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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 34.

Manual Artillery Reinforcements


Corrne was bringing his troupe of Saiyans towards the capital. The battle had already started. He had accepted the Tsuful contact bracelet, which in effect made him the equivalent of the Queen’s counsellor. It was a big responsibility, and he intended on using it wisely.

What are those lights in the sky over there? asked one of the villagers who was flying next to him.

Those are full moons that will transform you into Ozarus. Don’t look at them for now. When we’ll be close enough, they’ll have as much impact as a full moon, and I want all of us to transform at the same time, for the effect of surprise.

Watch out!

A lost fireball rushed in their general direction. They went to the side, but in the end, it passed far off. It hit the ground behind them and created a large crater filled with smoke. It was much too powerful to be from a Saiyan.

Isn’t this great? I’ve never seen the capital before, said a Saiyan girl, a little too young in Corrne’s opinion to participate in a war.

If it’s still standing… said the story-teller. And if you survive, he finished in his head.

The balls in the sky were getting bigger and bigger. Likewise, the diverse impacts were increasing in number. The groupe noticed bright boxes broken on the ground as well as cadavres of invaders.

Everyone get down! Corrne screamed. From now on, we run of the ground, we stay discreet, and above all else, we don’t look up!

His orders were repeated amongst the crowd to reach everyone, because despite the powerful voice of the story-teller, he couldn’t be heard by the one hundred and eighty seven Saiyans that followed him, from different villages, with several elements of the army who had returned to their homes, now ready to fight again.

A few kilometers further, his bracelet beeped. A deformed voiced informed him that they were close enough to be influenced by the balls in the sky and that furthermore, there was a small hill to their left, which would allow them to see almost all of the combat area.

Corrne made them run up the hill, and regroup. He gave them a few seconds to enjoy the view, reminding them not to look at the sky.

No tactician, knowing the nature of Saiyans, would have bet on such a surprise tactic. It was a given that on such a population, at least three of four would have eventually looked up and giant apes would have grown like mushrooms, and would have been spotted.

However, the plan worked. All wanted to make a difference in the fight, and were ready if necessary to follow the bothersome orders of a Saiyan the time needed for the plan to work. Also, they were submerged by the strange spectacle that none had imagined. Great apes everywhere, in the light of day. Craters, dead bodies, in dozens, in hundreds. Small dots were flying towards them: enemies. A light was flying around: their Queen.

One lone Saiyan, just one, had his eyes follow one of the dots and his gaze reached one of the moons. Instead of immediately looking elsewhere, like he could have done, he stared at it, contemplating it. Then his eyes went white. A female Saiyan, near him, immediately recognized the characteristic tensing before the transformation into Ozaru. Promptly, she threw herself on him, and ripped his tail off.


From the admiral vessel, in space, the group had of course been detected. And the information relayed by radio.

Reinforcements, so what? the general said to himself. I’ll take care of them later.

He had already won the battle because most of the survivors were running away in every direction - except towards the sea. Some Saiyans, trying to be discreet, had cut off their tails and were keeping low to the ground. That made it a whole lot easier for Hanasia who could worry less about them. But General Chatterton was still killing many on the go.

Chatterton let his gaze wander on his current nemesis. Certainly the strongest of enemies present - after the being of light, of course. This giant ape didn’t have the unfettered rage of the others. He was much more calm, much more… professional. He was in combat position, something none of the other apes were. He had escaped most of the general’s attacks, and hit often with both strength and precision, though none had landed.

This one was of the highest of elites, and had killed several elite warriors and of the court. However, he was still alive, even though the Hot squadron had attacked the strongest aborigines first. This meant he had also escaped the squadron. An impressive CV.

But against General Chatterton, his death was imminent.

The Ozaru advanced all the while displacing his guard, accumulating hits. He seemed to float in between layers of air, dancing on invisible threads. It was an incredible succession of attacks and returns to perfect defensive positions, a virtuose without pair.

But for Chatterton, this dance was in slow-motion.

He flew between the thick hairy arms of the monster and used its large size to catch one of them, and drag it behind him. With his great strength, it was as if forcing the movements of a child. In one move, he bent his opponent in half, holding him prisoner in an armlock, first year of judo. Then he pushed the gigantic beast downwards, and the ape smashed on the ground, incapable of moving, and of escaping the lock by flying, like he intended on doing.

Now that he had finally stopped the movements of the great ape, the General simply had to execute him with an energy blast.


The Ozaru was in his fifty-third year. For the era and the average lifespan of a Saiyan, the was already an advanced age. The one where little youths, pretentious and full of life, were able to counter the experience of the veteran. Despite his numerous wounds and scars, Luberkut had never taken so many risks in a fight. He had always known to give-up when the next hit would result in a serious wound. Perhaps if he had been less prudent, it would have been two or three decades that he’d have been King.

It hadn’t been long ago, already, he had tried his luck once more. Going in, he didn’t know it would be his last attempt. But the Saiyan girl, that queen, would never be defeated. It was obvious. Luberkut didn’t believe in destiny. No Saiyan believed in destiny. But it was surprising to see that even the powerful race of Saiyans wasn’t able to resist the demons’ invasion. And that their arrival would coincide so closely with the apparition of what was, he had no doubt, the true Legendary Saiyan, who appeared every millenia.

And him, the old fighter, who was proud to say he invented his own combat style, who had made it difficult for each Saiyan King, each one after the other, to have survived each fight despite the menace that he was (though that was probably because of his way of abandoning too soon), was going to get killed by an invader, in the middle of a battlefield surrounded by hundreds of his own.

Out of the question.

You could hear the unpleasant sound (to some ears only) of bones of several metres long breaking. The ripping of several muscles. By turning in the opposite way that the articulations in his arm allowed, scratching against the ground, Luberkut was face to face with the powerful invader, and with his valid arm, offered him the strongest punch he could give. Pain shot through his entire body. First off, his fist had hit a rock in fusion, meaning the almost unmovable body of the General, who was charging an energy ball. Then, from the arm he had fractured, whose pain seemed to slowly and delectably run through his gigantic body.

The General had instantly strengthened his flight to not fly kilometres into the sky because of the punch. He barely receded a few metres, but the world seemed to blink, just once, in front of him.

Letting the broken arm of the monkey fall, and forgetting the energy ball that he allowed to dissipate, he touched his face, and looked at his fingers. A small bruise, and blood. His own. Oh of course, he already had a few pains here and there, due to his intense combat, even a few scratches. His victims were so numerous that it was inevitable that a few get lucky, and touch him.

But this monkey had touched him more than anyone else. And if the entire army wasn’t routed, experienced compatriotes would have attacked just after to profit from the opening. One had to go back dozens of years to see the General Chatterton in such a “critical” situation.

My sincere felicitations, he said. And he launched the energy ball on the tired giant ape, ending his suffering.


For Saiyans, the taste of blood in the mouth isn’t wholly unpleasant.

Of course, evolution pushes animals of many kinds to despise what constitutes a dysfunction of the survival systems, more precisely, having blood outside the veins and arteries. But for beings in which violence was part of their mental health, the sight, taste and even smell of blood indicated above all else victory against the other. Of course, in the mouth it’s different. Hanasia wasn’t a vampire, and like us would adorn a slight expression of disgust when our taste buds send us the signal of life’s liquid within the buccal wall.

Hanasia wasn’t a vampire, but a Saiyan. A Super Saiyan, the Super Saiyan. That signal, it was what produced her excitation. And what reminded her that blood was still running through the rest of her body. Hanasia shook herself in the air and made her yellow light aura explode, increasing the warmth around her, drying the blood that had been escaping from each of her wounds. Her hair stood up as she screamed her anger in the face of her amused foe.

By banding her muscles, Hanasia felt her smaller cuts close themselves. She wasn’t healing, but blood wouldn’t flow anymore. By exploding her energy, she had the impression, maybe it was just an impression, that her power increased. She had to defeat this demon. She had to otherwise every Saiyan would die.

Hanasia threw herself once more towards the lizard, shining with all her strength.


General Chatterton had won the battle. It didn’t matter that two fighters of a power thousands of time above any of the rest were duelling in the sky. A battle was counted in soldiers, and there weren’t any left.

He made a report of the situation, which in actuality was only confirming what the admiral vessel saw, safely above the stratosphere.

On our side, Lord Ice Kurima, operational. Myself, operational. The warriors of the court Péronipé, wounded and Chili, dead. On the opponent’s side, the “super” fighter, operational. Numerous giant fighters, non-operational, unconscious or dead. The others have fled. Far off, a reinforcement force that doesn’t dare intervene.

The admiral vessel would have ordered him to take care of them, because it was evident that they were getting ready to do something. But by reminding them that he remembered their existence, he was confirming that he had decided to deal with them himself, or not. He was a higher rank than the admiral and it was out of the question to ask him to attack again, even though the admiral would have wanted to.

The general confirmed by his wording that he wouldn’t do anything in the immediate. He landed and took the time to breathe. He had given alot and allowed himself this break, because he knew that even if the reinforcement would transform, he would squash them the same way he had the readied army, which had been larger.

He looked up. The sky was illuminated by a few balls that shined like larger suns though less aggressive. And two powerhouses of which the repercussions of the fight were lost to space, or deep in the ground, creating tidal waves, destroying mountains. They could destroy the planet if they wanted. But not just ravage its surface, dry the oceans, destroy everything until one kilometre below sea-level, leaving behind only boiling lava, like himself and other powerful warriors could. No. They could blow this planet that was ten times denser than the norm into thousands of asteroids, perhaps even leave only dust.

Péronipé, who generally speaking lacked judgement, did nothing more than observe the extraordinary combat, of which he could perceive barely half the movements, like his general. His squad leader was still hanging on to his arm, but he was incapable of complaining and without the strength to tell him to return to the spaceship to heal him.

Hanasia had caught the arm of the Frost Demon. And he too, was holding her forearms. They were of same stature and pushing one against the other. Ice relentlessly gave kicks, but she evaded them with her own legs. He hit with his tail, but Hanasia also had a tail and used it too. He pressed harder with his hands to crush her arms, but she answered in kind, and he realized that she had more force at the tip of her fingers. He felt a great pain in his arms. But if he let go, he’d lose this confrontation, and surely take more hits. He regretted not having lasers in his eyes.

As if to answer his regret, Hanasia gave him an evil look of the kind: “Oh you’re going to feel this…” and she didn’t launch lasers from her eyes. She opened her mouth wide, and to the surprise of her opponent, spat a powerful fireball to his face. Kurima relinquished his grip, took the attack in the face and went backwards screaming in pain, smoke escaping from his face. It was the strongest attack he’d taken.

Mad with rage, he attacked again and took the upper hand, on Hanasia who was getting more and more tired. She had given her all these past minutes, and as she had understood from the start, he was clearly stronger than her.

But that’s why she had kept an ace up her sleeve.



Hanasia moved away from him while throwing many weak fireballs. Ice Kurima shrugged them off and didn’t give pursuit. He used the respite to rub his face that was still blackened by the Hanasia’s buccal attack.

But it was an error on his part to offer the respite Hanasia was asking for by fleeing, to take one himself. One should never allow an opponent the respite he asked for.

Hanasia looked in the sky at one of the luminous balls, and fixed her gaze on one of them.

The circle in the sky produced a light that was stronger than a full moon. After looking at it long enough, it became hypnotic. She knew this strange sensation during which her tail would puff out. The fact that she was transformed in Super Saiyan didn’t seem to affect the process, other than allow her to feel ten times more details during the transformation.

Her first full moon was when she was four. Saiyan memory being what it was, she remembered it well. She had done exactly like kids her age, with the particular option on the destruction of her own habitat. Her father and mother had reprimanded her and helped her recover her mind. The second time, she had tried to fly, to control her energy levels… Then once she was satisfied with her level, had asked a duel against her father. One hell of a defeat.

The sky darkened a little. For having seen it on others, she knew her eyes were white. Then, her jaws were pushed apart by the pressure of growing teeth. After, it was the enlarging of her muscles. With a sudden burst, her volume doubled, ripping apart the regal clothes. And she continued to grow, her whole body covering itself in fur, not the usual brown, but yellow like her hair and tail.

The world shrank in front of her. Everything looked like in a dream, and she was brought towards her more primitive instincts. But she didn’t let them submerge her. She kept her control. As she felt herself falling towards the ground, she flew and looked toward the Frost Demon. He was awe struck. He could have used that opportunity to attack her as she had done his brother. Imbecile.



The golden Ozaru was on all the screens of the Frost army, and the controls of the Tsufuls. Some were clapping because they knew that the Saiyan was surely stronger than her opponent now. Others were mightily worried for the survival of their planet.

Hanasia allowed a trait of her new character lash out, and unleashed on the battlefield a tremendous roar that covered several kilometres. Then she dove towards the lizard, much faster than her new size would seem possible of.

So what, stupid monkeys? That you be gigantic or small, what does it change? screamed Ice Kurima in the short second that separated them.

He had his answer. Hanasia sent a punch, and he reached out his arm to evade the hit, even plant his arm in her hand, seen as it was now like a needle. But he didn’t evade anything. The force of the impact sent his arm back into him, which bent along his body, and his whole side felt the shock of the attack. He was projected at high speed towards the ground in which he was instantly buried.

Ice immediately came out and was easily greeted by Hanasia, who had followed with velocity. She hit again and he didn’t have time to place his arms in a cross in front of his face. He was this time sent towards the sky and stopped his displacement by flight. The demon rubbed his face, confirming with his fingers that he was bleeding.

That filled him with rage and he placed his two hands in front of him, launching a powerful energy attack. It wouldn’t destroy the planet, no. But all the bodies, the aborigines who were merely unconscious or wounded, those still fleeing, the city visible from here, all would be dead and removed from the map. The general would be capable of fleeing all the while protecting himself of the impact that would reach him from the distance. At best, the giant yellow monkey would survive, but wounded.

Nothing came close to the destructive power of the Frost Demons.


The blinding light of his attack showed its power and shot in a long ray to the ground, straight to the monkey. Hanasia opened her large maw and spat an attack too. On the screens of the Tsuful controls, all the dials were indicating maximum, and diverse alarms were going off. Chiin-Lee had never seen this since the Millenial Warrior.

The two attacks met at half-way, producing another splash of intense light, but no explosion. Instead of that, the two energies pushed against each other in a sort of inverted tug of war. Ice increased the energy that he pushed out, and pressed his attack. All the while, he made his muscles swell and unleashed part of his hidden strength, and his attack started gaining ground.



The Queen of Saiyans wasn’t afraid. She was transformed. She was doubly transformed. The energy was coming from her as if from opened floodgates. She pushed harder, and the yellow aura surrounding her doubled in intensity. The wind even blew away a few behemoth bodies.

And in one instant, the attack started gaining altitude towards the demon. Faster and faster, as he saw what was coming his way. Ice Kurima, panicking, went into fetal position, protected himself, and charged a sort of shield-aura. He felt the energy attack push against his shield, and penetrate it, and… explode.

The sky filled with a myriad of colours from the detonation. A shockwave made the earth vibrate. The group of Saiyans further away protected themselves when it went passed them. Then Kurima fell towards the ground, wounded, tired, and defeated for the first time.


But not dead, Hanasia was aware of that. A few more seconds, and he’d be able to fight again. She readied herself to dive on the body and finish him, when she felt a suspicious movement in the air. And a very serious one.

She didn’t need to turn around. She knew by paying attention to the energies of the other enemy, that he’d stopped his massacre to observe the combat, that he was right behind her, there where she couldn’t reach him. He had lowered his energy as much as possible and have displaced himself very discretely, skimming the ground and avoiding the bodies.

General Chatterton had been careful to pass unnoticed. The concentration of her opponent during the battle of fireballs had allowed him to finish his approach, because despite everything he only knew how to lower his levels so far. He was in her back, just above her tail, and his raised hand was already going downwards fast at full speed, becoming as keen as a sword.

Chatterton had a communication helmet, and the admiral vessel had given the information they had observed. To flee, some Saiyans had cut off their tail, and had become small again. The tail was necessary for the transformation, and easy to cut off. It was the key information.

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