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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 13.

The coalition of armed forces



This super-iron-turtle was more than strange... and this object... iron turtles laid iron eggs too?

— Be careful, compared to your strength, this is very fragile, and I have only one. You'll have to put it in his mouth. It seems to laugh often, use that!

— What is it, asked Hanasia as she was looking closer. Is it a fruit of metal? It's poisoned, right?

— Ex... exactly. You can touch it without danger. But it is absolutely necessary to put it in his mouth. It is only from the inside that we'll break his invulnerability.

— It's a pathetic way to win.

— We are talking about the survival of all species in the world. Not about the quality of the confrontation.

— Yeah... In any case, I need my two hands .

Hanasia fiddled her hair, imagined the possibility of attaching the ball to hit, but it was too smooth and that'd never work. She rubbed her clothes with her fingertips, groped them and tried to hold the ball in her clothes, but they were too loose. Finally, she took one of the pieces of fabric that kept a part of her hair together, and made a small backpack that surrounded the ball well. She tied it with string which served as belt. This kept well. And with her strength, she could easily tear it when needed.

Hanasia took a deep breath and flew towards her enemy, who appeared in the clearing smoke.

Despite the great power of the attack of the Turtle's friends, the result was as she imagined. It's not that she discredited the power of their attacks compared to hers, but she understood that energy blasts on his body had no effect.

On the other hand, the ground was even more absurd. Craters of all sizes, all shapes, all around. Not all the attacks were the same and each crater had its own logic. Some were torn and scattered soil and stones, others were compressed and pushed. Some impacts spread out, some other sank into the earth. Some rocks were charred, others shone like some volcanic rocks and some even smoked continuously. A terrifying battle of an aspect she had never seen or imagined.


Amid this back­drop, the Warrior stood up, took out his half-buried legs. Slightly shaken up, he seemed to come from a mere drinking party and not an attack from the entire army of a world.

Hanasia was not going to let him recover his senses, and she suddenly appeared before him.


Romanesco knew there was someone in front of him, but he did not see much. The world swirled around him. He felt that person grabbed his arm and twisted it backwards, pressed it against his back. He felt fingers slip into his neck, and strong pushing on his bones. And that gave him a tingling.

Tingling, that's what he had now instead of the intense pain. He did not like it and wanted to catch her with his free hand, but he only gave himself a punch. Then he pulled his other arm and the person bent under his strength, he was free.


Hanasia knew that strength in the arms of his opponent was divided by ten. However, the Warrior was able to overcome her grip easily! Moreover, even if he had immediately sought to get free, the attack on the weak point of the clavicle did not seem to have done him any effect.

She had to attack again before he finds all his senses. Pointing with her index finger and all keeping other fingers folded, she was about to make an attack of the vilest, one she would never have dared to do against a normal opponent. Avoiding his giant hand that was wandering at random, she found herself in front of him, and her other hand firmly held his neck, lifting his head. She threw with precision and with the greatest possible strength her index to his neck, right between the jugular vein and the adjacent tendon. There is no bone or muscle here, just skin that she would pierce, then catch the vein and burst it by pulling it (sensitive souls should refrain to read that. Oops, too late).


There was a loud scream.


This scream was Hanasia, whose index has been twisted violently against the indestructible skin of her enemy. She had put so much strength, without hesitation, that the impact had broken bones, twisted the finger in the opposite direction to its bending one.

Hanasia fell back a few steps, holding her finger, then while gritting teeth, she bent it the other way, at least to put the pieces back in place. The pain was sharp and lively, but at least the constant pain after was less strong. However, she could not hit him any more with that hand.

And while she was still away and the Warrior covered his senses by massaging the neck, she swore as the saw not even a scratch where she had struck. Was it impossible to do him anything? That was not a question of some resistance here, it was downright pure invincibility! It was unreal and it was before her, the Millennium Warrior, who could not be touch.


Everyone had followed the precise movement of the girl. And all were speechless. For all Tsufuls now thought like Hanasia: This invincibility was unreal, and no physical attack would make any effect.

— But the girl is bleeding every­where... Said a technician.

— What makes Millennium has not the same effect in females, or... She is something else.

— She is not "millennium". Not at all. Muscle mass, the destructive madness, all that isn't there. Also, she had already transformed yesterday, whereas once the processing starts, the Millennium don't stop until death. Even her aura is different. View charts, the waves have nothing in common.

— So what is she?

— Just... very very strong.

— What a coincidence! And the transformation?!

— It may happen to Saiyans that are very very strong .

— Exuberant.

— Not that much. It is a way less strange transformation than a metamorphosis into a giant gorilla.

— General Nizzuchi.

— What?

— We'll see what the girl is later. Get rid of the boy. Send the general before his eyes and make ​​him go to the Saiyan army.

— But they won't do him any harm...

— I have two plans. And the girl is one of them, but she must survive.



Already the Warrior walked quietly to Hanasia. She was not going to escape, this was useless. She prepared a fireball. By launching it into his face he would be blinded. When he arrived at her height she threw it in his face, but it did not change anything in his movement, as if he was crossed by a breeze. Right after she threw her good hand, fingers outstretched, to his white eyes.

But subconsciously, she was afraid of getting hurt again, and her attack was not very fast. She did not even touch his face, he grabbed her arm. He dragged her down and with only one hand, he crushed to the ground the whole body of the Super Saiyan girl. He squeezed hard and Hanasia cried out in pain, feeling her muscles crashing, and her bone breaking.

She felt it, he was even stronger than he was a minute ago. She had to make him let go. But it was impossible. She pierced rock to better sinking in it and her other arm seemed to hit an indestructible bar. She thought to cut off her arm when he himself let go.

Before she could breathe or gasp of satisfaction, Hanasia saw the ground cutting in two at full speed towards her. The warrior had stand up and gave her a kick! A sudden terrifying kick which crossed the ground like a kick cros­sed a pond. Ha­na­sia could only see the limb pouncing on her. She seemed she moved her arms to protect her in slow motion, and she felt his shin heat up her face. Her sight disappeared at that time.

In the dark, she felt her face go backwards, without leaving contact with the leg. She thought for a moment it was over when his foot sank into her stomach. Her conscience at full speed, she lived what was certainly her last moments in slow motion. The skin of her body was not crushed, but opened instantly as the speed had turned the Warrior into a razor. The foot staved into her stomach through her ribs, her internal organs not even moved, they preferred to be cut, bursting inside.

It is only after her entire body was pushed out of the ground, that her head left the contact of the leg to go away too fast, breaking her neck, it seemed. The body got free of the foot, leaving behind a trail of blood that flowed.

And then she felt the touch of her back on the floor and no longer felt anything.

Her hair became black again and fell to the ground, once more subject to gravity.



— Damn, the second plan is no more.

Chiin-Lee was saddened by the death of the girl, not only because of the loss of the plan. But she had not the time nor the right to show it. She had no time to think about her, who she would surely need to kill anyway.

And then there was a difference between this strike and the previous ones. Romanesco had seen his strength increase again, and here, he had hit hard. He decided to hit very hard and in a second, he won. He reminded the world that he was not just indestructible...

— One down, said a Tsuful, starting his sentence in a happy tone, but after two words could not say it in another tone than defeat. They all knew that the girl was not a danger, that she had even become their best ally.

The largest screen showed the dull and lifeless body of the girl, the ground around it filling a pool of blood. Chiin-Lee eventually turned the screen in a corner of the room with a move of the hand, and yelled.

— The General!!!

She did not need to say more, Nizzuchi was on the small ship, just behind the Millennium Warrior.


Romanesco could smell blood and it pleased him. He came to dip his hands in red liquid, but fireballs hit him across his back. He turned, it was his former opponent. He had forgotten him. He turned around and smiled.

— Forget me, do we, Romanesco? Am I not your opponent from the start? You still didn't caught me, shabby!

And while Nizzuchi sent him again fireballs, the module at his feet started and rushed away, more and more quickly.

Romanesco jumped and flew after him.


The tension was at its maximum in the control room of the Tsufuls. All their attacks until then were ridiculous, their enemy remaining totally untouched. They had not solved the mystery of this second warrior and their attacks were ineffective. The virus remained, but Chiin-Lee doubted it sufficed to sprinkle it. The turtle could be destroyed by a ridiculous wave of energy, and although it has several doses, it felt they would be entitled only one try.

Her first plan which was no more, in addition to the bomb, was to crush a vial of plasma with the virus by the girl, who would be more likely to be able to approach him, and may be able to effectively target the eyes, mouth, any mucus membrane.

But she was no more.

The radar indicated that she was still alive, but for how many seconds? The turtle didn't have not enough material to heal and even in her condition, would she be brought in the hospital that it wouldn't change much.

Two new dots appeared on the radar.

— What are these energies? She asked as she brought a large video screen in front of her. Other Tsufuls were also surprised and gave orders to the cameras to point to the right place.

— Look at those numbers on the energy meter! They are close to the other two, it's terrifying! What... is this??

— Some.... some monsters, neither Tsufuls nor Saiyans!!!


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