DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

The heartfelt cry from Son Goku's son had no other effect but to have 17 crack a broad smile: he had found the sore spot!

Big tears appeared at the edge of the young Saiyan's eyes.

“You already had killed my grand-father, Tien and Yamcha... so many more innocent.” He dropped his head with a deep sadness, before carrying on. “And I don't know what you've done with my mother... Isn't it enough for you?”

“Ah... your mother. We let her go. We'll take care of her some other times... don't worry.” corrected the black haired man.

Son Gohan looked up, hope in his eyes.

“It's true?!”

The naivety of the question, the innocence on that child face in spite of all his super saiyan strength entertained the cyborg.

“Cross my heart and hope to die.” he swore, his right hand solemnly raised.

18 grew impatient. If she let it be known, maybe her brother would give up on his stupid bet.

“Well... you know I hate shopping at night. We can't see anything and it's out of question that I keep those rags any longer!”

As her twin brother was looking at her, she pouted.

“If if goes on, I'll go without you!”

He was used to his sister's whim, so the young man knew that she wasn't kidding, therefore he was ready to deal with it quickly.

Without warning, as he always did, he threw himself on the child facing him in order to project him with a terrible forearm blow. After this move, he didn't let the young man time to react, he appeared right above him and hit him violently with his two joined fists.

Gohan was thrown at incredible speed toward the ground and, in a split second, he made out Krilin's little and flabby figure.

A surge of panic allowed him to stop his fall with a energetic explosion that, as it touched the ground right before the fatal shock, propelled him in the other direction, towards the sky.

He took advantage of the dynamics of the movement to partially get back on his feet. With his hand, he threw a sharp ray at his opponent and then disappeared at light speed before appearing at the exact place where 17's dodging movement had lead him.

The child fighter then put his two hands in the surprised cyborg's back. The latter can't dodge the double shot that literally propelled him forwards. Anticipating the move once again, Son Gohan received him in turn with a two handed blow.

Amazement widened the young warrior's eyes. His blow, even though it was powerful and well stricken, had been stopped... with just one raised arm!

17 took advantage of the fact that his opponent's hands were tied together to wrap his arm around Son Gohan's in order to throw him on the ground with a judoka-like move. From above the path of the fall of Son Goku's son, he finished his attack off with small shoot in order to add more speed to the fall.

Son Gohan reacted quickly. As he wasn't in a position to dodge, he curled into a ball and used one of the energy blasts to change the trajectory of his inexorable fall.

The moment after, he was standing on the head of a dumbfounded 18.

The strong impetus of the young Saiyan's take off, who was launching another attack, made the young woman bend, but she was smiling as she was thinking: “That was a nice move... That kid is funny, too bad we have to cut it short.”

Speeding up the pace, 17 buried Gohan under an avalanche of blows. At first, the latter managed to parry most of them, but the rhythm was sustained and the cyborg's power was devastating, with each impact, the young warrior wasn't fast enough, wasn't strong enough to counter the next one! The fight was becoming a beating, and quite a serious one. The young boy was suffering. Large trails of blood were flowing, it was hard to bear it, but he still managed to do it!

Vegeta had given him much harder time! The Saiyan's apparent cruelty hadn't been that wanton that it seemed. But even though he already had gotten as harsh a beating as this one, Son Gohan knew he had to get away from this diabolical pour of blows, for the opponent didn't weaken... he didn't get out of breath!

Another blow threw his head back and, instead of resisting anew, he went with the movement, using the energy of the impact's momentum. He found himself upside down, the ideal position to catch both ankles of 17, who let himself get surprised.

The young Saiyan arraigned himself inwardly. He should have thought of it earlier, this beating, that he endured uselessly, had cost him a lot of energy!

He took advantage of the effect of surprise to go on with the rotating move, making the cyborg topple over whereas he was back on his feet.

Using his advantage as much as he could, he didn't give any break to the bionic young man. He took him into a faster and faster round. They went so fast that soon enough, the details of their figure disappeared. Suddenly, he leant the trajectory of the hellish dance, let go of 17 and propelled his opponent toward the ground.

With an invisible shot of energy, 17 brutally stopped his fall, just a few inches above the earth, moss and rocks being thrown all around. For one moment, he cruelly smiled right before flying back to Son Gohan who was motionlessly looking at him getting closer.

Picture by:

Chibi Dam'Z       16

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