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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 1, Chapter 3.

2000 years ago

The Saiyans are watching the night falling. They are smiling because tonight, they celebrate.


The children have come out of the habitations, some kind of tents made of wood and pelts because the Saiyans hate building so as long as it stands (most of the time, it's impossible to understand how it can stands), they make their best for it not to be destroyed by accident. The Saiyans leave the village and go to a far off meadow.


Everything is quiet, most of the animals are hidden in the very back of their den. They know what is about to happen. And the Tsufuls most of all. They live in the back of habitations carved in the depth of the ground, far, very far away from Saiyan territories.


In the middle of the group, a young kid is looking proudly at the sky. As for the other children his age, it's the first time that he'll see the full moon. Its particular cycle allows it to be full only once every eight years. An adult shoves him. The child slaps him, sending him several hundred meters away. Indeed, this child is already the strongest member of the village, and by far. His name is Brasca.


The sky clears up and the moon appears. And all the Saiyans look at it in the eyes. And they start to grow. To change. In a few seconds, they all have become gigantic apes. The Saiyans look down the world from at least 50 yards higher than usual. Everything seems to be so small, they laugh at their power. They start running, they step over hills with glee.

A baby prances around. He's small beside the other, but he already towers the tallest trees of the forest. In spite of his size, he doesn't feel heavy and he laughs as he runs between the legs of the adults. One of them sends him flying away, as if he was a ball. Since time immemorial, Saiyans raise their children and make them understand that they're being annoying with a good kick.


Somewhere, a Saiyan, who has kept his appearance, is crying. The others must not see him crying. What a shame! He has lost his tail in an accident some years ago and he had hoped it'd have grown in time, but it hadn't been the case.

Entire forests are destroyed. Thousands of beasts are crushed, the landscape is devastated. But when Saiyans party, they party hard.

A scream can be heard. People turn around. They see Brasca suffering from a strange phenomenon. His muscles are swelling and he screams as if he was in pain.

Wind is starting to swirl around him, as it happens when the most powerful Saiyans that exist at their time concentrates to gather their energy and destroy anything that moves. The ape is starting to float into the air, a power that none had ever seen. He keeps gathering energy and floating up. A huge whirlwind surrounds him. Suddenly, the color of his fur changes. He starts to shine and becomes yellow. The level of his energy makes all the villager fall.

Brasca is suffering. He keeps getting more and more energy. Suddenly, he opens his mouth and spits a fire ball so powerful that for centuries and throughout the galaxy, nobody managed to make one that strong. The ball goes right through a mountain as if it was butter. On its way, the trees bend and touch the ground because of the shock wave. A Saiyan that is in the way is destroyed as if it had been a mosquito in the path of a blaster shot. The fire ball seems to go towards the stars, but actually, it merely goes straight forwards and away from the bend of the planet. Its power is so that it's not attracted by gravity. It gets lost into space where it'll end up into a star.

The golden ape pounded on his torso to show his fury. He then grasps his own tail and tears it off. He then comes back to normal and passes out. He falls and crashes on the ground.


On the neighbouring continent, hidden in the depth of the mountains, into underground cities so that Saiyans can't find them, the Tsufuls have watched this sudden rise of energy. And they worry. They decide to send spies over there.

Even though they have simple firearms that can shoot pointed and poisoned bullets and are riding vehicles, that are indeed loud, but have the advantage of being almost as fast as a running Saiyan, the Tsufuls are frightened by those apes who don't hesitate to eat them without caring where they could come from.



The next day, Brasca gets up rather late. He has a headache. Nothing happens for several weeks and he says he doesn't remember what happened.

But one evening, during a quarrel triggered by a very livened up conversation about some uninteresting topic, the brawl turns out badly. Brasca kills one of his opponent. It's not the first time such a thing happen, but the others are really mad at him. They all start to beat him but they're easily thrown away. They get back on their feet and attack again, it's a serious fight. The tension rises when one of them got his arm ripped off by Brasca.

But all this is quite normal among Saiyans.

Far from here, on top of a tree, hidden in the leaves, two Tsufuls are watching the scene through binoculars.


Other Saiyans join the fray, among them are powerful fighters. The chief of the neighbouring village focused his energy, the grass swirling around him. It is time to show this kid what a true warrior is. Brasca recognises the strength of a true fighter and let go of the Saiyan's face he was crushing between his fingers.

He opens his hand and a fire ball appears. Some recognise that thing they have seen the night of the full moon and draw back instinctively. The chief looks at the shining ball with interest, then runs to his opponent. Brasca throws the ball as if he was throwing a rock. It hits the chief in a loud explosion, and the chief stops running and fall backwards.

He gets up in the smoke, his clothes are torn and he is bleeding here and there. And he is angry. He rushes once again at Brasca who is focusing his energy, and they fight for a while. The witnesses, Saiyans as Tsuful, don't ask anything: it's obvious that Brasca has the upper hand.

On the ground, almost defeated, the chief of the neighbouring village spit a bit of blood. He is annoyed. He hasn't lost any fight for a long time. So, he gets up. And focuses his energy. He lands an incredibly strong punch into Brasca's torso but the latter doesn't even parry or move, as if he hadn't felt the blow. And he feels the energy rising inside him. Endlessly.

A blast of wind surrounds him and his hair goes up on his head, straight and yellow. A yellow aura, with some hind of green, enlightens him.


The Tsufuls are astonished. After a moment of awe, they turn on the energy calculator. The hand turns around several times then starts shaking and oscillating. It's immeasurable. They use the binoculars once again to see what will this boiler do, it that generates more energy than their coal-fired plants.

The boiler seems to teleport itself. In truth, Brasca moves in one moment right in front of his opponent and punches him. Blood spurts and his opponent falls, dead with one blow.

With a wicked smile, he turns towards the other that are running away. Brasca licks his bloody hand and laughs. He opens his arms and energy keeps rising. He creates a fire ball and throw it to his feet. The ground opens, explodes and the entire meadow is destroyed. The spies tremble when they see that the damages almost reached them, it stopped only a few yards from them. Brasca turned his eyes in their direction. He has spotted them.

The Tsufuls spies are trained. Even since the dawn of time, Tsufuls have lived in cooperation. Since the dawn of time, when facing a Saiyan, there is only one thing to do. A part of those in danger has to face the enemy and hold him back while the other part flees. Both of them jump down the three, stretching their right arm. Once on the ground, they look at each other's hand. One of them was making the hand-sign of the scissors whereas the other one was making the sign of the rock.

They ride their bikes, that they had used in silent mode up to that moment. They trigger the starter and loose free the acceleration. The silencers go out from the tubes ejected by very powerful starting gas. The rockets fire up and each of the spies goes in the opposite direction. One of them rushes towards Brasca. Ready to die, he is not afraid. Yet, he should be.

Some yards before contact, the Tsuful abruptly turns in order to pass on the fighter's side. Surprised by the reactivity of the machine enemy, Brasca looks at him getting away in a cloud made of black smoke. The warrior coughs. This smell of pollution is unbearable. He deploys his energy and all the smoke fades away. He rushes forwards and, in one moment, catches up with the machine that was getting away at 200 mph. He grasps the motorcycle and crushes the metal of the body and fly away with his prey.

The Tsuful is pulled in every direction but he holds on. He takes his gun and shoots at point-blank range on the torso of his enemy who seems to be taller and more muscled than earlier. The bullets crush and bounce. The most powerful Tsuful bullets, able to run through a Saiyan body, worth 100,000 zenis per unit!

The fighter crushes then the motorcycle, and a leg of the spy along with it, with his bare hands. The latter cries of pain and bends in two. But he also takes advantage of it to load his guns again. But the results are the same.

“I know what you're thinking!” then says the Saiyans, pointing at the forest. We could see the fumes of the engines of the other motorcycle between the trees. The spy eventually notices that they're several hundred yards above ground.

Brasca creates once again an energy ball and throws it into the forest, so that it goes after the motorcycle. The fire ball destroys every trees that are stranding in its way and the target hears a suspicious noise from behind. She turns around to see the devastating thing getting closer at the speed of sound! The spy suddenly turns 90 degrees and switches off the engine when he smashed, the least violently he could, into bushes.

Due to the explosion, bits of rocks and trees are scattered all around. A fragment stabbed the Tsuful. From high above, Brasca wickedly laughed, then, as he turns towards his hostage, he sees him pulling the pin out of a round and grey item. Yelling out of rage, the Tsuful comes near the body of the Saiyan and places his hand that is firmly gripping the grenade close to his face. A detonation rings out and the explosion triggers the other grenades he had on his. The motorcycle is destroyed as well as its user. But the fighter comes out of the smoke, scratchless.

One moment later, the Saiyans are coming back, but an entire group this time. Other villages has been deserted to see what is going on and what are those explosions. The fleeing Sayans had raised the alarm and many are coming in the hope to have a thrilling fight.

It's a battle field. Steam comes from the burnt ground. There are the remnants of something made of strange metal and, in the middle, Brasca is standing, Brasca who is now twice as big as he usually is.

He has become a mountain of muscles and the child is now bigger than all other Saiyans. Bathed in his yellow aura, his eyes seeming to be white, he was extremely impressive.

A lot of Saiyan died that day.

The Tsuful spy somehow managed to bandage his wound and to go back to the coast. There, a boat was waiting for him, hidden in a cove, and this is how he could report what has happened.

At the Tsuful continent, they're bustling about. The following days, Brasca kills dozens of Saiyans, destroys landscape and comes dangerously near the Tsuful hidden cities. An extensive research in the archive shows one results. 1000 years ago, a Saiyan with yellow hair has been noticed too. He was much more powerful than the others and he died at a very young age, soon after he had changed.

“It's clear,” says a scientist. “It's a recurring phenomenon. And it keeps improving.”

“Nothing seems to be able to touch it. It sucks up the energy all around him, it's indestructible and untiring!”

“We have to destroy him otherwise he'll destroy our world. If nothing can physically hurt him, we'll have to attack him another way.”

“Gas? Poison?”

“No, no gas can reach him because of the wind he generates. And I doubt poison would go through his skin... As for making him swallow some... Let me remind you that ever since he has turned into... this, he hasn't eaten or drunk anything!”

“The problem is solved.” suddenly said someone.

All the scientists turned towards the messenger who just had come.

“Brasca died this morning. He fell on his own, destroyed by his own energy.”


At the Tsufuls, as at the Saiyans, it was a relief.

“Do you think that such a thing will happen again, chief?” asked a Tsuful during the filling of the datas for a future use.

“Yes.” he answered. “In 1000 years. And it'll be even more stable. He won't die before weeks maybe. Perhaps even more. It'll destroy the world because its power exponentially increases with time.

“In 1000 years... We'll have the technology to destroy it!”

“I hope so... I do hope so...”


Picture by:

Chibi Dam'Z       16

Juliansk       43


Suisei       84


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