DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

A few miles away from the steaming city, two figures were watching the Homeric fight. Krilin was clearly tense, he nervously clenched his fists.

“He has lost. She'll finish him off when she has decided.”

Son Gohan looked rather sad. “I don't understand why he hadn't killed her when he still could.”

“There is only one explanation: his level wasn't high enough. The year you spent in the Time Chamber wasn't enough.”

“It's my fault... He lost too much time talking care of me.” the young Saiyan muttered in his breath as he lowered his head.

“It's nobody's fault.” retorted his bald friend. “Those damned thing are simply invincible!” He lifted the small case that Bulma had given them. “Super Saiyan or not, alone or together.. nothing of it matters. That thing is our only hope.” He looked at the fight taking place far away. “We're just lucky that she hadn't killed him yet.”

His eyes travelled to a precise part of the fight scene. A man was quietly sitting on a roof, attending the battle without even trying to hide. 17.

“You won't be two too many to bring them together and take their complete attention without being killed, you or him.” He lowered his head, looking utterly sad. “Not that I really care about Vegeta... but it'd for Bulma, you understand?”

Meanwhile, hands in hands, 18 and Vegeta were trying their strength once again in a showdown. The cyborg's emotionless face contrasted with the Saiyan's that effort and rage distorted, as the crater their energy outburst had dug kept deepening.

The pulses of his aura, his ragged breath, the perspiration drops that crossed his bloody face, this entire body, completely tense, and that was obviously shaking... Everything showed that the fighter had reached his limits. Even to the look in his eyes in which they can find hints of anger that come from his feeling of powerlessness going beyond his resolve to win.

Should he try another headbutt? The pain that was still pounding on his forehead made him immediately forget this idea. A kick won't be more efficient for he knew that he didn't have enough strength left to make this steel block bend.

But he had to find something! It was out of question for him to kneel before this mechanical female.

Just as if she had read her opponent's trail of thoughts, the young woman smiled as she intensified the pressure she inflicted him. Out of pain and because of the duress, the proud prince bent a bit.

Pride, exactly, that's most likely in it that he found the necessary strength to make a formidable explosion of Ki that he released with a yell of rage. This burst enabled him to get the upper hand for a short while...

The savagery of a first knee kick made Vegeta bent in half. The dreadful shock was immediately followed by two others whose incredible power literally caused the destruction of the already cracked armour of his fighting suit, as the merciless cyborg held him firmly bend in half.

The young woman let go of the warrior by nimbly moving away from him in order to avoid the spurt of blood that he spat. The Prince of Saiyan collapsed, curled up into a ball, unable to catch his breath, his hands contracted on his broken rib cage. 18 seized his golden hair whose golden light flickered, then went off, in order to lift the upper part of his body. She put an hand on the fallen Saiyan's forehead, speaking calmly.

“What a pity for a Prince of the royal Blood... to end up on your knees.”

Energy was flowing through the hand of the merciless machine and tears of rage and despair appeared on Vegeta's eyelids, as he tensed, awaiting the foretold coup de grâce.

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