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Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans

Written by Salagir

Adapted by Caihlem, TheOverlyMadHatter, hiace50 and Adamantine

This story takes place on the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago, way before they are the population killer who put fear in the whole galaxy, in the era of King Vegeta...
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempt you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.

This comic is finished!

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 4.

1000 years ago

In 1000 years, the Saiyans and Tsuful world had changed. The Saiyans hadn't evolved much, but they now built houses made of wood, stone and cement. They even have some big cities, school (only in said big cities), an army and a world King of all Saiyans. Indeed, when you can go around the planet in less than a month, the world is your only country. Yet the civilisation still was quite rural and, even though there weren't a system of class, the inhabitants of the so few cities had a higher level of education, were stronger and they even were more polite than the average villager.

Saiyans now knew the art of flying and a part of the population was able to do so. Every adult Saiyans knew how to throw fire balls (or they worked hard to keep hidden that they didn't know how to do it).

As for the Tsufuls, they had gone through the industrial era and were now at the informatics era. They built robots that could noiselessly fly, protective force field and sensors able to watch over the entire planet. Those technologies were useful to them to survive on the same planet as the Saiyans.

The Tsuful cities were now in open air, on islands far from Saiyans lands. A big part of the surrounding oceans was included in their protective fields which disconcerted the beings that came near it. Those beings lost their sense of direction and got lost, and they always ended up going back home without having found the smallest Tsuful town.

The Tsufuls kept contact with the King of Saiyans and the rare educated Saiyans. To achieve it, they often sent a robot ambassador, which enabled them to have videoconferences. The most peaceful Tsufuls considered the Saiyans to be their 'baby brothers' they had to watch and protect. That was why they had, for instance, sent spy satellites and warned the Saiyans a bit before a volcano erupted and destroyed an inhabited region.

And they, of course, had warned the Saiyan King of the one they now called the Millenary Fighter and of its danger. The story had become a legend among the Saiyans. Everyone hoped that their son would become the Millenary Fighter, the most powerful Saiyans. By definition, he'd become King.

The current Saiyan King had then made arrangement to welcome – and kill – this fighter. He has swelled the ranks of his army and trained it to its limit. He didn't neglect any trail, that's why he also sent some of his warriors in senseless quests, as the hunt for the Golden Metal Turtle that, according to the legend, could make anyone immortal. Or the research of a mystical demon that could kill just by touching, the search of the hidden Tsuful cities that should kept an incredible weapon somewhere and even, let's get crazy, the research in the depth of the archives of the library.

The Saiyans were quite sceptical and didn't believe in the aforementioned legends. Most of them had a hard time believing in the Millenary Fighter. The King himself didn't really believe in these, but he did believe in what the library could keep.

Very few Saiyans knew how to read. Actually, in order to know to read, those Saiyans had to be weak, idiot and coward to the point they hid under the protection of the King. And they had to manage the library in order to read and write there. Whenever a high ranking Saiyan went looking for historical informations (which seldom happened), he admited that the scribes were of some use but he couldn't help and feel contempt for these bugs that spent their life among books.

Studies and scientific projects had been conducted by Saiyans (more cowards and bugs) and their findings had been preciously kept. The King knew they were important and an attack against the library meant death. The people had eventually accepted that 'all these scholars were shit but they most likely could be of some use'.


The great, and retired, general Nizucchi was in the great library of the capital. He was certain that it was of no use, but he obeyed the King for he was the most loyal of his men. He had been waiting for several minutes and he was starting to feel it was taking forever.

“There,” said the scholar who had come back, a Saiyan woman even older than he was. She has lost several teeth and she was so bent that it was a wonder she could even see his face. For the general, she was nothing but a piece of garbage. “I found the documents. Those about what a Saiyan has to do to reach the supreme strength.”

“Yeah, so?”

“It's a studies of Leanord. He lived two hundred years ago. He said that Saiyans used but a part of their power and that they could become much stronger. And the key to reach this level is empathy.”

“What path?”

“The ability to feel for others. To share their pain, to be sad for them and,” she added, “to suffer when they suffer.”

“It's completely idiotic!”

The scholar read and explained all the details of the theory. After several long conversations, Nizucchi left. He had understood what his mission was: he had to find a pussy and make the stronger fighter of the world out of him .

Nizucchi explained this to the King who sent him in search of his empathetic warrior. Therefore the general left and travelled from village to village, thinking that he was wasting his time... but the King was right, they had to follow each trail.

Several hundred miles away, a Saiyan who has found a golden metal turtle tried by all means to become immortal by rubbing it against him. And then, he understood that it merely was covered with yellow mud.



Far away, far from the city and from everything, a Saiyan woman was dying.

It happened everyday.

But this one wasn't old or wounded. Actually, it was worse, she was sick. A very pathetic way to die.

But that wasn't going to trouble her husband's day: it was a lovely day and he had things to do as the chief of the village. But as he passed in front of the house where his wife was taking so long to die, he yelled to the door: “Get out of here, damn it!”; which would have appeared very,very awful if they didn't know that, at the bedside there was their daughter who was crying for her mother.

The chieftain, whose name was Hartich, was quite tolerant. He understood a Saiyan could cry, in particular if he was young. A Saiyan could cry if he had a severe injury or after a bitter lose. But crying because their mother was dying... that he really couldn't fathom. Everybody died, sooner or later!

“Get out of here! Get out now!” he bellowed.

The girl eventually left. Her eyes were still red and puffy.

“Are you not ashamed to make your mother suffer during her last moments by showing her your crying face?” he said.

“You don't understand anything.” she replied, frowning.

“That's right. Make yourself useful and go hunt something to eat.”

The girl started floating – it was rare in these parts of the world – and flew away. The father entered in the house. He and his wife had been together for 20 years. From Saiyans of this era, it was quite a lot. Of course, they had parted way from time to time to see other people, but they always came back together, and they had raised their only daughter for many years, even though most kids were raised by only one of the progenitors, and generally by the whole village.

His wife was awake.

“She is being hard with you, isn't she?” he asked.

“It doesn't matter.” she weakly answered. Hartich fell silent for a while, then asked:

“Don't you want to put an end to this?”

“No, she replied. “I want to see death coming.”

She was a true Saiyan woman.


It was almost evening and most of the Saiyans were sitting at tables, drinking and resting, in front of their houses. Tables and other living place always were outside. After all, houses were useful only to sleep and to keep things from the rain.

All of them turned when they saw their chief coming from his house with his wife in his arms. They understood that she had died at last. She had been sick for several days and the Saiyans weren't used to see people taking so long to die.

"Hanaaaaaaasiaaaa !!!" Hartich screamed to call his daughter that he knew was close by. Instantly, springing from between the houses, his daughter went beside him. Her look was anxious and her eyes watered when she saw her mother.

Hartich took a deep breath and threw his wife's body into the air. He threw the body high in the sky. Out of respect for their leader, all the villagers fell silent as they watched it quickly rising in the firmament. Hartich had thrown it high. It meant that he showed a lot of respect for his former wife. And the more his waited, the more he increased this display of respect. So, he waited, his fist clenched, gathering his energy. And so did Hanasia.

The corpse was starting to fall back. All the villagers clenched their fist and gathered their energy too. They moved away from the tables, ready to shoot, for, in general, it was at this moment that they usually did it. But of course, they waited for Hartich to shoot first.

The body was still falling. Faster and faster. Some were now worried. If the body was to touch the ground, then it'd destroy all kind of respect. For the deceased ones that have been despised when alive, the tradition was to shoot as soon as the body had been thrown, without giving it any time to rise. But to touch the ground... that was the worst! Saiyans were too matter-of-fact to think it'd bring misfortune or anything. All of it was a matter of respect.

Some were hesitating. The body was falling so fast, and they wanted to shoot now. But they didn't dare doing it. Hartich and Hanasia, the two strongest Saiyans of the whole village stood in the middle of the group and if Hartich was too slow, then Hanasia would surely shoot. She could take the liberty of doing it, but them... No, certainly not. They'd pay a heavy price. And so, they watched the two Saiyans, waiting for a sign. Those two had their attacks ready, and now they were closing their eyes. They really were strange.

A villager gave a hint for a move, but he was immediately stopped by the one standing at his side. If they waited for a quarter of a second, then the body would hit the ground! And, suddenly, the relatives opened their eyes and threw their fire balls on the cadaver, the members of the village did the same right after them. An explosion rang out above the houses and only a few ashes fell on the ground.

That was how the Saiyans dealt with their deceased.

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