DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

Leagues away from the little martyr town, in a house whose structure was now familiar, a little house nestled in the deep of the wood, a young man was pensive. Leaning on his elbow on his desk that was groaning under the weight of books and notebooks, he was absent-mindedly sucking the end of his pen.

Gohan, staring into space, seemed to be quite far from the equations that spread of the open pages of his books in front of him.

The young man let heave a long sigh.

“What a drag!”

Really, his mother was pushing it too far! She had always appeared to be possessive, overprotective, but since the death of her husband, her propensity to paranoia had gone over the edge and Gohan felt he was living a nightmare. He wasn't only a well looked after, pampered child anymore... he was a stifled child.

At that thought, the young Saiyan let go of another sigh. He couldn't help but look at the sunlight of this beautiful summer day shining in through the closed window. Window which had been sealed up, so he couldn't get away through it – well, he couldn't do it discreetly in any case – because both he and his mother knew that the fragile obstacle made of glass would in no way be able to stop the young Saiyan, had he wanted to go out.

But the thing was that Chi-Chi already was inconsolable, so it wasn't really the proper time to hurt her more.

Gohan closed his eyes, as if to better analyse his trail of thoughts. He really, and desperately missed the unplanned playtimes his father 'forced' on him. When daddy was here, all went so different... it was like transcended by his constant good mood, that joie de vivre so infectious that contrasted with the strength that always emanated from his strong body. And mom? Happy, laughing... full of life and energy.

He would have given everything to be able to vie with this fantastic father in speed through the clouds, to test his strength against the unmatched fighter whose face always wore a smile, to wander around near the lake with the lover of nature, after a memorable fishing party, or to eat mom's delicious pasta with that big eater, all the while his mother was acting the outraged housewife part.

It really wasn't fair! It wasn't fair that this perfect warrior, that soft-hearted giant, this loving and radiant with joy father could have died like that, because of a stupid sickness!

Hot and salted water filled the child's eyes. He pulled himself together and dried the undesirable tears away with a sudden move of the back of his sleeve.

His eyes still full of suppressed tears, he watched once again the landscape through the wooden bar of his window.

Who were there weird strangers that applied themselves to destroying all these small cities? Why were they doing it?

None knew why. The little informations that the media broadcast just said that there were two people: a young man and a young woman.

And that was it. Almost nothing.

Krilin, Tien and Yamcha had gone after them. Piccolo had done the same... But Vegeta?

He had sworn he'd never fight again after Goku's death, yet the young boy did have recognized his ki during the last battle from which the vibrations due to the energy had reached him. Well, not quite recognized for this ki had suddenly changed to reach an incredible level, a pounding both powerful … and so familiar.

It was the same that his father emitted when he flew into a rage at the super saiyan level.

The eyes of the child turned toward the door leading to the corridor, the only way to freedom.

Vegeta super saiyan. He had to see it with his own eyes!

Of course he had been able to assess the incredible mastery of the great fighter that the Prince was, his strong personality, his stubbornness in surpassing his father, but Super Saiyan... he'd have never thought that he would reach such a level of perfection!

Perfection... was it the right word for it? For even though he was shut away in the narrow universe of his room, he knew the unfortunate outcome of the distant fight.

Yamcha, Tien, Krilin, Piccolo... they all had been defeated, beaten hollow each time... and now even Vegeta had been defeated! No matter what level their techniques reached, or their number, none had been able to compete with the strange power of these two unknown persons.

Who were they? Even when they were fighting, these strangers didn't emit any vital energy, no ki that could be felt. His sense, though sharp, could feel only the energy of their blows. What could that mean?

He couldn't wait for Krilin's return, so he could tell him what happened over there!

Krilin. It was a good thing that he was here, the faithful friend, the confidant, the very thin link with the other past of his father, the past his mother never spoke about.

His last visit had been quite a while ago and Gohan didn't doubt that he'd not take too long to come lighten up the little house with his spirit so full of life.

He was going to describe those weird unknown and so peculiar people, tell him what had really happened during all these distant fight and more important, to tell him everything about the new Super Saiyan.

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