DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

A yell rang out whereas a second golden trail went into the hole.


The moment after, Son Gohan was violently pushed out of the cavity. He heavily fell on the terrace but he got back up, putting a hand on his sore cheek. The typical whistling of Vegeta's displayed energy followed his appearance, Vegeta who was now slowly flying out of the hole that his fall had dug. The face of the Prince of all Saiyans sported the traces of the violent fight that he just went through. He growled towards the child.

“Get the hell away! You've nothing to do here!”

Son Gohan lowered his head, big tears appeared at the edge of his green eyes.

“Piccolo is dead...” His green eyes looked up, full of hatred and tears. “I'm here to destroy those two monsters... with you!”

Not moved at all, Vegeta rather shouted.

“I don't need anybody, how many time will I have to tell you this?”

“But...” Gohan tried to protest, Gohan who was now standing straight due to the yelling.

“I didn't train you so that you'll join me,” his mentor interrupted him. “I trained you only because I needed an opponent that wasn't a sissy...” He spoke louder. “I don't need you anymore.” He was now shouting. “HAVE YOU UNDERSTOOD THIS TIME?”

18 squinted and intervened.

“In any case, we have to thank you. It's very nice of you to have thought of making another toy that's worth the effort.”

“Shut the fuck up, bitch... I'm not talking to you!” said the fighter with spite as he threw a shot of energy towards the heckler.

The cyborg diverted the attack with a counter-one, and the two energy balls skittered one on the other and got lost into the sky. 17 took the advantage of it to mock him.

“Well, for a Prince, you're not really chivalrous with a lady.”

“Hey... but Piccolo... wasn't he the big green thing? He'd have died without us? How impolite!”

“But you've killed him, you idiot. You did it when you killed the old Namekian!”

The two cyborgs looked at the entrance of the palace.

“What a strange race they are...” he said, pensive.

On the other hand, his sister frowned.

“Had we known it, we'd have waited for his return. It'd have been funnier to kill him than to kill that old thing.”

“You're never pleased! He did put up a good fight, even for an old geezer.”

“How did you manage to come here in the first place?” Gohan growled. He was furious, he couldn't stand the way they spoke of his friends.

“Your flying trails.. They're easy to spot.” answered the young woman, smirking.

“So that was what you were planning all along.” Vegeta, obviously displeased, muttered.

The cyborg smiled and gave him the information he asked for with a deceitfully friendly tone.

“Eh, you have left us hanging once, not even calling... It's really not nice to forget your friends like this... So we wanted to know your hideout. And following you from the glade wouldn't have been of any use as you were looking for us. But with cross-checking the directions you came from each time you went to see us, we managed to single out a sector and, once there, we didn't need much time to notice that you very often went towards the same point in altitude. Therefore we went to see what could make you come in that part of the sky.”

He scanned the terrace of the palace.

“Quiet, far from eyes and from the world's bustle... It's a beautiful place, I have to admit.”

Gohan felt this revelation as a slap on the face. That was right. He had increased the round-trips between the palace and the Capsule Corp... It was then his fault... He hadn't been careful enough.

Overwhelmed by that feeling of guilt, the young Saiyan swept the damaged tiles and then, his eyes fell on the body that was laying not far frim him. Appalled, he walked near what was left of Mr. Popo.

“You too...” he muttered.

His fist clenched, he turned his face, where tears were running down, towards the Cyborgs.

“You have no respect for anything!” he yelled with rage as he lighted up his aura. He pointed at Mr. Popo's corpse with bitterness. “You've killed him too, yet he was the kindest person in the world, he just wanted to help!”

He sniffed loudly then went on, holding back his sorrow and his anger.

“And Krilin? And Chaoz? What have you done with them?”

“The bald guy?... He's here?” 18 said, surprised.

Her brother looked at the palace.

“Hm... That thing is bigger than what it seems.” he stated. “We didn't take enough time to rummage though it.”

In turn, Son Gohan looked at the palace. The feelings displayed on his face changed as the golden aura vanished... He seemed to be thinking.

Vegeta growled, ironic.

“Hiding... That's really something this wreck would do instead of dying with honor!”

Goku's son looked at him before taking off to get near him. He muttered into his hear. Surprised by this unexpected gesture of familiarity, Vegeta first listened silently, then quickly frowned and in the end he growled.

“I couldn't care less about your little schemes!”

He swept the young Saiyan, who wasn't expecting it, away with a formidable punch of the back of the hand. The child, bending, found himself on the ground. The prince of shady character went on.

“You better not interfere or I'll kill you!”

The child fighter couldn't hold back a grimace of pain as he got up, a hand on his stomach. He looked at Vegeta who was looking down on him. There were no need to try and talk to him when he had that look.

After one last glance to the two cyborgs, he suddenly took off to rush into the building whose frontage was totally damaged. 18 took off too and went right after him.

Her momentum was abruptly stopped before the walls of the palace by a terrible punch that got her from above.

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