DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

“What a clever boy! …. He's a fast learner.” laughed 17 from his perch.

“Well, you have said it, haven't you? It's boring to go by the rules.” retorted Son Gohan as he tried to add up. There was much more than fifteen yards between the brother and his sister. And 17 didn't look like about to move. He'll have to find a way for him to join her. It'd be safer. And they can't ask Krilin to risk his life with a second try that would definitely be more risky.

Behind him, Vegeta had opened his clenched and shaking hand. In the center of his gloved and blood stained palm, he held his breath, that breath that was setting his chest on fire... he discovered... a senzu! He couldn't hold back a painful cry when his support let go without warning to suddenly go against 17, who was standing on his roof. A swear word tore through the fighter's mind as he struggled to keep his position, grimacing due to the unbearable pain he's going through.

“The little damned boy! He could have waited for me to take it.”

And fast enough, in a move that were twitchy and quivering due to the pain, he brought the precious bean to his lips to eat it.

The moment after, his eyes closed, he swallowed with relief deep and delightful breath. Behind him, the impacts of the fight that his savior just started rang out. He opened his eyes that were now lighted with a new sparkle. It was really well played from this boy to wait till he was within an inch of dying!

A pang contracted his heart... Another injustice! How was it possible that this riff-raff Kakarotto had a Saiyan heir... and super Saiyan too, whereas he, the Prince of all Saiyans, had sired only a Earth bastard that was worth nothing?

his thought rekindled the bitter frustration of his revenge, lost forever. He then got up, a renewed rage giving him strength, before lighting him aura with a growl of pleasure.

A smirk showed his satisfaction while he looked at 18 who had moved away to follow the fight that was taking place a bit further. He took his time to tear off what was left of the stiff part of his fighting suit. He'd be able to look at her suffering to pay the humiliation she just inflicted him!

A cruel expression rose the edge of his lips and his eyes grew brighter as a jubilant light invaded them as he slowly held out his fist that, for now, he kelp clenched.

What a joy... what a pleasure even, to feel the power of this new vigour rushing to his finger! His hand tingled with small lightnings when he finally turned it upside down to open three fingers. He remained in this position a short while, completely motionless, his arm held out, looking at the frail figure of the young woman through his fingers. It was as if she was caught in a deadly trap. He shouted as he shot his formidable blast.


18, surprised, hardly had the time to turn back and see a terrifying concentrated energy ball rushing towards her. Directly hit, she was carried away at top speed without having the occasion to try and dodge or parry the boiling hot sphere.

The sound of the Saiyan's attack interrupted the sustained fight in which Gohan made his best to fight back, hitting the cyborg he was facing as much as himself got hit. 17 saw with surprise his sister being blown away by a flood of pure energy, and violently crash into a pile of rubble. He then looked back at the author of the aggression.


He then loudly laughed, and his ironic eyes fell on the young fighter.

“A locket, right?... I should have thought that it was a senzu bean!”

His eyes went back on the Prince of Saiyans who was looking at them. “Good! It'll be extra helping...”

He then taunted his sister who was coming back, covered with grey dust and a almost entirely burnt T-shirt than now let the pale skin of her stomach appear.

“So? What's going on with you? A crisis of... vegeta-tion?”

18 scowled as she furiously wiped the dust that was covering her, then she tore off what was left of her shirt.

“Ha ha ha... That's so funny! That bugger will pay for this!”

Her twin went on, with a joyous tone, as she bent to try and remove the dust from her poor hair that had, once again, severely tested.

“'Blondhead, burnt, grey... He really put you through the wringer... If you're fed up with it, just let me deal with him.”

“Come off it! Beside, you didn't keep your promise!”

“If that one is alive... I'm sure the other one is alive too, I'd stake my life on it!” answered her brother.

She grumbled, her tone threatening without paying attention to Son Gohan who was silently witnessing the strange conversation.

“I hope for you...”

The young fighter couldn't help but look in the direction where he had left Krilin. Please, make him be ready! The conditions were almost perfect. He quickly turned away, neither the cyborgs nor Vegeta had to know that he was here!

Picture by:

PoF       14

Leen et colo de Foenidis      


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