DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

Further, Krilin, bathing in sweat, was lying under the cover of a roof and he was watching the scene. Fear was turning his blood to ice and made him tighten his grip on this small case that emitted a low cracking sound under the pressure. The warrior gave a start and looked at the gizmo... Last thing they needed was for him to break the device before they even could use it.

But to use it, he'd have to get nearer the two killers. And this idea transfixed him because of the panic. The mere thought of doing it interrupted the blood flow to his legs, made him grit his teeth in a uncontrollable spasm and it liquefied his will, will that he felt diluting in the river of cold sweat that was making his back sticky.

Gohan was counting on him. Bulma was counting on him... his dead friends were counting on him! A dark veil burdened his heart and he felt a lump growing in his throat... They couldn't resurrect anyone now. All the more reason to do it! He forced himself to gather what willpower he had left: those two nasty pieces of work had made enough damages, enough victims. If Goku was here, he'd never say die! Goku... He was looking at him and encouraging him from up there! Krilin was sure of it.

The thought calmed down the orange wearing fighter the slightest bit. All he had left to do was to wait for the right moment, that Vegeta and Gohan monopolized their attention with a sustained fight.

He looked once again at the small case. In his head, he could hear Bulma's voice reassuring him as he remembered what had happened in the street.

“When you push this button, and as soon as the small blue bulb light up.... Normally, any printed circuit that is within a fifteen yard radius will immediately be destroyed by the high frequency Maser waves emitted by this small square miracle.”

Krilin had no idea what could be Maser wave. But who cared? When he and Gohan had stopped near a turd-bot that was cleaning a pavement, they had pushed said button after they had opened the security hood... And right when the indicator had turned blue, not only had the small robot stopped with a weird whistling but also all the stoplights of the crossroad, all the surrounding vehicles, the store names, the cash registers, the televisions in the domestic electrical goods shop... Everything had stopped working with one accord, whistling together. And in the middle of the mayhem, numerous persons were vociferating as they tapped or shook either their PDA, or their watch, or their MP3, or their latest cellphone while here and there, they could see windows opening and people calling the passer-by to ask if there had been a general breakdown.

A small smile grew on Krilin's lips as he remembered Gohan's clear laugh as he talked about Bulma who hadn't tested it in her laboratory and had asked them to be away enough from it to do it. The mischievous young boy had imitated, and exaggerated, Pr. Brief's probable expressions if he was to shake all his precious burnt out devices.

But now wasn't time for humour. The small fighter's look hardened as he looked up on the battle that was raging over there.

Thanks to their experience during the previous fight, and also because they've come within inches of death, Son Gohan resisted much better to 17's pressure.

He masterly parried the cyborg's formidable punches and didn't yield to the mechanic fighter's pressure. However he didn't succeed either in making the way the fight was going change direction and failed too at getting closer to his goal.

To the striking ringing out of their duel echoed those of the fight between Vegeta and 18.

This fight was also more balanced. The Dr. Gero's creation would even give in to the incredibly powerful blow of an unrelenting Vegeta.

Son Gohan looked at them from the corner of his eye... How was he to get the brother and his sister together without Vegeta's help, for it was best to withhold this information from him?

He regretted this lapse in concentration. A powerful punch hit him with a dreadful brutality. Stunned, he can't parry the knee that followed, neither the double punch that hit his nape. The child fighter fell. But the cyborg didn't give him any time to turn and get back on his feet. He bumped feet first into him. Son Gohan resisted the attack and reacted before his opponent could go on. He put his two hands back and leaned on them to throw him with a powerful Tomoe-nage. Then with a double spurt of energy, he propelled himself in the air. Increasing the energy flow in the right part of his body, he quickly span around, joining his hands on the side and started muttering the famous syllables, even before he had completed his move. So, hardly was he in the right axis that he was ready to bombard 17 who was making ready to attack again... Gohan yelled the last syllable as he held out his hand to open fire.


The legendary ray of the Kameha meha gave no opportunity for the cyborg, who had been surprised by the rapidity of the attack, and he ended up brutally pinned on the ground.

Not afar off from them, Vegeta had managed to immobilise 18 with a smart armlock in her back. As he most likely wished to see her kneeling before him, he struggled to try and make her bend, but no matter the successive rises of power, the bionic blondhead resisted the huge pressure and kelp standing on her feet. She even moved one step backwards and tripped the Saiyan's up, yet Vegeta's firm position made it fail.

The racket or a sudden and formidable flow of energy drew the young woman's attention and she could barely see her brother's figure, but she guessed he was bent under the deluge of fire that the young boy was raining on him. It was obvious that the child was using all his strength to achieve this.

The rubble were smashed in a loud explosion that the dreadful blast had caused all around it as it slowly moved.

Vegeta growled inwardly: had that kid understood nothing of what he had told him? To waste his energy like this was utterly idiotic! If the attack had been inefficient when it had hit him, it was obvious that it wasn't going to cause any damage to the cyborg. And pinning him on the ground was of no use! Unless... unless... yes, of course! He did look like trying to make him come here.

18 probably guessed that Vegeta was distracted, she stunned him with a violent headbutt backwards and then, she held her left hand out and managed to shot on the young Saiyan, obviously intending to save her brother.

That she had managed to partially get free enraged Vegeta. He let go of the cyborg, but only to throw her on the ground with a move that a judo champion wouldn't be ashamed off. The only difference was that it was much stronger and that, due to the terrible shock, reinforced cement rubble shattered under the formidable impact.

He then took advantage of his dominant position and, without giving her any second of respite, feeling triumphant, he spitefully crushed the delicate face with a foot, gathering all the energy he possessed. 18's distorted face inexorably sank into the soil while the Saiyan prevented her from moving with ferociously twisting her arm, arm that he was pulling in the opposite direction with all his might

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