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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 6.



Many Saiyans opened their eyes wide at the sight of Nizucchi coming into the village. He probably was crazy to do such a thing. He had been at fault, he had been banished and was now outlawing himself.

In such conditions, there weren't any disgrace in ganging up to attack him.

And that was what they were going to do.

When the general of the King reached the main square, half the villagers were surrounding him, cracking their knuckles or merely with their arms crossed on their chest, looking at him scornfully. They were just waiting for a sign allowing them to attack him. Not a word was uttered.

Hanasia hastily arrived, flying.

“You again?”

Nizzuchii turned towards her and smiled at her.

“Well, yes. Me again. But I'm not here to fight. Rather, I'd like to speak to you in private.”

“You'll need jaw in a good shape to do it.” she said, as she went near him, her fist raised. “And a belly with everything in it. You'll understand that in the minutes to come, you'll lack the two of them.”

All the Saiyans of the village were quite winded up, ready to throw fire balls and to come to Hanasia's assistance. As for Nizucchi, he merely went high in the air. All the villagers were caught off-guard. And as very few of them knew how to fly, only Hanasia went after him.

“I'm a General in the King's City. I have been the teachers of many Saiyans and you, little girl, have a potential such as I've never seen before.”

“And that is why you came back?”

“With my training, you'll be the strongest Saiyan. Stronger than I, stronger than the King...”


“Stronger than the Millerany Fighter.”

“He doesn't exist.”

“Not only he does exist but one thousand had passed since the last one. He can show up at any moment. And only you will be able to defeat him.”

“You think so?”

“My job is to think so. That's the mission I've been given.”

Hanasia gave him a strange look, seemingly annoyed. She didn't feel like hitting him anymore. What a pity. Moreover her father would come soon. She had to make a decision.

“I thought that your job was to kill people that you didn't like.”

“I lied. I was looking for a Saiyan to train and to unlock his strength.”



Several weeks later, Nizucchi was tolerated in the village and he gave lessons to Hanasia everyday. A lot of villagers were there too. Some were there to help their 'almost-leader' if this 'almost-outlaw' trying something weird, others were here to enjoy the privilege of attending a fighting lesson [with someone] from the capital [city]. Hartich didn't came often. But today he was here.

“Chief,” said a Saiyan, as he pointed at Hanasia who was enduring a weird technique. “Didn't you crush Kumppin, the chief of the Western Village, with that technique?”

“That's the one.” he answered. “I learned it in the capital.”

“Why didn't you teach it to your daughter then?”

“I taught her better techniques. Hey, Hanasia!! Take his fucking leg!!”

The two fighters stopped for a moment.

“If I do it, I won't be able to protect myself dad.”

“You'll get a punch in your mouth, but you'll also get to smash his stomach... or his balls, as you wish. This technique is completely flawed, to be used on idiots only.”


The training went on, based on the reflexes this time. Quite a few Saiyans were watching and imitating. They knew that their leader, the strongest Saiyan of the region, was the strongest partly because of his travels and his training in the city.

“Hartich, do you think that Hanasia will be able to surpass that guy one day? That old man... he's terrifying, he dodge everything. A bit like you... but ten times worse.”

“He's not really that strong.” answered the chief. “Not compared with...”

“What? All the city dwellers are that strong?”

“No, kiddo. I mean, compared with himself twenty years ago. He should have been really strong. You know, there are not many generals. As for Hanasia... It's not impossible that she will reach the level of a general but... it's not certain either.”


Several days later, Nizucchi and Hanasia were alone at last. It was abundantly raining and the Saiyans calmly stayed in their house. Rain was painful, even for a Saiyan, as it fell at high speed in this world where everything was heavy. Besides, as it had many minerals, some drops were even almost solid and it happened that a badly built house was destroyed by the rain.

A very small Saiyan ran far from the village and towards the two others, holding a bone of shoulder blade above his head as an umbrella.

“Little Harik, what are you doing here?” asked Hanasia.

“I asked him to come.” said Nizucchi. “I need a hostage.”

“A what?” exclaimed the two others at the same time, just as the general caught the kid and held him high, getting rid of his umbrella. Harik put his hands in front of his face, moaning in pain. “ouch, ouch...”

“Let him go.” yelled Hanasia. “He's to young to take the rain for that long!”

“If you want me to, you'll have to show me your strength, my student! When the Millenary Warrior appears. I am sure that the power you display when you want to help someone will show, but it'll have to be much more than what you showed me. Will all the training you got, you better do something more impressive than last time.”

“You want to take a good bashing, that's it? As the daughter of the chief, I'll protect the children of my village!”

“I'd love to see that.” screamed Nizucchi who, at this moment, threw a terribly powerful fire ball with his free hand towards Hanasia. As she wasn't ready, she took it directly and didn't see him flying in her direction. He kneed her in her stomach and she fell on the ground clutching the pained area.

“Move!” commanded her attacker. “Do you think that the Millenary Warrior will strike as weakly as I do?” and he finished with a kick in her face making the warrior fly several yards backwards and roll on several other yards of mud.

Shaken, she could merely see anything in the dark night. She could merely make out the figure of the Saiyan, afar, and that he was doing something. She heard Harik's screams getting louder. Nizucchi was beating him!

“You know...” he yelled so that she'd hear him. “I think he'll die.” And he continued to hit the child.

Hanasia tried to get up, but she was so injured. The angered female managed to rise to her feet groggily but she slipped in the mud and fell yet again heavily. The unrelenting rain pounded on her wounds, increasing the pain she felt.

“Stop it... Stop...”

“What are you saying? I can't ear anything!” he yelled. “That's how you protect your village? What a joke!” He threw his hostage in the air and got him with his knee, hitting him in the stomach. Harik screamed and vainly tried to struggle himself free, all the while restraining himself from calling for help.

— Stooooooooooooooop!! bellowed Hanasia, as she got up and flew. She didn't feel pain or the heavy rain on her skin anymore. Her energy rose and rose again. She raised her fists, focusing on the indistinct black figure where the scream came from. Wind suddenly appeared and the drops changed direction all around her, as if it was a storm.

“Damn... Such power... But if you think that the Millenary Fighter is going to wait...” Nizucchi suddenly threw And he threw a fire ball towards her.

Surprised, she merely had the time to see it coming and, in a defeaning noise, she fell backwards. That old man still had a lot of energy to spare.

Hearing only the rain that was strafing her even more violently, Hanasia felt that she was about to pass out. Darkness was starting to invade her eyesight when a though violently crossed her mind. Harik!

“It's impossible.” she thought. “I'm so tired, I can't move anymore...”

— Harik, Harik !

“I can't stop him, not like this...”

— Harik, Harik is going to die!

“I'm hurt, I'm tired...”

— Harik... Harik is not 4 year old yet. Listen to him... He's screaming again!


“Little Saiyan, your saviour is in no state to help,” sadistically said Nizucchi. “I think she's going to drown all alone in the mud. And you'll have to go with her. I never threaten without going through with it. If she doesn't get back to...”

A powerful blow. Right in the face, like the first time.

He hadn't see her, he hadn't noticed her coming, nor getting up. He let go of Harik because of the might of the punch but got a grip on himself immediately. He wasn't going to let her hit him again. Nizucchi flew to control his fall and put his arms in a defence stance in anticipation for the next blow.

Hanasia flew at top speed behind him and dealt a kick. He turned and threw her a fire ball, but it crashed on Hanasia without damaging her much more than what would have a rain drop done.

The warrior wasn't hitting him for the moment. Nizucchi could stand and see her. He didn't believe his eyes.

There was a crater of mud at her feet, a supernatural wind surrounded her and her eyes were as hard as iron.

“Aaaaah,” he said pleased. “Anger boosts you more than anything. But I want more!” The warrior punched her, but she easily parried and dealt him a blow. He tried his sneak attacks he had learned in the capital, but she was too fast each time, and each time she sent him fall away.

After a few minutes, Hanasia's power was still the same and Nizucchi could hardly stand on his feet. She then slowly walked to him. He bent forwards, trying to get into a fighting stance but Hanasia caught caught him and threw him in the air.

She had used so much power to throw him that he went through the clouds. Under the sudden sun, he felt as if a burden was about to explode in his chest and his eardrums seemed near the stage of explosion. That was what always happened when one flew to fast towards the sky. He tried to fly to keep at the same level and get used to this burden, that merely was the change of pressure.

Hanasia took Harik from the mud and made sure that he was alive. Slowly, and keeping her body above his own to protect him from the rain, she flew. When they were near the cloud, she felt the usual buzz of the pressure change and she slowed down.

“Shut your nose and mouth and blow.” she said to Harik.

He did as she said and unblocked his ears. They went higher again and above the layer of clouds. At the sun light, she checked how much he was injured. He didn't seem to have much broken bones. At least, he'd survive it.

“You're super strong... thanks to me.” proudly said the little one as he spat a baby tooth.



She turned her head to see Nizucchi, afar off, wiping the blood that was still running from his nose. He was looking at her with fury in his eyes, the same fury they usually seen in the loser's eyes and that meant they hated their opponent. He actually looked worse than the kid.

Hanasia slowly flew, feeling self-confident, towards him.

“I know what you're thinking... but there won't be any next time. If ever you come back in my village, I'll kill you, no matter what your excuse is.”

Nizucchi smiled inwardly. So, even several minutes after her anger, she still kept a bit of her 'boost'. Indeed, she was as powerful as she had been below. And it'd be ill advised to try and attack her now.

And she was letting him live. Incredible, especially after what he had done.

“I'd have loved to teach you more. Oh, yes, so much more... But as you let me live longer, I'll rather go tell the King that I've found the Saiyan girl who can defeat the Millenary Fighter. And I'll come back. Keep that it in mind, I'll come back!”

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Rest in peace, Toriyama-sensei

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