DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

They didn't have time to make out anything, it was as if the sun had exploded and all the light had gone in their pupils as a voice yelled: “SOLAR FLARE!”

The two cyborgs bent, their hands on their face, as they called each other, wondering why they couldn't see anything anymore.

Yamcha took advantage of it to hurriedly land near the knelt giant.

“It's Yamcha. We're here to take you out of this.”

Farther, Krilin was carefully lifting Chi-Chi's head. He was relieved.

“She is alive!”

The sound of their voices angered 18.

“Damned bastards! It's one of your twisted trick! You won't get away with it!”

Krilin carefully took the inert woman in his arms and, without paying attention to her warning, he called out to Yamcha.

“We've to move fast... Will it be ok with you?”

His friend answered him by helping the injured giant leaning on his shoulder... He seemed to bend under the weight of the gigantic weakened body.

“He's badly hurt... but we got no other choice.”

17 stood straight, even though his eyes are still closed because of the pain, and held out his hand to shoot in the general direction of the two saviors' voices.

“You fool... you won't escape us!”

Burning balls of energy rocketed and narrowly missed Yamcha and Gyumao who were so close to them.

Krilin quickly reacted: he gently laid the young woman back on the earth before he disappeared and reappeared behind the two young people. He then pretended to be talking to Yamcha.

“Ok, I got her... Follow me, quick!”

The young man and woman both turned at the same moment and blindly unleashed a true fire flood in his direction.

Fortunately for him, the cunning fighter had already gone to Chi-Chi's side to carry her into the air after his partner. They quickly fled, flying over the big forest.

The two friends and their precious cargo flew as fast as they possibly could at the abundant foliage level, and behind them, the rhythm of explosions was decreasing.

Yamcha, who had completely disappeared under the huge Gyumao, so to speak, was very worried. He could feel the warm blood that was pouring from the gaping wound, wetting his back. He knew too that the clock was ticking.

He called out to his friend to tell him about his worry.

“We can't...”

Krilin interrupted him, diving under the cover of the trees.

“I know! It should be ok here!”

That part of the undergrowth was charming, the happy song of the little birds marched the sweet babbling of a spring. The two men gently put down their friends on a soft layer of abundant moss. Chi-Chi was still unconscious and Gyumao couldn't help letting a low moan escape his lips when Yamcha helped him sit on the fresh and quiet glade. As for Krilin, he was tearing off without further ado several strips from the young woman's woollen apron.

“What fools we were! We didn't take the time to ask for senzu beans before leaving!”

Gyumao rubbed his eyes with his good hand. He tried to look around him, asking for his daughter and Yamcha reassured the giant by putting a hand on his shoulder. He then lead the big hand of the big man to the one of the young woman who was laying close to him.

“She is here... Don't worry. Keep your eyes closed for some more minutes. You'll be able to see again faster.”

The injured man's fingers shivered as they brushed against Chi-Chi's skin, as heavy tears were appearing on his eyelids that he kept closed.

“I'd not bear losing her too.”

Krilin, who had come back from the spring, couldn't help but empathize.

“Don't worry, it's nothing more than a big lump, she'll get off with a big headache... nothing else. Your daughter is really strong.”

Yamcha gently tapped once again on the shoulder of his friend's father.

“But for you.. we really have to try and stop this bleeding.”

Gyumao refused right away.

“No, don't worry... I'll be fine... Take care of her!”

Krilin gently smiled at him as he placed a strip, that he had dampened with fresh water, into the giant's hand.

“You'll be able to do it while we take care of that uggly wound. We may have to stay here for a while. Do you know that if we were to let you bleed to death without doing anything, Chi-Chi wouldn't give us any chance to live once she'd awaken?”

Krilin's witty observation get a half a smile from the injured giant that was softly mopping his daughter's face with the little piece of fresh dampness that the fighter had given him. A moment later, Krilin and Yamcha stood straight, a satisfied look on their face: the giant's shoulder was now swaddled in a more or less organized tracery of strips of jacket and apron.

Apparently it had been enough to stop the flood of blood. All they could see is a small red spot near the wound and his broken hand was hold in place by three little sticks bound together by a strip of cloth. Gyumao, whose eyes were now open, thanked them with a voice that was strangely weak. And then, a sound made him start... and then burst with joy.

Chi-Chi came back to. She got up, screaming the name of her beloved son, but Krilin hastened to reassure her.

“He is fine... Don't worry, he's safe!” He then hugged the stunned woman. “You can't know how glad I'm to see that you're doing well.”

Chi-Chi watched the three men with an alarmed look... She didn't seem to understand right away how dire the situation was, then finally reacted when she noticed that her father was hurt.

“Daddy! Who did that to you?! And what is that? Is that supposed to be a dressing? And my new apron? Who have torn my new apron?!”

Gyumao laughed in spite of the pain that make him grimace. He was so glad to see that his daughter's nature hadn't been driven away.

“Don't worry my dear... Everything is ok. Krilin and Yamcha took a good care of us.” His voice was weak and clipped.

Even though everyone seemed relieved, Yamcha suddenly seemed to be on his guard... He scanned with worry the surrounding wood.

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