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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 28.

Interracial Encounters


The sun burned strong on the arena, and despite the monotony, the bleachers and sky were filled with spectators.

— Still undefeated, announced the Royal councillor into his magical orb. Can no one dethrone Hanasia? But who do we see stepping up now? It’s Luberkut, who lost his shot at becoming King by a hair’s breath last time!

Climbing to the ring was a Saiyan displaying an impressive figure, slightly older and weather-beaten, wearing a few scars. His appearance had gotten Hanasia’s attention. This one was going to be interesting.

— For those who weren’t here to witness it, Luberkut had fought thirty-seven rounds flawlessly, but eventually succumbed to exhaustion and our Late Highness’ resilience. He fights with a strange art that you would almost believe is magic!

— Magic? repeated Hanasia.

— You will understand soon enough, young lady, said the man. Then he charged her. He was really fast, but only enough to keep Hanasia alert. He threw a punch that she easily dodged before she countered with one of her own.

But instead of blocking or avoiding it, Luberkut only turned slightly and let the fist slide across him, then grabbed her arm. As she was about to break away, he turned her around by using her own movement against her and put pressure on her joint. He made her captive by sticking her arm against her back, capitalizing on her joint’s weak point.

— Argh! cried Hanasia. Nnnngh.... She tried to break away, but she was only causing herself pain. She wanted to kick him, but since he was flying behind her, he was out of her reach. Her other arm was stuck as well.

He then pushed her towards the ground and crushed her into the ring. He let go of one of her arms and began to rain fists upon her body, further digging her into the ground.

Hanasia’s free hand was stuck in the ground, but with her strenght, it wasn’t an issue. She kept digging until her arm was free.

Instinctively, she wailed her arm around, but never hit him. But he had to be there, since he was holding her down! The thing is, he was skillfully staying above her, keeping her down only when necessary.

Since he was holding up, Luberkut continued to to hit her harder and harder, knowing that she would eventually be able to free herself.

And that she did. Almost insensitive to the pain, she re-plunged her arm into the ground, and began to dig into it. She acted fast so as to not allow him any time to react, and ended up lying on the surface of the arena, but finally facing him with both her arms freed.

Luberkut didn’t tarry for long, his fist meeting Hanasia’s face.


Hanasia skull dove into the ground, but she felt the rest of her body going up. He was still holding her by the arm and was gonna send her crashing into the ground again. But unbeknownst to him, Hanasia wasn’t stunned in the least. His hits weren’t powerful enough to cause any real damage.

She got back on her feet, released herself from his grasp, and created some distance.

There was a short break in the fighting. While Luberkut wasn’t breaking a sweat, Hanasia was panting heavily. She had awfully sloppy and wasted quite a bit of energy.

— You’re a strange guy. I’m not taking anymore chances, she said.

Hanasia shut her fists and eyes. She tensed up and began powering up.

— Nnngh.... nnnngh !!!!

Nothing happened.

There was a quiet moment of surprise before Hanasia tried again. Still, nothing came of that. Luberkut knew that he needed to take advantage of her stalling, and shot a few energy blasts towards her and the ground in order to cloud her vision as he darted straight towards her.

The fireballs sizzled and Hanasia broke her pointless concentration. She then felt a fist hitting her stomach and was launched back. She then hurriedly flew upwards so as to avoid being grabbed. Up the in air, she searched for him, but the king of stealth was nowhere to be seen. She turned around to avoid being taken from behind, but he was actually hovering above her. Hanging upside down, he wrapped his arm around her neck and began to strangle her.

— Ah! You’re heavy! Glrl...

She needed to change tack, as she couldn’t rely on her strength in this case. She flew towards the ground, taking him down with her, and turned around. This time, she was the one launching her opponent towards the ground.

But Luberkut had let go early enough to land painlessly. He charged back into the fray, changing direction a few times in the process.

At that point, Hanasia could no longer hesitate. She took off at high speed and began circling around him. She shot very powerful fireballs at him while taking good care of making them fly towards the sky. While most of them did, her opponent was hit by two of them. He was amazed by the sheer power concentrated in only one of these grouped blasts.

As he was gathering his bearings, he caught sight of Hanasia, who this time, grabbed him by the arm..

— You’re not getting away this time!

She spun in the air, and her feet crushed Luberkut’s face. It had done the trick. She released him and he fell.

Luberkut wasn’t dead. He was taken for medical attention, and Hanasia thought to herself that she could maybe use him as her instructor. She also understood that her yellow-haired transformation wasn’t as simple as she had thought, and that she needed to train some more if she wanted to unleash it through other means than anger.

The rest of the day went on without any issue or interesting adversary.

— Okay, we’re done. Am I Queen, yet?

— You’re Queen, yes, said counsellor, until two week from now, when the finals will be held.

— More fighting?

— Yes, two weeks is the amount of time we allow for late-comers, so that every potential contender is eventually notified and can make it to the event.

— Okay, then. Can we go see the Tsufuls?

— Tomorrow, it’s late.

— Okay, counsellor... You told me we’d see the Tsufuls today. Should I just kill you and get a new counsellor?

— Come now, please be reasonable...

Hanasia grabbed the counsellor by the collar and lifted him off the ground.

— Listen, mister. Where I come from, we keep our promises. I don’t deal with liars. So tonight, we’re going to see the Tsufuls.

— But... they aren’t ready to receive you… They need to come and...

— Well they’ll make it quick, then.

The counsellor understood that there was no negotiating. He brandished a device and pressed a few buttons.

— You can let me go... I’m calling them now.


Chiin-Lee’s heart was pounding. While she had been told that it was too dangerous and that a person of her status shouldn’t be taking such risks, she still boarded the ship in which she would personally meet Hanasia, the Super Saiyan, newly crowned Queen.

The latter had refused to speak to the video transmitter contraption they had at the palace in the Capital. She wanted to see them for real. Since it would be unacceptable for her to come to them, and for them to go to the capital, Hanasia was following her counsellor as they flew over the sea towards the rendez-vous point.

Chiin-Lee had followed Hanasia since the beginning. She had cried with her. She had suffered with her. Seeing her in person felt like a dream. She could speak to her, face-to-face. She hoped that her mastery of the Saiyan language would be enough.

Hanasia and the counsellor had been flying for quite a while, until she saw a dot in the distance. As they drew closer, it turned out to be a big grey flying box. A hatch opened, wherein the counsellor entered. She then followed. It was bright inside. They had found themselves in a large room, in which could be seen a handful of those strange creatures: the Tsufuls.

— We bid the Queen of the Saiyans welcome, said the Tsuful who looked like he was in charge.

— You people live in these flying things? asked Hanasia looking at every corner of the room, paying no mind to the Tsuful’s greeting.

— Um, no. We travel in them.

— Okay, then... So, since you know everything, I have plenty of questions to ask you. I’ll start with the beginning. My life’s been a mess ever since a specific event.

A few of the Tsufuls exchanged gazes, looking mildly alarmed.

— Do you people know who was that nutjob Saiyan who attacked my village and killed my friends?

— Eeek!! Chiin-Lee let a screech of fear escape. She had entirely forgotten about those major details and suddenly realised that she was responsible for the troubles of the Saiyan she loved so much. She sent bloodthirsty killer to her home. She killed her father!

Hanasia turned to Chiin-Lee, who kept her head down in dread.

— What’s his deal? asked Hanasia, who lacked the necessary knowledge in Tsuful anatomy to distinguish their gender.

— She just coughed, said the captain, serenely. Your village has been attacked, then. We knew nothing of this, but please share the details and we will investigate this matter, he said, lying shamelessly through his teeth.

— The counsellor told me you watch what happens with us, said Hanasia.

— Yes, but we only survey the capital. We can’t have our eyes everywhere at the time. After all, that territory is the Saiyans’, hahaha. Listen, we’ll send a spy robot to your village to search for remains and clues on this Saiyan. With that, we should be able to recover much information. We work very efficiently.

— Ah. Well, about my village... Uh, there isn’t much left of it. The Millennial Warrior destroyed everything.

There was a short moment of silence.

— We’ll do the search nevertheless, said the ship’s captain. Do you still have the Saiyan’s body?

— Nope. I completely vaporized him.

— We’ll do our best with what we have and keep you posted, alright? said the captain with a bead of sweat on his forehead.

— Alright. So, my next question.

— Go on.

— Who were those two guys who helped me out and saved me during the battle with the Millennial Warrior?

— I can answer that question, said the captain, who continued to do the talking since since Chiin-Lee was still curled up in a ball. They are Gods, protectors of the universe.

— They sure are nice.

— They don’t usually appear for mortal eyes to see. Their presence came to us as a huge surprise.

— And the goddess of the turtles? I didn’t know there was a turtle goddess. Do you know her?

— Huh?

— Oh, hastily began another Tsuful. Yes. You’re just as unlikely to see Her… The Millennial Warrior has forced the hands of many important figures...

— I lost her egg.

— I don’t think it’s a big deal.

— Okay. Now I want to know more about these invaders from the sky and all that. Because this whole story is confusing.


Throughout the long meeting, and with holographic images, the crew displayed the Frost Demons, explained them, and their hierarchy and of the surrounding universe. They presented the concepts of space, planets, and aliens of different forms...

As the proceedings went on, the previously tense atmosphere eased up. Since Hanasia was highly intelligent and curious, the more educated Tsufuls could counter her lack of culture using simple images and allegory. The Saiyans already knew that the planet was round, and as such it wasn’t difficult to depict the world floating in space like an island on water. The Saiyans could easily detach themselves from former beliefs.

She was like Harry Potter discovering new and neat things. She accepted them.

— So those invading demons are coming back?

— They obviously seek to avenge their brother.

— You don’t think I’ll be able to beat them.

— You’ve seen it for yourself: Chilled’s power was increasing as you finished him off. His kin are sure to come at the peak of their power, not to mention that they’re coming in numbers...

— I’ll train... and become stronger.

— That’s… an option. But we were wondering if it wouldn’t be a better idea to have more Saiyans like yourself? Would it be possible to train other Saiyans to transform into Super Saiyans like you do?

— Like me?

— Why, yes... your yellow-haired transformation, we call it the Super Saiyan. And if you can do it, other Saiyans can.

— I dunno. I don’t know how exactly I transformed, and if all the others who managed it were Millennial Warriors… it looks like my case is unique.

— We’re certain it can be reproduced.

— Would you not want us to discover the secrets to your transformation? asked another Tsuful. All we would need is to study you a bit… Uh… We could run a few tests on you.

— Wait, what? exclaimed Hanasia. No, I couldn’t care less about its secrets. I was already strong enough before it. I beat Nizouki. Yellow hair isn’t what made me strong. To become Queen, I defeated everyone without it.

— It nevertheless grants you an enormous boost in power.

— That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that the other Saiyans wouldn’t be able to transform because they aren’t strong enough.

A good while passed in the room. The Saiyans were a proud race and their new Queen wasn’t about to become subject to experimentation. No matter, thought a Tsuful to himself, the castle is riddled with surveillance equipment and other devices, so it shouldn’t be difficult to learn more about her. But to uncover her secret...

Chiin-Lee spoke for the first time since the meeting began.

— You know, the demons won’t take any shortcuts. For centuries, they’ve been indestructible. But now, on this planet, exists someone capable of killing one. So they’ll kill you, they’ll kill you all. Not a single Saiyan will be left alive, and our planet will be destroyed.

She hit a nerve, Hanasia’s soft spot; the compassion that was so rare among the Saiyans.

— But... The other Saiyans have nothing to do with my power...

— You may believe that, but like ourselves, the invaders believe that the other Saiyans may at one moment or another transform into Super Saiyans. So, they’ll eradicate your species. They’ve done it before elsewhere. Do you understand? The coming battles will decide the fate of all life on our planet.

Hanasia was stupefied for a moment, during which many faces, including those of her friends, flashed before her eyes. She was now responsible for them. For all of them. Not as Queen, but as a warrior. The Millennial Warrior was a mad beast, and could have killed many people by chance, but here, these was cold and calculating monsters they were dealing with, monsters that would consciously eliminate every single Saiyan.

— For your survival, began the captain, you’ll have to combine your powers. Didn’t you form an army to contain the Millennial Warrior? Even an army of Saiyans would be helpless before those monsters. What we need is Super Saiyans.

— But... muttered a quivering Hanasia. But I don’t know… I don’t know how to transform! The counsellor and Tsufuls were surprised by this declaration. I can’t transform at will! I’ve only been able to do it against overwhelmingly powerful opponents!

— Well, if we work on it together, we will surely find a way to achieve that.


After long and drawn out discussions, it had been decided that Hanasia would make frequent visits to run a few tests with the Tsufuls. In the capital, she would maintain contact thanks to the many contraptions they left in the castle, which enabled some tests to be run on the spot after they sent other pieces of equipment.

The counsellor and Hanasia exited the ship and remained afloat above the sea. The large grey door closed behind them and the ship slowly flew away.

— Which way’s the capital? asked Hanasia.

— The device on my arm will give me the directions, he replied.

— Alright, then... So, those are the Tsufuls. They’re tiny.

The counsellor began to fly in a specific direction, and Hanasia followed, continuing to speak.

— I would have loved to follow them to their home, but I figured they wouldn’t like that, she said..

— They’re pretty paranoid... Word is, we would use to hunt them down and eat them.

— I can see that!... I actually wanted to mention that… they look like… you know, with their huge heads...

— Like meat buns?

— Yeah! That’s it! They look just like that!

— Yes, they have that effect on all of us.

— It’s making me hungry.

They continued their way towards the capital under the watch of the Tsuful cameras.

— So, said the captain, what do you think of this Super Saiyan?

— She looked concerned about the fate of her fellow Saiyans. Just like I thought, said Chiin-Lee, she’s less solitary than the average Saiyan, and I’m sure having her as Queen can improve relations between our two species.

— Uh... she wanted to eat us, said a crew member.

Chiin-Lee stopped with her finger lifted, as if cut mid-sentence. It is true that they heard what Hanasia said outside, and being considered food isn’t exactly a pleasant feeling. The captain, on the other, was laughing uncontrollably. He had to release his emotions one way or another.

— I feel just like Tokashitema, he said. Now that you mention it, that tale is probably heavily inspired by sources from Saiyan history. The ogre must’ve actually been a Saiyan.

— Just because she said wanted to eat us doesn’t mean she’d do it! retorted Chiin-Lee. It was just chatter! After all, I would have loved to wrap my arms around her and feel her hair!....

Everyone was wide-eyed.

— And I didn’t do it.

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