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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 4, Chapter 49.

Love Stories - Before


Rita Baga was a story teller born and raised in the capital. She was very big and powerful, but as with all story tellers, had an elegant body to fly quickly, and with much endurance. She quickly understood her friend Corrne had a particular contact with the Queen and knew her village of origin.

Her ambition was grand and she had decided to take his place. Rita needed to know where the village was, and she’d give them news, all the while gathering information from the locals to have the best Royal gossip to tell. For that, she had a plan.

A few weeks ago, she had gone to the capital. Corrne was there, with his magical bracelet that gave him a new and superior rank of Counsel. She knew he wasn’t indifferent to her charms, and approached him.

It was the afternoon and they isolated themselves in a quiet area without eavesdroppers. After some passionate kisses, she asked again: where was the queen’s birth-village?

Corrne kindly told her she could look for it herself.

Rita sent her first into his face.

Corrne responded with a knee to her stomach, then an elbow blow that she parried with one hand. With her other, she grabbed his neck and sent his head to the ground. By the time Corrne got up, she gave a powerful kick that sent him hurling into a tree. He received the blow and spat blood seeing Rita dash towards him. He pulled out his tongue and flew vertically.

Rita didn’t slow down in time and piled through the tree before taking off herself. They chased each other in the sky at great speed and, after a certain height, Corrne started flying backwards as Hanasia had done some months earlier.

He had a mocking smile and taunted his old friend:

— Running a little behind are we, Baga?

She easily caught him up as he couldn’t fly as quickly in that position. She tried to grab his legs or tail, but he quickly evaded, and ended up landing her face into his foot. She flew backwards, under the shock of the blow, and snorted blood from her nose. Corrne wasn’t about to let such an occasion slip. He changed the trajectory of his flight and, both hands forward, pushed her towards the ground some fifty metres below. They breached the ground with high impact, throwing earth all over the place. Rita took the brunt of the impact on her back. Corrne hurt his forearms, because he had stopped pushing too late.

— Well well, not in the mood for fighting anymore? He mocked as Rita, in too much pain to get up, moaned in pain.

Nevertheless, the swirled her arms around him, he ducked his head to and they embraced again. Then, too tired to keep fighting, they made love.

Much later, near a river where the impromptu couple washed themselves of the sweat and blood, Rita put herself in front of Corrne:

— So, the village?

— Story teller’s secret.

She sent her first into his face. Then put her arms down because her back still ached.

Corrne recovered his balance, prepared his fist, and sent it hurling into Rita’s cheek. She moved less than him. He raised his head, ready. Rita sent a turning fist and he fell to the ground over a metre away on the side. She waited.

Stunned, but conscious, the story teller got up, fumbled over towards her, put a hand over her shoulder and sighed. She was impassible. He straightened himself, and breathed in. His fist flew, and landed with all his strength into the story teller, who stepped to the side, a tooth broken, as well as one of Corrne’s fingers. She took back her position.

Yep, Corrne knew he had no chance in this duel. But he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of making it too easy. Rita squared her fist in her other open hand. She knew it was the last shot.

— You’d better not die on me, I want my information.

Her arm lurched backwards, then came flying forward at the speed of sound, and broke her opponent’s jaw. Corrne’s vision faded to black and he passed out.

The plop of water woke him up. She had thrown him partially into the river, so the fresh liquid would help with his swollen cheek.

He opened his eyes but didn’t move a muscle.

— So? Rita asked as she had noticed his awakening.

— North by north-west, passed the Kakkara desert, left after Mount Snow, head west, grasslands, river, grasslands, then a series of craters. It’s right next door.

— Ok.

She took off and disappeared into the sky, leaving him there.


Corrne fell asleep but was quickly awoken by the voice coming from his bracelet, that wasn’t far off, just next to his clothes.

— Corrne, Counselor of the Queen ! What was that all about?!

—  ?... Well, you know, you saw it right, didn’t you?

— You have important responsibilities! The Tsuful voice said with a strong accent. You can’t go off fighting thoughtlessly, and putting your life in danger for something so trivial!

— Well? What do you care?

— Jeez, what if she had stolen your bracelet?

— Why would Rita do that?

— Promise you’ll never do that again!

— Haha! Not a chance.

— Why did you want to keep the localization of the village a secret so badly? Other story-tellers know it! And you’re not even a story-teller anymore! Why hold on so tight?

— Ahhh… He said while getting up painfully. You wouldn’t understand. I never gave a damn about revealing where the village was.

— But… but… why then?

— For the great time we spent together, duh! And Rita would have been disappointed if she’d gotten the information too easily.

— Fists to your face, that was a great time?!?

— Oh yeah!

Corrne, finally dressed, took off towards the capital in a run, some kilometres away, because he didn’t have the energy to fly.



Back at the Tsuful country, the contact-technician cut off the microphone, and screamed towards the ceiling.

— Ahh they are so dumb, so freaking dumb! Idiot Saiyan! Arrogant ape! Happy masochistic imbecile!

— Are you ok? Chiin-Lee asked as she entered the room.

— Chiin-Lee Rosidis! Have you seen in what state the counselor has gotten himself into?

She took a glance at the screens showing Corrne’s vital stats, as well as a photo. Tumefied face, bleeding cuts… She understood he’d been in a rough fight, most probably for ridiculous reasons.

— Saiyans aren’t like us.

— You can say that again. If we weren’t there, they’d have already killed each other a long time ago!

— Do you want to take a little break, Blubber?

— Kofff, yes, he said while slipping away from his computer. Understand me, I quite like Saiyans in fact.

— Really? Tchin said in disbelief.

— Yes, they’re really too cute, with their hair everywhere and their waggling tail! Especially the babies! And they’re so elegant when they fly in the sky!

— Hmm, real-life plushies indeed!

— But they are dumb, so dumb sometimes! It’s terrible to see what they can do to each other for no apparent reason.

The two Tsufuls floated on their seats towards an exterior terrace with a view over the city, and especially snacks on the ready.

— It’s all a question of education, Blubber continued. Did you know if you raised a Saiyan baby among us, he’d be as intelligent as a Tsuful? And could perfectly read, write and calculate equations to the fourth degree just like any of us?

— Hmm, Tchin said while briefly remembering the horrible Saiyan they had raised as a living weapon within their walls. I think their brains are quite different from ours.

— That’s specism, miss Chiin-Lee. All beings have the same chances at birth, it’s proven by all the extra-terrestrials that compose the universe federation! You’ll see, one day in the future, Saiyans and Tsufuls will walk hand in hand in the same streets, living in perfect harmony, and with other alien species.

— That’s a nice picture.

— We first need to get out of this terrible situation with the alien Empire, but then, our two people will be able to get closer for a lasting friendship.

— A 1’000-year friendship…

— 10’000 even!

— I was making a reference to the birth of the next Millenial Saiyan

— Oh, he or she will be detected at birth, operated on, and will be able to live a normal life.

— Haha! You are really quite positive, Blubber!

— It’s the natural course of things to get better. He answered with a smile, then remembered the absurd reactions of the Queen’s counselor. Even if it’ll take some time.

— Blubber Ericales Vaccinium, would you dine with me sometime soon?

— Dinner with my boss? That has to be a good idea. Can I invite my ex?

— Most certainly not.

— He’s madly in love with you and speaks fluent Saiyan.

— Tomorrow evening at quarter and a half, at Reichi-Good-Souls, tell him to bring a bottle.


The three Tsufuls met often, and, though no love story proved fruitful, they mounted several projects for Saiyan-Tsuful reconciliation in the years to come.

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