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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 33.


Ice Kurima


The queen went to her friend’s giant face. It still carried the gaping scars from her battle for the title of chief. It was her, without a doubt. On top of her wounds, her voice, deepened due to her size, and even her changed facial expression, that energy, though fading, was Cetinia’s.

— Ever seen… that many moons at once…? Cetinia asked her friend, the tiny little friend standing inches from her eyes. Her eyes shifted towards the sky, red from dusk, or perhaps blood, and reveled in her final sight. Her heart wasn’t beating anymore. She would never be her village’s chief. She could feel water drip from her eyes. It was Hanasia, that stupid little bitch, who was crying.

The Saiyan Queen rose. She didn’t look up, still avoiding a transformation into a Great Ape. What was in her range of sight was her Saiyan people. They would gang up to hold down their berserk compatriots, who would still attack their own. An identical scene was unfolding further away. Those hypnotised weren’t as lucky, and had to be put down by their brothers.

A grand cry roared across the plain. One of rage, one that could have only come from a Saiyan. An immense golden light complemented by a whirlwind of fierce torrents and heat ignited on the fallen ape body of Cetinia. The remaining pieces of cloth on the queen’s face were swept away by said winds. And when Hanasia lifted her eyes towards the bastard who violated her mind, it was to shoot him the hard and resolute gaze of the Super Saiyan of legend. No mercy nor other chance would be given to her opponent.

— She isn’t under my control at all anymore, Chili thought to himself in total disbelief. After that, he didn’t have time to think of anything else at all, as the Saiyan Queen who had freed herself from his grasp rushed him, closing the hundred-metre gap between them in a flash. By the time he would be able to brace himself, he would already be dead. And he already was.


Chili felt a shockwave pass through him. He thought he had died, but what he felt was only the air shifting from a blow missing its target. He could see the figure draped in light fly out of his path, stomped in its rage by a kick he didn’t see coming. An imposing figure shrouded in black appeared before him. Who had just saved his life?

General Chatterton turned to him. Damn it, thought Chili as he grit his teeth. I now owe my life to the General! I would’ve been better off dead.

— Lord Chilled’s killer, wailed Peronipe as he pointed to the being surrounded by the characteristic yellow light, who had reassumed her battle position. Killer of our lord!

— Yes, added Mipan. We’ve lured the odious beast out of its lair.

Chili had no idea the general was part of the invading force. Better yet, he knew that he was not on their ship. Had he been, he would’ve emerged at the start of the battle and would have singlehandedly wiped out the army of giant monkeys. So where did he come from?

The other squad members asked themselves the same question. As they did, admiring the fighter who had (more than likely) taken the life of a Frost Demon, they remained smug, for, maybe, oh, half a second.


The Queen of the Saiyans had returned. She shone of the powerful yellow light that granted her invulnerability. She didn’t even transform into an oozaru, the term used by Saiyans to describe the form of Great Ape, as she was already the strongest. She was his Queen, the amazing Hanasia.

The young soldier of the King’s army, so now the Queen’s, had seen her go toe to toe with the beastly Millennial Warrior. He had seen her face off with the foul invader with bug skin.

The sight of that breathed new hope into this young Saiyan from the countryside. It was the second time the tide of battle had shifted. Everyone counted.

— All with the Queen!! he cried in baritone. All with the Queen! He repeated as he hopped high in the sky to meet his enemies, who remained afloat at an altitude they thought would be sufficiently high to avoid mess down below.

The most valorous Saiyans rose up. A few of the giant monsters who played dead opened an eye and, realizing the shame of their actions in their desperation to survive, immediately corrected their mistake and roared fiercely, powering up to maximum capacity.

Some of the ones who had reverted to humanoid form to flee retraced their steps to the battlefield in the nude. The few remaining battlepods of the Empire were already grazing a new onslaught of energy blasts.

And so, the battle resumed its course, before the Hot Squad could even realize it.


Hanasia had to keep all of the opposing force busy. The newcomer was clearly in a league of his own, but everyone else also had to be stopped as quickly as possible, as each was powerful enough to wipe out her beloved subjects by the dozen with ease. She twirled, deploying many energy blasts in every direction, or so it appeared.

Having gathered their bearings, the Hot Squad and the general noticed that the monkeys were throwing themselves at them by the dozen, and that the Super Saiyan was targeting every one of them. What arrogance! Chatterton deflected the blasts he was targeted by, and much to the Chili’s surprise, he went down to skin some monkeys. What was the meaning of this? The general, not taking the most interesting slice of the pie for himself?

Peronipe blocked all of the energy attacks sent towards him, and even had the time to notice the first ape that jumped towards him, crying the sound of war. Our Saiyan soldier couldn’t jump all that high, and as such had to end his rise in flight, having trouble doing so at that. Pero turned around and fired and energy ball, but the monkey wasn’t behind him. But, given his speed… And it was then that he felt an intense ache across his skull. Against all expectations, the monkey had sped up at the end of his flight. And in an elegantly swift motion, he landed his knee on the head of the Empire’s warrior at full speed. The two fighters were falling towards the ground at high velocity, with the great Pero under the oversized knee of his opponent. Never had the mindless brute of the Hot Squad Peronipe felt as small as he did.

Mipan, on his end, was stunned by the power packed in the fireballs he had scorched his hands to deflect. They were fired so quickly and so many of them at a time, topped off with homing abilities. There was no way they should be that powerful, but such was the case. He immediately used his speed to throw himself towards the origin of the attack, because he wouldn’t face such an opponent anytime soon. He surely wasn’t going to cause her any real harm, but his weak attacks could distract this fighter enough to allow Chili to use his psychic abilities on her again.

Beelining for Hanasia as well, Chili avoided a monkey that was hopping around, sending him crashing back against the ground with a solid energy attack.

Pero had been buried underground, crushed under the the weight of the Great Ape, which was only amplified by the velocity at which they fell and the planet’s intense gravity. A large crater having been formed, the soldier of the Saiyan army immediately backed away from the site, as he’d signed his comparses a command and if some remained at ground level, it wasn’t out of cowardice, but rather to charge up a powerful mouth blast they fired in unison, rendering the base of the crater to dust, producing a new, deeper and more vertical hole in the ground, the bottom of which being obscured in darkness. Another one down.


All of the Tsufuls’ panels flashed red. The newcomer was already much stronger than the squadron. And he had immediately been identified by the rebellion’s councilman, who had large drops of sweat dripping down his face.

But most of all, it was the power deployed at rest by the other newcomer that worried them, the one who remained concealed. The one who shouldn’t have been there. The one who turned the councilman’s sweat drops into a sea of terror.

They frantically sent messages to all of their allies, conducted searches in their database for any information relating, but every branch of the rebellion was crystal clear on this matter: no Frost Demon should have been on this planet. They’d been had.

The small lizard marched casually across the field, so tiny, so insignificant, killing with only a move of one hand a monkey that crashed against the ground, breaking every bone in his body using only telekinesis. The small creature, wearing a sadistic grin, waltzing across the battlefield like a fish swimming in the water, reveling in the scent of blood, of explosions, of scorched earth, was the last-born of the most powerful family in the universe.

It was Ice Kurima, the only Frost Demon to bear a multi-part name… His hands with delicate and thin fingers brushed the air in front of him to sweep the dust away. But the movement was so powerful that more than just the dust, all, yes even the giant monkeys, fell a few metres away, like leaves suddenly taken in a gust of wind.

The frost demon was here.




Mipan saw that Chili was also throwing himself unto the opponent, and that she wasn’t letting him escape her sight. She feared his power and her attention was locked on him. The perfect occasion to deal a low blow he thought.

That was how Mipan went from life to afterlife: by committing a beginner’s mistake. The one of believing he could take by surprise someone such as Hanasia. As he was going to hit her from behind, without turning around, she moved towards him and broke through his skull with her opened hand, cutting through his brain with her hand as if were a sword.

Mipan would have wanted to die in the arms of a beauty, defeated by his worst enemy, that he’d have fought in a post-apocalyptic world. He would have killed his enemy but would have died from his wounds sustained during the fight. His life would have been long, and he’d close his eyes on a sunset whose rays, piercing the different layers of the atmosphere, would with a myriad of colours create a surreal painting in the sky, in honour of the last combat of the epic warrior. And beneath the tears of the babe, madly in love with him, and the crying of the spectators whom he’d have saved the life at least once each, he’d feel death come to take him, and free him from this violent world.

Mipan made a “glurp” and died in the sky. He fell like a fruit too ripe, his brain landing on two different rocks, making a “plotch” and “proutch”. If one was allowed in paradise to see one’s own death - which the authorities in the heavens didn’t allow because they had more important things to do - Mipan would have re-killed himself in shame, preferring to have never lived, rather than end in such a way.


Chili was shocked by the sudden death of his friend, but that didn’t stop him. Rather than try to hit her, he abruptly turned around her, thinking she’d hit him like she did Mipan. But she didn’t move. He locked his eyes into hers, and searched into her soul. But it wasn’t the same person.

Her gaze hard and cold, in those large green-blue pupils, didn’t show the slightest mental opening. Her psychic power was now vastly superior to his own now. Less than a fraction of a second later, he ran, terrified. His power didn’t function anymore.

Hanasia knew that and smiled. She displaced herself and grabbed Chili’s arm, who had thought himself out of reach, and broke it. she was satisfied with the sound of cracking bones. She landed her opened hand on his chin to stop his screaming, which made part of his face recede inwards. She hit one of his legs, to break it as well. But she hit so hard that she had almost cut it. Chili was nothing more than a dieing doll in her hands. But his death wouldn’t come soon, oh no.

For Cetinia, and for all the Saiyans dead under the assault of the hypnotized Saiyans, the monster had to suffer. However, the sudden loss of vital energies amidst her people shook her out of her sadistic daydreaming.


The newly arrived was decimating Saiyans even quicker than the evil troop she had just killed. She couldn’t leave them alone for an instant!

She descended with speed to fight him. But he ran. Another opponent blocked her route. A sort of shiny lizard. Hanasia ignored it completely and tried to pass next to it. She took a tremendous and quick attack from his tail and landed heavily on the ground. She got up right away, surprised, and without looking into the sky because she didn’t want to see the luminous balls. But she felt presences, and realized that indeed, the most powerful, and by far, was him. That small thing?


Our little unnamed soldier was proud to have participated in the elimination of one of the four powerful enemies that had turned the tides of the battle. And, as the others, was preparing to attack the new arrival, which was an error.

He barely had time to notice a breeze of air, that Peronipe, exiting his hole like a geyser, ripped of his arm while screaming.

Peronipe was boiling, bleeding everywhere, his armour in pieces and with some teeth and an ear missing. But he was alive. His body was a mass of pain, and he immediately sought vengeance against those that had trapped him, or those that had stayed near the hole. In any case, they all looked the same. A simple soldier of the Queen’s Army, an inhabitant from the capital, a visitor from a distant village, all died on the spot, sundered by Pero as he rushed them with great speed and exploded their heads with powerful fireballs.

Then Pero took some altitude to regain his breath. He noticed the presence of Ice Kurima in his final form. Rearranging in his head the order of importance (with a demon here, there was nothing left to fight: when a bug-killer arrived, you could keep swatting them yourself, but it was useless), and saw his chief disarticulated and at death’s door, floating just enough to slow his fall to the ground.

Pero dived towards Chili and caught him delicately.


Hanasia would have liked to gage her opponent, look into his eyes at length, and allow the wind to float throw her hair. She would have wanted to ask him many question, such as if he was a frost demon. But she didn’t have the time. Her enemy was visibly disposed to take his time, as indicated by his stationary flight position, his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. She, however, could not.

Every second passed, a Saiyan life ended around her. The other that had ran off was monstrously powerful, even if she would undoubtedly be able to defeat him. But before she could kill him, she’d have to rid herself of the lizard. That much was clear.

The Queen of Saiyans approached her enemy and sent an energy ball as scout. Ice didn’t bother evading and it exploded on his stomach. It created small volutes of smoke and Hanasia used that to accelerate her speed and hit him by surprise at the head. His arms were still crossed and took the hit, going backwards. But he simply turned on himself, and found himself in front of her.

— Is that all? he said while uncrossing his arms to touch his cheek where the punch had landed. It’s with that you killed my beloved brother?

— So you’re also a demon.

But Hanasia didn’t continue the conversation. She gave a second hit, that he evaded this time to her delight. Because that showed that despite what he wanted her to believe, her hits hurt.

Left hook, direct right, direct left, front kick, she unleashed a torrent of attacks, but he seemed to counter them without much difficulty. Evidently, despite his smaller size, he was much stronger than the other one. Much stronger.


The two previous opponents of Hanasia were very big. Their fist was almost the size of her head and they looked down at her. This one had their strength and their speed, but he was smaller than the Saiyan. His hits her more precise and painful. Because of his slim body, the long kicks she tried to reach him with often missed. Contrary to the Millennial Warrior who allowed all hits on him to land, this one evaded with mastered movements and countered immediately.

This combat was much more difficult than the other two. The Millennial was invincible, but rarely precise in his actions, and rather predictable, which gave Hanasia the time to breathe. The invader’s brother was simply less quick, less resistant and less strong.

The demon had the upper hand. She had was barely following, and since a few instants, he was the one attacking and her the one defending. The hits were such and landed so often that she needed to run to regain her breath. Suddenly, she floated backwards. Ice Kurima rushed her but hit thin air as she flew towards the ground, suddenly changing her location in an acceleration superior to gravity’s pull.

— Pfe! he teethed without following her. He rather pumped his chest outwards and let his energy surround him. His power made the air swirl around him, a sort of spheric aura surrounded him.

But Hanasia also used this pause. Each half-second of break was a bliss for her body that transpired from every pore, her breathing calmed, and her aura started shining once more. She was wounded at several points and the pain was felt throughout.

Smiling, the youngest of the demons dived towards Hanasia head first, keeping his bizarre aura. As he raced towards her faster and faster, she understood it was a shield and it would be a mistake to try hit him at that moment. She flew to the side, and he changed direction. But that was the aim. She lefted herself higher and higher and further from her compatriots who were suffering the consequences of the combat. Flying wasn’t tiring for her and even allowed her to continue resting.

As he was tailing her, she turned around and put both her opened hands in front of her, as well as both feet. A large shield would be easier to stop than the thin body of the demon, and that was rather an advantage.

Faced by this ridicule stance, Ice laughed and accelerated in response. Surprised he could accelerate even further, Hanasia barely had time to harden her muscles for the impact. But this aura didn’t work like that. Instead of hitting her, it slipped over her and kept going straight forward, as the Saiyan regained control of her flight after being pushed to the side.

Kurima laughed again but even more serenely this time. He had used this aura to pierce through motherships and even a planet. He had destroyed many things and had never imagined that in front of a powerful warrior, it would have that effect.

He stopped in his tracks, removed his aura and sent flying hundreds of energy blasts.

Hanasia’s eyes opened wide. How could he follow-up with another attack of that intensity? It was terrifying! Extremely fast, she wouldn’t be able to evade all of them, but she had to…

No time! She placed herself horizontally so as most passed to the side of her. She crossed her arms in front of her and two attacks exploded in a frontal shock. She did her best not to budge, because the other blasts were grazing passed her. Immediately she prepared for the next attack, certain that the monster had thrown himself towards her for the next shot. Fortunately, this demon wasn’t used to that combat tactic and had stayed far away to observe how she’d escape.


Ice Kurima wasn’t aware he loved fighting so much. Never before had he fought so seriously and hardly. Never, except when on the receiving end of a correction from his father or siblings, he had felt pain from hits on his body. Never he had swept his hand in his own blood, as he was now doing from the only deep wound he had taken.

We would win. It was written. He still felt a trove of energy in reserve. He only sported small pains, and was covered in his opponent’s blood. And even, even by some extraordinary measure, the combat turned against him, the strongest warrior of the Court was there and could provide reinforcement.

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