DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

The sun was starting to go down in the pure blue sky through which four trails were quickly moving forward.

Krilin, Yamcha, Tien and Piccolo were rushing and consulting each other.

The small bald man grumbled.

“Twice in the same day... that's a first!”

“I told you that they'd do worse.” Yamcha emphasized.

Krilin winced: luminous spots were jerkingly lightning the horizon and the dull noise of distant explosions reached them.

“The bastards... we'll be too late, once again... SONS OF BITCH!”

Piccolo kept silent but accelerated. Soon enough, the three Earthlings were left behind for they clearly couldn't reach such a speed. The former bandit complained.

“The fool. He should know that it's useless to go there all alone!”

“You are the fool... He does know that he won't be able to stop them. But if he can arrive there in time to get their attention off the population, at least that'd be something!” muttered Krilin, in an unusual bad mood.

Embarrassed by what he had said, Yamcha lowered his head and as he was distracted, he lost some speed. In front of him, Tien turned to brutally call him to order.

“We have to hurry, get moving!”

The three friends sped off, following the distant trails the big Namekian had left behind until they discovered the apocalyptic sight of a big city scarred by huge steaming wounds. The complete and utter confusion prevailed in the middle of the noise of crashing buildings, the crackling of flames and the wailing of hundred of fire engine sirens from numerous rescue vehicles.

As they were getting closer, they could see thousands of humans, the size of ants, running in all directions and crossroads congested with a huge number of stuck cars in a huge traffic jams.

But they didn't have the time to watch this depressing chaos for too long. The air around them was beating, shaken by incredible violent deflagrations as the frightening dome of a gigantic explosions lightened the tortured city's down town.

They plunged as one man into the epicentre of the cataclysm even though the hot shock wave it emitted forced them to suddenly stop.

When they removed the protection of their arms from in front of their face, they could see a round steaming and ash coloured scar in the place of the numerous districts that had been destroyed by the cyborgs' huge attack.

They all flew, an expression of pure rage on their face. It meant that Piccolo had failed in his attempt of restricting their damaged. Even worst! It could mean that they had gotten the better of the big Namekian this time. What fools they were! If the twins had managed to kill Piccolo, they also had killed god! God and his saving crystal balls that could have enabled them to mend all of the damages done and to bring the unfortunate victims back to life!

It was in this state of mind and with renewed determination that all of them were rushing on the two little figures who were watching the charred crater from the sky.

A powerful voice stopped them in their infuriated race: “STOP!”


Piccolo, bloody and his clothes torn to pieces, Piccolo breathless due to the violence of the last attack... but Piccolo was alive!

He winced as he called them with a husky voice.

The three friends went near him near the border of the big void let by the fatal act of folly made by their young opponents.

Krilin quickly took the precious little bag to give a saving senzu bean to the big Namek, bent under the weight of his numerous wounds. The small man opened the bag a bit more to evaluate how many beans they had left.

“There are only three beans left...”

He turned back to look at the twins, still unmoving. Tien stated clearly what everyone else were thinking:

“If they just content themselves with playing with us as the last times, it'd be enough.”

Piccolo, who was back in shape, was furious and clenched his fists.

“Playing! I'll teach them how to play!”

“We have to face the fact... we don't stand a chance. The only thing we can hope to do is to prevent them from killing more people today that they had already killed.” said Yamcha, defeatist as ever.

Krilin looked at the sky that was turning pale with a desperate look on his face.

“And Vegeta? Where has he gone to?”

“Who care? We don't need to bear him and the two others!” growled Tien, his teeth gritted.

All of them fell silent because the demonic duo were slowly going down toward them, slowly, calmly, serenely, pointedly mocking the quartet of warriors in a detached manner.

Picture by:

Chibi Dam'Z       16

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