DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

A new fighter had then appeared, as if coming from nowhere, a strange being, the kind he had never seen before.

Had he crossed his path before all this, he'd have thought that he had just come out of Hell, because of his green and orange skin and his weird ears.

But apparently he wasn't on the fiends' side. Placing his tall stature between the two demons and the three courageous fighters on the ground, he had removed his long immaculate cloak and his strange hat in one movement... without a word, revealing the two limp horns that stood out of his forehead. Or were they antennas?

That was a strange face to face, that huge fighter whose body was so bizarre, putting his impressive build in the way of the delicate figures of two young people hardly out of childhood.

Curious fool's bargain, fate hadn't dealt the ferocity card to the ones that most people would have expected it to go to.

It was the girl who had suddenly jumped without warning on the horned fighter, who had only just dodged the quick attack of the blond harpy.

For a short while he had seemed to be able to fight the strange power of that girl who had nothing angelic in her, except her appearance.

But as for the others, he ended up taking more blows than he was giving, and the ones he received made him more and more clearly grimace of pain even if, on the other side, the young woman didn't seem to be feeling any of the attacks, no matter how powerful these apparently were. None, no, no ordinary being could have survived the strange fighter's strength. All that power... for nothing. His blows had no more effect on her than a spring rain on the thick leather of a buffalo.

That had been when he had decided to speed things up, trying to reach the damned woman with these strange electric shots, but they never efficiently hit their target. On the other hand, the fire balls that the hands of the she-devil threw reached their target with cruel accuracy.

Literally crucified by a sort of rain of fire, the green giant eventually collapsed, defeated as the others, in the grey dust.

The cloud that the fall of the big body had swept up hadn't even completely scattered that it was his turn to show up, him with his haughty look and his strange smirk: the archangel had come!

The old man hadn't been able to overhear the conversation that the new comer had had with the two demons and their victims on the ground.

By the way, that was something weird. He just realised that those two murderers, who had taken a great care to annihilate any sign of life this peaceful little town could contain, hadn't killed any of their opponents. They just contented themselves with preventing them from fighting.

That was rubbish. What was the point of looking for the mere hint of logic in the mind of beings that were able to decimate an entire town just because of a culinary whim?

It was at that moment that the most incredible part of the day happened. After having clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, the new comer suddenly started to yell, as if he was making an intense effort. Right then, the earth had begun to shake and the air to vibrate whereas the soil under the stranger's feet widened as if blown on by a divine breeze. All the muscles of his body seemed to be under an incredible tension, it even distorted his face. It was more clear when the strange golden aura exploded around the stranger. The old man would have sworn that it was a explosion of pure energy. This energy illuminated the stranger's dark hair while his completely black eyes had turned green, the same colour than the waters of a lake and its mysterious depths.

And then, he had not moved for a while, an aura of light and strength seemed to exude from his body, under the thunderstruck stare of the other warriors.

Even the two demons were speechless in front of that celestial light that was pulsating and emitting a strange hiss.

And the fight had resumed, fiercer than ever. That time, it was the young boy who had thrown himself against the golden warrior.

The impact of the two forces had been terrible, it made the air vibrate again. Each blows of the sequences that came next seemed to be more powerful than the previous one. The battle soon lighted up the sky with numerous lightnings that were made by frightening fire balls. Some of them fell on the ground from time to time with a crash as if it was the end of the world.

The old man remembered the fear he had felt when facing the power of those two fantastic beings that were fighting one another with rage. The battle between good and evil was taking place here, right in front of him. He was sure of it!

He had then prayed and prayed again with conviction, ardour, with all his might. His eyes and his fingers were tense due to the effort, but he kept praying for the victory of the golden archangel.

He had prayed in vain.

The deafening detonations had kept rising, the demon kept fighting back no matter how furious the blows dealt by the archangel were.

It went on until that damned moment when the archangel wasn't able to parry an energy strike that had become way too hard for him. He eventually fell on the ground with an apocalyptic crash, buried at the bottom of a huge crater.

There was nothing more to be done, the fight was over.

Evil had defeated good and was relishing its victory, letting out a haughtily guffaw.

Then, after having said a sentence that didn't make any sense either, the two demons had taken flight to disappear at incredible speed in the distance... Finally they were gone!

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