DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

Incredible fireworks seemed to light the entire area as the aerial fight raged.

Krilin dark eyes looked away from the amazing energy display to scan the ground once again. The Maserfuse was now almost at the feet of the cyborg. Her soft voice gave him a start and he quickly turn his gaze away from the small case.

“So, this pseudo-remote control... where is it?”

18 held her hand out towards Krilin's, that he was holding with his uninjured one. He moved back instinctively to be out of reach.

“Vegeta... what a bully!”

The small man couldn't believe what he heard. She called Vegeta a bully... What a nerve!

With another crackling, Gohan came between the young woman and his friend. And once again, Krilin would like to be telepathic to tell him to move away, to distract her while he get his hands on the precious machine. Unless... yes! It'd certainly be easier. If he managed to gather enough strength...

The young Saiyan felt his friend's hand on his shoulder. But he's suspicious and kept his eyes on the cyborg, his being distracted had already cost him much.

“Don't worry. I'll show 18 where I have thrown the remote control... Everything will be fine.” said his bald friend.

Son Gohan hardly had time to be surprised that Krilin moved on his right, under the gaze, just as surprised, of the young woman.

The young boy understood in one second what his friend intended to do and have to struggle not to look at his feet. He had seized earlier that Krilin's look was indicating this place. If the small warrior took the risk to go away with the creature that he feared more than anything, it certainly was to enable him to take back the Maserfuse.

A sharp gaze starred right at him, then 18 calmly started walking to join Krilin that was looking in the rubble, about twenty yards away from his starting point.

Son Gohan was about to lower his head to search too when the pretty blondhead's voice made him stand straight.

“It's not you that I've planned to kill today. But if you do the mere move, I won't hesitate to change my mind!”

Darn! There was no way for him to take the risk and fight with the case in his hands.

He looked up... and 17 was too far away! Even so, it'd be good to know where is the precious device.

So, the boy discreetly looked around him.

A succession of high pitched whistling made him look up once again. Several rays fell all around 18 while two skittered on her.

“Get that slut away from here!” Vegeta vociferated from above to the young Saiyan.

The next moment, Gohan had to resist the smithereens loaded blow from the power of an item crashing in the rubble between he and the cyborg. Right then, another terrible shock made the ground tremble, increading the depth of the crater that had just appeared. 17 had seized the opportunity his opponent had offered him as the latter was paying attention to what was going on below!

Vegeta only had time to protect him to parry the shot that had followed him in his fall. He was still on his back when, following the explosion, the cyborg stormed in him. Blows rained down at so fast a speed that the young man's fists seemed to be almost invisible.

Son Gohan hesitated a moment as he saw the Saiyan dealing with the relentless surge, but the Maserfuse was more important! And the occasion was too good... The fierce battle between the two men covered him but now, the twins should be within the right perimeter too. The boy frantically looked around... It was here... He was sure of it! He looked up, worry in his eyes. Vegeta, his face bloody, had managed to lock the cyborg's two fists.

He had to hurry, if the Saiyan had managed to get himself free, it was probable that the fighters would move away once again.

The young boy started moving the diverse bits of cements, then thought better of it. No... The Maserfuse had to be above everything else. Unfortunately, the impact of the close fight had propelled a layer of dust and junk in the area!

A yell of rage, followed by a dull sound, squeezed Son Goku's son's heart. He knew too well what it meant: Vegeta had just increased his aura, doubling the supply of energy because of a burst of pride.

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