DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

Krilin too suddenly turned his head toward the abundant vegetation.

As Chi-Chi opened her mouth to speak, her father's big hand suddenly interrupted her. Surprised, she looked at the three men that were scrutinizing the surroundings. Krilin showed her she had to keep silent by putting his forefinger in front of his lips. So, she too started to look around her, look and listen... and that was when she finally noticed what had alerted the three fighters.

The symphony of the numerous feathered music lover had given way to a pregnant silence, that only the babbling of the spring, she now considered to be terribly loud, disturbed. All of them were anxiously watching the three mysterious dimensions of the surrounding wood.

A sudden racket make the four friends start. A complete flight of starlings had just quickly flown away. Even more tense than ever, they're starring at the general place where that moment of panic had happened.

A clear voice from the other side of the glade made them suddenly start.

“Here they are... So nice of you to come visit us. We thought that you'd not come at all!”

17 slowly emerged from the thickets when his twins sister could be heard from the other side of the under brush, startling the little group once again.

“You're kidding me? Forcing us to run after them without giving us time to get rid of these rags... That's really not nice of them.”

That double apparition left Krilin speechless.

“How did you find us?” Yamcha growled.

17's sardonic laugh was the answer he got. With a vague gesture, he pointed at the injured man that was at the feet of the two friends.

“Well, no need to be a scout to follow such a trail!”

He then showed the bloody tips of his fingers.

“Tom Thumb himself wouldn't have done any better!”

This revelation made Krilin's heart miss a beat. How could he neglect the trail left by Gyumao's severe injury? He just hadn't thought that these two machines would be smart enough to follow such a trail.

That was a serious mistake that they would all pay! For it was out of question to try another solar flare... Those psychopaths would never give them enough time to do it.

As for another group escape... Completely unrealistic.

His brain was in a ferment. He looked at Gyumao. Given his wound, perhaps the giant wouldn't even be able to stand up on his own... And Chi-Chi...

A flash of hope sparkled in his eyes! She may manage to get away!

He moved back very slowing, making sure that he didn't move too much so that the two cyborgs would not pay attention to him. He floated very discreetly, at ground level, to go near the young woman, letting Yamcha take care of carrying on an empty conversation with the two young people. He was right, each minute they could snatch was one more they spent living.

Once he was close enough to her, he whispered to Chi-Chi.

“Listen carefully. We'll try to keep their attention focused on us. As soon as you can, you crawl into the boxwood behind you. They're thick enough to hide you. You disappear and flee as fast and as far as you can!"

The young housewife looked at Krilin, her eyes wide, and then at her father. She realised that his build as well as his injuries were not going to let him follow her beneath the thick branches. Disconcerted, she stammered several 'buts', but Gyumao who had heard everything, leaned towards her.

“Do as he says... Don't question it and listen to your father. We'll rejoin you as soon as we'll be able to do it. If you stay here, you endanger all of us... Think about Gohan.”

Distress, a terror at the thought of losing this so sweet and so considerate father, the bitterness of simply being a weak woman unable to protect the men she cared about. It's a real nausea was making her stomach churn.

Her eyesight was blurring with the pressure of those extreme feelings. Shame and resignation made her lower her head. She admitted with regret they were right. She'd do as they wished, even if it broke her heart for, as her father had reminded her, she had to think of her son first.

Krilin understood with relief that, for once, she was going to do as she was told.

As for what would happen next, well, they just had to gain time... gain time, monopolize their attention... and more important, stay alive.

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