DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

Gyumao and Chi-Chi were surpeised too. Those incredibly cruel machines would really be two young people?

“Our lost humanity...” muttered 18.

As if to answer this reflexion, 17 suddenly lost his temper because of a sudden rage. He clenched his trembling fists and he let go of an unexpectedly brutal and violent fury.

“We haven't lost anything! We have taken back what that fucking Gero had stolen from us!” He pointed Krilin, who was taken aback by such an explosion. “DO YOU HEAR ME, YOU FUCKHEAD?”

Oops, it was a failure! Quick, try to think of another topic, another diversion...

But 18 didn't let him the time to try it. As if she had been electrified by her brother's fit of anger, she too gave way to the most violent part of her personality.

“Enough of it... I'm fed up with it! Let's kill one or two of them and let's leave that lousy place!”

His sister's suggestion seemed to please 17 who was cruelly smiling and cracking his knuckles out of impatience.

“As you wish... After all, it's true they deserve to be punished.”

And then, he looked at the four friends, one by one.

“Who want to give their life to save their friends?”

They all tensed and Krilin growled.

“You fucking bastards!”

17 held out his hand toward the young man who was ready to dodge the incoming attack.

“As you want.”

A deep voice interrupted the face to face: Gyumao was staggering forwards.

“If you must kill someone, then choose me!”

As an answer to the tenor voice, they could hardly heard Chi-Chi trembling voice, rasping because of her fear.


As for Krilin, he'd like to scream “No Gyumao, it's useless... I could dodge this attack... Chi-Chi needs time to escape... We can stand a bit longer... It's of no use to die like this now!”

18 looked at the weakened giant. She most likely was frustrated at the thought of content herself with such a lame toy, so she nastily made fun of him.

“What a knight in a shining armour you are... You stupid man! Do you really believe we'll enjoy breaking such a wreck?”

17 moved and pointed now his hand at the giant who more or less manage to square up.

“You don't know who you're talking to, you insolent girl!! I'm Gyumao, the Emperor of Demon and the guardian of the former Fire Mountain!” he growled.

The young cyborg coughed, pretending to be concealing a smirk with his other hand.

“The Emperor of Demon, hm? You lie even more than Gero... I don't believe it!” He clenched his held out fist as if to clearly show what he intended to do.

“Well, if that is what you want, why not? I'll send you join your dear subjects. The two other would be even more motivated.”

The blink of an eye was enough for Krilin and Yamcha to look at each other. In a perfect cohesion, they opened fire.


The double explosion crashed on the cyborg who momentarily disappeared under the ball of melting energy.

But only for a second for, a split second later, he was standing where Krilin had been. Yet, the latter had anticipated, just as Yamcha! After a symmetrical pirouette in the air, they joined forces to double kick 17, sending him somewhere in the surrounding forest.

The young man almost hit his sister who, in turn, reacted and threw small and fast attacks in the two men's direction.

Sill in a perfect cohesion, they retorted with a powerful common attack that destroyed the energy waves that were aimed at them. The young woman, who hadn't the time to counter the attack for she hadn't thought it'd be that impressive. The blast of the attack was so strong that it blew away 17, who had renewed his attack on the two fighters.

“GYUMAO!” yelled Krilin.

The giant hadn't waited for Krilin's scream. He had overcome the pain and moved backwards to vigorously kick his daughter with his heel. Indeed, his daughter was paralysed by fear and now she felt into the protective layers of the bushes.

Surprised, Chi-Chi screamed under the impact. She found herself upside town, entangled in the thick branches. Well, at least the chock did make her get out of trance.

She finally realised that she had to leave. A stray attack... a reaction of the cyborg... It could really be dangerous. Her dear Gohan still needed her.

She struggled to tear her clothes from the vegetable claws, she wriggled and writhed to be in the right position... and, with a heavy heard, she then crawled away, making her way in the bushy labyrinth. The young woman left behind, here and there, salted pearls of water on the shining green leaves. She slowly went towards life, that was true, but she was all alone.

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