DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

Nervously, 17 took off vertically to rise straight through the immaculate thick fog. Still in the middle of the impalpable white cloud, he accelerated, gritting his teeth. Eventually, he stopped, panting because of fear. He turned around and realised that, wherever he looked, this strange mist seemed to spread to the infinite.

His bionic heart beat faster at the thought of being stuck in this unexpected trap forever. Alone forever... Forever away from his sister! Panic made him shot in succession several energy blasts in a row in any direction as he screamed his fear.

Then he stopped and listened to the incredible silence surrounding him.

“No need to remain hidden... I'll find you!” he yelled, most likely hoping to hear an answer.

He held his breath to listen carefully for a moment that he felt was endless. But nothing. Nothing but the flow of his own energy in the circuits of his almost entirely artificial body. That's all that echoed in his ears. He suddenly noticed that his voice hadn't been echoed. It too seemed to have been swallowed by the infinite.

He yelled his despair as he bury his head into his hands. “It can't be...!”

Then his eyes opened wide as he looked at his hands he had kept open. Determined all of a sudden, he set about getting back on the ground at top speed. So fast that he eventually roughly hit the white ground that he hadn't been able to make out!

He furiously punched the curious surface out of rage and notice with surprise that it hadn't been damaged. He got back up and shot with his open palm a direct blast that noisily skittered without even cracking the smooth surface. He then looked resolute as he clenched his fists for a second before holding out his open hand in front of him. He methodically and regularly shot energy burst towards the horizon he can't see, hardly moving on the right each time. He went on with his invariable cannonade, paying close attention to the sound of each blast's race, until finally he manage to hear the echo of an explosion, a broad smile spreading on his worried face.

He took good care of keeping pointing at the direction of the explosion and suddenly took off to low fly towards his invisible goal.

Finally relieved, the cyborg brutally closed the door of the hellish room. He remained motionless for a while, his forehead against the thick wood whose texture was so reassuring. He wasn't that far in the end.

Through the dark curtain of hair, his bright eyes hardened as he stood straight, a pout of annoyance distorting his features. Without even taking the trouble of making his way through with an opening shot, 17 suddenly went through the ceiling in an abrupt take-off.

The following moment, he stood in the sky above the destroyed palace from where numerous columns of smoke rose . A smirk of hatred distorted his face as he held out both his hands.

An enormous energy ball literally engulfed the entire complex. Palace and terrace seemed to dissolve in that hellish fire that is consuming them. The following explosion was titanic, it set the sky ablaze and seemed to shake the entire planet even to the underworld. Its incandescent blast utterly annihilated Son Gohan's staff before ravaging Master Korin's dwelling and a big part of the column that led there.

Farther, much farther, the walls of a big city resonate in concert with the muffled roll of the echo of the incredible explosion. On the rubble of some crumbled buildings, 18 and Vegeta, who were facing each other from a few yards, turned their head towards the deploy of energy. For a moment surprised, Vegeta now frowned, a display of annoyance, as 18 expressed her displeasure with a mutter.

“17... I hope it's not your job.”

Both fighters' clothes, as well as Vegeta himself, sported the scars of the violent clash that had opposed them util now. 18 scanned the city around them, then the rubble on which some breathless corpses were visible whereas, farther away, the sirens of the emergency vehicles wailed. She suddenly crushed a broken toy with her heel and then mischievously smile.

“It's hard to limit the damage, don't you agree?”

Vegeta slowly wiped with his gloved wrist a trickle of blood from the corner of his lips as he icily starred at the girl with her mischievous smile.

He then raised, still as slowly, his hand above his head until his arm was open wide, he then opened his hand and let out an ironical growl, just before shooting a dozen of fire balls vertically above him. He calmly lowered his hand, speaking still without looking away, his sharp eyes hardening even more, the bionic blond haired girl.

“Because you really believe that these bugs' life is of any interest for me?”

Hardly had he pronounced the last word that numerous whistling preceded a succession of devastating explosions that randomly beat down on the entire town all around them. One of these explosion was so close that Vegeta's hair bent while, out of instinct, 18 protected her face from the burning blow that strongly swept them, blow that was mixed with a part of the junks that the impressive explosions had thrown.

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