DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

The two cyborgs turned with surprise. In front of them, a bloody figure and bathed in gold light was getting up with the typical pulsating noise.


Vegeta was still alive. Vegeta was still up. Vegeta who burnt with a renewed fury!

The fire of humiliation, his injured body, tortured by pain, the energy that set his flesh alight... everything contributed to feed the rage that he needed.

That bitch had dared leaving him for dead! She was in for a painful surprise!

On his right, Kakarotto's son was still out of it, on his left, the small bald man would die soon.

17 laughed when he saw him apparently ready to fight them once again.

“What a resistance! I really thought I'd not be seeing you again...” Then he turned to his sister to tease her. “You've missed, my dear.”

18 merely shrugged with disdain.

Vegeta was inwardly boiling over. What a nerve! Who did they think he was?! They already thought they had won, that they were free to destroy whatever they wanted. But this planet now was HIS property, his own, the last Prince of Saiyans, and only HE could decide to devastate it... if he wanted!

“Look at me, look at me closely, you shitty mechanics!” He emitted an energy blow, rekindling his aura in a prideful movement. He then yelled, proudly standing straight. “I'm Vegeta, Prince of Saiyans!”

His voice lowered and its low timbre showed the deep hatred that motivated him when he pointed at them. “You know nothing of weariness, or of pain... your energy seems to be endless... but in psite of it... I'll teach you how to die!”

This statement rekindled 18's anger.

“You poor fool, I'm going to...”

“Wait!” Interrupted her brother, suddenly blocking her way with his arm. “I'm curious to see what he's going to do. We won't waste our last chance to have fun. You'll tear his head off afterwards if you want.”

18, split between curiosity and annoyance, eventually relented with a sulking pout.

A glint of satisfaction lighted up Vegeta's face. He'll have all the time he needed... that was perfect! He looked back at the warm color that are setting the sky afire, as if to draw his strength from it. He was the last member of his people, the elite of his race and the last one able to stand up for the honour of the Saiyan race. Against all odds, it's not the image of fallen fighter that came to his mind, but the sight of the small Trunks laughing in his mother's arms...

Surprised, Vegeta grumbled inwardly. Of course he had always known he was his son, but he believed he was weak, and the weak didn't exist!

Far from fading, the images of the young woman and the child took hold of his mind, managing to push any other thoughts away.

The memory of the infinite in Bulma's eyes, this kid's so familiar mug... all this swept the past with a betwitched blow that found his way in his chest and set an unknown fire alight. His relentless will to ignore any kind of feeling flickered.

He noticed it was the same kind of feeling that earlier, when he was watching the young Saiyan, but this time, it was stronger. It was a very strange sensation, something agreeably warm, soft... that brightened up the heart and made the mind so light. Something that he had been making his best to push back until now because he was convinced that it was a mark of weakness... But what if the small bald man was right?

It seemed to be so powerful. Could it really be the secret behind Kakarotto's strength?

He'd think about it later. For now, only rage mattered! He only knew how to use it and this new feeling of fearing for those that he now know he loved supplied all the fuel he needed!

Under the mocking eyes of the two cyborgs who were waiting to see what he planned to do in such a state, Vegeta rose above the ground.

He clenched his fists at first then closed his eyes to focus better. He swallowed a dull growl and the moan that the efforts got from hi.

The thousands nuances of the setting sun suddenly hid behind a thick layer of clouds and more and more lighting tore the sky and shook the ground with apocalyptic roars. The two young people curiously observed the phenomenon as quick numerous and increasing energy salvoes could be seen on the Saiyan's aura.

Vegeta suddenly spread his arms wide. He knew he was going beyond his limits, that he was asking maybe more than what his body could handle, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was the victory!

He had had the intuition of this attack in the Time Chamber, but he had never tried it, aware that, for now, he wasn't ready to achieve it.

But to hell with reason! To hell with the consequences! None would crush his honor ever again! None would take what was his ever again! He now had a new future to experience.

He yelled as the sphere of his aura, which was incredibly wide, threw rubble all around him and even seemed to be distorting the air itself. His long shout covered the racket of the lightning, the racket of the fire that was burning him!

Krilin didn't really know if he was still alive. This burning cross-shaped figure in a turquoise sky was so strange, and there was something supernatural about this burning wind that beat against his face, same thing about all these flashes that blinded him. And then that shout... No living being could shout like this!

Further, the two cyborgs now looked alarmed by the amazing show of strength. As they are unable to feel the energy, they discovered with astonishment the sizzling sphere that kept increasing around the Saiyan who was in the middle of the electric storm he had caused. A light illuminated 17's eyes.

Breathless after his foolish effort, Vegeta finally joined his hands, flower-shaped, in front of him in a move that made him grimace so much his muscles rebel under the tyranny he just forced on them.

He obliged himself to stay in position while the energy rushed, burning his arms with thousands ephemeral lightnings. The pain was unbearable, but never... never! He had felt more alive than now!

Only one more second and then he'll reduce these two fucking machines to ashes!

Quite unexpectedly... he looked up, his eyes wide by an expression of surprise. He remained motionless some long second while the energy sphere that surrounded him seemed to distort...

A trickle of blood slowly ran at the corner of his lips as he blinked... one last time.

His crazed eyes travelled down at his chest... It was pierced right through by a huge hole at heart level.

His jaw tensed in a last burst of determination while he starred once again at his target who staggered in a universe that had become scarlet... He tried to extend his hands once again.

Too late. The impressive sphere of energy faded and disappeared, Vegeta's pupil's froze and he toppled over to heavily crash on the ground, raising a cloud of dust.

Once on the ground, some small lightnings of energy ran on his body right before the gold light that illuminated his hair finally went off as a candle that someone blew out as the move of his hand which closed one last time on a fistful of this earth that had welcomed him.

An amazing salvo of lightnings eventually seemed to pay a last tribute to the fallen Prince.

17 still had his arm extended.

“That fuckhead could have been dangerous!”

18 vociferated as she rose a bit above the ground to make a U-turn.

“It was my turn! You do better find a decent hairdresser!”

By the turquoise color of the brighter and brighter sky in which the two dark figures eventually calmly disappeared, Krilin understood that this time, everything was over. At least... everything was quiet and peaceful. Even the awful pain had given way to a feeling of cottony lightness.

The infinitely turquoise screen that had invaded his eyes suddenly distorted and took the shape of a long and luminous corridor. And at the end... at the very end... in the blazing light, there was a dream with two almond shaped eyes, the color of happiness and the so fresh laugh of a small blond girl with her mischievous face that were waiting for him with open arms.


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