DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

“Her voice is so unpleasant!” He explained his move with a grimace.

Gyumao didn't react for half a second, his eyes fixed on the motionless body of his only daughter that is laying on the other side of the crater, close to the edge of the forest. She was not moving at all.

And then a sudden anger finally took hold of this outraged father! His whole body was shivering but it's a surge of burning rage that is running in his vessels and mind and making him clench his fists, it's a huge cramp that make him grit his teeth as if his burning cheeks had been locked in that position.

And that was how he held back the furious wave with difficulty. The wave he's fighting back as much as he could. He rose his right fist to have a better look at it and force himself not to yield to the upsurge of vengeful rage that still overwhelmed him.

No! He can't do it!

He concentrated to not yield to the disorganised foolishness of a anger he didn't master. He had to tame, to channel this incredible surge of energy, a promise of power, in order to make the best use of it.

Shivering under the violent effort he's submitting his body to, he needed all the strength of those long years to manage to get this devastating fire and concentrate it where he'd need it. It was as if he had pins and needles in his arms, it's warm as if a fiery flood had replaced the blood in his vessels, his hand clenched under the pressure of a feeling he had almost forgotten.

He was almost ready!

Fury gave way to a cold determination as he placed his fist in a more perfect fighting stance. He looked back at the devilish little man who had dared hurting one of his loved ones. He knew that there was no room for error... The first blow would have to be the last one!

Releasing his ki with a powerful cry, he finally threw his arm in which he had put all the power he had in a particuliar part. He had chosen it with care for if this vital part was to be hit, it would be lethal and it'd be impossible to parry such a blow.

The enormous, and vengeful, fist, crashed into the solar plexus of the frail young man, the resounding crash of a brutal impact and broken bones.

During that short second, time seemed to have stopped. Gyumao's hand was locked against the bionic being's chest, but if 17's face remained totally calm and passive, Chi-Chi's father's face seemed to be quivering, then tears came in his eyes whereas a grimace of pain was distorting his lips.

The cyborg sighed as he commented the very pathetic attack that the poor man had done, it didn't matter if he had used all the energy that he had, all the experience of former student of the Turtle school that he had. They were just useless.

“So pathetic... Really stupid... F!”

Gyumao hardly had the time to feel another surge of anger rising in him that his opponent took his broken hand and cruelly twisted it. The giant yelled as a stinging pain was rushing through his entire body, but then, he quickly pulled himself together and aggressively gripped the head of his tormentor with his big good hand.

His left leg cut through the air, quick and strong, but the formidable circular kick came up against a hard block that didn't even shudder after the blow.

The young man seemed to small under the giant's grip, and yet, he managed to make a move. Gyumao's body have a sudden start... and the moment after, a ray emerged from his back.

He let go of his prey to put an hand on his chest before dumbfoundedly looking at it. Shivering, he staggered back... and back again until he fell on his knees. Refusing to give up, to admit defeat, to yield to such a despicable being, he put his fist on the ground to firmly lean on it.

"The bigger it is, the frailer!” said 17, ironic.

“You little...” growled Gyumao.

The end of his sentence was drown in a bloody coughing fit.

And that was when 18 held out her hand toward the fallen giant.

“Well, we've lost enough time with those two losers... If the boy was here, he'd have intervened long ago.”

And then, they heard a yell from above, making the twins looking up at the same time.

Picture by:

chibi Dam'Z ex Gokussj5      

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