DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

Vegeta was furious! Furious of Kakarotto's son's and his friend's lie, furious of Bulma's disloyal intrusion in a fight that was no business of her, furious of the young Saiyan's betrayal, and finally, furious of letting himself been fooled to stupidly!

The raging fire of anger was burning his temples as he looked in turn from the corner of his eyes the girl so close to him on his left, and her brother, who had suddenly joined them, on his right.

He was standing between those two fucking machines... what an idiot he was!

The two cyborgs didn't seem to care about it, for now they are focusing on the man who had pressed the infamous button.

Krilin, who was aware of the danger, slowly moved back to get away from the explosive trio that was, for now, unmoving in front of him.

Behind them, Gohan still disappointed by the failure of the Maserfuse, was trying to think of a way to get them out of this bad situation. But the small fighter was still standing too close to the others and he was the frailest of them all by far.

For the moment, 17 and his sister were quietly talking.

“I think that he had betrayed you once again... I can take care of him with pleasure.” offered the young man with the azure eyes, his tone cheerful.

“Leave him be, I'm keeping him alive for now.” answered 18, curiously in a happy mood.

Krilin felt his heart beating even faster. What was going on between his bloodthirsty girl at persisted in saving his life and he who couldn't see her without losing his composure?!

“I'll really never understand girl.” sighed 17 with an affected look.

Krilin froze, stopping breathing even when the girl starred into his eyes.

“I would have been disappointed if he hadn't had the nerve to do it.”

Vegeta couldn't stand it anymore! The pressure of his unpleasant position, the apparent disinterest of the cyborg that give him the impression they were making fun of him... this stupid conversation... Everything was infuriated him!

He couldn't contain his anger anymore and suddenly let his aura light up, at the risk of provoking a simulaneous attack from his two opponents. Opponents that were so close that they had to stiffen in order to resist the golden wind that made their clothes, already tried by the fight, raise.

This abrupt display of energy enabled the Saiyan to clear his mind, at least. He too was trying to think fast of the best way to deal with it.

A small smirk appeared on his lips. He turned his head towards 18 to look at her in the eyes, just before extending his arm and pointed at Krilin, who was a bit further in front of him, while the energy was rushing to the tip of his forefinger, lighting it.

Unable to move, Krilin thought he almost fainted. He was going to die by the hand of the one he had the weakness to let live because if friend Goku had asked him to do so!

The cyborg's reaction wasn't long in coming. She immediately kicked the arm that was threatening her small protégé in the orange suit! Kick that Vegeta blocked with his left hand before grabbing it to drag a surprised 18 into a forced circular move that sent her crash into her brother in the other side, brother who reacted a bit too late...

The cyborg's punch made the Saiyan, who had been hit on the delicate area of his flank, bend in half, but it wasn't enough to prevent him from finishing his move. The young woman collided with her twins.

The couple hadn't time to get up, Vegeta had already moved upwards to aim at them with the hand in which he had gathered his energy when he had threatened Krilin, but he extended it, palm forwards. He shot straight away a blast that was a quick as it was powerful on the cyborg. It dug a deep furrow into the rubble in its way.

Vegeta observe the results of his attack with a growl, an expression of pain that distorted his face as he held his side... Focused on his effort, he hadn't been able to efficiently protect himself from 17's terrible punch. But he had no time to think further about his pain. He threw himself on the figure that emerged at top speed from the dust cloud his energy blast had created.

Once again, the shock between the golden fighter and the bionic girl was going to be terrible!

But this time, the Saiyan swiftly dodged the blow that was aimed at him. He sharply tipped over at the last moment to finally go above her and kick her so the cyborg's momentum was abruptly stopped!

Enraged by frustration and pain, Vegeta shouted his fury as he dealt a avalanche of blows on the young woman to which he gave no respite and she yielded under the unbearable downpour that was hammering on her.

All of a sudden, a missile rushed towards the assailant with the golden aura. A fist brushed past Vegeta's hair!

A golden shell had strongly hit 17 who was attacking the Prince of Saiyans by surprise. The cyborg was propelled away of his path just when he was about to hit him full force!

18 took advantage of the flaw in Vegeta's guard that he had let down because of the distraction. Her fist went through it with a dreadful precision and hit hard the fighter's face.

She also took advantage of the small wavering moment that her adversary offered her, adversary that was stunned by the shock, to insult her brother before punctuating her sentence with another punch that made the fighter bend in half.

“Mind your own business!”

“I was afraid that he'd do you a perm once again!” answered 17, laughing, as he was about to start a new fight against Son Gohan.

18, annoyed, replied with hitting the Saiyan. It was his turn to go through an avalanche of blows, and he managed to counter or dodge the blows only hardly.

“Not even in your dreams!”

As for Goku's son, he had courageously begun another fight against the cyborg. He moved away to avoid at narrow margin the energy blast that brushed his hair before counter attacking with another Kameha after he had turned around: there were no other way to get rid of those killers!

But this time, the cyborg replied to the famous attack with a counter shot. An energetic struggle began in the sky.

Down below, Vegeta bit the dust in a crash. He hadn't had the time to completely get up that 18 violently landed on his kidneys. The Saiyan yelled out of pain, as he partially impacted in the ground due to the fierceness of the shock.

The young woman had now landed and was quietly waiting for him to get up.

He slowly did so, taking the time to wipe a part of the blood he was was running down the corner of his lips. He took advantage of this moment of respite to catch his breath. He knew that each moment of pause was needed if he want to overcome the pain that was deeply biting. The fight was harsher that he'd have thought and the number of injuries kept increasing, but if that brassy blond thought she had one, she was imagining things!

It was impossible that all the attacks he had dealt had been useless. That fucking machine was eventually doing to yield!

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