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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 24.

History of the Frost Demons


A strange species that evolved on a gigantic rock dimly lit by a dying star, the Frost Demons were the only creatures to have several different genetic codes in them. As such, they had the ability to transform and grow stronger. When they wished to reproduce, they would simply form a new combination of those genetic codes within themselves.


Upon being discovered by explorers, the foreigners were shocked to discover the existence of life on an asteroid deprived of an ozone, or even the slightest protection against the various forms of space radiation, which constantly mutated the monsters’ genetic codes. An aster upon which temperature would fluctuate between -10°C and -150°C (15°F and -240°F), the rock was a borderline black hole. Its gravity was a hundred times denser than any planet capable of sustaining life. It was covered by a layer of barely a half mile of atmosphere comprised of a few rare gasses that would crash against the ground, sometimes in liquid form. And the Frost Demons were its only inhabitants.

They breathed, or rather, they drank, drinking carbonic gas to release oxygen. Once the integrity of the atmosphere was compromised as a result, they began to take in oxygen to release water. It seemed as though nothing could prevent their survival. Their resilience and ability to adapt enabled them to go anywhere they pleased.

Some would enjoy a climb up a mountain, where there was no atmosphere to speak of. Faced with a void, their shell being the only protection needed, they would daydream, scratching the ground in search for a mineral that would satisfy their stomach(s).


Without any predators, on top of their natural power, they had all the time they needed for their intelligence to develop, to the point that their race became one of geniuses. It was only after they ventured to other planets that they learned the art of battle, and that they were superior to all other forms of life.

Many of them grew fond of war, some even building their own empire and cults after their name, some freeing the oppressed and bringing justice and prosperity. A few others ignored war and battle altogether, independently wandering the universe in search for its wonders.

Few in numbers to begin with, most of them died in the following centuries as they discovered more of the universe. Thrown directly into a sun, one of them suddenly disappeared. However, ever since, the others had learned how to travel across space. They were hit with nuclear, biological, quantic attacks, but the following generation would prove impervious to such weapons. As the centuries rolled by, stabler kingdoms had been founded, only for massacre to ensue between them, until only a single family was left to reign.

The general populace would always believe for a short moment that it was finally over, that the challenge the demons faced with procreation would end their lineage. But every time, the emperor would manage to father a son or two, who themselves would be capable of bearing children of their own. The problem was that the people couldn’t understand. Understand that the Frost Demons were the epitome of survival, and that their lineage would simply never cease to be. Even with only one family, even with only a single heir per generation.


Aware of the threat, the four Kaiōs assembled. While inferior in status to the Kaiōshins we all know about, they took it upon themselves to maintain a modicum of order. Even the Northern Kaiō, who lived in a distant realm compared to the others, was present.

At the time, only a single family reigned across the small portion of a galaxy. Even then, the damage caused by the wars instigated by the demons could be sensed, and it wasn’t uncommon from time to time that an entire planet would be destroyed following a dispute. The sheer power of those demons was too vast - vaster than even that of the Kaiōs - to be allowed to stand in the world of the living. Nevertheless, the Kaiōs weren’t supposed to directly interfere in the affairs of mortals unless necessary.

So, a compromise was reached that would reduce the impact of the demons without completely destroying them. The primary cause of the problems was the wars spurned from the internal affairs between them. All that needed to be done is reduce their numbers. Thus, it was decided that they would be limited in the numbers of heirs they could produce.

— But how could we enforce such a rule? asked one of the Kaiōs. They do know there is a life after death, and that such life is governed by beings like ourselves, but that certainly won’t be enough to convince them to obey us...

— If it is only strength that they recognize, then that is exactly what we will give them. They are nowhere near, and will never even come close, to the strength of a Kaiōshin.

— But our masters, the Kaiōshins, don’t involve themselves in such petty affairs.

— It’ll have to be one of us, then...

And so it was. The Grand Kaiō, whose strength far surpassed that of the others, took it upon himself to pass the message on. He travelled to the world of the living and entered, without anyone being able to stop him, the homes of all Frost Demons alive. Singlehandedly, he won by knockout against each of the family members, then explained the divine order.

And for thousands of years, it was followed to the letter. But Blizzard’s father, who had decided to expand his kingdom, and set out on several conquests, had a different opinion. He took notice of their growing strength throughout the generations. He was stronger than his father, and his son would soon surpass him. He decided that the time was ripe to retake total control of the galaxy, like his predecessors had done so many millennia before, when hundreds of demons shared the galaxy. He was not about to stand idly and it wasn’t some so-called divine order that was going to stop him. As such, he deliberately neglected to pass that information onto his kin.


Now, one may think that calculating the growth in power of the Frost Demons was impossible. After all, when battles raged between them, they were simply realms beyond that of common folk, and when the latter group were attacked, they proved so superior that any change couldn’t possibly be observed.

However, even before they were reduced to a single imperial lineage, some had taken notice of the demons’ increase in strength. Several observers had taken note of the slightest of details in their acts of destruction, measuring their impact and force, and exchanged results on interstellar sites. Their speed, raw strength, energy emissions were all measured carefully, which was compared to other demons and different species in the universe. The debates on these petty factors would rage on, and the mixed opinions would often bring forth contradictory information.

Many found these discussion to be just beating a dead horse.

But the fact remained that they were getting stronger. The newer generations had more and more trouble harnessing their power, not to mention their emotions. Accidents and mishaps were growing more frequent as the years rolled by, and the damage and casualties more severe.

They were able to control that with a complete transformation of their body, that who reducing their strength. A few thousend of years later, it wasn’t enough any more and some demons used a second transformation over the first one.

In spite of that, during the age of the war between clans, assuming a restrained form was dangerous. It would make them too easy a target, as they wouldn’t have the time to reassume their final form.

The demons were far denser in numbers, and had much more variety in their appearance during this time. But they still had many obvious common characteristics. And when a demon was in a restrained form, it could seen as clear as day. The perfect balance between proper self-control and power was never found, and once again, the rest of the universe had to pay for it.


A few notable Frost Demons


Cryogen (-8651, -8412)

Philosopher, writer, he left home at the young age of 67 in order to write peacefully. His father was a lord of several commanderies, who tried in vain to father another heir. Following several requests, he agreed to join the kingdom, but upon succeeding his father, he established a democratic government and left as quickly as he had come. He is known for acclaimed works such as “Critique of Pure Force”, “Ego frigus ergo sum”, and “Allegory of the Glacial Cave.”


Frozen (-7612, -7386)

In applicable tongues, this Frost Demon was designated in the feminine. Frozen inherited her familly's fief at young age, the latter of which allegedly dying in a spaceship accident. After disposing of her only sibling, she spread with an unknown magic spell a biting cold through her planet, killing off with only a few exceptions all other lifeforms. Singlehandedly, she killed seven other Frost Demons and caused their kingdoms to freeze over similarly. Having no children to call her own, her ambition had only met its end when she died of unknown causes


Artic (-5921, -57??)

Known for the invention of the first restrained form. Particularly powerful, he partook in several wars for centuries, killing of other demons and entire nations. Then, getting afraid of his own anger, he changed forms and weakened considerably. He travelled from planet to planet to spread words of peace, but he was pursued by others of his kind. Several battles ensued, which forced him to reassume his original form, which resulted in planetary-scale casualties. Going further and further into hiding, no one could possibly know what has become of him, nor if he is alive or not.



Since she wasn’t here, Corrne was given Hanasia’s house to sleep in. Night had already long fallen, and he couldn’t see a foot ahead of him. A very dim light coming from the signal fire at the center of the village barely lit the walls. He fumbled around in search for the pile of hay that would surely serve him as beddings for the night. He was used to the modest comfort provided by backwater villages.

He was surprised to find a wooden bedframe, of a certain quality that would allow him to sleep a decent night. But as he climbed in, he felt someone else’s body.

— Ow!

— Is somebody here? asked the storyteller.

— This bed is already taken! Scram!

— Well, I’ll be damned… Sleeping in your chief’s bed while she’s away, are we?

— Of course I can! Hanasia is my wife!

— Uh... from the sound of your voice, I’d say you’re about ten, and I doubt Hanasia would be willing to let you in her bed.

Harik stood up and searched for the storyteller while flailing his arms in the air.

— You’re that taleteller?! I forbid you from touching her!

— Um... Too late for that, kid.

— I challenge you! The winner gets to sleep with Hanasia!

— I don’t think you even know what that means...

— Out!


Corrne followed the dim trail of light out of the house, with Harik just behind him. Forget ten, the storyteller thought he was seven, or eight at the most.

— You’re really are a runt.

— I took down bigger than you! the boy retorted, charging Corrne.

— I really doubt that, he said, dodging the first attack and taking off the ground. Harik hopped immediately afterwards and threw a few others hits that the storyteller had block while flying further away vertically. Harik then jumped on the roof of the house and flung him again. He didn’t know how to fly, but he seemed to maintain some levitation between his hops.

— You’re better than I thought, said Corrne, having noticeably lost some of the leisurely ring in his voice, blocking the attacks with less ease than expected.

— Hanasia taught me how to fight! answered the brat. Corrne grabbed him by the arm and spun him around a few, then grappled him so as to immobilise him.

— Listen kid, you just cannot beat me. Come back in ten years if you want. But for now, I’m the one who’s sleeping here.

— In ten years, got it! said Harik as he tried in vain to push away his opponent’s arm. Same season, same night! Where, though? Here?

— Um... blurted Corrne as he released him. You know, if we’re both going to hang around Hanasia, chances are we’re going to see each a lot, huh? Don’t bother yourself with organizing our next fight.

Corrne landed on the ground, seeing that the child no longer tried to attack him.

— You're strong, kid. Stronger than a kid from the city.

— Hanasia is my master, murmured Harik with his arms crossed, proud. He then jumped off the house’s roof to his own home, where a haystack far less comfortable awaited him.

Corrne returned to the bed and laid down.

— In ten years, he thought, you’re gonna kick my ass, kid… I’m not a fighter. But in ten years...

Corrne was a young Saiyan, and at that age, long-term monogamous relationships were extremely rare. He couldn’t image for a second that he would still have the Saiyan girl’s favor for more than even a year.

He was pretty glad. They say that wandering storytellers have a mate (male or female) in each town, but he didn’t have that much success. Rather frail, it gave him the advantage of speed since he didn’t weigh much. So he didn’t exactly have a ladykiller physique. Needless to say, he was honored by the fact that Hanasia had thrown herself onto him. A remarkable girl with incredible strength, soon to probably be Queen of the Saiyans.

Corrne had seen several Kings and Queens in action in the capital, and he was certain that none of them could have humiliated him in a race like she did. Matching him in speed, sure, why not? But flying blindly, in a non-aerodynamic posture while taunting him with such precision, not a chance.

That Hanasia girl was a fascinating one, and once she become Queen, she would surely forget about him. Didn’t she fly in the direction of the capital? Clearly. He will leave for there the next day, as he could not miss this.


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