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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 35.

Warning! The illustrations within this chapter contain non-taboo nudes. If you prefer not seeing then, click here:


When the Queen destroys the invader


A concentrated gush of air crushed the base of Hanasia’s tail. Then the keen edge of the hand hit with incredible force.

The pain shot through the whole body of the queen. The pain from the hit... not from the cut. Because she had succeeded. Contracting her muscles as much as possible, she had reinforced it sufficiently.

General Chatterton was gutted to see his painful hand on top of the uncut tail.


He prepared a second hit, but this time, Hanasia had enough time to react. And the yellow tail moved away while the rest of the body got closer. With her elbow, she launched the general into the ground in which is was instantly buried.

Seeing that the Frost Demon was still getting up and trying to understand what happened, she spat a large concentrated fireball into the hole where the general was. The ground trembled and fissured, but the damage remained localized.

Now, Hanasia had the advantage. It was certain. The other was dead or close enough, and she was superior, in this double transformation, to the Frost Demon.

Speaking of which, why wasn’t he attacking her?


Ice Kurima was stooped over. He was looking towards the ground. More and more energy was escaping from his body. And his muscles grew.

— Crap! It’s another transformation! Hanasia realized. She flew towards the enemy. In an instant, she was in front of him and sent him a punch while he was still concentrated. The blow exploded the ground and smaller rocks flew in every direction. But she understood, from the feeling, that she hadn’t smashed his body as expected. With both his hands, he had stopped her fist.

Ice flew at a surprising speed. He hadn’t transformed, he was the same, but his muscles were much larger. He wasn’t a bright and thin lizard anymore, but a bright and bulky lizard. And mostly, he was enveloped in a spheric aura that showed that he was at the peak of his power.



Hanasia wanted to catch him mid-flight, but he promptly evaded the attack. He sidestepped around her and launched an attack similar to a charging bull. His head gave a painful hit on the side and almost broke a rib. But it wasn’t over. He skirted her again and hit elsewhere. And again and again, so fast that she couldn’t follow, and each time he hit even harder than at the start of the fight.



He finished with a big energy ball that she couldn’t evade. Hanasia fell to the ground. She hadn’t imagined for a second that her opponent wasn’t putting his back into the fight before.

But it couldn’t stay like this. She got up again and faced the demon. The latter was covered in wounds, surely for the first time in his life, but visibly the fight pleased him. He was now smiling, sure of his victory. His pure strength was obviously superior…

Far behind him, Hanasia saw many strange points. She understood by listening to the energy fluctuations that is was a large group of Saiyans, all flying in the same plane, and rather far from each other. A queer formation, especially seen as they stayed immobile. Were they planning what she thought?

She also felt Corrne at their head. They weren’t doing anything. They were waiting and she knew why: she was too big.

She had to tell them. But how? She tried to reach Corrne’s mind. Despite the loss of judgement that came with the transformation into Oozaru, she could compensate with the new precision of her transformation into Super Saiyan. Quite quickly, she could perceive him perfectly. She was in his head.

— Corrne… Corrne!

— Hanas… My queen? Corrne answered aloud.

— Fire, fire! I won’t be hurt!!! she screamed by thought.


— Chiin-Lee Sapindaceae Rosids, said an officer as he entered. I am in charge of the army and can make the decision to have our vessels enter the combat should I judge it necessary.

— I know, answered Chiin-Lee. But don’t.

— The Super Saiyan is an exceptional soldier, but she has just been outdone and there is no way she’ll regain the upper hand. We cannot risk losing her. We must fire, it will deconcentrate him at best.

— You do not realize, that your shots will only create smoke. Both their levels are far above our armies. However, he currently have a small group of Saiyans that can equal several of your salvos in a highly concentrated manner.

— They won’t fire on their queen. Even these barbarians have the sense of…


— Look at the moons! screamed Corrne. He, facing the wall of Saiyans in front, back towards the battlefield and didn’t follow his own order.

The Saiyans, initially far from each other, grew, and thus, found themselves side by side, their feet touching the shoulders of others, forming an acrobat’s pyramid. Except that they weren’t being equilibrists, they were flying, simply put. An immense brown wall seemed to appear suddenly.

— Fire! Fire! The Queen orders it!

And there wasn’t any hesitation. Maybe the small concern that they were putting their queen in danger was eliminated by the adrenaline rush from the transformation into giant apes. Hundreds of maws opened wide, and launched hundreds of megatons of pure destruction towards the battlefield.

Ice Kurima saw the fireballs race towards him. They weren’t heading straight to him, no, they were all going in his direction, along curved trajectories. He was scared, then he laughed. He laughed intensely. Because behind him, there was his gigantic opponent. The Super Thingy was going to take the brunt of it. He turned around to laugh at her face, but he didn’t find her. Not knowing how to feel energies, he had to search for her with his eyes. It was gutting. Such a mass didn’t just disappear like that...!!

A light beneath him attracted his gaze. And a hand caught his ankle. He remembered the humanoid body he had fought before she turned into a giant. The difference was now that she was pink all over, and that she didn’t have her brown tail. She had ripped it off.

Due to stupid curiosity, and not motivated by perverted motives seen as Frost Demons weren’t interested in sex, he wanted to know what his opponent looked like without clothes. And instead of counter-attacking, he lost an instant looking at her.

Hanasia dragged him with force and her aura exploded with power. She dragged him in her movement, to the point where she was able to whirl him around her. And the fireballs from the Oozarus dived on them.


That was where Péronipé, and his boss Chili, lost their lives. The fireballs formed a rather slow but enormous wall, and one hit them. Then, as they fell at the mercy of gravity, they smashed into two more fireballs from a second salvo.

The shooters consumed their energy without restraint. And they spat and they spat again.

Hanasia threw herself onto the attacks and sent her opponent onto each one within reach as much as she could. She smashed him as if holding a twirling baseball bat and hit each fireball like a baseball to be clubbed. Ice Kurima took four attacks full on, then put his arms in front of his face, before being crashed into by another two. He tried lashing out with kicks and his tail, but only reached the extremity of the arm holding him.

Hanasia continued moving with a terrifying precision to evade the fireballs, skim them, and smash them with her “club”.

Ice exploded his aura and the ninth fireballs slipped over him. Losing her balance, Hanasia also took a ball of energy, but she didn’t let go and kept going. She managed to squash on his aura, and therefore weaken it, still many more attacks, before finishing by letting go. He immediately regained his flight, slipping between energy balls.

The two opponents spent the next minute avoiding the salvos that continued until the shooters ran out of energy.

Further way, in the sea, hundreds of explosions caused impressive tidal waves.


Ice Kurima, like Hanasia, was out of breath.



— You’re done for, grimaced the demon in between in teeth.

— You don’t have an ounce of energy left, answered the queen. I won. And she placed her hands to the side, bending slightly her fingers to the ground, both palms on the same side. She told herself this position was interesting to charge her energy.

For the last time, with her ultimate ressources, Hanasia concentrated her power in her hands. A powerful energy ball was birthed under the feared look of Ice.

— Cheeky monkey! he screamed, extending a finger in the air and creating an energy attack. But the simple gesture caused him pain. He understood without showing it that he had been going full on too long, and had taken too many hits. Using 100% of his power had exhausted him.

Whereas the transformation into Super Saiyan revitalised energy in a stable and permanent manner. Hanasia wasn’t able to follow the maximum level of her opponent, but she had the advantage of endurance. And to be clear: this demon had an easy life and never had to exert himself for as long before in his entire life.



— Me, a Demon, will not loose to a naked monkey!

— You’re also naked, Hanasia said with a smile, and she aimed her two hands to the font, keeping the same position. Garick Cannon!!!

The demon sent his arm forward, and his electrified energy ball receptioned the attack, but Hanasia’s shot transpierced it, and smashed against Ice’s body. Hanasia increased her power, and put in everything she had, and the torrent of energy went through the torso of Kurima.


In a strange and metallic squirm, a noise none would have imagined possible from the mouth of an organic being, accompanied the descent of the Frost Demon, that crashed into the ground.

Hanasia approached herself and dropped down, worn out.

— Inferior… being… said the demon with the ripped muscles, stomach torn out, and protruding eyes. You… have no right to…

— You’re still alive… that’s impossible! I’m going to finish you with kicks to the head until you stop that terrible rasping that comes out of your throat!

Ice spart out violet blood and, seeming to realize the end was near, a terrible look shined in his eyes. The fear of death.

— S-spare… me…

— What?

— Spare me… Please…

Hanasia looked at the imploring and dying face of her opponent. Despite the difference of shape and structure that separated the two beings, she could see that he truly feared dying, and felt his disarray. It made a knot, somewhere deep in her gut. It was pity that attacked her, a sentiment rarely felt, theoretically present in all life forms… but absent from the current generation of Frost Demons, non-existent in lowly evolved animals, forgotten by some species here and there in the galaxy though not necessarily belligerent, and of course, not observed in Saiyans.

She realized that even a monster that unleashed armies on innocent people, and was responsible today of several thousand deaths, could still inspire pity.

Hanasia raised her foot and hit the skull dozens of times, for two whole minutes, until not the slightest sound came from it.


The Queen’s hair returned to black, and she took a few steps before letting herself fall onto a mound. The improvised chair was the result of one of the numerous craters that littered the field. Others would have sat on an Oozaru arm or finger, but she prefered not to.

Further, the troupe of transformed shooters was flying above the battlefield, screaming their hurrah’s.

She smiled because she had won her fight (even is a few exterior elements had aided a little in the duel), but her eyes were also filled with immense melancholy in face of the reality of her many deceased friends.

General Chatterton, for one, wasn’t going to give in to melancholy.

He had climbed out of his hole using his hands and feet. His broken ribs and his body entirely filled with pain, all from the simple elbow hit taken from the golden monkey, reminded him the world in between him, the strongest warrior of the court, and the Frost Demons as well as this being capable of resisting them.

That being, who was tired. Surely more than himself, Chatterton. He climbed atop of the oozaru, hiding his energy, and searched for her with his eyes, his scanner and listening gear damaged, for the giant yellow monkey. Not a trace of her. But the general wasn’t daft.

Other than the group of monkeys heading their way, and the runaways coming back towards the centre of the fight, only one Saiyan was resting, and at that, near the body of Kurima. As he had thought, the warrior had indeed managed to kill him. Already half of the princes had fallen to her fist!?

The General still had a lot of energy. He placed his two hands in front of him, and aimed the person to eliminate. He concentrated and used extremely rare techniques of energy modification to charge himself to full power. In an instant, he had what he needed to fire a fireball, that would destroy this Super Saiyan, and would kill all surrounding survivors. In a few instants, this place would be a new seabed.

But his target vanished.

He understood she was behind him. He heard the small sound of the yellow wind that surrounded the warrior. He felt the palm of the Saiyan place itself on the back of his armour. He tetanised for an instant, and without having been able to fire his attack, or say a word, he was transpierced by Hanasia.

Chatterton fell onto a carpet of brown, that he lightened with his crimson blood. He wasn’t surprised, nor disappointed. He was General Chatterton and he knew he’d die in combat. From the hand of the strongest in the universe, he couldn’t complain.



— Miss Chiin-Lee Litchi Chinensis Sapindaceae Rosids. I am tasked with informing you that you are being promoted.

Tchin smiled

— The success of this battle, the intel we have garnered, the death of a second of the demons, and many other elements, in is part due to you. In large part even. You have honoured the role of chief coordinator of the weaponry with the Super Saiyan Hanasia, as well as the private correspondence with the latter, added to your position of deputy chief of the department of the Millennial Warrior affairs. The latter is transformed into the department of Saiyan warfare in the program against the invaders of the Frost Demon empire.

The department of warfare is removed from you. Nevertheless, you will remain a consultant and will have to answer all requests if they concern your period. Your other responsibilities are also removed, to give you, at your request, the role of principal contact and chief in charge, of Saiyan royal affairs, via the following Saiyans: the Queen and her counsellor. You are also director of the budget, and coordinator of the entirety of military operations, be it for the invasion at hand, or not, from the moment they concern Saiyans. You will posses according to the circumstances, between 1 and 19 votes on the subject. Finally, you receive the rank of Lieutenant General of Degree 2.

— Thus, I am now your superior.

— That is correct, except when we are at sea.

— Obviously.

— What will be your first action, General?

— I’m going in person to the Saiyan Royal Capital.

She left the room under the astonished gaze of her colleague.


The giant monkeys had returned into naked and dead Saiyans on the ground. In the sky, the weak remains of the moons barely shined, but even the Saiyans who were alive and still had their tails weren’t sensitive to them anymore. The capital was nothing more than a mass of stones and craters, like the rest of the region. But stones, those weren’t important.

If no Saiyan felt strong emotions to the death of their similar, they were still currently amidst a totally new scenario, which was strongly shocking. Hundreds upon hundreds of deaths. The same day. Entire families devastated. Others, leaving either a lone orphan, or an elderly without surviving heirs. In the general massacre, competence or age in the end had very little influence on the survival.



Some had already started throwing the bodies of their friends, and had destroyed them with one or two fireballs, with the help of other survivors. But Hanasia asked them to stop.

— There’s too many of them, and too few survivors to honour them. Have all the Saiyans from other villages come, we will do the funerals for everyone at the same time in one day.

Hanasia walked among the bodies. She had seen this one in the palace. Ah… Nizouki. At least the old sadic wouldn’t play anymore tricks on her… but that thought didn’t appease her. She wanted to refrain from crying in front of her subjects, who were more and more numerous around her. And Hanasia finally reached Cetinia, who wore an angel’s smile in death. Above her stomach, a small deep hole that had been the cause of her death. That small hole, it was Hanasia herself that had caused it. At that thought, she felt guilty, then full of rage. Clenching her teeth and getting angry, she felt something akin to electricity running through her, and wondered if she wouldn’t transform into Super Saiyan by accident.

Then she saw the bodies of different invaders, and assured herself they were dead.

Corrne, now the new Counsellor of the Queen, approached her. He winced because he and she, as most Saiyans who were present, were completely naked. Saiyans weren’t very prude and rather used to this sort of situation, generally after a full moon, but between them, it was a little different.



He winced again because she was covered in wounds and didn’t have her tail anymore, but didn’t seem to suffer from it. Him, as many others, still had it because he had returned to normal once the balls in the sky lost their intensity.

Corrne wanted to congratulate the Queen. He wanted to tell her something reassuring, because he saw the she was in need of it. He wanted to tell her many things, that he loved her, was proud she was Queen, that he admired her, loved her, that he found her even covered in blood, without her tail, her hair burnt and messed up, and her eyes red, still the most beautiful Saiyan, that she had formidable strength, and that he loved her.

— I’m going to have an amazing story to tell, he said

Then he punched his face, strong enough to break his jaw. Hanasia didn’t realize, because he only did that in his thoughts.

Hanasia turned her head to him.

— Cor… Corr.

— Corrne, whispered softly and with confusion, the Saiyan with whom she had slept with several times.

— Corrne, I don’t want you to forget any of the warriors’ names. This story must be complete. Here, it could even be written, or something, I don’t know. Each one here is a hero. What the Tsufuls call battle, it’s just a series of thousands of duels, or fist-fights between several. It’s big because there’s many. You need to tell them all, you need to remember them all.

— But…, started the storyteller all the while looking around him, the unending number of people around him concerned gave him vertigo. There were so many…

— Come here, said Hanasia without hearing his remark, and punctuating her order by grabbing his arm and obliging him to follow her anyway. This one, that’s Cetinia, my friend. She was very strong. She killed many invaders, but the battle was confusing, and terrible, and she was killed by her own Queen. I was attacked, Corrne, by a force I’ve never seen before. The invader did this to me and it’s terrible. I killed my friend. I can tell you he died. Oh yes, and slowly. I found pieces of him on the battlefield. I pissed on them. But if others come, maybe they will also have his power. More than ever, do you understand? Us Saiyans don’t have to take the attacks of invaders that mess with our heads, and those that kill our brothers and sisters by the dozen every minute.

The storyteller had difficulty following the train of thought of his Queen.

— So I’m going to go to the sky, where their country is, and I’m going to invade them, myself. I will find them, and I’ll kill them. All these Frost Demons. There aren’t that many. I’ll kill them all.

The newly arrived Saiyans had brought food and Hanasia ate and got dressed. Several hours had passed since her fight and she didn’t feel tired, although in reality, she was still exhausted. She elevated herself a few decimetres.

— Tell the Tsufuls to construct a village for the people who are here, and something that allows you to speak to everyone, to organise a mass funeral. You can do that without me, when I’ll return, everything will be taken care of.

And she left for the sky.

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Chibi Dam'Z       16

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