DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

The charm didn't last... It never lasted.

Harsh reality swept it away in a second when 17's voice rang out.

“End of half-time!”

Krilin and Yamcha gave a start. Half-time?! Would that ordeal ever come to an end? Hey! But after all, it was still time... hope... life... still... Though, with those psychopaths, they had to be ready for anything. They could call for a break and still kill one of them in the next second. It was best not to take any risk.

Without consulting one another, having apparently had the same reasoning, the two friends took off together without any warning. The twins looked them going higher than where they were.

They had to put distance between them, they had to not let them get too close, this was the best thing to do if they wanted to survive. Neither Krilin, nor Yamcha were in a position to go on with such a harsh fight. But with some distance between them, they could be able to anticipate their attacks, stay close to each other and give a common strength to their parries.

They couldn't be more wrong! But had they any other choice left?

Probably not. The fact remained that soon enough, the two friends had to face real hell fire. Many explosive ball were surrounding them, they had no way to get out of it. But still, it was impossible for them to remain in the middle of this inferno. Even if they united, they didn't have enough energy left to make an efficient shield!

They parried, they dodged, they managed to make their way through the explosions and to gush out of the lethal trap. Yamcha hadn't the time to look for his friend that a series of blows caught him before he could even understand that he was under attack.

17 had been waiting for him outside and, this time, he decided not to be one to bother with niceties.

Yamcha felt his organs explode, his bones crack under the merciless avalanche of blows. One last sent him once again crash on the ground in a blast of red drops.

The smoke of the numerous explosions were hardly clearing that Krilin caught a glimpse of the bloody trailed fall of his friend. He rushed after him, but his way is cut by 18.

Surprised, Krilin looked with astonishment the mischievous face in front of him, a face that meant dead-end! He then saw another blond block... He was reliving the scene that had almost cost Yamcha's and Piccolo's lives. He suddenly realize with horror that they're about to make it happen all over again... That was it! They wanted to hear him bed them once again! That most likely was what they wanted earlier when they put Gyumao to death under their eyes!

He yelled out of rage... That was unbearable!

18 smiled: she knew that he knew.

Krilin was confused. To swallow his pride wasn't much of a problem for him, but would it suffice?

Defeated... he lowered his head and muttered:

“Please... Don't kill him... please.”

17 shook his head as he made a movement towards Yamcha who was trying to get up, moaning. He spoke with cheer in his voice, as if it was nothing but a joke.

“Too soon... still too soon.”

Krilin's heart stop beating once again. That filthy machine intended to torture again his friend who already was badly injured! How cruel could be be? The old Vegeta was a real angel beside such a monster!

Vegeta... About him... He was never around when they needed him!

Anger rose once again in the fighter's gut. It was out of question that this crazy guy lay another finger on Yamcha!

He gritted his teeth and managed hold back a growl of rage. He had to draw from the depth of his resources to find enough strength to take those two monsters by surprise...

The effort was so superhuman that he felt as if he was sucking himself up from the inside! The flesh of his hand was painfully stung by the flow of energy, his finger felt to be on fire. A bit more. He had to succeed.

Fortunately, the other one took his time to get down, to taunt him, to mentally torture him... What first-class scumbag! He was so sure to have seen him reach his limits... Just you wait, I'll get you!

The small fighter quietly turned his hand behind him so that the cyborgs wouldn't notice the light of the energy he was starting to concentrate in them.

Still a moment longer...

All of a sudden, he yelled! He yelled to release his contained anger, he yelled to deploy his vital energy, to divert their attention from his hand that are slowly raising under the light that is expanding in each of them.

Picture by:

Eiki       45

Chibi Dam'Z       16

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