had still a bone in their hand. Hartich had gone with a girl of the village and Hanasia didn't want to come back in the common house. She flew on a roof where she slept until the sun rays woke her up.

It was so early that the birds weren't singing yet. There weren't any noise, except the one of someone bustling about.

Hanasia got up and slowly flew towards the square. In the distance, she saw Corrne that was warming up. He had eaten at sun rise and had put on his travelling clothes. He flew towards the outside of the village. So Hanasia flew faster and caught up to him.

“You're leaving already?”


“When you'll be back...”

Hanasia suddenly and violently got a grip on him, her left arm surrounding one of his arms and his torso. Her right hand went behind his neck. She got her face closer to the one of her prisoner and put her tongue into his mouth. As she probed his oral cavity, she brushed her legs on his (they were flying). After a while, she let go of him. Corrne took a deep breath.

“... come by here.”

“I'll do it.”

Then he flew away fast. Hanasia looked at him then got back to bed.

As he was flying, Corrne was surprised. Not that this kind of controlling love and relation was rare in Saiyan society, it was quite common. Actually, he was rather surprised that she didn't simply rape him on the spot. To give him the option to accept her, and even the obligation of coming back, while it wasn't his way, that was really strange! Anyway, he truly was bewitched. He'd come back. That was certain.

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