DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

Taking advantage of this unexpected pause, Vegeta looked up at the aerial fight. The bionic crazy man was resisting remarkably well Gohan's canon. And yet, what a power! Before he had seen Freezer fighting in his final form, he would have thought that such levels of energy were unimaginable.

And yet, not only Kakarotto's son, who still was a child, reached it with a disconcerting ease, but also two common mechanisms turned out to be able to compete with their strength of Super Saiyan. Yet, weren't they supposed to be the ultimate warrior elite?

A strange feeling overcome him as he was looking at the figure of the young fighter. He had grown fond of this child, fonder than what he was going to admit, even to himself. Besides, even if he was half-blood, wasn't he all that was left of his people?

He growled inwardly against himself. He now risked to pay the full price the time he had wasted to increase the level of the young warrior at the expense of his own fighting level.

His look landed back on the girl who was waiting, self confident, that he had caught his breath. He erased with annoyance the small voice that was humming the song of discouragement... He was going to defeat her! Because he had no choice, because he was the Prince of Saiyans and that he had to explain his rank... Another defeat would be completely intolerable!

He clenched his fists, starring at the bionic mechanism with determination. The energy flowed in him, sweeping doubt, tiredness and pain away. His muscles tensed in the new burst of rage that he was making his best to keep increasing, he eventually lighted up his aura once again, with a low growl that underlined his effort.

It was with a renewed savagery that he rushed towards the young woman who was too sure of herself and had taken the time to tell another stupid thing.

Determined to finish with it quickly, he violently punched her head with his joined fists. Going behind her in one second, he made her stand straight with a formidable knee kick in the back before seizing one of her arms that he violently twisted. He knew that she was stronger than him, but strength wasn't everything in a fight! If his attack had been swift, well thought out, and efficient... The cyborg was one again over a barrel.

Yet, this time, as he maintained her on the ground, he knelt to quickly shot a condensed blast at close range on her slender neck on which he had put his hand. To no avail. He shot again, with rage, and again, and again, as his victim sunk into the ground that the numerous explosions had dug.

Krilin observed the fight with a dull look. He didn't really think anymore. Turning and turning a piece of Maserfuse in his left hand, he knew that it would be more reasonable to go far from the battlefield, but after all... It didn't matter now! The two Saiyans kelp bravely fighting, but if they were meant to win, they'd have won a long time ago! Hope faded away with the inexorable decreasing of their energy.

The energy! Vegeta noticed that he was uselessly wasting it. Everyone had a weak point and he would eventually found the one of this damned machine!

Giving up on trying to decapitate the indestructible machine, he got up and now grabbed one of her ankle. He crushed her nape with his foot and firmly folded the legs of the girl, twisting it forwards at the extreme limit, obviously intending to try and break and spinal cord. It resisted the energetic attacks, it couldn't be torn off, but it certainly could break!

The prince fighter had forgotten to take an important factor into account. He hadn't thought that crushing the nape of a being that had no biological nervous system wasn't going to have the same paralytic effect than it would have on an ordinary opponent. Unaware of the danger, he didn't pay atetntion to the hand that slowly made his way up between his boots.

The pain was excruciating and made the Saiyan let go of his victim as he heavily fell on the ground with a muffled curse as his hear fell back and took their usual dark color. His eyes, now full of tears that he couldn't hold back, Vegeta had his hands on his genitals, in a position that showed intense suffering. He hissed between his gritted teeth with a higher pitched tone than usual. “Bitch!”

18, who got back up, dusting what was left of her clothes, didn't hesitate making fun of him.

“Don't complain... I tempered by attack.. Fighting against an soft eunuch doesn't interest me!”

“It's unfair.” He protested, panting, and finished with a growl of pain. “It's not the done thing...”

The young cyborg went nearer from the man who was now curling into a ball, his forehead against the earth, to taunt him as he pounded the ground with his fist in an attempt to banish the pain.

“Taratata... No holds barred. Besides, I'm a girl, so I am entitled to do it!”

She quietly sat in one of the near by block of concrete.

“The problem is that I'll have to wait, again...” she then added, with a naïve tone. “Does it really hurt that much?”

Vegeta really wanted to kill her! But pain paralysed him. He made an effort to raise his head and see through the blurred curtain of his tears of pain the aerial fight that kept raging further away.

17 now obviously regularly increased the level of his energy shoot. Son Gohan, on the other hand, began to appear tired. His arms, his fingers were burning volcano that tortured him. He drew from the depth of his resources the strength to resist, but he started to understand, by looking at his opponent, that the duel was already lost. It was no use to persist and waste what energy he had left. He suddenly stopped his shoot and nimbly moved away from the path of his opponent's.

The powerful energy black brushed his skin with a vroom, and he looked at it getting lost in the atmosphere.

Son Gohan shoot his sore hand as he looked back at the ground and beyond the cyborg that was watching him. How was Vegeta doing?

Ouch... He was on the ground! And Krilin? What was he still doing here?!

Fortunately, 18 didn't seem hostile for now. He focused his attention back at 17. He was high time to think about withdrawing from this fight. He was no use and the cyborg weren't giving any hint of being tired, whereas Vegeta and himself...

Picture by:

Leen et colo de Foenidis      

Dr Bird et colo de Foenidis      

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